7 Reasons YOU’RE not making any money online

September 11, 2020

Top 7 Reasons YOU’RE not making any money online

Yup, you read it right.

I’m calling YOU out! 🙂

Below I’m going to go into the top 7 reasons why YOU’RE not making any money online!

7 Reasons People Fail at Internet Marketing

1.) You have no idea what Internet Marketing REALLY is

Let’s face the facts here, many people think Internet Marketing is easy.  They see the Ferrari’s and mansions and think they can simply push a button to start making money online.

This may sound obvious to some, but there is no “University of Internet Marketing” – you need to put in the blood sweat and tears and learn yourself.  Fortunately, there ARE plenty of legitimate training courses out there – just use  common sense before buying one.  If it sounds too good to be true, it usually (but not always) is.

2.) You keep buying EVERY damn product you come across

STOP IT!  Just…stop already.  I can’t even begin to COUNT how many people fall for the ‘get rich quick online‘ products that come out every single day.   They see the (rented) lambo, private jet and mansion.

They hear the fancy guru (actor) talk about how they came across (or stole) this TOP secret formula that will allow ANYBODY who can click their mouse 7 times to generate $135,345.45 per MONTH just as easy as one takes a breath or makes a cup of coffee.

They buy the product, try it out for 1 or 2 days then they buy the next one. This cycle happens continuously and they waste THOUSANDS of dollars on a fake online education never really getting any SOLID online training.

Internet Marketing is NOT about buying every damn ebook or product that comes out, really – it’s not…scouts honor![/collapseibt]

3.) You’re not TAKING ACTION

You’d be SURPRISED how many people are guilty of both #2 AND #3.

They’re hypnotized and swayed by the latest gurus product, they buy it – but they’re too scared to start and just sit on their asses doing NOTHING.  I meet so many people that have ALL the knowledge.

They really DO know what it takes to succeed at Internet Marketing.  They know how to use wordpress, they know the basics of SEO, they know how to write a great email or set up a KILLER sales funnel with back end offers or OTO’s.  BUT – they never start because they’re SCARED to fail.

Increasing your knowledge is GREAT, there’s nothing wrong with that – BUT you need to actually do something with it.  Sitting on your butt doing NOTHING is going to get you nowhere, and fast.

4.) You’re scared to spend money

I’ve found that MOST people don’t want to spend money as it’s risky for them.  They’d rather spend $5.00 on “100,000 visitors” (fake, robot generated) from fiverr.com than invest $100 in 200 REAL visitors via a solo ad or paid newsletter submission.

There are so many FREEBEE seekers out there that just download free ebook after free ebook but are scared to actually invest in a legitimate course or training.  Please keep this in mind, success doesn’t come without investing.  Time, or money – that’s your choice.

Money+Paid Traffic=Immediate Results
Time+Free Traffic = It’s going to take a while

5.) You’re not Committed

Seriously, quit being lazy and jumping from false promise to false promise.  Find one LEGIT money making method and stick with it.  Check out my reviews section on this website to find out WHAT I recommend.  Pick one, and stick with it! 🙂

6.) You’re looking for a Magic Bullet
I mentioned lazy people above.  These are the people that jump from offer to offer, waste their money and never fully commit to their online marketing education.

These are the people that are looking for the ‘push button millions’ that will never come.   I hate to say this, but get with it folks – there IS no magic bullet.  Hard work is required! *Gasp*

7.) You quit too soon

You know, I like to quote my friend and one of my early Mentors Brian G Johnson on this.  “There is no such thing as a person who fails at internet marketing, only a person who quits before the magic happens”.

Brian was one of the first REAL Internet Marketers that I EVER came across online, and those words have stuck with me ever since I first heard him online, and later met him in person.

Seriously, stick with it – don’t give up.  BELIEVE in yourself and you’ll be truly amazed with what you can accomplish!

I want to show people that they’re NOT the only one’s in a particular boat, and many people are having the same struggles and fears.

Anyways, there really are a ton of LEGIT ways to make money online, and quite a few legitimate products what will teach you this.

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Now – let me ask you a question and I want you to be COMPLETELY honest with me and post your answer BELOW.

How many of the above #’s are YOU?

Whoa, didn’t think I’d ask that did you.  Well, I want you to be honest with YOURSELF first, then I want you to be honest with ME and post it below!

Don’t be shy, let me know I’m genuinely curious what’s holding you back!

Hope you have a GREAT rest of the week,

Jeff Lenney

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  • Hi Jeff, what do you think of repeat payment created by Jamie Lewis? Do you think it is a legit product?

    • I haven’t reviewed this one, BUT Jamie is one of the ‘good guys’, so I’d trust anything he puts out 🙂


  • I am on the verge of quitting before the magic happens. So far I have 1200 subscribers and I have only made $169.00. This is after 3 months of work.

    But I am enrolling in the list building class by Anik. Hope this isn’t considered looking for a magic bullet.

    • Whoa – whoa whoa whoa NATALIE. That’s AMAZING – right THERE you’ve done more than most people EVER will. Your list of 1200 is a great start, but can definitely make you some money. List Academy is NOT a magic bullet, work is required – but it’ll help you for sure! Seriously, GREAT job – please keep it up!!

  • Great post Jeff. i may have been guilty in the past of doing a few of those things. I am now a PA student and fixing my ways haha. Thanks for the awesome content!

    • Hey Mark

      Thanks for your kind words, hope to hear more from you in the future 🙂


  • I confess I am guilty of four statements above. Enrolled on profit academy on the 10th march and still here not understanding what I need to do. My main two blocks are knowledge of online marketing and not taking action…..

    • Hi Pauline

      Personally, I learn by DOING more than watching others do it (though that does help). It’s almost a month, get to it!

      Join the Profit Academy forum if you haven’t yet – it’s GREAT and you’ll get a lot of help in there too! 🙂

      Thanks for sharing, I appreciate that!

  • Thank You Jeff. I’ve learned a WHOLE lot from you. Thank You for answering our questions. I also have been guilty of some of the reasons you listed. I’m just finalizing everything right now, with outsourcing my squeeze page. Been taking me 7 months, but I’m learning from the best.

    Thanks Again, Jeff

    Dragan savic

    • Thank YOU Dragan! 🙂

      Keep it up – let me know how the squeeze page goes!!


  • It took 3 years to get your act together. Now I don’t feel so bad.

    • Indeed it did, BUT i stuck with it, was determined to make it work AND I didn’t quit 🙂

  • Sam Grinstead says:

    I guess we both know by now I’m guilty of the second one but I’m working on it…LOL

  • Hey Jeff!
    Well, Iam starting this Business!!! And I didnt start because of my country we dont have this here!! But I fpune a Solutions!!! And Iam making all training to dont fail!!! As YOU can see iam afraid about english!!!

  • I think my greatest holdback is thinking I don’t know enough, so I keep doing more and more training. I think I have that one solved. I just sent my first email to a list!!!
    The other thing is that things don’t always work in the programs….and then, when I get stuck I have to write an email to support, and wait a day or 2. Then I have to work up my mojo again.

    • Thank you for sharing Vince. What I do that’s worked for me, is I do WHILE I learn. I Find that I learn the MOST by doing, rather than somebody SHOWING me. I’ll mess up, learn what I did wrong, fix it, improve it and go forward!

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