Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

February 12, 2019

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Hey Folks, Jeff Lenney here – in this blog post, i’m going to address one of the most common questions I get via social media and email:

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website, is it even possible?


FIRST A little background info!

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and prolific ways of making money online.

You don’t have to worry about managing inventory, shipping, returns – you don’t even need your own product!

You just need to find a good product or service that is somewhat relevant to your niche and then recommend it to other people.

Affiliate marketers earn a commission on the sales/referrals/leads that they generate.

Often, the commissions are very healthy and can range up to a whopping 70% of the product price. Such high ranges are typical for digital products such as ebooks, video courses, app subscriptions etc.

Every affiliate marketer gets an affiliate link, which helps to track sales.

Whenever someone buys (or performs desired action) through a link, the corresponding affiliate marketer makes money! Its really easy – you don’t even need to be pushy if you don’t want to be, and the best part of all:

You don’t even need a website!

Don’t get me wrong, creating a website has become much easier now that it was before.

Still, you have to write long blog posts or pay somebody else to write for you. You also have to pay for hosting, theme, autoresponder and so on.

Plus, you will probably need to pay a coder to handle some of the more technical bits.

With a website, you have to worry about quite a few things, such as:

All this is time consuming and before you know it, you’ll have spent several hundred dollars to set everything up.

Many newbies worry for weeks over trivial stuff like the background colors, images, logos…you get the idea.

A website is also not as interactive as some of the other social media platforms.

Don’t get me wrong here –I’m not saying that a website is bad for business. Quite the opposite actually – a website is indispensable if you have your own product or service.

However, it’s definitely not necessary for recommending somebody else’s stuff.

There are other (and often easier) ways to accomplish that.

6 Tips: Affiliate Marketing Without a Website:

1) Facebook:

I will use a story to get my point across. Our heroine, Stacey, likes to travel a lot. She uses ABC travel company to make all her bookings.

She posts interesting photos, stories of her travels on facebook and gets many likes and shares from friends, relatives and colleagues. So Stacey works out an arrangement with ABC travel – she will generate referrals in exchange for a small fee.

It’s a great deal for both parties – Stacey doesn’t have to do anything new or spend too much time. She simply has to keep doing what she already does and loves! She just needs to recommend ABC company somewhere in her posts, along with her afffiiate link.

If Stacey wishes to earn more, she can simply create a cool posts with a nice tagline and photo and then pay facebook a few bucks to advertise her posts to people with travel interests. This way, she can begin to earn money almost instantly!

2) Instagram:


(Image Credit & awesome Instagram Marketing Tips: yotpo)

Alice happens to be very photogenic. Naturally, she has a lot of followers on Instagram.

She can work out a deal with a clothing or accessories brand/store and recommend it to her followers.

She doesn’t have to change her life radically. She already posts photos on Instagram and people already like her pics. She loves to try out new dresses – this is her chance to make lots of money doing exactly what she loves.

Remember, Alice can always used the sponsored option to increase her outreach.

Here’s a list of 25 Awesome Instagram Travel Photographers You can Follow for inspiration.

Also check out this AMAZING video full of great Instagram Marketing Tips you can impliement right NOW!

3) Youtube:

James is a prankster! He goes around pranking people and recording their hilarious reactions. He may or may not have many subscribers as of now. However, if he keeps posting engaging videos, the views will accumulate and that too within a fairly short time frame. He can recommend a wide range of products to his subscribers.

Here’s another example that might be more applicable to my average reader: Veronica just gave birth to a pair of twins. She can create simple videos about parenting, baby care and so on.

If she is alert, she can get millions of views just by posting cute videos/photos of her kids.

Veronica has the opportunity to recommend a host of baby care products, parenting courses, healthcare books/products to her audience.

She can simply say that so and so things have helped her immensely and they can benefit others too. She absolutely doesn’t have to do any hard selling.

The above techniques can be adapted to suit absolutely any niche.

Want more proof? Check out THIS video of this 6-year old that made $11 MILLION in 2017, Reviewing Toys on youtube!

(You better believe when my Son Steven is 5 or 6 I’ll be having him do this! LOL)

I’ve got a great YOUTUBE Marketing Blog Post coming the next few days too, I’ll put a link to it here once it’s live – so be sure and check back!

4) Forums:

Are you interested in cars? Does the sight of a classic or an exotic make your heart rev? Sign up for a forum (or hell, be bold and start your own!) – post interesting and helpful stuff, become a renowned member in the member and add links to relevant services or products in your signature. Post your experiences with these products in detail.

Reviews about tech stuff, especially mobile phones, computers and other cool gadgets also do very well in terms of affiliate marketing.

You can deliver the reviews either in video/text format. Surely, you’ve seen a couple of videos of the Youtube channel – UNBOX THERAPY.

He has millions of subscribers. Imagine if he genuinely liked a product and decided to endorse it? He would make a truckload of cash within a matter of days. Also, he would continue to make money for as long as the video/product stayed relevant.

Hubpages used to be a good way to post your ideas online. Many affiliate marketers earned lots of commissions from thei hubs. I am not sure hubs are ‘hot’ right now. However, Quora definitely is and google seems to like it – a lot.

5) Web 2.0 Sites

If you want to build a website but don’t want to spend too much time or money doing so, you can use a free service like Wix or Blogger.

Even wordpress has their own free website maker. These free services are very convenient and creating a website using them is as easy as creating a new facebook profile. Even a child can do it.

Pinterest is also a great way to reach out to people. Cool tip: Pinterest users are usually good spenders.

6) Mobile Marketing:

You have to check the legality of this in your state/country. Some places have strict regulations so be careful with this one!

Still, it’s possible to buy databases of cell phone numbers of thousands of people. Just one catchy text can yield an exponential return on investment!

As you can see, affiliate marketing has immense potential across multiple platforms – you just need to find the right things to promote and be willing to take a bit of initiative.

So What Next?

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I try to be 100% upfront and honest about everything I do on it.

Feel free to google me, Jeff Lenney, you’ll find tons of good things about me, and the success people have had following what I teach!

Anyway, there’s an amazing program I know of, it’s 100% legit and you can use it to jump start your career as an Affiliate Marketer.

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Are you next?

Talk soon,


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    • Hi Babs

      Maybe you missed the title of this post…”Affiliate Marketing Without A Website”

      Go back and read the title, then read the post, then let me know if you have any more questions 😉


  • Rahat Ahmed says:

    Are you sure that we don’t have to have a website for affiliate business? I heard some gurus talking about why having a landing page is mandatory instead of putting affiliate link directly.

    • Hey Rahat

      Yes, I’m sure – i mean i DO have a website, but when I FIRST got started, I just did stuff on Youtube. I did product reviews, and sent the traffic directly to the offers i was reviewing. I later reinvested my profits into building and many other websites I own and run. 🙂


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