The Best Affiliate Programs for 2024!

January 3, 2024

In this post I'm going to go into the Best Affiliate Programs for 2024 and beyond!

One of the BIGGEST Issues I find new Affiliate Marketers struggle with is WHAT products to promote, and where to find the best affiliate networks with the biggest payouts!

That's why I created my most profitable niches blog post, and it's why I'm creating this one as well.

With so much BS, fluff and scams online these days, it's hard to tell what's legit...and what's not.

So - Without any Further Ado (Adu? Adoo? Adieu? How the hell do you spell it?)

Let's take a look at...

The Best Affiliate Programs for 2024

The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Finance/Investing/Trading Niche

One of the biggest markets in the world, and believe it or not - MOSTLY un-touched by affiliate marketers for some reason.  Maybe they're scared of it? I have no idea, enjoy! 🙂

eToro - Over $87M Paid to Affiliates So Far!


eToro is the world’s leading social trading platform, which offers both investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies, as well as trading CFD with different underlying assets.  They're another solid contender for my Affiliate Programs list!

  • Promote a trusted broker regulated by CySEC, FCAGet
  • Get Support from their experienced Affiliate and IB Managers who are dedicated to your success
  • High Performing and unique banners, landing pages, Videos, E-Mails and widgets
  • Enjoy a great self-converting product
  • Detailed Reporting, fast and simple to use
  • New! Gain a competitive edge with the help of their education center

Capitalist Exploits Insider Program -Up to $1,750 Per Sale!


The Capitalist Exploits Insider referral program presents you with a way to monetize your website audience or list effectively. Unlike other referral programs which require a high volume of referrals for it to be profitable, they've designed their referral program to be attractive to partners for the following reasons:

  • A high payout, meaning you don’t need to refer thousands of people per month to make it worth your while
  • They’ll help you with material, promotions and campaigns
  • Their product is unique, so you will not be cannibalizing your audience
  • I love that they understand that a referral reflects on you and your brand. You’ll never feel as though you are recommending a product for the money only – their product and reputation speak for themselves.

Blogging/Make Money Online Niche

This is where I got my start online back in 2007 when I started tinkering with Affiliate Marketing.  The MMO (Make Money Online) Space is Evergreen, meaning it's probably not going anywhere for a long, long time.

Below, I've listed out some of the BEST MMO and Blogger friendly types of affiliate programs and companies!

Clickfunnels - #1 in the Make Money Online Space


Not only does Clickfunnels provide amazing FREE training for affiliates of all levels, but you can promote Clickfunnels for a cool 40% commission, AND you get paid on their back end offers and up-sells as well!

It's easy (and quite common) to earn thousands of dollars per day or week as an affiliate of theirs, you just need to put in the work first.  

Clickfunnels offers a TON of Free Training for their affiliates, and have a daily plan to become a Clickfunnels super affiliate in just 100 Days! Join for free at

Clickfunnels Affiliate Benefits:

>>> Join the Clickfunnels Affiliate Program here:

Thrive Themes and Page Builders


This is what I use for ALL of my websites now, and I've used it to improve my commissions 5 fold on affiliate sites in some cases.

I'm using the thrive focus theme, and the thrive architect page builder to (easily) design this blog post, and most other new ones you see on this site.

  • At Thrive Themes, they're obsessed with conversion rate optimization and customer happiness. 
  • As an affiliate, you can rest assured that they're working hard to convert any visitors you send us into customers who will be thrilled to stay with us for a long time.
  • Earn 35% of each Thrive Themes sale, plus 25% for recurring commissions.
  • Thrive University is a Virtual LIBRARY of Affiliate Blogs, Videos and Training on not only the thrive products, but marketing in general.  They really should charge for this stuff, but it's free to join!

Shopify -ECommerce Giant, Amazing Payouts!


Use your voice to inspire entrepreneurship with the Shopify Affiliate Program

  • Average of $58 Per User (Monthly), and $2,000 for each Shopify Plus Referral.
  • Save time and money on content creation by linking to blogs, webinars, video tutorials, tools, and automated funnels developed by Shopify for your audience.

WPX Hosting - Best WordPress Hosting on the Planet (I'm Not Kidding)

>>>  (Click on the "Become a WPX Affiliate" link in the footer!)

I've used many different hosting companies before switching to WPX in 2018, and I haven't looked back since!

Not only should you promote them, but I recommend switching your hosting to them as well!

Their team (chat/email) usually responds within seconds (i'm not kidding) and are usually able to fix issues on the spot.

I've NEVER had better customer service with any company online, period.

More Reasons to Promote Them:

  • Up To $100 Commission Per Referral
  • Commission Payouts As Soon As 35 Days After Signup
  • Direct Skype Access To Your Affiliate Manager Mon-Fri
  • The Only Hosting Service Recommended By Thrive Themes
  • Unlimited FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates
  • Sub-30 Secs. Average Support Response Time
  • ‘Fixed For You’ Service: They Fix Technical Issues For their Customers
  • Enterprise-Level Ddos Protection
  • Free Unlimited Site Transfers Within 24h
  • USA & UK Hosting Locations

Health/Fitness Niche

Market Health - Health & Beauty Products (SkinCare)


MarketHealth claims to haveThe Leading Health and Beauty Affiliate Program since 1998.


  • Industries Highest Commissions: Work Direct with Market Health to ensure the highest payouts.  All of their offers are exclusive with the guaranteed top payout on the offer.
  • Highest Conversions: By being in tune with the latest product trends and customer behavior as well as utilizing real time optimization software, Market Health always has the offers and pages that convert.
  • Over 200 Health & Beauty Offers: For years Market Health has been the industry leader in the performance based Health and Beauty space. They manufacture, own, and operate over Health Beauty 200 products in over 100 countries.
  • Reoccurring Income: Cash In On Product Subscriptions - The money doesn't stop once you had made a sale. You can earn recurring income on remarketing to customers via newsletters and coupon offers.
  • Free Resources - Landers, Banners & More: In addition to providing a complete advertising creative suite for all of their products, their in-house design team can be available for your custom needs.

Sell Health #1 Health Affiliate Network, Since 2001


  • Top commission payouts – up to $350+ per sale
  • Industry leading conversions of your referred traffic to sales
  • A dedicated Affiliate Support Team, available by email and phone
  • In-demand products, sold with innovative, proven marketing collateral
  • Sophisticated affiliate order tracking & commission payouts
  • Commission payouts on fax, phone, and mail orders – not just Web
  • Accurate real-time statistics provided 24/7 on every sale you make
  • Friendly, responsive customer service
  • Some of the best product guarantees in the industry
  • Real people with real phone numbers to answer your questions



Earn as much money as you’re willing to work for. Some of the highest commission rates in the industry and unrivaled support mean MoreNiche affiliates are earning more. The live earnings stats speak for themselves.
  • High Commissions - you can snag yourself between 30-80% commission per offer and pocket ongoing commissions from re-orders across all offers.
  • Lifetime Cookies -  Most affiliate programs only give you a measly 30-day cookie period. Which means if someone clicks your affiliate link, but doesn’t actually buy within 30 days, you get nothing. Boo! MoreNiche gives you lifetime cookies. Which means it doesn’t matter if someone buys weeks, months, or years down the line after clicking your affiliate link, you’ll still bag your commission.
  • High Converting, Global Offers  - They’ve got offers in the health, weight loss, beauty, skin care, male enhancement, fitness and bodybuilding industries.
  • Unlike other networks, you won’t find hundreds of offers. Because they believe you deserve quality over quantity. Keeping their offers pool lower means their traffic and conversion teams can give each individual brand the ongoing attention it needs to continue performing highly.
  • A Ton More, read them at

Multi-Niche Affiliate Networks

Unlike the above Affiliate Programs which are product specific, the below are more "general" affiliate networks, many with HUNDREDS of offers available to promote in a variety of niches.

(If you're still stuck on picking a niche, check out my Top Niches Article)



clickbank is a MAJOR Affiliate Company, and the FIRST one I ever joined as a complete newbie in 2007 or so.

They hundreds of digital products (e-books, training videos, etc) in a huge variety of categories.

They also offer Clickbank University, which is geared towards helping newbies make their first dollar, and then some online.

Amazon Associate Program


They don't really need an introduction, the LARGEST shopping website on Earth has a pretty decent affiliate program too! I made $4,000 this past month with them with 2 old websites I set up a year ago, so it's fairly passive for me since doing the work to get it built.

(Learn how to make money as an Amazon Affiliate)

  • Free & Easy to Join
  • MASSIVE Product Catalog
  • Most commissions are on the lower side (2-8%), BUT amazon tends to convert somewhere between 3-10% of all users for at least one purchase .



This is another one I signed up for "back in the day" when I first started, I believe I was promoting youtube Recording Software, and iPhone 5s Cases at the time! LOL

Anyway, Shareasale literally partners with THOUSANDS of different vendors online, from Airlines, to Hotels, SAS (software) companies, sports gear, luxury stuff, Cell Phone Case Manufacturers, and a ton more.  At last count, they had around 5,000 Vendors, and growing every month.  

More Worth Looking at

More Coming Soon...

That sums up my list for now, but I plan on updating it frequently, so bookmark it and check back soon.

Anything I MISSED?

Let me know what niches you want info on or what affiliate programs I should add to the list!

This is Version 1.0 - I will be updating this as I find new worthy programs or networks! 🙂

One last thing...I put a lot of time into this, share or link back if you found it useful!

Thanks 🙂

Jeff Lenney

P.S. Also worth checking out for 2024 is eFORMULA 

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  • Bernard McArdle says:

    awesum the best info Ive found so far thanks

  • Craig parsons says:

    hi Jeff I am new to affiliate marketing it looks like something I could really commit to.

    I’m looking at the super affiliate system and commission hero they look to be very similar except commission hero focuses mainly on Facebook ads

    On the other hand, the super affiliate program has training on google ads and YouTube I have around $10000 to get started I want to be realistic as paying for ads can add up it would be great to get your advice on this


    • Hey Craig

      Thanks for the question, both programs are great definitely – and you’re spot on regarding what each one focuses on.

      I don’t think I can make that decision for you, both are great programs honestly, it just depends if you want to focus on Blogging, PPC and Youtube like Super Affiliate System teaches, or straight funnels and FB ads like Commission Hero Teaches.

      (By the way, both links above in my comment are diret to the cart, so you don’t have to sign up or watch the presentation again).

      Honestly, both are greatr. Both are updated regularly and have great (and active) FaceBook groups – I will say you can’t go wrong with either one!

      Hope this helps, let me know if i can further clarify anything please!


    • Hey Earl

      Join what, exactly?

      Just click on any of the links above for info on the products I mention!


  • Judy Dadds says:

    This article obviously took a lot of time and expertise. I appreciate and applaud your efforts. Thanks!!!

  • Hi Jeff, Jus want add another question to the one I asked previously.

    some people are saying Click Bank is gradually dying and it is just getting too competitive. what’s your opinion about this?

    • Nah – CB lost a bit of the market in the IM space from JVZoo a few years ago, but they’re growing again and MOST high-ticket launches are on them. I’ve done multiple 6 figures on CB alone, I don’t see them going away anytime soon 🙂


  • Great article, thanks Jeff, which of these would you say are good for a beginner (that accept rookie affiliates)? I’m already with Clickbank but the others are intriguing.

    I am just starting to build my weight loss funnel and email swipes.

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