10 Epic Blogging Tips & Tricks

February 6, 2023

Blogging Tips & Tricks

You may or may not already know this, but... blogging is an amazingly great way to grow your business, both online and offline!

Today I'm going to share with you 10 simple tips to help you kick ass with your blogging!

If you want more traffic, leads, and sales with a blog pay close attention to this post.

Do You Really Need To Blog?

Simply put, no, of course not.  I sure don't NEED to live in a nice house or drive a nice car, but I rather enjoy those things. 🙂

Some people don't want to blog and prefer to rely on other means of traffic generation, such as Youtube, or Social Media.

I don't blame them at all, those are powerful sources of traffic when used correctly!

You can do amazing things online WITHOUT a blog, I just feel things becomes easier when you have one and post regularly.

Blogging can help grow your brand like CRAZY to the point where people are even reaching out to YOU for content, business, even speaking engagements!

12 Blogging Tips & Tricks:

tips & tricks

1. Use Images

Always always ALWAYS use images to make your blogs and content more attractive.

While I don't ALWAYS do it, I try to add images, gifs, or videos at LEAST every 300 words on every post I do.

You'll notice the image at the top of this post, it took me 3 minutes to make using Canva.com and it immediately makes this post look better, and "more important".  In fact, I made my thumbnail above (with the cheesy thumbs up) using Canva in about 3 minutes.

This may seem silly, but people will consume your content just from the quality of your pictures.

Having good images on your site increases the value of your content, and increases the changes of people continuing to read!

Shoot - you may have even shared this post on social media before you read it, just based on the fact that you liked how it looked!

Give me a list of the top 5 free stock photo websites, in list format, with HTML links to open in a new tab to their homepage

Here are my personal favorite websites to get FREE stock photos!

By the way, you can get free gifs to embed (like the ones on this post) from https://tenor.com/.

2. Never leave your content as one long paragraph.

The LAST thing you want is a massive wall of text for people to try to decipher.

Having a bunch of text jumbled together with no spacing or headers, images, etc to break it up makes it REALLY hard for people to read.

Trust me on this, use this post as an example, break up your text!  I try to not make any one sentence longer than 2 or 3 lines before I start a new paragraph.

3. Use a P.S. as a call to action.

Okay, maybe not that - but this is such a simple, but often overlooked method to promote just about anything you want!

Just include a P.S. at the bottom of your content telling people what you want them to check out next!

For example, if you are promoting a product or service, you could include a P.S. at the end of your article, blog post, email or other content that includes a link to the product or service. 

You could also include a brief description of what the product or service is and how it can help the reader. This is a great way to draw attention to the product or service and encourage the reader to take action.

You can also use the P.S. to promote other content you have created, such as other articles or blog posts. 

This is a great way to keep readers engaged with your content and show them what else you have to offer.

4. Internal Linking. 

Internal Linking Diagram

If you read my post about On-Page SEO, you already know the importance of Internal Linking, amongst other things.

Just to save you the hassle of clicking it and reading it though, Internal Linking is a popular SEO 'trick' and helps to lower bounce rate on your site, and improve the over all SEO Quality as well.

Simply put, to improve your rankings in Google, AND keep your readers around longer, find keywords in your posts and link them to other related posts on your website.

5. Stop Using crazy colors!

Seriously, just...don't!

Never have big crazy colors on your blog. Red and green doesn’t work together. But black and white do.

Experiment to see what works. In a casual tone, write about how to use a color wheel for blog design

Use A Color Wheel For Inspiration

Use A Color Wheel

Using a color wheel for blog design is a great way to create a cohesive and visually appealing look. 

  • To start, choose a primary or secondary color from the wheel. This will be the base or predominant color in your blog design.
  • Next, look at the colors directly adjacent to your base color. These can be used as accent colors to bring out the primary color of your blog. You may also consider using complementary colors, which are the colors on opposite sides of the wheel. These colors create a beautiful contrast with your base color.
  • Finally, decide on a color scheme. This will help you determine which colors to use for your text, background, and other elements in your blog design.

Keep in mind that lighter colors can be used to add a softer feel and darker colors to create bolder contrast.

With a little experimentation, you can create a beautiful and eye-catching design for your blog!

These are some color tips that will improve your conversions:

  • Women don't like gray, orange, and brown. ...
  • Men don't like purple, orange, and brown. ...
  • Use blue in order to cultivate user's trust. ...
  • Yellow is for warnings. ...
  • Green is ideal for environmental and outdoor products. ...
  • Orange is a fun color that can create a sense of haste or impulse.

6. Reply to your Comments.

Make sure you open your blog up to comments, just use the Askimet Plugin (if you're using WordPress) to help prevent spam.

When people leave comments, reply back, thank them and keep the conversation going!

This does a few things:

  1. It shows you're paying attention and you care
  2. It gives MORE CONTENT for your post and the search engines!

7. Share your blog content to your email lists.

As soon as I finish a blog post, the FIRST thing I do is head over to my autoresponder and queue up an email to share it with my email list!


Easy, this can drive hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of people to my new post almost immediately!

Even if I'm not selling a damn thing, which I often don't do, I'll be providing value, setting myself up as an expert, and shoot - it may even make me sales down the road!

8. Share your content via social media.

Short, sweet, and simple.  Sharing your content on social media is just another way to get your new content in front of your already raving fans!

9. Don’t worry too much about SEO.

On Page SEO Check-list

This may sound strange, coming from an SEO Expert (me, duh!), but don't stress over SEO just yet!

Just focus on creating badass content for your readers, and believe it or not, you'll start to rank over time for different keywords NATURALLY.

To be honest, I'm not even creating this post for SEO, I have no idea what keywords it'll rank for, nor do I care - I just want to provide value with it. 🙂

Once you start to rank, you can tweak your content to improve traffic and rankings for your targeted keyword.

10.  Don't Stop!

Seems simple, but a LOT of people simple stop blogging because it gets boring, or they haven't got the results they expect yet.

Here's the thing, you need to be blogging on a regular basis.  With any NEW website I create, I try to create 1-3 new posts per WEEK (more is better).  At the minimum, aim for 1x per week.

To Wrap Things Up

Put this stuff into action, dawg!  If you actually take these 10 things I shared and DO them, you're going to see your traffic start to improve.  It WON'T happen overnight, but it will happen!

BTW - if you're not sure WHAT to blog about, check out these blog posts I have on that very topic:

Or just Watch this video here:

Any questions? Feel free to leave them below.


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    Libby here, future Wedding Planner Of The Year!! I am looking into fixing up my website and blogging on a regular basis. I looked you up to see what you’re website was all about. I like it. Thanks for the 10 tips. I am going to start putting some action into my sad little Blog section.

    Take care…you are an inspiration!!

    • FANTASTIC Libby, thanks so much – and most def the Future Wedding Planner of the year, i don’t have a doubt about it 🙂


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