The Most Profitable Niches List for 2024

January 3, 2024

The Most Profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketing
Lately I've been getting a TON of emails asking me the very same question:

What are the most profitable niches in Internet Marketing?

So, after I responded to the first few - I decided to make a blog post about it instead for all to enjoy by listing some MAJOR niches, AND quite a few of their sub niches as well!

These niches are full of untapped opportunities for creating passive income businesses. (If you want more when you're done, be sure and check out this epic piece on passive income ideas.)

EACH of these is EXTREMELY powerful and profitable on their own so have fun, and make sure you share this post on Facebook & Twitter! πŸ˜‰

Sick of the B.S.?

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The Most Profitable Niches are... 

Hey there, savvy marketers! You've been waiting for this, and here it isβ€”the cream of the crop, the top-tier, the most profitable niches you can dive into. Let's not waste any more time; here's where the real money's at!

Health and Wellness

What's Hot: This niche is HUGE and not going anywhere anytime soon. There are literally THOUSANDS of sub-niches within this industry that are just ripe for the taking! Take a look at some of the TOP level sub-niches within health & fitness, then some of their sub-niches below!

  • Weight Loss: For Women, For Men, For Overweight Kids, For Teens
  • For Specific Body Parts: Tummy Fat, Upper Arm Fat, Double Chins, Man Boobs
  • Weight Gain, Muscle Building, Workout Videos, Supplements
  • Cure Diabetes, Getting Pregnant, Diet, Nutrition
  • Teeth Whitening, Depression, Male Enhancement, Natural Health
  • Hair Loss, Yoga, Growing Taller, Quit Smoking
  • Hemorrhoids, Headaches, Anxiety, Stress Management, Addiction

Why It's Profitable: Health is wealth, as they say. The health and wellness niche is evergreen because people are always looking to improve their physical and mental well-being. Whether it's a new diet trend or a mental health app, the market is vast and varied.

Getting Started in Health and Wellness Sub-Niches

  • Mental Health Apps: With the rise of mental health awareness, apps that help manage stress and anxiety are becoming increasingly popular. Consider affiliating with brands that offer these apps.
  • Fitness Gear: From smartwatches to yoga mats, fitness gear is a lucrative sub-niche. Start by promoting popular gear that has high user ratings.
  • Nutritional Supplements: Vitamins, protein shakes, and other supplements are always in demand. Consider affiliating with brands that offer these products.

What's Trending in Health and Wellness

  • Telehealth Services: The pandemic has made telehealth a household term. This is a growing field within health and wellness.
  • Keto Diet: This diet plan remains a hot topic, and products or guides related to it can be very profitable.
  • Mental Health Awareness: With the stresses of modern life, products and services around mental health are becoming increasingly popular.

Dating Niche

What's Hot: The dating niche is another big one and one of the "top 3" as it's never going away! Here are just a few ideas within the dating niche:

  • How to get a girlfriend, How to get a boyfriend, How to get your ex back
  • How to spruce up your sex life, How to spruce up your love life
  • Dating Advice for Men, Dating Advice for Women
  • How to save your relationship, Online Dating
  • Dating for Men over 50, Sugar Daddy Dating

Why It's Profitable: The quest for love and companionship is universal. Whether it's a guide on how to propose or a dating app subscription, people are willing to invest in their love lives.

Getting Started in Dating Sub-Niches

  • LGBTQ Dating: With the rise in acceptance and visibility of LGBTQ communities, dating services tailored for them are becoming popular.
  • Senior Dating: As the population ages, dating services for seniors are a growing market.
  • Ethnic and Religious Dating: Sites and services that cater to specific ethnic and religious groups are gaining traction.

What's Trending in Dating

  • Virtual Dating: With social distancing measures in place, virtual dating has taken off.
  • Dating Apps: Apps like Tinder and Bumble continue to be popular, and their premium services offer excellent affiliate opportunities.
  • Relationship Coaching: Online courses and eBooks on relationship building and maintenance are increasingly popular.

MMO (Make Money Online) Niche

What's Hot: MMO (Make Money Online) is another niche that's NOT going to go away. Every day, people are turning 18 and looking for ways to make money online. Here are a few of the sub-niches within this massive niche.

Why It's Profitable: Financial security is a top priority for most people. From learning how to invest to managing debts, the personal finance niche offers endless opportunities.

Getting Started in MMO Sub-Niches

  • Affiliate Marketing: This is a beginner-friendly way to start making money online. Consider promoting courses or tools that help with affiliate marketing.
  • Dropshipping: With the right strategy, dropshipping can be a lucrative business. Start by affiliating with platforms like Shopify.
  • Content Creation: Whether it's blogging or video production, content creation is a broad field with various monetization options.

What's Trending in MMO

  • Cryptocurrency: With the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, there's a growing interest in how to profit from them.
  • Remote Work Tools: As more people work from home, tools for remote work are becoming essential.
  • E-commerce: Online shopping has been on the rise, especially during the pandemic, making it a hot topic in the MMO niche.

Learn to Sing or Play an Instrument Niche

What's Hot: Fairly self-explanatory, but learning to play various musical instruments is also hot, and probably not going away anytime soon.

  • Learn how to sing, How to Play Guitar, How to Play Piano, How to Play Drums

Why It's Profitable: Music is a universal language, and learning to play an instrument or sing can be both fulfilling and profitable.

Getting Started in Music Sub-Niches

  • Online Music Lessons: With the rise of remote learning, online courses for various instruments are more popular than ever.
  • Music Production: Aspiring musicians also need to know how to produce their music, making this a valuable sub-niche.
  • Sheet Music and Tabs: Many musicians look for sheet music and tabs online, making this a profitable sub-niche.

What's Trending in Music

  • Virtual Concerts: With the pandemic limiting live events, virtual concerts have become a new trend.
  • Music Streaming: Services like Spotify and Apple Music are dominating, and their affiliate programs can be quite lucrative.
  • AI in Music: Artificial intelligence is starting to play a role in music production, making it a trending topic.

Learn to Speak Another Language

What's Hot: Learning a new language is a skill that many desire but few master. Here are some popular languages people want to learn:

  • Spanish, German, French, English, Chinese, Thai, Italian

Why It's Profitable: In our globalized world, being multilingual is a valuable asset, making this a profitable niche.

Getting Started in Language Learning Sub-Niches

  • Language Learning Apps: Apps like Duolingo are popular among language learners.
  • Cultural Immersion: Products or courses that offer cultural immersion along with language learning can be a unique selling point.
  • Business Language Courses: Many professionals want to learn a new language for business purposes.

What's Trending in Language Learning

  • Virtual Language Exchange: Platforms that connect language learners for practice are becoming popular.
  • AI Language Learning: AI-powered platforms are offering more personalized learning experiences.
  • Short Language Courses: With the busy lives people lead, short and intensive language courses are gaining popularity.

Green Energy Niche

What's Hot: With the increasing awareness of climate change, green energy is a growing niche.

  • Solar Power, Alternative Energy, Battery Reconditioning

Why It's Profitable: As the world moves towards sustainable energy, this niche offers a range of products and services that are not only good for the planet but also profitable.

Getting Started in Green Energy Sub-Niches

  • Solar Energy: Solar panels and solar energy courses are hot right now.
  • Wind Energy: Wind turbines and related technology offer another avenue for green energy.
  • Energy Efficiency: Products that help make homes more energy-efficient can be a lucrative sub-niche.

What's Trending in Green Energy

  • Electric Cars: With Tesla leading the way, electric cars are a hot topic.
  • Sustainable Living: From compostable goods to sustainable farming, this is a growing trend.
  • Climate Change Solutions: Products or services that aim to combat climate change are increasingly popular.

Spirituality and Alternative Beliefs

What's Hot: Things like numerology and horoscope are hotter than ever, and not going away! There are PLENTY of sub-niches here for 'those who dare' to get into them πŸ™‚

  • Personal Development, Astrology, Hypnosis, Magic, Numerology
  • Paranormal, Psychics, Religion, Tarot, Witchcraft

Why It's Profitable: Spirituality and mindfulness have become mainstream, making this a profitable niche. Products like meditation apps and spiritual guides offer both physical and mental benefits.

Getting Started in Spirituality Sub-Niches

  • Astrology: Horoscopes and astrology readings are always popular.
  • Meditation and Mindfulness: Apps and courses on these topics have a broad audience.
  • Crystal Healing: Crystals and other spiritual healing products are a growing market.

What's Trending in Spirituality

  • Virtual Retreats: With travel restrictions, virtual spiritual retreats are gaining popularity.
  • Holistic Health: Integrating spirituality and health is a growing trend.
  • Tarot and Psychic Readings: Online platforms for these services are becoming more mainstream.


What's Hot: Dietary Supplements: Protein Powders, Creatine, BCAAs; Workout Plans: Strength Training, Cardio Plans, HIIT; Gym Equipment: Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, Treadmills
Why It's Profitable: The fitness industry is booming, and bodybuilding is a significant part of it. From protein shakes to workout plans, this niche is lucrative.

Getting Started in Muscle/Bodybuilding Sub-Niches

  • Fitness Apparel: Brands like Gymshark and Nike are popular choices.
  • Nutrition Plans: Customized meal plans for bodybuilders are a hit.
  • Fitness Tech: Wearables that track performance can be lucrative.

What's Trending in Muscle/Bodybuilding

  • Virtual Training: Online personal training sessions are gaining traction.
  • Fitness Apps: Apps that offer workout plans and tracking are popular.
  • Natural Supplements: Organic and natural bodybuilding supplements are a growing trend.

Male Enhancement

What's Hot: Supplements: Testosterone Boosters, Libido Enhancers; Grooming: Beard Oils, Shaving Kits; Wellness: Prostate Health, Hair Loss Solutions
Why It's Profitable: Men's wellness and grooming are growing markets, making this a profitable niche with products like supplements and grooming kits.

Getting Started in Male Enhancement Sub-Niches

  • Sexual Health: Products for sexual performance and health.
  • Men's Skincare: Anti-aging and skincare products specifically for men.
  • Fitness for Men: Workout plans and supplements aimed at men.

What's Trending in Male Enhancement

  • Telehealth Services: Online consultations for sensitive issues are becoming more common.
  • Subscription Boxes: Monthly grooming and wellness kits for men.
  • Personalized Nutrition: Custom supplements and vitamins for men's health.


What's Hot: Emergency Kits: First Aid, Fire Starters, Water Filters; Tools: Multi-tools, Survival Knives; Skills: Bushcraft, Navigation, Shelter Building
Why It's Profitable: The increasing focus on emergency preparedness makes this a rapidly growing and profitable niche.

Getting Started in Survival Sub-Niches

  • Outdoor Gear: Tents, sleeping bags, and other camping essentials.
  • Tactical Gear: Military-grade survival gear.
  • Books and Guides: Manuals on survival skills and emergency preparedness.

What's Trending in Survival

  • Smart Survival Gear: Tech-enhanced tools for survival.
  • Adventure Travel: Survival courses and adventure travel packages.
  • Family Preparedness: Products and guides for family emergency planning.


What's Hot: Online Casinos: Slot Games, Poker Rooms; Betting: Sports Betting, Horse Racing; Strategies: Card Counting, Bankroll Management
Why It's Profitable: The allure of quick money and the thrill of the gamble make this a very profitable niche.

Getting Started in Casino/Gambling Sub-Niches

  • Poker: Online platforms, as well as strategy books and courses.
  • Fantasy Sports: Platforms like DraftKings are popular.
  • Gambling Software: Tools and software to help gamblers.

What's Trending in Casino/Gambling

  • eSports Betting: A rapidly growing field.
  • Live Dealer Games: Offers a more authentic casino experience online.
  • Crypto Gambling: Using cryptocurrencies for gambling is a new trend.


What's Hot: Health Benefits: Pain Relief, Anxiety Reduction; Products: CBD Oils, Edibles, Topicals; Legal Aspects: State Laws, Federal Regulations
Why It's Profitable: The CBD market is exploding, offering a variety of monetization opportunities from oils to skincare.

Getting Started in CBD Sub-Niches

  • CBD for Pets: A growing market.
  • CBD Beverages: Drinks infused with CBD are becoming popular.
  • CBD Cosmetics: Skincare and beauty products with CBD.

What's Trending in CBD

  • CBD Subscription Boxes: Monthly delivery of various CBD products.
  • Vegan CBD Products: Ethical and plant-based CBD options.
  • Localized CBD: Products aimed at specific issues like muscle pain or sleep.


What's Hot: Entertainment: Adult Films, Webcams; Products: Adult Toys, Lingerie; Services: Online Dating, Relationship Advice
Why It's Profitable: The adult industry has always been profitable, and the rise of online platforms offers even more opportunities for affiliate marketing.

Getting Started in Adult Sub-Niches

  • VR Adult Content: A new and immersive experience.
  • Adult Games: Digital and board games for adults.
  • Novelty Items: Unique and quirky adult products.

What's Trending in Adult

  • Ethical Adult Content: Platforms that ensure fair pay and conditions for performers.
  • Interactive Toys: Sync with content for an interactive experience.
  • Couples Kits: Products aimed at couples are becoming more popular.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

What's Hot: The cryptocurrency and blockchain niche is a rapidly evolving field that has caught the attention of both tech enthusiasts and investors.

From Bitcoin to Ethereum and beyond, this niche is teeming with opportunities.

  • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Blockchain Technology
  • NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)
  • Crypto Wallets and Exchanges
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Why It's Profitable: As digital currencies become more mainstream, the demand for information and products related to cryptocurrency is skyrocketing. Whether it's trading platforms or blockchain courses, this niche is lucrative and shows no signs of slowing down.

Getting Started in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Sub-Niches

  • Crypto Mining: Hardware and software for mining cryptocurrencies.
  • Crypto News and Analysis: Websites and newsletters offering insights.
  • Blockchain Development: Courses and tools for blockchain coding.

What's Trending in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

  • NFT Marketplaces: Platforms for buying and selling NFTs are hot.
  • Decentralized Apps (DApps): Apps that run on a blockchain.
  • Tokenization: Turning real-world assets into digital tokens.

Home and Garden

What's Hot: The home and garden niche is a perennial favorite, offering a wide range of products and services that cater to homeowners and gardening enthusiasts.

  • Home Decor
  • DIY Projects
  • Gardening Tools and Supplies
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Outdoor Furniture

Why It's Profitable: With the rise of remote work and the focus on home improvement, this niche has seen significant growth.

From affiliate programs offering home decor products to smart home gadgets, the home and garden niche is a stable and profitable one.

Getting Started in Home and Garden Sub-Niches

  • Home Automation: Smart lighting, security, and more.
  • Gardening Kits: Pre-packaged sets for home gardeners.
  • Interior Design: Software and consultation services.

What's Trending in Home and Garden

  • Sustainable Living: Eco-friendly products for the home.
  • Smart Gardens: Tech for easier and more efficient gardening.
  • DIY Renovation: Kits and tutorials for home improvement.

Pet Care

What's Hot: The pet care niche is all about products and services designed to keep our furry (or scaly or feathery) friends happy and healthy.

  • Pet Food and Nutrition
  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Health and Wellness
  • Pet Training
  • Pet Toys and Accessories

Why It's Profitable: The love for pets isn't going anywhere, and pet owners are willing to spend a lot on their animal companions.

From organic pet food to luxury pet accessories, this niche offers a wide range of profitable affiliate opportunities.

Getting Started in Pet Care Sub-Niches

  • Exotic Pets: Products for less common pets like reptiles and birds.
  • Pet Travel: Carriers and travel gear for pets.
  • Pet Insurance: Health and accident coverage for pets.

What's Trending in Pet Care

  • Pet Tech: Smart feeders, trackers, and more.
  • Holistic Pet Care: Natural and alternative treatments.
  • Pet Subscription Boxes: Monthly treats and toys for your pets.

I could literally go on FOREVER with expanding these.  There are obviously THOUSANDS of other niches out there, but these are some of the most obvious.

Find More Profitable Niches with Keyword Research:

With a little digging around the net and some basic keyword research, it should be easy to uncover quite a few more.

Try to narrow things down to a sub-niche, as it'll usually be less competitive and easier to rank for in Google if you're going for Organic Traffic.

For example, here's how we could narrow down the keywords "weight loss" or "diet" into more manageable sub-niches/keywords:

If we just BEGIN to type a phrase into Google, it gives us TONS of suggestions for keywords and niches. 

Google's Auto Suggest

You can also scroll to the BOTTOM of the search in Google and get 8 MORE Related Keywords!

I don't know about you, but I can see TONS of potential for articles, blog posts, videos, even full on products!

What's The Next Step?

If you're like me, you probably want to know how to PROFIT from these niches, am I right?

If you loved the information above, you're going to REALLY love what I show you next!

The first step is signing up for this 100% FREE Online Training that walks you through some awesome niches, and how to profit with them step-by-step.

The Training is 100% Free, but I cannot guarantee it will be around forever.

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Don't mind the flashiness of the video, it may seem too good to be true, this is the real deal and I would not recommend it otherwise.

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If you have ANY questions - leave a comment on the blog post and let me know!

Have a GREAT rest of the week - and talk soon! πŸ™‚

Jeff Lenney

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good niches?

A good niche doesn't necessarily pay the best, but has the best lifetime value for a customer and will be around for a long time. Therefore we suggest focusing on evergreen niches that you know will be around in 10 weeks, or even 10 years. A few examples, as covered at are Fitness and Weight Loss, Health, Dating and Relationships, and Making Money Online.

What Niches are the most profitable?

While it's possible to make money in many of the hundreds of thousands of online niches, our favorites are evergreen niches, or ones that will be around forever. Health, Dating & Fitness are just a few of these. Read the full list at

How do I find a Profitable Niche Online?

Why not start with somebody who's been doing it for a long time? Check out the full list above, at πŸ™‚

P.S. Also worth checking out for 2024 is eFORMULA 

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  • Brenda Jo says:

    I want to find a niche that is within me and information on how to get started creating it. I need all the help I can find. Help takes time and patience to find that special someone whom I can relate to and get the help I need and can understand. I am one person and there is someone who can explain information in a way that every different person can understand, so don’t stop sharing.

    • Hey Brenda Jo,

      Thanks for your message – it’s great to hear from you! Finding the right niche can feel like a bit of a puzzle, but it’s awesome that you’re ready to dive in and find something that really clicks with you.

      I totally get that it’s about finding that sweet spot where your personal interests meet a real market need. It’s kind of like matchmaking for business ideas, right? Start by thinking about what you love doing or what you’re really good at. Then, let’s see if there’s a market out there that’s just waiting for someone like you to come along.

      I’ve got some stuff on my blog that might help you out. For starters, check out Best Dropshipping Niches and Top 10 Ecommerce Niches for inspiration.

      Remember, I’m here to help, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you’ve got questions or need a bit more guidance. We’re all in this together, and there’s definitely a niche out there with your name on it. Keep your spirits up and keep exploring!


  • Greg Jeffries says:

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    EXCELLENT job πŸ™‚

  • glenn gammons says:

    is the green energy niche a very competitive niche and could a newbie do the niche?

    • Hi Glenn,

      Great question! The green energy niche is indeed competitive, but don’t let that scare you away. Competition often means there’s money to be made, and with the right strategies, even a newbie can carve out a piece of the pie.

      Here’s the deal: Green energy is a hot topic right now, and it’s only going to get hotter. That means there’s a growing audience hungry for information, products, and solutions. As a newbie, you can absolutely tap into this demand. The key is to find a unique angle or sub-niche within the broader green energy category. Maybe focus on solar gadgets for RVs or energy-efficient home solutions.

      SEO will be your best friend here. Start by doing some solid keyword research to identify low-competition, high-search-volume keywords. Create high-quality, value-packed content around those keywords, and you’ll start to see organic traffic flow in.

      So, to answer your question: Yes, it’s competitive, but it’s also a niche with huge potential for profitability and impact. With the right approach, a newbie can definitely make a mark.

      Hope that helps! Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions.


  • Scott Archer says:

    You come highly recommended from someone I trust in the marketing space who is himself a very successful 6 figure earner. So, I say this with zero reservation…

    You are doing a great service to provide your readers with SOMETHING! Maybe it’s not the very best or a bit lean – so to speak – but it is something worthwhile to look into.

    Myself, I learned early on that those sub-niches, in most categories, are somewhat untapped and or low competition. So, they are easy to rank for the terms and get massive exposure.

    I just started a new business in an un-tapped niche, and I can say with confidence that I will spank this niche thoroughly.

    Keyword research is the backbone to any niche and Google Trends will show you how good those words have performed historically, and which areas see the most traffic for those words.

    Keep plugging away brother. Rock on!

    • Thanks, Scott – I appreciate that man!

      I DO need to update this post and give it a bit of a facelift, per say, but the info is still solid.

      You’re totally right, the sub-niches of sub-niches are where to REALLY find the good low competition keywords! πŸ™‚


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  • Thank you for this! Really helpful content. I’m starting my own blog. πŸ™‚

  • Hey Jeff, I just found this article from a Google search as I’m considering creating sites for offline leads for local business and must say how much I appreciate the work you put into it. Nothing rehashed here and it is a big help for me. Cheers!

  • Hey Jeff, it’s an AWESOME blog post. I’m thinking about starting a YouTube Channel around the Diabetes Niche. Do you believe it’s a profitable niche? (I know, most likely it is) πŸ˜›


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    • Wow, a gaggle of volunteers and a new scheme in your community?

      Go on, do tell more!

  • Yet another rehashed, plagiarised list of the same rehashed, plagiarised list…from yet another Internet Guru…
    Absolutely nothing new. You’ve forgotten “How to play sax” and Learn to speak “Finnish”

    • Hey Dave,

      You’re lucky I post anything at all!

      I put this list together myself based on what I’ve been making money off of late, and what trends I’m seeing with Google , as well as Clickbank and other digital products and programs online.

      Would you rather my list include things like “Cat jokes”, “Chimpanzee Facts”, and “How to Make Money with Legos”, or would you rather I list the stuff that actually works, and will continue to work well past 2019?

      I’m sorry I didn’t have any “Un-tapped niches for 2019 that you can totally dominate without doing any work!!” as those simply don’t exist.

      If you want something that makes you feel good, go somewhere else.

      If you want to know what niches really are profitable, talk to somebody that’s been in this game for a while, such as myself.


      • Insert Fire Emoji..
        Well, unlike Dave, I thought it was very informative and definitely gave me a great unique starting point I completely overlooked..

      • Leul Mamo says:

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      • Jeff,
        Hi! I am just getting started into the niche world and found your list to be very helpful. Currently, I am working to get my first site up and running. Ignore people like Dave, he’s just looking for someone to tell him how to get rich quick without putting in any effort. Thanks again for the great info! Take care.

        • Haha, I just have fun with Trolls like him, Thanks, Karen πŸ™‚

          Glad you found it useful!


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        Right on Jeff, I loved your article, in fact I bookmarked it for future reference!!! Theres always someone whose outlook is negative, keep up the good blogs!!

      • Kudos Jeff. I can literally hear his tail craving on the ground. I doubt if you will get any feedback from him. He is well put in his place.

      • Marilyn Earls says:

        Well said. Pay no attention the that jerk off.

    • Try again to make some sense. I think it is a very well-written and helpful post.

  • Hopeton (the moneyguru) says:

    Those niches are very competitive, you have to drill down to find long tail keywords.

    • Yah…I’m not going to do the KW research for you, just here to give ideas for people that may not know where to start πŸ™‚

  • Hey Jeff,

    Great post, and thanks for sharing!

    I would greatly appreciate your insight on the following:

    I plan to go into the “learn to play guitar” niche, which you have stated is a profitable and evergreen niche for 2017. But is it still too broad? Should I try and zero in on a smaller sub-niche for this? If so, what would be the best way to go about this?

    • Hey Jordan

      If you can tell me a smaller sub-niche for learn to play guitar, I’d love to hear it πŸ™‚

      (Learn to play the G String?) πŸ˜›


      • Hey Jeff,

        Well, from my (somewhat basic) understanding of finding profitable niches, I am of the understanding that I need to come into this competitive niche from a unique angle to differentiate myself from my competitors who have been doing this longer (and have higher google rankings).

        There are many different styles of guitar – classical, acoustic, electric

        And of course, types of music – classical, rock, metal, country, etc

        I don’t know… am I overthinking and over-complicating things?

        • Hey Jordan

          Why not do something like this

          General Blog Idea – How to Learn Guitar
          Posts/Sections on the blog – Learn Blues Guitar, Jazz, Rock, Country, etc

          Guitar’s a sub-niche of MUSIC – i think it’s perfect πŸ™‚


          • Jordan, If you specialize in a certain technique or genre, I would highlight that on your website. Someone wanting to learn how to shred probably won’t want to spend a lot of time on fingerpicking and slides. Similarly, if you’re teaching flamenco, you’ll want to go in depth on capos, but not so much if you’re teaching jazz.

            Other subcategories include: music theory, injury-prevention, what to consider when buying a guitar, instrument comparisons/reviews, how to find a teacher/gig/band, songwriting, etc.

            Good luck!

  • Hi Jeff,
    Just stopped to congratulate you for this, I’m a newbie in this field and this is awesome for a starter like me. I will need more of your stuff…will be following on Twitter

  • Jeff, my friend, you sure know how to say and present things in a nice, attractive and very enticing way, or should I say in a way that motivates one to take action and believe that it can be done! Thanks for your posts, ideas and very good suggestions. I hope and will do my best to follow what you say and share, since I have never made a single dime on the internet, but I well know that thousands are living their own IM dream! I truly hope that with your expertise and motivation, I will be able, in due time to start, at least making $100 from the internet, because for me $100 would be a true success, then from there one can scale it and take it to the next level…I do need some help, guidance and solid counsels…I will be reading what you gave me with your download, thank you so very much! Keep the excellent work and information you’re sharing with everyone! Guillermo

    • Fantastic Guillermo, thanks for the feedback and I know you’ll be doing amazing things πŸ™‚

  • Hey Jeff I really need to get started in this affiliate marketing venture!

    I’ve read through your article and saw the content meaningful.
    anything you can recommend for a beginner?

  • I am amazed at how you have made it to #1 for this keyword, you are a great SEO guru. Your niche ideas have helped me make a decision at last. Thank you!

    • Awesome, Thanks Dancun I’m flattered and really appreciate that! πŸ™‚

      Let me know if i can help you with anything.


  • Good post. I think health will be always at top. But insurance is not in top 15?

    • Hi Samna

      Insurance is a great niche I’m sure, just not something i’ve ever gotten into.

      This is MY personal list, doesn’t mean there aren’t other niches out there πŸ™‚


  • I don’t have anything specifically about this post(although congrats on being #1 in Google for “profitable niches in 2016”) – but man do I love your theme for this site! I used X Theme for mine, but am very curious what this one is called.

    • Thanks Danny!

      It’s a theme called Elegant Biz 2.0 – BUT it’s no longer available for purchase as they’re working on a new one. I recommend it WHEN you can finally get it again lol


  • karen wynns says:

    Hi Jeff

    Did you review Afliojetpack 3.0 yet? And if so what is your opinion of it?


  • Hey Jeff can you tell me what plugin you use for your social icons and what the plugin is for that nice looking thin blue dropdown on the top of your site?

    • For Social Icons, I use Digg Digg
    • For the dropdown on top – i’m afraid I don’t have a solution as it’s built into the theme
    • There is a FREE one you can get at though that does pretty good πŸ™‚

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