The 10 Best Solar Affiliate Programs in 2022

August 2, 2022

Overview: In this post, I go into the Top 10 Solar Affiliate Programs you can promote as an affiliate marketer!  This niche is definitely great year round, so dig in and enjoy!
The 10 Best Solar Affiliate Programs

There are many ways to make money online, some methods are just easier than others.

Affiliate programs are simple but effective marketing tools that help everyone concerned: the consumers looking for a specific product or service, the seller looking to score some sales, and the affiliate marketer who introduces the two to each other for a commission. The love triangle of online selling.

As an affiliate marketer, the people who use your links trust your judgment and believe that you are offering a product or service that truly suits their needs (hence, proper research is important on your part). In due time, and with a few marketing techniques here and there, this trust your followers have in you will build a strong source of passive income in return.

So, in the spirit of choosing the right affiliate program, the right product for your followers, we have taken the painstaking task of combing through the internet for the best ones. This is an article on why you should include solar affiliate programs to your arsenal of programs and the top 10 best solar affiliate programs for you to join:

Why Solar Power?

There are many types of affiliate programs that concern all kinds of products and services. For this list, we'll be focusing on the top 10 affiliate programs that deal with solar power and/or solar power-related products. The reason being that the solar power market, both at the retail and industrial level, is somewhat flourishing at the moment. Pretty soon, the market will be booming!

Countries are attracted by the idea of clean and renewable energy, while homeowners are attracted by the idea of self-sufficient homes that emancipates them from the shackles of needing to pay electricity bills.

In 2020, the solar industry generated more than $25 billion of private investment in the American economy. And the worldwide solar market is projected to reach $223.3 billion by 2026. All this means there's a lot of dollars to go around.

What Audiences Can You Promote Solar Energy To?

You can promote solar power products to any group which desires a clean and sustainable future, including:

  • Survivalists & Preppers
  • Environmentalists
  • Mom and Pop's who want to save money off their monthly energy bills.

Entrepreneurs, environmental activists, builders and contractors make good potential customers too. In general most home owners would qualify as customers - especially in the US, where costly energy bills are a major cost.

Folks who want to be independent from the grid, or reduce their carbon footprint would also make good potential customers for renewable energy products such as wind turbines and solar panels.   The same is true for green-minded people who want to live an ecologically responsible lifestyle.

But also consider offering only solar powered products, such as solar powered generators. These are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in more homes. This could promote a whole line of products - especially if your company specializes in renewable energy products or is well established with customers who might want to buy them.

An example of companies which already do this successfully include Goal Zero  and Solar City . And you don't have to make the products yourself - these companies have cornered the market by reselling other people's made-in-china consumer grade resources, tools and appliances for off-grid living !

As many survivalist groups may already know, when SHTF (sh*t hits the fan), they will need self sufficiency, which means they may need to generate electricity or gas themselves. Running out of supplies will not be an option for people who want to survive the aftermath of a disaster!

So while solar power equipment is primarily used during emergencies and survival when the grid goes down, families can save money on their energy bills all year round!

The 10 Best Solar Power Affiliate Programs

It certainly helps that some solar affiliate programs provide some of the highest commissions of any affiliate program available today -- that is if you know where to look.

1. SmartPower4All Solar Affiliate Program

SmartPower4All Solar Affiliate Program

Commission Rate:

75% (Up to $117 Commission Per Sale)

Cookie Duration

60 days

Webpage URL:

Affiliate Page:

Not something many people have heard of but definitely something to swear by. Many people who have used this product have nothing but positive things to say about it. And many affiliate marketers love this product too -- seeing as the commission they offer per sale is amongst the highest on this list.

This products sales are 100% affiliate driven, and for about $200 you have a device that, when assembled, can essentially charge multiple lights and appliances in your home, and reduce energy bills by as much as 70%.

A small box with unfolding solar panels, the product is so portable that it's probably gonna sell a lot among frequent campers and those who like to prepare for calamities.

Make sure to let your market know that assembly is required.

This is on Clickbank, by the way, so it's super easy to get started!

2. Solgaard Affiliate Program

Solgaard Affiliate Program

Commission Rate:


Cookie Duration

90 days

Webpage URL:

Affiliate Page: 

Now, we're kinda stretching the definition of solar power here but bear with us. Solgaard is actually a backpack maker and their main market point is that their product, known as the Lifepack, is made from recycled plastic from the ocean -- very admirable.

The reason it's on this list is as many of their backpacks have solar panels attached to them which are used to charge your cell phones and laptop.

It could be argued that the chance to carry around your own power station is reason enough to buy Solgaard products.

Add the fact that one backpack takes 5 pounds worth of plastic off the oceans and you have a product that sells itself to anyone in the market.

The 10% commission might not seem so much, but take note that Solgaard products are considered to be high-end and are priced anywhere between $150-$200.

So commission-wise, it's hard to complain both with percentage and cookie duration.

3. LuminAID Solar Affiliate Program

LuminAID Solar Affiliate Program

Commission Rate:

Up to 10%

Cookie Duration

30 days

Webpage URL:

Affiliate Page: 

LuminAid was born out of necessity as it was originally designed to provide light to homes in countries that have recently experienced a calamity.

They have pioneered the creation of multiple light-providing solar-powered products but the main thing they are known for is the PackLite Titan 2-in-1 Power Lantern.

Know this product is one that needs a little bit of targeting. You'll wanna market them to people who frequently experience power outages or live in areas with temperamental weather.

A cheap, renewable source of light is something many people, even in fully developed countries, surprisingly flock towards. Plus, it always helps that their products usually feature a solar panel, are inflatable, waterproof, durable, and produce 30 hours of light when fully charged -- always strong selling points to those who want to be ready for anything.

There are a few bit of mechanics involved to be a part of this program though.

You'll need to apply to the AvantLink network which will take a few minutes. Plus the 10% commission on an already affordable product might not be too attractive to marketers looking for the big bucks per sale over quantity of sales.

4. GoGreenSolar Affiliate Program

GoGreenSolar Affiliate Program

Commission Rate:

3% (Up to $900 Commission Per Sale)

Cookie Duration

30 days

Webpage URL:

Affiliate Page: 

GoGreenSolar is the kind of product/service one usually thinks of when they think of solar power for the home. They are a well-known provider of solar panels and solar panel kits -- which are becoming quite popular amid the current home improvement trend.

The arrangement is quite simple: sell their products, get a 3% commission on each sale.

Plus, they offer several perks for affiliates to take advantage of in their promotions, such as:

  • Free shipping on orders over $150
  • A price match guarantee
  • Financing options
  • And renewable tax credits

All these go directly to helping you seal the deal to your target audience -- who can pass up a free shipping promo, after all?

3% might not seem like too much but consider the fact that we're talking about entire solar panels and their installment kits. These are high ticket items that you'd be marketing here.

5. Goal Zero Affiliate Program

Goal Zero Affiliate Program

Commission Rate:


Cookie Duration

14 days

Webpage URL:

Affiliate Page: 

Sometimes, as an affiliate marketer, you might want a program that simplifies your life a little bit.

Something of a one-stop-shop; a single place with a host of products that complement each other for which you can easily build a network of content for. 

Well, Goal Zero might just be that kind of program.

Getting its start trying to provide portable solar power to families in Congo, the company has since grown to manufacture and sell portable solar generators, solar panel kits, power banks, lanterns, and a full range of accessories.

Another great thing about this brand is that with every purchase a customer makes, a part of the profits go into a host of worthy causes.

Plus, you can always say that once a buyer gets every one of Goal Zero's products, they'd essentially be ready to survive Armageddon! People, no matter the background, love to prepare for the apocalypse -- it's just human nature.

Now, since their affiliate program is run by a 3rd party, some sign-up is required to be able to sell their products. But since their average order value is around the $350 ballpark, your 5% commission will make it all worth it.

6. Inergy Solar Affiliate Program

Inergy Solar Affiliate Program

Commission Rate:


Cookie Duration

30 days

Webpage URL:

Affiliate Page: 

Apart from having a witty pun-like name, Inergy is one of the leading providers of portable energy solutions in the solar power market.

The product of crowdfunding, people believed in this idea so much that they collectively chipped in their money to have this company up and running in a matter of months.

With the purpose of ensuring that homes never run out of light, heating, and electricity to run appliances, Inergy provides energy through the means of a solar-powered generator. Solar panels hook up to a small, portable box that sports several sockets.

Their affiliate program is done in-house which means you'll have to reach out to them to be able to know more. What we do know is that with their products costing well over $1000, the 10% they offer is basically the motherload of commissions.

7. SunPower Affiliate Program

SunPower Affiliate Program

Commission Rate:

$100 Per Appointment

Cookie Duration

45 days

Webpage URL:

Affiliate Page: 

One of the older companies on this list, SunPower has been around to provide solar energy since the 1980s. What sets this company apart from the other suggestions on this list is that they actually provide solar power directly to their homes.

Their customers need not go through complex assembly manuals and time-consuming installations to have their home solar powered. All they need to do is give SunPower a call and the company will provide all the solar power solutions for them. Ease and convenience are what you'll be offering in this program.

Because of that, the money you'll earn is based on the appointments you set up using your affiliate link. Sale is not required. Plus, 45 days of cookie duration saves you from having to use hard selling tactics and annoy your visitors with salesman-like pitches.

8. Outdoor Solar Lamps Affiliate Program

Outdoor Solar Lamps Affiliate Program

Commission Rate:

15% ($100+ Commission Per Sale potential)

Cookie Duration

30 days

Webpage URL:

Affiliate Page: 

As the name would suggest, this company is a provider of competitively priced outdoor solar lamps.

With the lighting of your outdoor space taking up a huge chunk of your electricity bill, switching over to solar lamps might just be what you need to save.

The main point of attraction with this program is their offering of 15% commission -- though it should be noted that the products they offer are quite affordable.

The volume of sales is the name of the game with these kinds of affiliate programs.

On top of that, your links not only provide your customers with a great selection of top-rated solar LED lights but also give them free shipping and excellent customer service.

9. BioLite Affiliate Program

BioLite Affiliate Program

Commission Rate:


Cookie Duration

30 days

Webpage URL:

Affiliate Page: 

Undoubtedly the market for camping gear and outdoor equipment will grow as the pandemic winds down and people look to go on trips to see nature at its finest. When this happens, you can be sure that brands like BioLite will be well-positioned to make the most profit.

Their award-winning products are versatile. They can be used in backyard barbecues, picnics, backpacking trips, and even power outages. But where they truly shine in terms of marketing is as a supplier of solar-powered products that one can use in off-grid living. One only needs to see how many viewers bushcraft YouTubers have to know how big the market for these kinds of products truly is. (Related: YouTube Affiliate Marketing)

Their affiliate program also seems to be very flexible and can easily be suited to match the branding of your website. 7% commission per sale and a wide selection of products is always a plus too.

10. Tesla Referral Program

Tesla Referral Program

Commission Rate:

$100 or 1,000 miles

Cookie Duration

90 days

Webpage URL:

Affiliate Page: 

Who in this wide world has not heard of Tesla?

The company is constantly in the news these days and their cars have virtually become status symbols of green luxury living.

An affiliate program with the company is really a no-brainer if you're looking to cash in their name and customer base.

They have electric cars, solar roof tiles, and the Powerwall storage battery in their selection -- all of which you can work with and earn from.

Their program works a little differently though than the usual system you're used to.

Basically, if the customer you sent them using your affiliate link buys a Tesla, you get 1,000 miles of free supercharging for your Tesla car. Pretty neat!

On the other hand, if somebody purchases a Tesla solar panel array, you get paid a flat rate of $100. Simple and to the point.

It's up to you though which would you prefer.

Solar Affiliate Programs Summary

And those were the best solar power affiliate programs out there. It should be noted that this list reflects what we consider to be the best of the best.

One of the great things about working with this niche is that there is never a shortage of options and variety when it comes to brands with affiliate programs.

Some of the selections on this list could even be used together as complementary goods and score you even more commission.

All that matters is your marketing strategy and how you get people to use your links -- alas, the struggle of every affiliate marketer.

All that considered, this niche is a great source of affiliate programs. With enough know-how and the right target audience, we do not doubt that your commissions will be renewable like solar power.

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