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October 1, 2023

ECommerce & Amazon Experts Roundup

I’ve been a fairly successful affiliate marketer for quite some time, but never took the time to fully dive into Amazon, Shopify & E-Commerce.  I decided to do just that, have been working on building out my first successful Shopify store, and wanted to share some amazing things with you that helped ME along my way.

So, here’s what I’m doing.  Instead of just telling you what I did, which I assure you is quite boring, I decided to reach out to every e-commerce expert that I know (or know of), and ask them ONE specific question, so that I could share the knowledge with you too on this Amazon & Ecommerce Roundup Post!

My Question for the experts:

“What Tips or Advice would you give to those just starting out with Amazon or E-Commerce?”

Their responses are below and trust me, you’re going to want to read every last one!

(IMPORTANT NOTE: These responses are NOT in order of who’s most succesfull or who you should pay the most attention to, they are in the order I received the responses to my question, and the 1st is just as good as the last. Make sure you read the whole thing or you’re going to miss out on some Golden Nuggets. )

Adrian Morrison – eCom Success AcademyAdrian Morrison

What is the #1 thing every marketer should understand?

“Nobody cares what you think & nobody cares what you like”

Translation:  Your Passion is NOT Likely Your Profit.

To be a good marketer, you cannot think like a consumer.  By nature people are consumers. We are very opinionated and that is a massive weakness when it comes to marketing.

Most people fail online b/c they get stuck trying to promote things that they think are “cool” or that they think are a “good idea” … and they end up getting emotionally attached to these ideas even though they are not profitable.  Mostly because … no one wants to be wrong. So, naturally we work against ourselves.  You MUST FORCE yourself to drop the ego and just start marketing whatever is making money right now.  Stop asking the same girl to prom if she says no every time.

Following this understanding has helped me build a store that has done $5.5 Million in sales In just over a year, using the Shopify platform.

Adrian Morrison's $5 Million ECommerce Store
Adrian Morrison’s $5 Million ECommerce Store

Many of the products that I am marketing on my e-commerce stores do no interest me …

… and to be honest, I think most of them are quite silly (example: cat socks).

But the bottom line is … I am not the one shopping on my store.  I am not going to make make millions of dollars going on my own store and buying products myself.  I’m not the consumer. My opinion does not matter.  It’s the REST OF THE WORLD that I should be paying attention to…

… and obviously many of them absolutely love silly socks with cats printed on them.

There is a huge different between sales and marketing.  See, sales people have to convince you to buy something that you do not want and do not need. Marketers … well, we know what you want and what you need.  We just simply have to place It in front of your face and it’s likely you are going to take it.  That’s why marketing is so great.

If you want to be successful in product selection and marketing … forget your opinions.  Start paying attention to the masses online & you will prosper.

Have you seen those stupid fidget spinners going viral?  I think they are so stupid ….

… Oh wait a minute, nobody cares about my opinion, all that matters is that marketers are making millions of dollars RIGHT NOW marketing something that I personally think is stupid.

See my point? :). #CRUSHIT

– Want to learn more about Adrian? You can check him out and/or follow him at:

  1. Snapchat
  2. His website: http://adrianmorrison.com
  3. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adrianmorrisonofficial/
  4. FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/adrianmorrisonofficial
  5. Last but Not Least: Free $20k Per Day Training
  6. Editors Note: Check out my eCom Success Academy Review

Aidan Booth – 100k Factory

My #1 tip for the (dropshipping) model would be…

Editors Note: 100k Factory is no longer being sold, in it’s place is 123 Profit, Coming Jan, 2023.

Make great looking ads, professional product landing pages, and work hard to make your deals a complete no-brainer. These three things get us more ‘home runs’ than anything else.

My #1 tip for people wanting to get started selling their own brands on Amazon:

Make sure you can sell your product at least 3x the purchase price, have a clear point of difference from anyone else in the market, and position yourself as the premium brand.

(Editors Note: Check out eFORMULA From Aidan, Coming January 2024!)

– Learn more about Aidan at http://www.aidanbooth.com/

Also, check out these 2 epic blog posts he’s done:

  1. The Definitive Guide To Selling Physical Products On Amazon
  2. “How I Went From Zero to $1,008,532 in 6 Months…”

Matt Clark – Amazing.com

1. Sell the best product possible.

At the end of the day, there’s a real person that’s going to receive your physical product in their hands likely at their home. You want that experience to be as amazing.

The better that experience is – the better the product, the packaging, and anything else they receive – the better your business will do. On Amazon, this means more sales, more (and better) reviews, and more repeat purchases.

2. One product at a time.

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen from our tens of thousands of members that sell on Amazon is going to wide too fast.

Start with one single product. Don’t move away from that one product until you’re absolutely dominating the market (on Amazon, for example). Any new product you add is simply additional cost in the short-term (inventory, packaging, shipping, and your time).

Any additional focus you put on your first product is profit – you’ve already done all the work of getting it live, now it’s time to turn it into a consistent, cash-producing asset.

3. Play the long game.

There are a lot of people out there that throw around big numbers they’re doing in their businesses, especially on Amazon. The problem is, when you dig into exactly what they’re doing, many of them are doing things that are blatantly against Amazon’s policies and they’re putting their entire businesses at risk every day.

Don’t do that.

It’s OK to push hard, to market and sell well, and to do whatever you can that’s within the rules to grow your business, but play the long game. The people we know that are doing $10 million, $20 million, or more with their businesses today are the ones that run solid, legitimate businesses (that’s what it took to stay in the game long enough to get to where they’re at today).

– Looking for more from Matt? Amazing Selling Machine Launches at least once per year, also Check out https://www.amazing.com/ or his EPIC Facebook Group, https://www.facebook.com/amazingcom/

Also check out these epic blog posts on Amazing.com:

Karl (The Shark) Schuckert – Co Founder, Impulsely.com

eCommerce is a $1.9 Trillion Dollar a Year Business, and it’s expected to have double-digit growth by 2020 to over $4 Trillion Dollars. Now is a great time to be a part of that exponential growth. When Jeff Lenney asked me to write a little something for the guests of his blog I jumped on it, All while riding on a train in the middle of the Swiss Alps.

Here is my 14 Step bulletproof plan for reaching success as an eCom newbie:

1. Pick an eCommerce platform such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce. I personally like Shopify as it’s pretty easy to set up. They host your store and more importantly they have awesome 24/7 support. Along with a million other reasons.

2. Find your niche. What are you passionate about? What are other people passionate about? More importantly, go where the money is.

3. Do some target audience research. Find out how big your target reach can be. Also look for sub-targets like influencers, trade magazines, events, blogs, books, etc. and widen your reach.

4. Hire a designer and do it asap! One of the best investments of my eCom business was hiring a full-time designer from the Philippines. I pay him about $6.25 per design on a $125 per week agreement, and he pumps out 4-5 designs a day like clock work. (Secret Key: I hired him on Craigslist)

5. Find products which fit in your prospective niche audience. Look for low-end, mid and high price point products. Spend one day a week searching for new products. Go to places like AliExpress for drop shipping and places like GearBubble, ViralStyle and ShineOn for custom Print-On-Demand products.

6. Next, add these products to your shop with a plan to sell them. With that said, you need to write something appealing in the headlines and the descriptions of your products.

7. Remember to add your pixels in your store. Shopify makes it easy to do and use.

8. Ad Creatives, Now that you have your targeted audiences and your niches” href=”https://jefflenney.com/internet-marketing/most-profitable-niches/”>niches hot products I like to use Chris Records shotgun approach. This is where you build out 20 $5 a day ad creatives in Facebook. Use Post-Engagement Ads and Web-Conversion Ads, Use both Video Ads 1200×1200 or 600×600 for better use of eyeball real estate, reach and use 1200×628 for some of your Conversion and Retargeting Ads.

9. Run ads for about three days before you do anything. It takes FB™ 48hr to 72hrs to optimize for conversions on a $5 per day ad.

10. Kill losers and scale winners. This just means to kill the ads that have not converted for you. And increase budgets on winners by doubling them up.

11. Use disruptive and impulsive ad methods. Remember people in your niche need a reason to buy from you on the spot. So if you have unique products that resonate with your buyer, they will buy. This is what works great with Print-On-Demand products.

12. Once you find winners, work on ways to increase AOV (Average-Order-Value) And ways to improve LTCV (Long-Term-Customer-Value) But these are more advanced, and it is just food for thought until you get there.

13. Use Funnel Software and split-test, Headlines, Buttons, Images, and videos. Add Up-sales, Cross-sales, and Bump-sales. Plus add One-Click and Two-Click Upsells. This will make a major difference in ad cost to ROI and will massively increase your AOV.

14. Rinse and Repeat… 😉

Of course, there are other ways to skin a cat. However, in my two short years in eCom, these have seemed to work the best for our stores. I wish you all the fortune in your future endeavors.

– For more from Karl, check out https://Impulsely.com

Ross Carrel

Ross Carrel – $200k Per MONTH from Tee Shirt Sales!


I believe and teach something called dirty fast results. In as little as 120 minutes of video training, I have had beginner customers get their very first sales. And I can sum this up in on simple change in your thought pattern:

The core ideology behind this is as follows. “What do I do about (insert your doubt here)?”

Every time I encounter that problem from beginners, they are extrapolating concepts and ideas into ginormous future problems.

Mankind has an inherent and perpetual fear of making the wrong choice and seeking validation for their decisions. This is how we learn to avoid eating poisonous plants for example. Great on the evolutionary scale, terrible in the revolutionary one.

Technology is a new and beautiful forefront. The exploration of which is not meant for the meek. But the stakes are so much lower.

You will not die a poisoned death from putting a pixel in the wrong place, or uploading an ugly png file.

So to wrap this up. Throw caution to the wind. Get a basic understanding of things and learn to trust your gut. The second you try to over complicate step back and think “is this dirty, fast? Or is it slowing down my path to pure results?”

Even if the entire internet laughed out loud collectively at your attempts to build a future, so what? You learn, you love, and you create a vision nobody but you was ever meant to create.

– Ross doesn’t have a blog or any of his own products, he just DOES this for a living, and very well! You can follow him on his FaceBook Page.

Dan Dasilva – eCom DudesDan Dasilva

Hey man ? Okay, so Funnels is how you want to go. Basically, you want to either plan it like a typical autoresponder and you want to mix it with actual funnel style pages.

So how do these funnel pages look? Well I am using my own and I am releasing it to the public: http://trifunnels.com

Long story short, this is TriFunnels, and what we are doing right now with our stores ?

The Final Funnel Page Looks like This:

I Figured since I am using it why not roll it out to the public!

That’s what we are doing and let me show you how well we’ve scaled it.

This is this month (25 Days into May, 2017) with my store and as you can see there is a major scale point, (which came about when the funnel was implemented).

Essentially, it’s a low priced product front end and your traditional funnel to higher priced, relevant offers.  It’s all within Shopify, so it’s in 1 place.

– For MORE info, check out Dan’s EPIC Shopify Funnel Builder, TriFunnels

Also, Check out:

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  2. Top 8 AliExpress Products To Shortcut Your Success
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  4. Dan’s Value PackedYouTube Channel

Matt Schmitt – Smar7 Apps Co-Founder

People in the beginning always focus on what they expect the “end” to be.

They see the cars, homes, or lifestyle of those who ‘made it’ and say, “that’s what I want”.

While setting those goals can be a powerful push to take the leap into starting your own business… don’t forget to set the little goals along the way to keep you motivated.

Your first sale online, your first profitable month, your first happy customer testimonial, etc.

Businesses are built one step at a time, so lay out your steps and keep pushing toward the end goal.

– More Below from Matt’s Business Partner, Devin

Devin Zander – Smar7 Apps Co-Founder

Devin Zander Headshot

I would tell them (newbies) to slow it down, I know it’s exciting and everyone wants to just get out there and do it.. And I support that, you should be getting out there right away and putting in work.

But I also think that people need to slow down and PLAN a little better… They’re starting a store right? A brand really… And so many people come up with an idea, find a product, setup a store and run ads all in one day.

Do you think that all the biggest brands in the world were built that quickly?

No… You’re building a brand you want to last a lifetime. PUT SOME THOUGHT INTO IT, plan something unique and valuable, something with a soul… And then you’ll be able to succeed… What’s two weeks planning a business when that business lasts the rest of your life?

– Want more awesomeness from Devin & Matt? Check out https://smar7apps.com for some crazy cool Shopify apps, and be sure to join their private FaceBook Group for Smart7 Apps as well.  The content they give away for free is better than some paid courses i’ve seen!

Mohamed (Mo) Ali – Founder of Shoppe Hero

If your product is not engaging, nothing else matters.

Focus and master 1 channel of traffic before scaling to the next.

E-commerce is not only facebook ads.

If you have 1 working product, don’t be super happy, you don’t really have a business, you just have one working product.

Strategies beat tactics and tricks. Focus on strategy and don’t base your business on tricks.


  • For MORE awesomeness by Mo, check out his 4 HOUR Shopify Live Training Video!  It’s some of the BEST Free Shopify training you’ll get, hands down.
    • It was a paid webinar that he did on November 2015.  90% of the information there is still relevant! Watch, Take Action and Make Some Money!
  • Also, be sure to check out his Shoppe Hero Shopify training!
  • AND Be sure to Join his Always Listen to Mo Facebook group, you’ll be glad you did & he’s giving out a TON of free bad ass content: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AlwaysListenToMoTribe/
    • The FB Page is stilll closed, but he’s going to be accepting Members soon, trust me and get in there! 🙂

Stephen Floyd – Co-Fouder of OMG Machines

My best advice for someone who is venturing into E-Commerce is to focus on building a brand that is memorable and has a very clearly defined message or cause or “why” behind it.

An excellent resource for this is the Ted talk, “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek.

If you find an audience that resonates with your message, the product you are selling becomes almost inconsequential.

Think Harley Davidson, how many people buy their clothing and accessories that don’t even own a motorcycle?

This strategy will make it easier for you to create content and ultimately your brand can become a valuable asset that has value outside the products themselves.

– For more on Stephen & what he does, check out his website OMGMachines.com

Fred Lam – Zero Up

The biggest tip and advice that I can give to any individuals looking to start out in the eCommerce industry is to achieve the maximum average order value.

Your goal as the store owner is to put in place strategies that turn your customers from spending just $10 to $100.

This can all be done through funnel building. (clickfunnels is great for this)

In fact, this strategy is widely used by big box retailers and even restaurants like McDonald’s.

Ever being asked, “Do you want fries with that?”

Well, by asking that one simple question, McDonald’s drastically increase your profit and this can be applied in your eCommerce business by introducing what we call “upsells”.

If tomorrow, everyone starts to sell the same product as you but you have a funnel in place, you will simply wipe out the competition because you can afford more advertising dollars over your competitors who don’t have a funnel.

Not to mention, you need to craft your follow-up series to turn your new customer into advocate fans of your brand and constantly come back to your store to buy.

There’s no doubt that building a funnel is the single most important aspect to building, growing and scaling up your store.

– For more on Fred, check out his free ECommerce Training!  Also check out Zero Up 2.0, launching in October, 2017!

Sean Donahoe – SellositySean Donahoe

My advice to new e-com entrepreneurs is TEST TEST TEST. I see too many people invest 100s of hours building huge stores and never knowing if people actually want the products they are selling.

Without proper research and testing their product offering you are gambling with the odds stacked against you. What we recommend is take a product, make a dedicated page for that product and send COLD but targeted traffic at the page.

Have all the good marketing elements on there such as benefit statements, good headlines, great imagery of the product “In Use” and scarcity, urgency, etc.

Make the offer a no-brainer and if people buy, you have a winner.

If you break even or just under break-even on ad spend, PERFECT because you can always scale up profits with a good ECommerce funnel, like we do with Sellosity. That can then feed leads and profits to a wider offering based around PROVEN products.

– Want more from Sean? Check out http://sellosity.com/ – the cart is closed for now, but trust me, you want to get on that waiting list. 🙂

Travis Petelle – KingPinning

When I’m ready to build a new business and when I’m coaching others on building their business, I follow this step by step plan of what to focus on and NOTHING ELSE until it’s done.

Here’s that plan…

  1. Product: Your number one focus needs to be finding something people will buy. Make smart choices about the audience you’re showing each individual product too, but test as many products as you can until something catches.
  2. Audience: You have a product that’s started to sell. Now, it’s time to focus on finding more that sell to this same buyer audience and expanding the reach of that audience… hence, creating a reliable audience beyond just interests targeting.
  3. Assets: Build your following and your community by spreading your message as far as you can through social media, email newsletters, blogs, whatever communication channel that fits with your audience. Go where they go and be everywhere they go.
  4. Systems: It’s time to put the everyday tasks behind your business into an easily followed step by step plan that can be handed off to others. We start outsourcing and building our team at this point.
  5. Margins: You have a consistent sales stream, a thriving community, and now employee expenses. So, it’s time to improve any leaks in your system. Improving product fulfillment, using the right tools, high level branding, applying the 80/20 rule across the board are all ways to help you make more money for the investment of time/money you’re putting in.
  6. Scaling: You have a machine pumping out a consistent stream of profit at this point. You’ve just improved the amount of money you’ll make from that machine by improving margins… now, it’s time to scale that mother.
  7. Leverage: You have a valuable asset that can be leveraged for growing your empire in other areas at a much quicker pace.

– Thanks, Travis, that was EPIC.  For even MORE amazing tips from Travis, check out KingPinning.com – This is one of the biggest & best FB groups on ECommerce for a reason, get in there, you’ll thank me!

Also, check out these blog posts:

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  2. How To Turn A Picture Into A Product

Robert V. Nava – Aka the Million Dollar FelonRobert V. Nava, The Million Dollar Felon

Keep It Simple. There is so much noise about what works, what doesn’t work, and what you should be doing, that it’s easy to be overwhelmed and over complicate things in your mind.

If it’s complicated, it’s wrong.

Remind yourself of that repeatedly. You don’t know how often I spent hours working on plans and ideas, only to throw them away because they were too complicated.

To be an Ecommerce Entrepreneur you have to be fast. You can’t overthink things. You can’t get hung up on the fears of failure or not getting it right. It’s better to try and get it wrong than to wait and be beaten by a competitor.

Be unique with your products. Even if it’s something that 100 other people are selling, you can stand out as unique, you just have to find the right angle. That angle can be in how the products is used, who is using it, what it’s being used for, or many other factors.

Make it YOUR product; make it unique.

To sum it up: be simple, be fast, be unique.

– Want to know more about Robert? You can follow him on his Facebook page, here!

Tanner Larsson – BuildGrowScale.comTanner Larsson - Build Grow Scale

My number one tip to a newbie starting out in ecommerce starts with the need to understand that the ability to grow an ecommerce business comes down to being able to leverage paid traffic at breakeven or better.

The sooner a new ecomprenuer buys into this truth and starts focusing on it the better.

You can’t build a thriving ecommerce business on trickles of traffic. You need consistent and ever growing amounts of it so you can test products, optimize your stores conversions and dial in on your ‘real’ target audience.

None of that is possible without paid traffic and in order to be able to afford paid traffic you need to be focusing on the most important metric…your Average Order Value.  The higher your AOV is, the heathier your profits will be and traffic costs will become a non issue.

– Want to learn more from tanner? Check out https://buildgrowscale.com/ and make sure you pick up his free book ECommerce Evolved here: https://ecommerceevolvedbook.com

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Larry Loik – ECommerz.biz

Larry Loik

The Where, What, Why & How of E-commerce

If you’re diving into the world of Ecommerce, dropshipping, Retail Arbitrage, free + shipping, Shopify, Liquidation, books, wholesale to retail, eBay, Etsy or anything else….Know this..


Ecommerce is a real world business that is not a fad, trend or hype.

The difference from Internet Marketing” href=”https://jefflenney.com/internet-marketing/affiliate-marketing-without-a-website/”>Internet Marketing is that you don’t have sell sell your expertise, buyers don’t know you nor care.They’re buying the product not you.

The biggest mistake I see is beginners taking courses from guys who just jumped into the e-commerce world within the last 2 years.

These gurus are advising the students to buy lots of inventory and private label it and ship it from overseas and send it to amazon fba.

Big mistake!

NEVER EVER buy lots of inventory when starting out or any at all if possible. Ask your guru how long have they been in the business and what they’ve had the most luck with. The very best way to get trained is go to to a hands-on bootcamp where you can bring your laptop and get things done. Think long term and what you still want to be building Years from now.

There’s so many ways to make money online in Ecommerce that I see rookies jumping from thing to thing & change their niche frequently.

  1. Pick a niche that you love and become an expert in that area.
  2. Develop relationships with suppliers in that world.
  3. Attend conferences where they exhibit.

The deeper you go, the more sales you will make, because buyers will see your Ecommerce site or store as an expert. Give tons of content on your site so the buyers keep coming back for great information. Develop a community, encourage interactive posts among members in forums.

  • Create a Buyers’ Club (Isn’t that what Costco or Amazon has?).
  • Given members discounts.
  • The annual membership dues can create huge revenue for you.
    • Plus, it gets members to keep coming back.

Create a Member Association(Example: Pet owners Association Worldwide) that connects to your site. People like to “belong”.

A small fee for this will make them keep coming back to get info on your Niche  and they’ll buy something while they’re there. Search the top websites in your niche and see what they do, get ideas from them (don’t copy them exact).

Hire the best team that you can! (Outsource)

Use Automation (software) to simplify and speed up tasks.

Hire a great coach who can help you grow faster, while avoiding mistakes that will cost you many dollars.

Think Big… Worldwide, not just Selling in your country!

If you’d like to experience hands on training, Visit one of Larry’s bootcamps. You might even like it while you’re at it!

His company conducts hands on bootcamps worldwide

Find out about the next one here


To get notified of upcoming events near you: Email support(at)completemarketingsystems(dot)biz

– For MORE awesome content from Larry, check out http://www.ecommerz.biz/ – I’m told the site is currently being worked on, but will be up very soon!

Steve Tan – ECommerceElites.com

Having been in the eCommerce industry for more then 11 years, I have to say the whole landscape and industry has evolved a lot over these years. I think now is definitely one of the best times to get into owning a digital asset via building an eCommerce store, you own the brand, domain and store.

If not now, then when?

For those just starting out, and without much technical knowledge, the best way is to just get started with Shopify. Reason being, its just drop dead simple.

In my days we can only use software like Magento, which is a very complex and resources heavy tool. You will need to mess with dedicated servers, optimizations, security payment, compliance, etc. Now you just have to pay $29 bucks (per month) and everything else is taken care of, you can get up and running with a full fledge store in a matter of minutes. How I wish this kind of cloud eCommerce platform is available to us when we got started!

I would favor Shopify/eCommerce business model over Amazon because thats where I earn majority of the money. For someone just getting started, there is higher risk with Amazon as you will be doing private label and you will need to buy and stock inventory with FBA, whereas with the drop shipping model in Shopify there is significant less risk and turnaround time to get started. No doubt Amazon FBA is still an amazing business model, but if we’re basing just on how easy is it to get started, Shopify drop shipping is definitely the way to go.

For those just getting started with Shopify, I would suggest starting with a general store selling retail priced items. A general store means you can have several different niches in the store and not limited to selling just 1 niche. Then you should select 3-5 products to get started and the ideal price price range would be selling it anywhere from $19.99 to $39.99. This is the sweet spot for selling retail products. I would avoid the Free+Shipping model at the start even though it works well, but its very hard to be profitable if you do not know exactly what you are doing. You need good product bundles, upsells, email followups in order to maximize the LTV (life-time value) of the customer, so for a newbie just starting out going straight into selling retail products would be more ideal.

Another one of the biggest mistakes I see with newbies is they start with a general store with hundreds and hundreds of products. The problem with this they are doing the shot-gun approach, whereby it is not precise, and this will result in not allocating sufficient budget to test every single one of them, so the next question they probably will ask is WHY IS THERE NO SALES? I’ve seen someone test 300 products with a $50 dollar budget, so essentially each product is only getting $0.16 budget allocation, how do you test a product like this? So probably they might have a few gold nuggets in the store, but due to improper testing or insufficient testing budgets, they might just miss this product. Spend more time doing research, and finding 3-5 killer products to start would be the best in my opinion.

So they might have a few gold nuggets in the store, but due to improper testing or insufficient testing budgets, they might just miss this product. Spend more time doing research, and finding 3-5 killer products to start would be the best in my opinion.

One last tip would be to research properly who you follow and listen to. There are so many fake gurus wannabes in this eCommerce market with the sole intention of just scamming every single penny out of you . Fake gurus posting fake screenshots and creating shitty FB groups to cheat newbies and give untested advise. So make sure you screen it through your bullshit filter before buying anything.

(Note from Jeff: Every person featured in this blog post is 100% the real deal, so I’m saving you some research!) 🙂

– Anyone interested in sharing and learning more about Shopify/eCommerce/Facebook ads, feel free to join Steve’s Facebook group at http://www.EcommerceElites.com. They’ve grown to almost 10,000 members in a short span of time through word of mouth from members. In the group they DON’T sell any coursers nor allow any services to be promoted. This ensures they can keep it clean and a fun place to hang around and share knowledge. With all that said, all the best in your eCommerce journey, and keep crushing it!

How to Get Started in E-Commerce Yourself

Alright, after reading through this massive 5,200+ word amazon, e-commerce & shopify expert roundup, you should have just about everything you need to propel your e-com store to the next level, or get started with your first store if you’re a newbie!

If you had as much fun reading this post as I did putting it together (took me just under 30 days), feel free to Like, Share, and Tweet it to your heart’s content.  🙂

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Jeff Lenney

Welcome to my corner of the internet! I'm Jeff Lenney, your navigator through the exciting seas of Affiliate Marketing, SEO, and ECommerce. My journey started back in 2009, and since then, it's been a whirlwind of success and fun in the digital world.

Before I dove headfirst into the vast ocean of affiliate marketing, I honed my SEO skills with some of the biggest agencies in sunny Southern California. I've been the SEO compass for 7-9 figure giants like Agora Financial, Investor Place, and Timothy Sykes, guiding them through the complex currents of online visibility.

But wait, there's more! I've also worked quite extensively with affiliate marketing legends like Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim, Aidan Booth, Dori Friend & others. Did I mention I was Anik's head coach from 2012 to 2015? Yeah, I've been around the block a few times!

My expertise isn't just confined to the boardroom. I've shared my knowledge and experiences on numerous podcasts, shedding light on the intricate dance of affiliate SEO.

So, whether you're a seasoned pro looking to catch the next big wave or just dipping your toes into the digital marketing ocean, I've got a treasure trove of insights for you. Stick around for fun tales, savvy strategies, and maybe a few laughs as we debunk myths and explore the latest trends in the world of online marketing. 

Dive into my posts and let's make some waves together! ✋ My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert with over 10 years experience. I like to talk about marketing, SEO & ECommerce, so read my other posts here: Jeff Lenney's Articles

  • Great content as I am always learning. Currently following Chris Record and have made almost $2000 in a couple months on one niche store. Always appreciate more names to listen to it that are crushing it as I start to crush it too!

    • Awesome Robert, glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

      Keep up the great work man, $2k is great!!


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