Four Winning Tips for Using Pinterest to Make Sales in your Shopify Store

If you own a Shopify store, odds are that you already know about the social media tie-ins that you can do, especially adding the buy button to Pinterest posts.

However, even though this is available, and everyone knows that social media can be a valuable source of sales, there are still people out there that resist using Pinterest – mostly because they have never used it and are a little uneasy about a new social media platform, particularly one that uses pictures as its primary form of communication and not words.

So, if you’re not currently using Pinterest with your Shopify store, here are four tips that will help you use this social media powerhouse to make sales.

  1. Use Coupons: Pinterest users love coupons and they love the exclusivity that comes from discovering something on Pinterest and then being able to save money on it. You can use third-party sites like Groupon to set up deals, as well as applications like Wishpond. Then, you can create a coupon board on your Pinterest page that people can check often.  The BEST part is – if people remotely LIKE your offer, even if they don’t plan on buying it – they WILL share, like and re-pin your coupon to THEIR boards!

Coupons on Pinterest

  1. Don’t neglect SEO: Many people use Pinterest for their business with no regard to optimizing their Pinterest page, pins or boards for search engines. Always use good SEO practices with Pinterest.  Check out my blog post here on the basics of on-page search engine optimization – these work amazingly well with pins, and you only need the basics to make this work.
  1. Run contests: If you want to make your Pinterest follows take note and increase the traffic to your Shopify store then you want to run contests regularly. Contests are exciting and they end up being shared a lot more often. Contests can introduce you to a whole new audience on Pinterest. You can either host the coupons on your own Shopify site or you can host them on Pinterest and drive traffic to your site and the previous application mentioned – Wishpond – also works well for contests.


  1. Use rich pins: Rich pins are something relatively new to Pinterest. Rich pins allow you to pin recipe pins, movie pins and pins on a specific product, which is what you want. You are allowed to update price, product availability and more, plus there is more content for the search engines to find, which means more traffic. Rich pins can be used to showcase special products that you are currently trying to promote or you can use them for your products whenever you post them. This will allow you to get traffic to Pinterest and send it straight to your store.


Short but sweet right? Nobody said you have to work harder to be successful in affiliate marketing, just smarter. 🙂


What Next?

There are a few options honestly in ECommerce & Amazon Training Courses:

  1. ECom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison
  2. Zero Up By Fred Lam
  3. The Kibo Code by Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, etc
  4. Amazing Selling Machine by Matt & Jason
  5. T-Rex Mega Store

You can’t go wrong with ANY of these, it just depends who’s training style you prefer!

Jeff Lenney

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