5 Things That Won’t happen In Internet Marketing

5 Things That Won’t happen In Internet Marketing

I have a secret for you:

Are you sure you can handle this?

Internet marketing is not about not giving up!


Haha – man I love that pig picture – anyways  there are some things that won’t happen in internet marketing, no matter how much or hard you try!

So – having said that – Avoid these 5 mistakes at all costs!

1) Behaving like a cat:

If you own a cat, you know that cats like to chase things that wiggle, shine or move quickly. (Even if you do not own cats, you are probably very aware of this behavior. Come on, half of Youtube is cat videos! Cats will chase a piece of string even if they’re full and dead tired. Simply put – they can’t resist it!

In my years as an internet marketer, I have seen many catmen and catwomen. These people keep running after anything and everything that catches their attention! They jump from one program to another. They give up upon a project after a couple of feeble, lame attempts.

Understand that in most cases, it takes at least a few weeks (if not months) to see substantial results.

So choose a product/program/project wisely and STICK WITH IT instead of chasing the next ‘shiny’ object!


2) Behaving like a dog:

Trained dogs are very obedient. They’re GREAT at following even complex commands. No wonder dogs are so highly valued in security and military services.

Some people are very dog-like in their behavior. They’re quite good at following commands from their masters. This is perfect if you want to be employee of the month but not so much if you plan to be your own boss.

Internet Marketing is not a job! Nobody will tell you what to do EVERYDAY. If you need an enforcer to put you to work, I’m sorry but you’re going to suck at IM as self discipline is required.

This is a field that requires you to be proactive and take the initiative. You cannot simply wait for tasks to be delegated to you and then carry them out. Even the simplest of tasks like choosing a domain name for you business requires you to be thoughtful, creative and most importantly – independent.


3) Don’t be a cheap bastard:

Seriously, just don’t…

Website Hosting costs pennies per day so please don’t be so cheap that you host your blog on blogger.com or some other similar free resource.

This is OK for a school project but not acceptable if you’re serious about building a lucrative online business. You do not own your blog on blogger.com – you’re just using their space.

How do you feel about investing years in a blog that you do not even own? Shit – What if the CEO of blogger feels that life is too short and wraps everything up to retire on some remote island?

You’d be SOL and your content would be gone! *poof*

Also, people take such websites and blogs very lightly – maybe because they know that the owner has invested very little in them and hence it must be a hobby or something. I know that somebody will post a website/blog that made millions on blogger.com but that’s not the point.

Just because something worked for someone else does not mean that it will work for you.

4) Don’t forget – Email marketing is not dead.

Many budding IMers are of the opinion that facebook, twitter and other social media websites are the real deal and that email marketing is a thing of the past century.

This is total bull-crap!

While I do agree that these social media websites are immensely popular (and you should definitely leverage their popularity), it is idiotic to ignore emails. Even today, emails are the most common form of official communication on the web (Maybe even off the web since email has almost replaced snail mail). So work hard to build a list of loyal subscribers. They are your bread and butter, even when your traffic goes down. (More on this in Inbox Blueprint)

5) Sending people emails without their permission.

Spammers Gon' Spam

This is worse than not building a list and while it might have worked during the 90s, it is almost guaranteed to fail in today’s world.

People are now immune to your catchy subject lines. So in all probability, your mail will probably go to the trash bin without even being opened. Also, the bots are much more efficient at spotting spam mails and so you won’t even land up in peoples’ inboxes.

So – if you’re even CONSIDERING “Buying” an email list for this purpose – just don’t.


Stop right now.

A much better option to build your list for FREE is to do list swaps – or to partner with a non-competing blogger/webmaster that is related to your business.

Example: Sports can be paired with nutrition or sports attire. You can pitch their product to your subscribers and they can do the same for you.

This works very well and is non-intrusive!

If you’re a TOTAL newbie to Email Marketing – you can always check out Inbox Blueprint and learn how to do it the right way from the ground up.

Anyways – I hope this helps! I’m off to get a car wash or go skydiving or something crazy us Internet Marketing folks do!

Jeff Lenney

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Jeff Lenney

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  • Kev says:

    Thanks for the great tips Jeff. So true about the cat like behaviour. This is probably the biggest blocker for most people trying to get started with an on-line business. It is better to take imperfect action than perfect inaction.

  • John Storey says:

    wow good stuff Jeff, wish the ” big dog ” had barked this out 6mths ago .
    might have saved me quite a few dollars chasing shinny objects.
    On the winners now so see you at the top. ( or the car wash …lol )

  • I concur on every point Jeff.

    Ever since I took your webinar classes in Inbox Blueprint (which were great, btw) I’ve enjoyed your blog posts.

    Thanks for shooting straight. Too many liars in this industry.. shine a light.

  • John Whitfield says:

    Love the post man,

    I’m definitely too much like a cat…I see a new “shinny” object or “squirrel” and just drop everything to work on that. It’s been so crazy over the last 6-7 years that if I had just stuck with one thing all this time I’d probably be just as profitable as Anik and all the other greats out there including yourself.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      LOL – you know John, I USED to be like a cat too – jumping from one product to another!

      When I finally started to focus on work on what I was getting some success at – and scaling it up (and sticking to it) that’s when I REALLY started to see success. Stick with one thing and master that 🙂


  • venoo says:

    Great post as usual Jeff. Shiny objects!! Hmm…..Need not pick up such symptoms…Looking forward to the next one…your post that is!! 🙂

  • Markandeya says:

    Love the post Jeff. Keep them coming. I aspire to be in a position like yours one day.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Thanks Markandeya – I have no doubt you’ll get there. From what I’ve seen of you you’re dedicated and don’t give up easily – both VERY important things 🙂


  • Steve L says:

    Again, great stuff Jeff. Your post are always good for the basics for newbies like myself. BML has been a great resource as well as InBox Blueprint. I’m learning some valuable stuff from you guys.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Thanks again Steve – I try to break things down whenever possible – you don’t have to work harder, just smarter 🙂

  • Dennis Scott says:

    Thanks for the tips Jeff. They are basic and to the point. I feel by sticking to some basics rules I can’t be stopped.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      My pleasure Dennis – nobody ever said things had to be complex 🙂


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