Affiliate Marketing is a Waste of Time

There was a time in the late nineties and early 2000s when unscrupulous marketers scammed the hell out of people on the internet.

  • They recruited people to recruit other people to recruit more people
  • There was no tangible product – just a pyramid of people trying to get more people to join under them.
  • Those at the very top of the pyramid made some serious money in a very short period of time.

However, countless individuals spent thousands on upgrades and marketing before realizing that they had been scammed!

Naturally, these people left no stone unturned when it came to telling the world that the internet ‘doesn’t work’!

They created a general feeling among the common public that making money online is a scam and a total waste of time.

Even today, many ‘normal’ people (read – a person with a 9 to 5 job) think that it is impossible to make money online.

The sad fact is that if you tell your parents, friends, well wishers and relatives that you want to be an affiliate marketer on the internet, they’ll try to change you your mind.

They’ll tell to ‘stay away from the internet’ and get a ‘real job’!

Still, it is impossible to ignore the growing influence of internet in our lives.

Nearly everything is being purchased online – from groceries to gadgets. In the coming years, even cars and real estate will be traded online.

You may have heard the story of a couple who bought a multi-million dollar property in Australia – they had a look at the home using the video calling app Google Duo!

People who don’t make an effort to change according to the times become irrelevant.

Hence, even traditional businesses are now taking giant steps to create a formidable online presence. Now is the perfect time to acquire new skills and leverage the colossal potential of the internet.

The best online business model for newbies is affiliate marketing


Didn’t I just say it was a waste of time?

It is easy to feel intimated in the beginning. Many people fail online because they keep second guessing themselves and asking whether or not there’s light at the end of the tunnel or are their efforts being wasted.

Here’s the truth:

Affiliate marketing is a total waste of time but only if you quit or don’t apply yourself well enough!

Believe it or not though, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest business models for making money online!

The most important ingredient for affiliate marketing success is perseverance. It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about coding, websites, HTML, web development and so on.

It took me a few YEARS to see success, but that was also my own fault.

I was jumping around from thing to thing, and not sticking with even TRYING one method for longer than a week.

Find one thing, and stick with it until it becomes your bitch!

Seriously, OWN that method, make it yours, become the best you possibly can be at it before you try something new.

Want to know something cool?

You don’t even need a website to make money through affiliate marketing.
(See my article on Affiliate Marketing Without a Website)

Any social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram or even online forums are highly suitable for reaching out to people.

In fact, social media websites offer better scope for affiliates as they are highly interactive in nature.

You can reply instantly to people’s queries and you can do so on the go. It is informal, relaxed and you don’t have to

Actually, you don’t have to sell at all. You just have to post a cool experience that you had with a certain product or service. The company does all the selling. Most companies also create short training courses for affiliates. This is helpful for total newbies.

Affiliate marketing, when done right, can generate unthinkable amounts of money.

Some of the fastest growing companies in the world make their money through affiliate marketing – noteworthy examples include:

  • AskMen
  • Tripadvisor
  • Consumer Search
  • and so on.

The affiliate marketing model is super simple – attract people through honesty and creativity and then send them to the right places.

It is not uncommon for people to make six figures just by being an Amazon affiliate, or selling your own products on Amazon.com.

There are no ‘rules’ when in comes to making money online. The internet is evolving at a brazen pace and everyday, people find new ways to earn money online.

Still, here are some tips for affiliate marketing success

1) Pick a niche that you have an interest or some expertise in.

Ideally, your online activities should be an extension of your everyday life – be it your profession or hobbies.

For example: If you’re a Doctor, you can create authoritative content on health and medicine.

If you’re a banker, you’ll probably do well with insurance and investing.

It doesn’t matter what your niche is – it’s not a big deal if your hobby is not very ‘serious’ or productive.

Teenage kids have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in various niches like video games and life hacks. If many people are interested in a thing, it has earning potential. Even online Poker & casinos can be very good niches.

(See my blog post on the most profitable niches, here)

2) Emotion is stronger than logic.

I have come across many youtube channels that offer life-changing tips and advice. They hardly have a few thousand views.

However, I know many videos of kittens playing that have amassed several millions views! For your content to go viral – it should invoke a strong emotional reaction.

It should make people smile, laugh, cry – it should scare or shock them or give them some sort of hope for a better future.

This is the golden rule of all marketing: Emotion sells!

Sure, in some niches, you have to be logical. However, you must learn how to tie in emotion – otherwise you’re visitors will click on that enticing video of the cute puppy barking and leave your site/post forever.

Don’t be overly sensational – it puts people off. Whatever you do, online or offline, you have to be genuine.

3) Research good products and services to promote:

This is where you make or break your reputation. If you promote bad products – your credibility as a reviewer will go down forever.

Chances are, people will never ever trust you again. Treat your followers/subscribers as real people.

(This is what I do by the way, I challenge you to find me reviewing and recommending a crap product – you won’t – because I value my reputation online and want to see my followers succeed!)

Gaining subscribers is the hardest thing about affiliate marketing – so you cannot afford to lose them, especially when times are so competitive.

Remember, when people have bad experiences with the stuff that you recommend, they get angry and try to tarnish your image. Always be ethical and treat others as you would like them to treat you.

Affiliate marketing requires very little talent – it is all about persevering.

You just have to show some involvement in the process and try to be at least a little bit different and creative. The people who fail at affiliate marketing do so because they have very little patience and focus.

Having a good mentor also plays an integral role. So make sure that you’re learning from the right people. The internet is full of poor people who’re trying to teach others how to get rich!

So What Next?

You see this blog here? (The one you’re reading this article on)? I run it, and make money with it daily as an AFFILIATE for many programs that teach people, like you, how to REALLY make money online.

I try to be 100% upfront and honest about everything I do on it.

Feel free to google me, Jeff Lenney, you’ll find tons of good things about me, and the success people have had following what I teach!

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Talk soon,


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  • Melissa says:

    Jeff, the link mentioned, “affiliate marketing without a website” is not working. I would love to read it ?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Melissa

      That’s going live on my blog TOMORROW at 5:40am Pacific Time!

      Thanks for your interest! 🙂


  • Derek Pierce says:

    So you’re saying there’s still a chance? 😉

    Completely agree that affiliate marketing is the best method not only for newbies but also to generate revenue.

    Love the fact that you don’t have to worry about shopping carts and all that other tech stuff to get started.

    Nice post and happy new year 🙂

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      LOL Hey Derek, thanks for the comment man- And yah, definitely a great biz to be involved in!

      Happy New Year! 🙂

  • Dan Delaney says:

    Jeff when I came across one of your videos years ago, you were slamming a scam product hard. From then on I’ve followed your work.

    You stood the test of time and that speaks volumes of what you do to help people.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Thanks Dan!

      Yah, I remember doing those from my Apartment Bedroom in Irvine California – wow times have changed. 🙂


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