Can you REALLY get paid to take surveys for money?

Alright, no B.S. here – I’m going to get straight the point and tell you that you CAN NOT make a full time living while working from your couch, filling out surveys in your underwear that pay you $30-$50 for 15 minutes of work!

Believe me – I’ve TRIED to find them, but most of these “paid surveys for money” things are just pure bullsh*t – I’m sorry to say.

Want an example?

Paid Surveys for Money Scam
This is one of the BEST examples (and highest paying surveys) I found – and no the PAID services don’t have a secret stash of surveys that pay you as high as they promise. (The above screen shot I took from a PAID survey site I still have access to from 5+ years ago)

In reality, YES you can make money by filling out surveys online, HOWEVER most just pay you $0.50 to $2.50 or so and take 15-30 minutes to fill out.  Let me put that into layman’s terms, you’ll be making a not-so-impressive $5 to $10 per HOUR IF you’re a quick typer.  Trust me on this, I’ve TRIED them and they get boring REAL fast once you realize you’re getting paid LESS than Minimum Wage for your hard work and valuable time.

Do yourself a favor and ignore the other webpages promising you riches for spending just a few hours a day filling out surveys online, or stuffing envelopes (lol).  Honestly, those sites DO exist – I’ve seen them myself, and have even dabbled in them when I was first learning to make money online – but the HIGHEST paying ones are usually $2.00 – $3.00 and take 30+ minutes to fill out.

The only people getting rich off of these scams are the people you paid for this useless information.  Making money online is very much real, but it takes more work than just clicking your mouse or licking a few envelopes.

Ignore the other webpages promising you riches for spending an hour or two a day filling out surveys or stuffing envelopes  – those are just dis-honest affiliates trying to make a cut of the commission from what YOU’D have to PAY to get the list of sites you can fill out ‘paid surveys’ with.

“Paid Survey” Sites to Avoid:

Have a great weekend, and stay away from the scams 🙂

-Jeff Lenney

P.S. A few people have asked me what I DO recommend after they read this post.

A good option for COMPLETE newbies is AffiloJetpack 2.0 by Mark Ling for a more “done for you” type of product!  In it – Mark gives you 18 or 19 niches to select from – and with a few clicks you can have a complete website built FOR you!  It’s very cool, and 100% recommended.

Jeff Lenney

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