Can You Really Get Rich Quick Online?

Honestly, That’s a tough one!

I know that you want to hear a resounding yes!

However, the answer is neither yes nor no but rather ‘it depends’!

Can you REALLY get Rich Online?
I can almost guarantee that you can make a decent income online with enough persistence and proper training & guidance. However, I do not know what your definition of ‘quick’ and ‘rich’ is. Hence, I cannot give you a definite answer.

For someone living in an underdeveloped country, the definition of rich is earning 20k dollars per year since many are barely making a couple of bucks a day.

On the other hand, for someone living in Europe or North America, that figure is not even enough to make ends meet. So for the purpose of this article, let us define a rich person as someone who makes upwards of 100k per year.

I know for a fact that with the right tools and knowledge, it is very much possible to make 100k, even 1 Million, 10 Million (or more) per year online.  You can even do this per MONTH, but we’ll save that for the advances lessons! 🙂

Keep this one very important thing in mind, you will have to give up the employee mindset and think like an entrepreneur. This is the biggest hurdle that most people never manage to overcome.

If you are interested in knowing your earnings per hour for the first month of your new online business, then you might be better off getting a job. The entire economic system would collapse if every businessman obsessed over his earnings during the initial phase of a new business venture!

But how long will it take to get there?

Well, that depends on several factors! Let us discuss them in a bit more detail

Investment: Investment can be measured in time or money or both. The laws of business dictate that you cannot build a million dollar a year business by working for 90 minutes per week! I am sorry if that perplexes you, but I think that you are pretty ermmm…foolish if you thought otherwise!

I don’t care what any other Internet Marketing genius says, but if you really want get rich online and that too quickly, then you have to be consumed by your business. Even your dreams should be about your business!  So choose something that you already love and have a passion for!  Doing this, you will not feel overwhelmed by work – you will actually enjoy what you do! You have to blast through hurdles and maintain your desire for success even when you don’t feel like working!

Michael Jordan did not become the world’s best basketball player by training for 2 hours per week. He ate basketball, dreamt basketball and lived basketball. He dreamt about scoring baskets while asleep. He trained even when it was cold or hot or raining!

So please don’t be fooled into believing that you can get rich quick online without making a huge investment of time or money or both!

However – the internet does have certain advantages over the real world.

For example: You can set up on online business within just a few hours. You don’t have to worry about buying or renting a commercial space. You don’t have to spend days on getting the paperwork done. Renting an office or a shop costs thousands of dollars while registering a domain name and paying for hosting for a year costs less than 20 bucks!

Knowledge: You need to actually understand the basics of business and marketing. Moreover, you need to be willing to learn.

So can you actually get rich quick online?

Yes and no.

It all depends on your investment and knowledge! And also upon your definition of quick…you certainly cannot get rich overnight…maybe 6 months is a more realistic time frame for seeing a decent or good income coming in from your online business.  I’ve seen some people making $10K per MONTH or more at the 6 month point, I’ve also seen people who were just making a few hundred per month at the 6 month period (but happy having accomplished that milestone).

How much you make is up to you, and how much you put into it.

If you need money to buy a Lamborghini to impress your date next Saturday, your best bet is to rob a bank!*1

*1 –  I do not suggest or encourage robbing a bank 🙂

Jeff Lenney

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