Easy Methods for Ranking Videos on Youtube

Easy Methods for Ranking Videos on Youtube

With more than 300 hours of YouTube videos being uploaded every minute, over 600 years needed to view all these videos, over 100 million videos being watched daily, and over 700 million existing users, if you’re thinking YouTube might not be an efficient media to reach potential customers, then think again.

The website is available in 61 languages and localized in over 70 countries. In addition, half of all YouTube views are done using Smartphones and other mobile devices. The number of hours that people are watching videos on youtube every month is up by 55% year over year.

Although getting to understand YouTube can be quite complicated compared Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or even Instagram, as far as generation engagement is concerned, YouTube marketing is of great significance. It is the second most popular search engine in the world after Google and third most popular website in the world after Google and Facebook, hence is a very ideal marketing channel.

These stats clearly reveal the power of YouTube as an online video marketing tool. How then are you able to do a great review for your digital or physical product and rank it easily on YouTube for quick commissions?

How to Increase Youtube Traffic in 2015

Use relevant keywords

If you are selling a baby stroller for example, try as much as possible to make use of relevant keyword phrases and terms. Videos with relevant keywords always rank better in search results compared to those without. It’s just like how a web page with appropriate keyword phrases always appear first on search results on Google and other search engines.

For the case of a baby stroller or any other product, you can include ‘how-to’ keywords, tutorials, reviews, and amazing videos related to the product.

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Optimize video tags

Although tags aren’t very important, they obviously offer some help. Including a few keywords in your video tags helps people to know what the video is all about. And, to rank your video even higher, it’s ideal to have at least five to seven tags. As you add the keyword phrase into the video tags, it is important to also include slight variations of the phrase.

Of course the phrase has to be relevant to your product as earlier mentioned.

Check out this AWESOME Video I found on YouTube that explains it more!


Optimize your video description and title

The ranking of every video on YouTube is largely dependent on both its title and description.

This being the case, it is good for businesses to come with appropriate titles and descriptions that will place their videos very high on search results, in order to attract a very large audience.

  • A good title should not go beyond five words and ought to incorporate the entire keyword phrase.
  • For the description, write about 250 words with the keywords included four to five times.

In addition, the keywords need to be included in the first 20 words of the description. Ensure that the keywords aren’t spammy and are naturally incorporated in your description.

YouTube Title and Description


Post your videos on your social media

Which one sounds better; 600 views in the last one day or 2,000 views in the last one week? Well, looking from an SEO point of view, it is definitely the second one. The more views your video has in the last 24 hours, the higher it ranks, and hence quick commissions. So, what can one do in order to quickly increase the number of views for their videos?

Upload your video on all your social media networks. Do not just restrict to Twitter and Facebook, but also include Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+. Embed the video in your blogs too and mention it in Q&A sites such as Quora.

Businesses can also post their YouTube videos on the homepage of their websites. Additionally, you can email your video link to your newsletter subscribers and customers to reach out to a large audience.

Top Social Media Sites


Request viewers to comment and rate your video

YouTube is able to receive an authority signal for your videos if they get more and more comments from viewers.

Therefore, include a call to action’ button requesting viewers to leave a comment and comment on your baby stroller video or the product you sell at the end of the video. Indeed, some of the most popular videos ever uploaded on YouTube adopted this great strategy to rank higher on the site.

Following these steps will surely help to rank your product videos higher on YouTube, hence earning quick commissions in the end.

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  • Gary hickman says:

    Hi Jeff, I loved the video and article, Just have a couple of questions regarding the description.

    1)!Should you put the title in the first line if it makes sense or just the keyword?
    2) you say include the keyword up to five times, is this the actual keyword or words that are related to the keyword.

    Thanks in advance for your help

    Gary Hickman

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Gary

      Thanks for your kind words!

      To answer your questions:

    • I’d generally put your KEYWORD in your title, description and first line of content in the video description – I hope that’s what you’re asking?
    • Actually – just add the keyword a few times NATURALLY within the content, but add between 5-10 TAGS of related and long tail keyword variations if that makes sense 🙂
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