Email Marketing is King

It’s fairly easy to categorize email marketing as ‘old school’, especially considering the burgeoning popularity of other social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Let’s face it, many people felt that Social Media Marketing would ring the death knell for email marketing. Still, the status quo is that this ‘conventional’ form of marketing is far from dead.

Why email marketing is still KING in 2018

email marketing is king

1) Email is an official mode of communication:

Social media is meant for informal interactions. When people browse social media platforms, they exchange gossip, share funny memes and look at cute pics of kittens and puppies.

Email, on the other hand, is meant for serious communication.

People actually pay attention when they’re reading their emails. They’re not looking for mere entertainment. They access and process information that is important to them.

If you want to connect with people in a meaningful way, there’s no better avenue than email marketing. you’re not competing against viral feeds from 9GAG.

2) It gives RIDICOLOUS returns on investment:

Email marketing is dirt cheap! Even if you’re using some kind of software to create and manage email campaigns, it probably costs just a few dollars per month.

Remember that just one single well written email, sent to the right people at the right time can generate thousands of dollars of revenue within a matter of minutes!

Many people who are new to internet marketing feel that Facebook marketing has a lot of potential.

They probably spend a lot of time on Facebook themselves and this could be one of the reasons why they feel that this is a good way to reach out to people.

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is amazing for certain markets – but the statistics show us that Facebook marketing is expensive and it takes more time, experience and ad spend to get a paid conversion from potential customers.

The same holds true for Instagram too.

Let’s analyze YouTube. People watch YouTube videos for fun. They usually watch pranks, life-hacks and other funny stuff.

The videos that are educational, informative and really helpful don’t get as much views as kissing pranks do!

The overall mood of YouTube is not as serious as emails. Just take a look at he comments section, it’s brimming with trolls!

Moreover, you’re not allowed to put links in the video. They have to be in the description. People rarely click on these links. I have probably watched thousands of YouTube videos but I don’t really remember clicking on the links in the description – maybe I have done it only a handful of times.

YouTube is a phenomenal marketing tool. It can help you establish authority and can do wonders in terms of brand building.

However, it’s hard to ‘get the click’ on YouTube. It just cannot beat email marketing when it comes to conversions.

It takes a lot of skill, patience, expertise and money to learn how to make high quality, well edited YouTube videos; plus you also need video equipment. it’s much easier and quicker to set up an email campaign.

3) It’s actually fairly easy:

Believe it or not, Almost anybody can make a life-changing amount of money through email marketing, PROVIDED they have the right guidance.

Email marketing has very little to do with things like educational background, natural talent, work experience – you just need to be persistent and have a good mentor. If you get these two things right, you can achieve financial independence within a matter of months…even weeks.

This is not the case with other forms of marketing.

For example: You cannot succeed on YouTube without having at least some degree of natural charisma and decent editing skills.

SEO takes specialized knowledge and lots of time – often, it may take up to a year to see results with SEO. Also, the search engines keep changing their algorithms and you have to adjust your strategies to remain at the top.

Social Media Marketing and google ads are expensive. You need to invest quite a bit of money if you want to see good returns. Many of my friends generate thousands per day this way but they’re seasoned players and know what they’re doing.

Email marketing is low risk, it’s perfect for newbies. My Mentor, Anik Singal, just launched a comprehensive email marketing solution called Inbox Blueprint 2.0. Anik has already helped over tens of thousands of people to become financially independent.

I highly recommend that you take good look at Inbox Blueprint. It will only be available online for a limited time as Anik believes in delivering quality over quantity.

4) It’s a highly targeted system of marketing:

Your subscribers already like your business! That’s why they gave you their email ID – with the hope that you’ll send them useful information. You already have authority and hence sales conversions come relatively easily.

Also, you can use segmentation to achieve extremely precise targeting. This way, you ensure that each email received by each and every subscriber is totally relevant to him/her based on location, time zone, likes/dislikes and so on.

5) Easy to track progress:

You cannot improve if you don’t know how you have performed in the past.

With email marketing, it’s easy to track and measure your progress.

You don’t need to learn too much of industry specific jargon. Even a 3rd or 4th grader can take a look at campaign statistics and understand how it has performed.

You can test various strategies to optimize your emails. Also, all your hardwork does not go down the drain just because a search-engine decides to make changes to its algorithm.

6) Email marketing is permanent:

The internet is still in its infant stage. A large number of social media platforms have already come and gone within a span of only a few years. (Remember Orkut? No? Me neither, LOL).

Some platforms are losing steam even though they were quite popular a few years ago. People quickly get bored of a social media website and gravitate towards a new one as it has cool features.

Whatever happens, it’s VERY unlikely that people will stop using email. it’s their official address in the virtual world. They receive important stuff like credit card statements on it. Hence, you will always have complete access to the list that you have worked to hard to build!

A savvy marketer does not spend his energy on going after everything. He does one thing perfectly before exploring other options. Email marketing can be fully automated through the use of simple software. it’s the prime choice for smart marketers, which is why it will remain king, even in 2028!

Jeff Lenney

My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert.