My Top 5 Email Marketing Tips For Affiliate Marketers

5 Email Marketing Tips for Affiliate Marketers

Email marketing is affordable, hassle-free and if done right, can be a very VERY profitable.

Despite the rising of other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, email marketing continues to remain highly popular for one straightforward reason – IT WORKS!

Here are my top email marketing tips for affiliate marketing that have helped me to make six figures on a consistent basis.

My Top 5 Email Marketing Tips for Affiliates:

1) Give people a good reason to subscribe:

Having a long list of high quality subscribers is like having a genie that delivers cash on demand. Every time you feel like making some money, you send out a well-crafted email with a compelling call to action and just watch the money roll in!

This is precisely the reason why every advertisement, app, channel, page, website and even offline businesses like restaurants are trying to do just one thing – get people to subscribe.

This is also the reason why it has become very difficult to get anybody to join your newsletter.

Understand that the people who land up on your website have probably been asked to give out to their info tens of times on that very same day!

So yeah, they’re extremely weary of subscription forms and other baits like ‘free reports’.

I myself get really irritated by the constant requests to subscribe wherever I go and just like you, I ignore 99.9% of them.

Consider the case of a really, really beautiful girl:

The moment she steps out of the house, guys (and even some women lol) try to hit on her.

Cab drivers, watchmen, security guards, co-workers, servers, drunk guys, successful guys, losers, homeless guys, tall guys, short guys, bosses, passengers on public transport – everybody is constantly hitting on her.

Obviously, her natural reaction whenever a guy approaches her and asks for her number – NO THANKS!

She shuts down guys almost without thinking – unless the guy can quickly convey that he is ‘cooler’ than her.

Now every girl has a different definition of ‘cool’, but generally, a guy who is confident, funny, witty, well dressed, healthy and financially secure is considered to be desirable across all cultures.

If a guy comes across as having ‘high social value’ (For eg: The captain of the football team, celebrity, succesfull entreprenuer etc.), women are usually more receptive to him (sad, but true).

He doesn’t even have to ask for girls’ numbers, they are the ones asking for his.

Now the lesson that you and I can learn from all this is that – if you want people to subscribe to your newsletter – you have to come across as having a high authority in your niche!

Your positioning is extremely important.

Just blindly copying everybody else is not going to cut it. Let me explain:

John has a fitness website.

He has a subscription box that promises visitors a ‘free fitness report’ in exchange for their email.

The truth is, people don’t care for free fitness reports – there’s too much information about this topic on the internet and everybody who is mildly interest in being healthy consider themselves to be an ‘expert’. (Just read the expert commentary on any fitness video on Youtube)

If John wants to have an impact, he cannot afford to be vague and unenthusiastic.

He has to offer an irresistible proposition and write with a lot more purpose.

Instead of offering a boring sounding report or ebook, he can do a LOT better with something like this:

‘Just One Lifestyle Tweak That Helped My Student Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days!’

This way, John is not promising any typical results but he is surely implying them. He is being specific, he is using the example of a student to make it relatable and most importantly, he is not asking for long term commitment of some big sacrifice – it’s just a lifestyle tweak and that too, only for three days.

All of this is bound to pique the curiosity of visitors. Even if they lose just 3 to 4 pounds by trying out John’s free method, they’ll be happy and will most likely by his product.

Note: Although I am no weight-loss expert, I know that it is possible to lose weight quickly during the initial phase of weight loss. In either case, I am just using a random example to get my point across.

2) Be a friend:

People usually do not look forward to getting bland messages from large companies.

Your inbox is probably overflowing with messages from Google, Uber, Twitter and so on.

Believe it or not, nobody is eager to read company policy updates, new year wishes and welcome messages from google! (Hard to believe, I know…I know…)

However, everybody likes to receive personal messages from friends and family.

Scientists say that whenever we receive a message from somebody we like, the pleasure centres of our brain become activated.

This is one of the biggest reasons why people just cannot stop texting on their smartphones.

As an affiliate and email marketers, you want to be the person that people are glad to hear from.

In fact, if you play your cards right, people will be EAGER to hear from you.

Of course, the tone of your emails should be in alignment with your brand positioning but know that you cannot get away by being boring.

You may have something really useful to say but nobody’s going to listen if you don’t know how to make it interesting.

3) Perfect the technicalities of email marketing:

This involves creating automated campaigns, drafting emails, getting the font, imagery and templates right. It also deals with creating separates groups for different people depending upon their position in your sales funnel.

For example:

-A person who just signed up should get a welcome message.

-A person who has already downloaded the free report should get a message designed to push the main product. A person who has already bought the main product should not get messages to try the free version – this is going to irritate the hell out of them.

– Companies keep offering discounts at certain times of the year. For example: Jack bought the program that you’re recommending for 50 dollars. The next week, the company created a promo code with a 20% discount in order to boost sales. If you send Jack an email with the promo code, he is going to feel cheated and will demand a 20% refund. The problem will be multiply exponentially if you have 500 or 1000 people demanding partial refunds!

As explained above, you need a different series of emails for subscribers. This takes skill and patience to set up – not to mention a good bit of technical know how!

Also, remember to optimize for mobile devices: A very large chunk of subs and visitors will access your emails and content on mobile phones and tablets. Hence, your emails should be optimized for all types of devices, not just laptops and desktops.

4) Learn to write killer titles:

It’s not uncommon for inboxes to have hundreds and even thousands of unread messages.

If you want your emails to stand out, you have to learn to write extremely good email titles.

I will even go as far as saying that your email title is the most important part of the email.

You can even get away with average content if the email has a great title. It’s the title that determines whether or not people click on the email. Ideally, titles should invoke a strong emotional reaction.

Fora good explanation of this, Check out this EPIC Video on Youtube! (Obviously, this is not me…)

Examples of BAD & GOOD Subjects

Here is an example of a bad Subject:

Tips To Make Money Online

Does that make you want to click?

NO! It’s boring, it doesn’t grab your atteniton, and it really tells you NOTHING about what you’re going to be learning.

Now on the other hand….

Here’s a good example:

– How I Made $10,000 Last Month with One Simple ‘Hack’

This is simple but powerful.  It shares how I made $10k last month, and it lets you know this was only with one small tweak to get these results.

You want to ENTISE people to click by offering them something they can’t just easily google.

Here are a few more good examples:

  1. The Lazy Mans Way to Making Money Online
  2. Learn Exactly How We Made an Extra $10,000 online Last Month
  3. 17 Tricks About Making Money Online You Wish You Knew Before
  4. The 13 Secrets I’ve used since 2008 to make serious money online
  5. How to Turn your Internet Profits from Zero to Hero
  6. Are you Making These 7 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes?
  7. Some people EXCEL at Making Money Online and Some Don’t – Which One are You?
  8. 10 Best Practices for Making Money Online

See the difference between the bad and good examples? Don’t be afraid to spend some time working on your headlines.  Study what other people are doing, make swipe files and collect the ones you like – then make your own version!

5) Don’t waste your time:

Newbies get obsessed with small, insignificant details like ‘should the background color be light blue or teal’.

They make very little actual progress and spend money on all the wrong things. Only a minuscule percentage of affiliate marketers succeed at email marketing – most people NEVER get past the trial and error phase.

I hope you got a lot out of this post, if you DID – please be sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter, only takes you 2-3 seconds, and it makes a difference for me. 🙂

Remember: Money Flows in the direction of Value!

Provide Value FIRST – THEN ask for the sale.

Jeff Lenney

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