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Hey guys, Jeff Lenney here.  This is my Brief Review on the FREE FaceBook Ads Bootcamp training by Anik Singal and

>> Access your FREE FB Ads Training Here, No Cost

On the Offer Page for this course, Anik says you can Copy The Exact Formula I’ve Used To Generate 526,000 Email Leads For “FREE” From Facebook™ Ads! 

In this free training, he’s offering to show you the exact buttons to click, the exate templates to model after and a whole bunch more.  As cliche as this may sound, it’s true – all you need to do is copy and paste and save $20 to start your first ad.

(By the way, I have not yet found a niche that FB ads WON’T work in, true story!)

I’m always a fan of free, so I had to check it out for myself! 🙂

Let’s Get Started:

#1 – You can get INSTANT access to the training by clicking here, just like I did.

Go on, do it now – i’ll wait here 🙂

Once you sign up, you’re actually logged into your FREE account with the members area and given a brief welcome message by Anik talking about the potential FaceBook truly has.  He talks about how he’s invested $3.5 MILLION into FB advertising over the past 18 months.

Anik’s company is now at the point where it’s investing over $400,000 per MONTH – and getting a 300% return.  Meaning for every $10,000 he spends, he’s getting BACK $30,000

The Training Videos

Once you’re inside the training, you’ll see you have 8 sets of Video trainings within it.

This course is BETTER than some PAID courses i’ve seen before, and you get just under 3 hours of HIGH QUALITY VIDEO training on FaceBook, and it wont cost you a dime. 

Underneath each training video is of course a bit of accompanying text, information on his more detailed FB Academy training, as well as an invitation to attend Anik’s free training seminar online, BOTH of which I highly recommend checking out.

Let’s go over each of the sections quickly together!

(By the way, this stuff is 100% FREE – if you’re still reading this and you haven’t signed up yet, go ahead, do it now – i’ll still be here 🙂 )

  1. Video #1: A Special Invitation To One-on-One Coaching…
    1. Alright, this part of the course isn’t training, per say, but rather an invitation to work with Anik and his coaches (like me) in a 1-on-1 environment out near his house and business out in Maryland.
      1. I attended the event myself earlier this year coach and LITERALLY saw people’s lives transformed  and people having their “ah-ha” moments.  It’s a feeling i’ll never forget, and I can’t wait to go back again!
    2. This is definitely not required, and it’s not that cheap, but for people wanting to get their businesses up and running in person, you really can’t go wrong with this.
  2. Video #2: Killer Landing Pages & Funnels
    1. This is the FIRST of the ‘actual’ training videos in this series, and I have to admit – it’s really really good!  This video is 20 minutes long, and gives a GREAT overview on what Landing Pages and Funnels are, how they work, AND SHOWS multiple examples of both!
    2. If you’ve never heard of a Landing Page or Funnel before, you’ll honestly have a really good understanding after this video!
  3. Video #3: Mastering Objectives & Targeting
    1. This video is just under 19 minutes long, and covers the different types of objectives you may have while running Facebook ads (such as engagement, video views, link clicks, etc) and also the different kinds of targetting you’ll be able to use.
    2. This is a VERY powerful overview, and again – if you’re a total newbie and never even SEEN a FB ads account before, you’re going to feel much more confident after this short but informative video.
  4. Video #4: The Most Powerful Types of Ads
    1. In this 20 minute and 43 second video, you’ll ‘lurn’ about the MOST powerful types of Facebook ads.  You’ll learn HOW they work, WHY they work, and the best uses for each of them!
  5. Video #5: Creating a High-Converting Ad
    1. This is where the fun REALLY STARTS!  In this 36 minute video, you’ll learn how to create your OWN high-converting ad.  (I did mention this training is FREE, right? Sign up if you haven’t yet!) LOL.
    2. This training goes into MULTIPLE examples of succesfull ads Anik has run for himself and other businesses, tells you WHY they work, and again – HOW you can do them yourself.  It even gives you a SOURCE to get access to a TON of powerful pre-done ad templates for just about any niche under the sun, and you can customize them any way you like too!
  6. Video #6: Secrets To Launching & Optimizing For Results
    1. At just OVER 33 Minutes long, this video is perhaps one of my favorite in this series.  It goes into LAUNCHING your first FB ads, and optimizing them for the BEST results, no matter your objective.
    2. There is a checklist of things Anik ALWAYS follows when launching (or optimizing) an ad set, and he gladly shares it with you here too! (Seriously, do this, it works every time)
  7. Video #7: CASE STUDY #1: Our $20,000 a Day Funnel
    1. If you want to see a REAL case study of a $20,000 per day (profit) FB Funnel, go no further than this portion of the training here.  Anik goes into literally EVERYTHING, breaks down the TYPES of ads he uses, the percentage of each, the ads themselfes, the Landing Pages, the full funnels etc.
    2. If you’re the type that likes to see PROOF of something working, like I am, then you don’t want to miss this motivational video.
  8. Video #8: CASE STUDY #2: 1,032 Leads a Day Using Video Ads!
    1. Last, but certainly not least,l this 21 minute video shows you how Anik is CONSTANTLY able to get over 1,000 leads per DAY into SOMEBODY ELSES business using nothing but FaceBook ads.  He goes into ad spend, cost per click, conversion rate, ad samples, the full funnel, and a ton more.

SO – I have to ask, what are you waiting for! LOL – Get signed up for this FREE FB Ads Video Training Here

The NEXT STEP After the Bootcamp

First of all, if you’re STILL on the fence about this, dont’ be, it’s 100% free and while yes you’re going to see a product promoted to you, you are in NO obligation to buy it.  I think you’d be silly not to, but that’s just my own opinion.

If you have any questions, don’t be shy and let me know, I’m here to help!

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