How Does Email Marketing Work?

How Does Email Marketing Work?

This is a question I get all the time: How Does Email Marketing Work?

Whether you’re a small business owner, an Affiliate Marketer, or both – email marketing is an A-M-AZING way to reach more people in a a place they’re at everyday, their inbox.

A business needs a platform to reach out to customers for promoting and selling products/services.

‘Back in the day’, the preferred marketing platform was newspapers and magazines. Later, the world moved on to radio and subsequently, to TV.

Direct mail and telemarketing came and went quickly as direct mail is slow and telemarketing is now illegal in many locations

Things changed radically with the rise of the internet.

People began to communicate differently. So businesses developed new ways of reaching out to them.

Surely, you must have received an email about a special discount at your favorite restaurant or shopping website. This is email marketing in action.

Now, let’s reverse the roles. It is you who is sending out the emails to people with the specific intention of promoting a business or product/promotion/offer.

Let me give you an actual example of this in action

If you read ANYTHING on this blog post – read carefully the next few lines!

  • In the end, you include a link to a product that costs 50 dollars.
  • Say you have one thousand high quality subscribers.
  • These 1000 people have given out their emails willingly and are looking forward to hearing from you (looks like you made a very good first impression, because you followed my advice).
  • Out of these 1000 potential clients, 500 are very busy that day and hence they don’t even open the email. 300 are just not ‘in the mood’, they would rather watch Netflix or take selfies and post on Instagram and Facebook.
  • 100 people open your email and begin to read but then, they get a funny text and lose interest.
  • In the end, only 100 people actually read your email completely.
  • They like the product and are somewhat interested in purchasing it. However, only 20 of them spend their money that day.
  • This might seem like a bad result but even with such low conversion rates, you’ve still made a thousand dollars within just an hour or two! (20 times $50 per sale).

You can repeat this process a couple of times a week with different people and products and make huge sums of money really quickly.

This is the power of email marketing.

Email has played an integral in revolutionizing marketing.

As I mentioned before, TV and magazines ruled the marketing roost in the pre-internet era.

However, running ads on TV was expensive and only the richest businesses could afford them.Small companies with limited budgets stood no chance of competing against the big guns.

Email marketing leveled the playing field and offered a cheap and effective platform that anybody could learn to use.

Suddenly, stay at home moms, average guys and even college students began to make six and even seven figures a year!

It would seem that email marketing has lost its magic as people also use Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Whatsapp and so on.

However, it is important to note that email is an official mode of communication while the others are not.

For example: Whenever you buy something online, you get an invoice on your email – not facebook or twitter (well, usually).

For this reason, email marketing continues to remain a highly profitable business model.

Unfortunately, it is also a highly abused marketing system. We all have received that email from Nigeria informing us that we’ve won 1 million dollars!

Sadly, Thousands of gullible peeps have fallen for this bull#%it

The thing is, you can probably buy huge databases of email addresses from certain agencies and that too very cheaply. You send emails to these addresses and watch your bank account swell with cash. This has worked well for some people in the past.

Spammers Gon' Spam

BUT – times have changed!

Today, people have grown weary about unsolicited emails. The email companies too, have gotten smarter and send spam emails directly to the spam folder.

If you send people an email without asking for their permission first, it will either get ignored, deleted or will be treated as spam.

What you SHOULD be doing:

This brings us to one of the most critical components of email marketing, which is ‘building a list’.

  • This phase involves getting people to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • In order to ‘hook’ potential clients, you need a ‘bait’.
  • Usually, the bait is a free course or report or a demo version of a program/service that you’re selling.

Good Squeeze Page Example

Your positioning is very important and will determine the overall success of your email marketing endeavor. It’s very important that people view you as an authority in your niche.

It is also important that you present them with some ground-breaking, life changing information in your free report.

This helps to solidify your image as somebody who knows what they are saying. If people like your report, they will buy the product. But often, this does not happen instantly. Most people usually need a little more persuasion.

You then send a series of emails (these usually a few hints about the product but are not ‘salesy’ in tone). The aim is to create positive experiences through helpful tips and advice.

This helps to build trust. Getting somebody to buy a product is much like proposing marriage.

Let me Explain:

John likes Mary, who is a beautiful intelligent girl. Naturally, Mary has many guys wanting to get to know her better, take her on a date, and maybe even get serious!

If John simply approached her and asked her to marry him, he’d probably get shut down immediately.

In marketing, this is known as asking for the sale too early!

John must first establish value, build attraction and create trust and comfort through fun experiences that trigger positive emotions.

Once he does this, Mary will herself start fantasizing about marrying him. He will not even have to work that hard! The same principles hold true for email marketing.

You have to set up a fool proof, automatic system that will help you reach out to your target audience, establish authority, get subscribers, earn their trust by solving a problem and convert them into customers.

Remember: Money Flows in the direction of Value!

Provide Value FIRST – THEN ask for the sale. 

This sort of stuff is not taught in schools. Which is also why so many people claim to be experts at it.

The truth is

If you want to succeed at email marketing, you need a PROVEN approach that will enable you to replicate the results of the most succesfull email marketers (unless you want to spend several years trying to figure it out all by yourself).

Luckily, I happened to know a guy named Anik Singal, who is a world renowned email marketing guru.

Here’s him and I in Las Vegas, after one of his events in 2015.

Jeff Lenney & Anik Singal

Anik Singal & Jeff Lenney

Here’s me TEACHING at one of his High End events, in Washington DC, in January of 2017.

Anyway, In 2014, he developed a system called Inbox Blueprint, a one-of-a-kind, fully automated system that has generated millions in revenue for students.

Fast-forward to 2018:

Anik has developed a bigger, badder version of Inbox Blueprint. It is simply called Inbox Blueprint 2.0

I truly consider it to be the holy grail of email marketing, and it’s launching for the VERY last time January 16th-29th, so make sure you pick it up before your competition does!

You can read more about it here: Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review by Jeff Lenney

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