How to Create LinkBait (Content Worth Sharing)

How to Create LinkBait (Content Worth Sharing)

I’ve gotten a few emails lately about this, including one last night that was pretty straight to the point and asked me –  “Jeff – What is Link Bait?” 

Well, I could do the boring thing and simply respond to this email – but that would only benefit him and not you.  So, I did what any kick ass mentor would do and decided to blog about it!

How to Create LinkBait

Anyways young internet friend, linkbait is essentially (potentially) VIRAL content that’s meant to attract links from bloggers, and a ton of shares on social media sites like facebook, twitter, pinterest etc.

Getting just a FEW high quality links combined with a ton of social media shares is enough to boost your post up in authority and send it soaring into the clouds!  In other words – it can get you a TON of free traffic.

If you’re familiar with The Onion, you’ll already be quite familiar with link baiting and why it works so well!


The BEST way to go about doing this is:

  1. Have a KICK ass compelling title
  2. Make sure your content is EQUALLY amazing.

For example, which link would YOU rather click on or even possibly share:

  • 3 Bizare Weight Loss Tips that Shouldn’t work, but do
  • 10 Diet Tricks that Work
  • 16 Ways to Lose Weight Fast
  • 3 Tips to Lose Weight

If you’re being honest, you’ll probably agree that the 1st 3 were definitely more compelling.  The 4th was just bland and didn’t really say anything exciting.

Anywho, apart from the obvious driving traffic bit – links are ALSO important in helping to position your website for better rankings in the SERPS (search engine result pages).

There’s also THIS helpful Video by Google’s own Matt Cutts


Here are some more tips on How to Create LinkBait (Content Worth Sharing).


I. Outline your objectives for creating the content

Yeah I know – that sounds boring right? LOL – anyways, from the VERY beginning it’s VERY important to understand TWO things.

  1. WHAT is your readers or customers reason for visiting your website?
  2. How do you create content they’ll appreciate and want to share with others?

You also need to brainstorm on what you hope to achieve from their presence on your website.  This could be as simple as building overall domain strength & authority or maintaining positive rankings on key pages by having them link to your or share your content.


II. Choose effective linkbait tactics and hooks

Now granted, there are MANY topics that you can write about for your link bait.  It’s important to choose a particular method for your bait AND a hook which who’s readers how they can achieve the desired results.

For example: Lose 3 lbs of Belly Fat Every Week with this 1 Weird Trick.

Cliche right? But it works, VERY well.  If it DIDN’T – you would not see so many ‘one weird trick‘ ads all over the internet.

What is that "One Weird Trick"?


No need to re-invent the wheel – just use a quality article and attractive subject at the same time.  Don’t be afraid to do a Google search to see what OTHERS are doing as well – again there’s no need to re-invent the wheel here.


III. Develop a unique strategy

The problem with some linkbaits is that they are too common and can easily be copied by competitors. In order to stay ahead of the pack, develop something that’s unique and can’t be replicated easily by other internet users.

Find a USP (unique selling point) which others don’t know about, this can be something proprietary concerning your company or even the website itself. It could even be unique services offered to visitors such as one-on-one online assistance.


IV. Newsworthy content

People prefer looking for new information on the web rather than reading what they’ve already come across before, your linkbait should therefore be the first to break out information instead of waiting for someone else to do it then copy later.

Find new ways of gaining exclusive access to upcoming stories, or alternatively you can add captivating data to those that have already been released so that readers can learn something new about the topic in discussion.


V. Use Egobaits

Identify bloggers in your niche who run strong sites with 1000s of followers and regular posts, try to bait/convince the individual in charge of it to share your content on his or her blog (or social media channels).

This can be as easy as doing a post like “7 Things I learned from Neil Patel about Content Marketing”  (feel free to link to me, Neil).

Actually, that’s not a bad idea – I may have to write that one!

Anyways, once I do this it’s best to reach out to him via his website or social media and let him know I made a post about him.  Will Neil resist the urge, or will he link to my site?  Let’s hope for the latter!

If this works, he may share my post on his blog or even his facebook or twitter feeds!  The joy of THAT is many of HIS followers will now see the link to my site, and may even come visit and check it out thus increasing my chances of getting eyeballs on that post and of course increase my chances of going viral.

To improve your chances of being recognized, get creative and add a personal touch to the content so that readers can easily identify with you.

Alright, well I hope you found this useful, if you have ANY questions please let me know.

And on THAT bombshell, goodnight! 🙂

Jeff Lenney

My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert.

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