How to get Rich Overnight!

So, you want to Get Rich Quick…?

I don’t know about you, but I’m SICK and tired of all the so-called “Gurus” pushing products that “guarantee” you’ll get rich overnight by simply clicking your mouse three or seven times!

Get Rich Quick Scam

My Story – Yes, this is Relevant, damnit! πŸ™‚

I first got my start with “fake gurus” in Internet Marketing in 2010 or 2011 or so.  Basically, these are the guys with RIDICULOUSLY exaggerated income claims.  They’re the one’s usually talking to you from their private boat, limo, jet, helicopter or mansion.

Anyway, a few years ago – I came across a product being sold on ClickBank that flat out claimed if you bought the product, you’re going to make thousands of dollars overnight – and possibly even MILLIONS that very month! (check out Clickbank University 2.0 for CB training)

I was new, but not naive. 

I knew this was too good to be true, so I purchased the product –  and confirmed my suspicions of it being utter crap.  I did the only logical thing a guy in my situation would do and threw up a quick rant on youtube telling people what the product was about and why it would not work.

Basically, the ‘products’ were USUALLY 3 or 4 click “Instant Website” builders (or something equally stupid that isn’t worth a damn, dammit!)

As an UP-SELL (for $250 or so, if not more) they would give you a super duper amazing backlink builder than would build 10,000 backlinks per minute for you and triple your income overnight! (BullShit!)

Honestly, it was NOT pretty

My review consisted of me in my bedroom or living room yelling into the camera about what a crap product this was!  LOL – I would tell people what the product was, and usually turn my camera towards the screen to show that I did indeed purchase it. (Admit it, this is the most super duper High-Tech technique you’ve heard of in the past 14,047 years, right?!)

Jeff Lenney OLD Product Review

This is me Reviewing a Product in 2011 or 2012 or so

Anyways, that was the extent of my reviews.  I DID get better at them, and eventually started to do a screen capture video showing people the product itself live as I navigate on my screen.

Needless to say, these looked much better – ANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD you weren’t just stuck looking at my face all day.  I actually showed useful stuff like the actual product not working and most definitely NOT making me rich after clicking my mouse button 3 times…

I would then not only tell people why they should NOT buy product A, but I’d make a recommendation for a LEGIT product instead, and give my reasoning.

Basically, my “review” process boiled down to this.

  • Step 1: This product sucks, here’s what it looks like, here’s what it “does” and here’s why it WON’T make you richer than the President of Planet Earth (Doctor Who in extreme situations) in 35 seconds or less. (Important: I actually TRIED the other products before giving them negative reviews, and they really WERE bad – it’s very important to be honest!)
  • Step 2: On the OTHER hand – THIS OTHER product is awesome, and here’s why!
  • Step 3: Save people a ton of money on the crap product, they LOVE me for saving them money – AND quite a few of them buy what I’m recommending instead!
  • Step 4: Profit!

I then decided to build a squeeze page and collect email addresses, I didn’t really understand it yet – but this was my START of MY very own list building adventure!

Anyways, Around this time, MANY (but not all) Internet Marketing clickbank products were like this:

Get rich quick schemes purchased over and over again by disappointed consumers who probably just thought they were doing something wrong (hence why it wasn’t working for them).

Honestly, it’s NOT your fault if you’ve fallen for this type of scammy product before – I have myself, so quit beating yourself up over it.

Anyways, a few years ago – clickbank (in order to get in good with the FCC) decided to clean up their act – and no longer allow high hype products like this that promise over night riches.  Gone are the days of fake earning screen shots, and promises of 3 clicks to millions.

While clickbank’s products are MOSTLY good now in the IM niche, unfortunately others have stepped up to fill their former void.

A good example of this is clicksure.

While not ALL Clicksure IM products are scams these days – I’d say that a good 9 out of 10 are, on any given day.

Like clickbank in it’s “glory days” – clicksure is filled with actors in rented Bentleys, Limo’s, private jets, and of course impressively huge mansions and don’t forget the attitude of self-entitlement.

Now though, it’s not JUST Internet Marketing based scams – but the scammers have gone into things like Binary Options (this one’s huge) and even ‘get paid for surveys‘ type products.

Basically, if it seems too good to be true….if you’re being pitched by a person showing you “their” fancy car, private jet, mansion or even yacht….it’s MOST LIKELY a scam and not worth your dollar.

I remember ONE from a few years back, the actor was in Southern France (via green screen) talking about how they STOLE this super duper top secret money making software from their former boss, the EVIL GURU (insert evil laugh here) and how they wanted to get it out to as many people as possible…for only $49.99

It was so ridiculous, YET so many people bought it despite the fact that it seemed too good to be true, they wanted to believe it so desperately.  I guess this is also good proof that it’s very easy to SELL with emotions over logic.

In fact, here are a few more fun examples for you to LOL or even ROFL or maybe LMAO at!

Internet Marketing LOL


OR – HOW ABOUT THIS ONE (from a few years back) πŸ™‚


Internet Marketing Guru "Magic" software LOL


Here are a few NEW examples I found just NOW while looking at the latest clicksure launches. (February, 2015)

100% Actors – these one’s use actors on film now, and less text and flashy headlines like the one’s you see above…

"Insider John Callaghan"

“Insider John Callaghan”

 Picture of a fake GURU and his "family" and "mansion"

Picture of a fake GURU and his “family” and “mansion”

Here’s the sad thing…

Many people will buy EACH product like this that comes out.

They’re suckered by the smooth sales pitch, they’re hypnotized by the thought of retiring early, taking their family on that dream vacation, or even buying that dream house or car.

They’ll buy product after product, and never fully grasp the fact that they’re being ripped off each and every single time.

They’ll spend THOUSANDS of dollars on these B.S. “products” that promise the work will be “done for them”, instead of investing in a REAL education that requires *gasp* they have to learn something and do the work themselves.

I actually SPOKE with a person that created quite a few of these hot selling products – and you know what he told me? (And I quote)

“They’re going to buy this stuff regardless, so it might as well be from me…”

Yup – you heard that right!  I could show you the conversation we had in skype – but I don’t roll that way.

The ONLY reason they’re putting these products out is because they KNOW that the same suckers will continue to buy product after product, throwing away dollar after dollar.

The sad truth is, even though some of these products offer a BASIC understanding of SOME aspects of Internet Marketing – the products in themselves are NOT enough to help anybody get rich online, let alone even make a few bucks.

Internet Marketing takes an education – it IS something you can learn yourself, but it takes HARD WORK – and it’s most certainly not going to be “done for you” with “3 clicks of your mouse”.

Want my advice?

Assuming I haven’t scared you off by now with my honesty, I DO have a few recommendations.

  1. If it sounds too good to be true...it USUALLY is.
  2. Sign up for a FREE Account at the Warrior Forum It’s the largest Internet Marketing community on the planet.  If you pay attention and take the time to read, study and learn – there’s a lot to be learned there.  A lot of big IMers got their start there.
  3. Understand that IM is NOT just a hobby you can play with on the weekends to earn a full time income.  It’s going to take TIME to learn, test, and you need to understand you probably WILL fail your first few attempts.  I like to quote my friend Brian G Johnson on this, “People DO NOT fail at internet marketing, they simply GIVE UP before the magic happens.
  4. Invest in LEGITIMATE products that are proven to work.  A few of my favorites are Super Affiliate System, and Clickbank University 2.0. I’m also a huge fan of the training at Money Revealed, and of course The Knowledge Broker Blueprint.
  5. Seriously, don’t give up – I can’t state HOW important that is.  I can’t tell you HOW many times I wanted to give up when I first got started.  I’m stubborn though, and I was DETERMINED to make this work.  Well, I did stick with it, and I DID indeed make things work – and much better than I could have ever imagined.  I’ve built up an AMAZING income and lifestyle for myself and my family, I’ve made some AMAZING friends and business partners – and I also get to travel around the world teaching and helping others to learn IM as well.  Granted – that last bit is not for everybody, but just so you know – it’s definitely possible.

What I’m going to show you next really works!

I have good news, making money online is a real thing! AND – the best part?  It’s MUCH more lucrative and for many (including myself) is a real, full time, online business!

You see this blog here? (The one you’re reading this review on)? I run it, and make money with it daily as an AFFILIATE for many programs that teach people, like you, how to REALLY make money online.

I try to be 100% upfront and honest about everything I do on it. (Which is why I warn you to avoid these types of programs, instead of giving them glowing recomendations)

Feel free to google me, Jeff Lenney, you’ll find tons of  good things about me and the success people have had following my advice & recommendations!

Anyways, There’s an amazing program I know of, it’s 100% legit and you can make MUCH more than these silly surveys or ad click websites pay you.

The Link is Below:

Free Training –  How to Build Your Business Online from Nothing…

Don’t mind the flashiness of the video, it may seem too good to be true, he’s the real deal and I would not recommend him otherwise.

I’ve known John Crestani, the man behind this course, for a few years now, I’ve taken the training myself.

I’ve seen people BRAND NEW to the internet make money with it.  Are you next?

Marketing on Zeee InterWebs (in my best German accent) is a GREAT way to earn extra income or even REPLACE your day job – but you only get out of it what you put into it…

If you have any questions, PLEASE let me know in the comments section below – and don’t forget to like/tweet/sent smoke signals or telegrams about this post if you found it useful! πŸ™‚

(Bonus Points if you live stream and tell people about it!)

Thanks again for reading this – and here’s to a successful year for ALL of us!

Talk soon,



Jeff Lenney

βœ‹ My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert with over 10 years experience. I like to talk about marketing, SEO & ECommerce, so read my other posts here: Jeff Lenney's Articles

  • Joe says:

    Jeff, I just discovered your website, so glad I did. Finally, someone who is genuine. Thank you!!

    If we purchase any of the courses, do we have to let you know?


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Glad to help Joe! πŸ™‚

      Any programs I DO recommend have my affiliate link generally, but hit me up if you have any specific questions πŸ™‚


  • Heather says:

    Hey Jeff, quick question. I’m new to all this, and I was wondering what you know about the legitimacy of Mike Vestil?

  • Moova says:

    Really great to find an authentic voice in this mad loud internet place!

  • dan reilly says:

    Hi Jeff,

    if you were new breaking into ecommerce, who would you follow for coaching and products, the market is saturated with so much crap lol,you seem to make a lot of sense with some of the articles that I have read ,could you please point me in the right direction.

    Thanks ,
    Dan Reilly

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Dan!

      Thanks, man! If I were just starting out, I’d probably start with 7 Figure Cycle – which actually opens NEXT month for the first time. I’ve known Aidan and Steve (2 of the guys behind it) for years now, and their stuff flat out works. I completed their previous course, 100k Factory, and learned most of what I know about E-Commerce today from that course. I’ll be going through this one as well – I’ll have a FULL review a few days before it launches once I get access to it πŸ™‚


      P.s. Almost Forgot, you can see my review here! https://jefflenney.com/product-reviews/7-figure-cycle-review/ (again, review is NOT complete yet, but it will be a few days before the launch, once i’m allowed to say more about the product and training)

  • Jay says:

    Hey Jeff!

    I just signed up for the 100kFactory after you emailed their webinar on friday it out to your list.

    I’m worried that was too good to be true, I was just desperate for my online business to get more than one visitor per day.

    Did I fall into a scam?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Jay

      It’s a great program, I would not promote it if it were not. πŸ™‚

      Just put the work and time into it, and i know you’ll love it. I’ll be doing the training too as I really want to learn shopify and use Aidan’s new FB software. πŸ™‚


  • Piyush Sharma says:

    first of alll from where the heck you got my mail
    and your blog was awesome

    txxx for info need these type of mails regularly

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      LOL Thanks Piyush – you must have signed up for one of my many IM based lists – I can check your sign up URL and page if you really like πŸ™‚

      Anyways, thanks so much for your kind words, very much appreciated!


  • Sekhar says:

    You have really poured your heart here! Thanks for the great work, you do.

  • Honest says:

    Thanks Jeff this is quite great, i was falling prey to these SCAMS, timely advice indeed.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for this post, and all the content that you share on your blog. I appreciate your authenticity, your humor, and your experience! You are a great example of how caring about people, providing great service, and sharing great offers builds relationships and creates what people used to call “mailbox money”. Thanks for pointing out what scams look like and sharing reviews of great products. You ROCK!

    Best regards,

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey thank YOU Kelly, I appreciate that!

      Great domain name too! πŸ™‚


  • Hey Jeff,
    Been through your free report and besides being full of useful information for a noob like me it was a great read!

    Often I just fall asleep reading IM stuff because it’s so badly written and soo boring and the writers are clearly thickk as two short planks! but your stuff kept me wide awake… and wanting more… much more…

    So what I want to know is when are you going to get off your ass! share all that expertise you have and give us the definitive IM course we’re all waiting for? πŸ™‚ – thelivewireguidetoim.com

    Because I’m sure you’d have us making some munny and it would be real gas πŸ™‚ to boot.
    You know it makes sense, lol.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Simon, this comment made my day man – thanks so much. I’m at a marketing conference in Orlando now and had to show a few fellow marketers to brag LO

      Not even kidding – made my day thanks man πŸ™‚


      P.S. As for my own course….coming soon (hopefully) πŸ™‚

  • Louis says:

    Thanks for the post, Jeff. It has good advice, information and resources – all of which are helpful. I appreciate it.

  • Jill says:

    Do you really endorse the warrior forum? πŸ˜‰

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      LOL Hey Jill – I USED to but since it was sold to FreeLancer – the quality has gone down hill – you’ll find a LOT more value now in Various Facebook Marketing Groups and masterminds πŸ™‚


  • Azmir says:

    Thanks for the post Jeff πŸ™‚ A bit ashamed to say I was one of the gullible ones years ago … :/ .. but, as you pointed out, it is hard work πŸ™‚

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      LOL No problem Azmir, I was one of them a few times so don’t feel too bad πŸ™‚


  • Justin says:

    Great post as always Jeff.

    quick question, what WP Theme do you use for this site?



    • Jeff Lenney says:

      THanks Justin!

      It’s called elegant biz 2.0 – BUT for some reason they no longer sell it (which sucks IMO bc it’s a beautiful theme)


  • jill says:

    Thank you so much Jeff for all that you do. I cannot wait to help others. It helps me more than them. I believe that I would like to teach (hopefully sooner than I can imagine). I have numerous pieces of the Puzzle and I just need to learn how to put them together to work. I need to work as much as possible to get up and off the ground. Everything you wrote is so true. Giving up is not an option. I’m not giving up before the Miracle happens. I’m going to stay focused with BML. All Power calls , Webinars, videos ect., and anything else I can absorb like a sponge. Thank you so much and have a great day. You have helped me more for free than all the training I lost all my money on. I surely do appreciate it. Hope you and your family are doing well. Have a great day and Be Blessed!

    Thank you,

    p.s. Just do it! Let’s go!

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Wow Jill, thank you VERY much and I’m so glad to hear that I’m helping you so much as well!

      Love that attitude πŸ™‚


  • David says:

    Wow! Thanks SO much Jeff!! My brain is full… I’ll be busy digesting all this great info for a while!

  • Graeme says:

    As always Jeff, great post.

    I think it’s safe to say that most of us starting out have fallen for these types of products before.

    It happens to me when George Brown released his Preditor software. Yes the product was bad, but the worse part for me was the underhand marketing tactics that went with it: misleading screenshots and false scarcity etc.

    Loved the article & enjoy your blog immensely.


  • Dan Delaney says:


    I missed the rant videos that you used to make. When they made a Bullshit claim you would just say thats bullshit. The one where the guy steals the Super Secret software that will make people rich over night from his Evil Boss was awesome. He publicly admitted to a felony on video. You said something about him doing that, I just can’t remember what is was.

    The one thing I learned was not to buy an IM product until you put your stamp of approval on it. The build my list product I purchased from you was the most solid one thus far.

    Thanks for Blazing the Trail.

  • Shaun says:

    Oh man Jeff I was just thinking about making some review videos for my new site and I was going to show the beers I would be drinking and what do I see…YOU ARE ALREADY DOING THAT!!! hahaha awesome dude.
    We should have a review off of our beers in our videos and see who’s wins!

  • Jeff,

    I concur, as usual. Some of my early affiliate income came from Clicksure. I felt so sleezy I quit promoting their offers after the first two weeks and $500 in commissions from just two sales direct linking in Bing. Wow. It’s not worth it though if you lose your soul.

    I’m curious, have you seen good results with teaching poeple to turn away from these “get rich quick” offers and taking on a real education? I’m just now getting into the local SEO niche (it’s how I built most of my online income) and just wondering whether or not they will even listen when I tell them the truth. It took me a long time to “hear” it myself. But the ones that told me the truth got my trust forever.


    PS – maybe add to #4 “Don’t get caught up in buying a million WSOs.” πŸ™‚

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      LOL Phillip – i may have to – thanks man and glad to hear you left the dark side πŸ˜‰

      By the way – I do what I do to

      #1 Help People
      #2 Build my own list and make money HONESTLY in the process

      Take that how you will πŸ™‚


  • venoo says:

    Hey Jeff, thanks a million for these articles. I really find them to the point, informative, without the fluffs and quite funny at times. I am a newbie if that is what you call an aspiring internet marketer. This is my fourth month on-line and I’m really learning my lessons. I wish I had known about you four months earlier, surely it would have saved me some time and a lot of grief. But I’m still giving thanks for the journey and the fact that I’m able to be in-touch with genuine people like yourself.

    Divine Blessings

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      LOL Thanks Venoo – that’s VERY kind of you and I genuinely appreciate that! Best of luck to you! πŸ™‚


  • Brad says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Great post. I have fallen for this more than once, I always get caught up in the *new & shiny*. It’s hard to focus at times.


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Thanks Brad – glad you found this useful and sorry for the delayed response – your comment got buried for some reason πŸ™‚


  • Oleg says:

    Hi Jeff,

    thanks a lot for the article! Whats your opinion about 100k factory? You also promised a report from inside once you get a permission to show it from inside? Because the guys are also doing video on a fancy yacht etc. and the stories like “home-stayed daddy” gets now 7k monthly… how do you find those stories and whats your opinion about 100k factory? Have you already got and inside view?
    Also, whats in your opinion the difference between inboxblueprint (i am a member and thanks for your great videos there!) and build my list? The aim is the same to build affiliate marketing business based on email list….
    thanks for your comments!

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Oleg

      Actually, I said MOST – in this case they rented the yacht in the Caribbean and were very clear about that. πŸ™‚

      I did do a members area video in my 100k Factory Review – so you can go watch there! πŸ™‚


  • Oleg says:

    Hi Jeff,
    thanks a lot for a great article! I am into inboxblueprint and thanks for your videos there too! Just wanted to ask whats the difference between inbox blueprint and build my list because the aim is the same to build list and to build affiliate marketing business… Also whats your opinion about 100k factory? Because the program is also highly promoted (by you too πŸ™‚ ) and fancy yacht etc. πŸ™‚ but test students who knows if its real and whats your honest opinion? have you made a video about inside of the product as You promised once you have it and are allowed?
    Many thanks!

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Oleg

      Build my List is more video training, while Inbox Blueprint is more textual based. As for your question on 100k factory, I think you’ve asked this 3 times now on three different blog posts of mine? LOL – I just answered that one on another post for you! πŸ™‚


      • Oleg says:

        Thanks a lot for answers! πŸ™‚

  • Steve Gannon says:

    Outstanding article! learning heaps mate, good on ya.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      LOL – that was the most aussie thing I’ve ever heard!

      Thanks Steve – glad you learned from it!

  • Sergio says:

    “… if you’re being pitched by a person showing you β€œtheir” fancy car, private jet, mansion or even yacht….it’s MOST LIKELY a scam and not worth your dollar”. Should I remind you how does the Build My List sales video start? A fancy air view of Jimmy Kim’s mansion and then Jimmy talking in front of his two luxurious cars. Should we understand that Jimmy Kim’s product is a scam an not worth our dollar?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      I said MOST, not all- Those are also ACTORS while Jimmy Kim is 100% REAL, not hiding behind a fake persona and doing the videos and products himself.

      Plus, it’s not a mansion – just a real nice house πŸ˜‰

      Build my list is a great course – I highly recommend it.


  • David says:

    Nice post Jeff. Good to read the truth about the darker side of this industry. I myself was one of those that knew in my gut that “this is too good to be true,” yet my desperation for some success somewhere kept me buying this new product and that new product as they came out. That “shiny object syndrome,” that so many of us have was definitely alive and well in me. Though I had seen the acronym “FOCUS” … Follow One Course Until Successful, I wasn’t always good at following through

    I am now working with the BML program and again have high expectations of success. Love the training so far and the answers you provided to my questions. It is obvious that you care about your readers. Thanks for all you do!

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey thank you David. Yes, it definitely has it’s good and ‘dark sides’ – I just try to educate people on both of them πŸ™‚

      Thanks for your kind words man, and let me know if i can help you with anything!


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey David – great meeting you this weekend, thanks for saying hi! πŸ™‚


  • Helen Nguyen says:

    Thanks your article. I have just bought Build My List programme to start my IM, what do you think about this programme, Jeff?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Helen

      Thanks so much! Actually, Build my List is a GREAT program – make sure you stick with it and don’t be afraid to take your time πŸ™‚


  • Gortie says:

    Thanks, Jeff. I enjoyed this post and your style. Learned some stuff too!

  • Amuro Wesley says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I remembered that you once did a video review of one product – Auto Wealth Maker in 2011 and how I argued with you otherwise.

    Because I bought Auto Wealth Maker and found it easier to use and did a comparison review with its more expensive counterpart Commission Siphon. They are both same tools even AWM costs $47 and CS costs $997

    I do confessed even though I decided to do IM full time a year before, building websites is a challenge for me. Be it Blogger, Kompozer or WordPress.

    It took me another 2 years until late 2013 before I can master all 3 and we eventually become friends that same year.

    That brings me to one question.

    What advice will you give to a newbie who has no or limited budget, doesn’t know how to build website or get involved with html but needs to make $ fast?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Amuro

      Yeah, I already figured out what the scams were – it was pretty easy back then. πŸ™‚

      Anyways, I thought you were doing pretty well now. I still recommend Google Sniper 3 for those who are totally new. Teaches you how to do KW research, build a website and get ranked with (mostly) free methods.

      Hope this helps man πŸ™‚


  • Mike Ching says:

    Jeff, I’m glad that you set up this blog and share your experiences which is full of sincerity. I am truly inspired by your magnanimity by sharing your experiences with us. I feel as if you are speaking to me personally and I really appreciate that. To be honest, I’ve just joined Profit Academy and I have no damn clue how IM really works and sometimes when things do not work for me, I feel like throwing in the towel but like you I’m stubborn too. I will persist until I succeed and I am so glad to have you as one of the PA coaches and please keep on inspiring through your blogs. You rock! Thank you!

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Mike

      Thanks a ton man, and thanks for your kind words I really appreciate it.

      Make sure you check out the PA forum if you haven’t yet – you’re not the only newbie who’s diving into this for the first time πŸ™‚

      We’ve got a GREAT community there, so get in there if you haven’t yet! πŸ™‚

      Thanks again for your kind words, and i’m glad you’re enjoying my blog too!

  • Emanuel says:

    Scary stuff Jeff. I just joined Profit Academy and I am working hard to take this off. I chose a product on Clickbank, but this is the third time in a week that I read a comment on them. How do I know that the product I chose is not a scam? By the way, this one does not claim fortunes to be made, but scares me that Clickbank does not do thorough due diligence on their vendors.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Emmanuel

      Well, that depends on the niche honestly. The Paid Surveys for Money products are going to be scams 99.99% of the time, but there are plenty of VERY legit products out there that do alot of good for people. What niche were you looking in? πŸ™‚

  • Stephen Behel says:

    Good advice Jeff. Binary options is a legitimate investment tool. It can make you a nice income but it doesn’t happen overnight. The ridiculous claims made on the videos are to be ignored.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      I agree on both parts Stephen. πŸ™‚

      Binary is great IF you have a good coach, but by all means you’re NOT going to simply click your mouse 6 times and be a gazillionaire LOL

      Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚


      • James Harkin says:

        It is very difficult to generate any kind of good income from the stock market these days. With high frequency trading and considerable fraud from major banking institutions people are more likely going to lose their shirt than make a buck. It is common knowledge in financial circles that the job of a stock broker is to churn their clients from one investment into another and take commission. Their business model relies on commission. So you can see why they do this.

        Stock brokers have no care whether you make a profit, just so long as you keep your money in play with their brokerage. I have played with these mobile apps such as Plus500, which offer trading on margin with leverage up to 1:200. It is more like a casino, where you bet whether the stock, commodity or currency is going up or down. Unfortunately you guess wrong on your gamble and do not have sufficient cash in your account to cover even the smallest of market price movements that goes against your bet, the company can close out your position at a loss to you and you have lost your investment. They will always generate a profit on the commissions.

        Good old supply and demand and traditional economics that we were taught at school no longer play in the world of finance. Just like the business opportunities market, so-called guru marketers are using every psychological sales technique available to pull in people’s money. A 50% refund rate is acceptable to them. They roll out something new every few months using the leverage of huge lists from their affiliate friends. But, eventually they become the boy who called wolf because of the work and investigation carried out by the good guys like Jeff who have become sick of the lies being told to good people and exposing these scams. Realise this, the top marketers today, the ones who actually do have Bentleys, mansions and yachts, are teaching today what people were doing 50 years ago. The same marketing techniques that worked in print, on the radio and even in television, and have made those direct mail guys millions of dollars, are still valid today. The game may have changed, but the principles stay the same. Long live proper Marketing! In fact, in marketing success is basically – Find a need that people require filling, create a product people want and promote that product to those who need it.

        • Jeff Lenney says:

          Wow, VERY nicely said James! I feel like anything I add here is going to be pale in comparison, so I’ll just say thanks and be on my way πŸ™‚

  • Stan says:

    Great article Jeff. And talk about entertaining – the review video was great man! You got me laughing. Thanks for your insights and straight talk. Always getting great tips from you Jeff.

  • jodie says:

    Thank you for your striking integrity – its so refreshing πŸ™‚

  • Michelle says:

    Great motivation!!! And great information!! Thank you Jeff, as always!!! I find your information to be legitimate, valuable and for real. Thank you!

  • Marcus Lynch says:

    Spot on Jeff ! I enjoyed reading your article and it is refreshing to read the truth to the business. I am right there with you, maybe not quit at the same level (just really getting started) though living the dream never the less.

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