How to Make Money with Adsense

How to Make Money with Adsense

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve got a whole “How to make money with…” series going on within my blog now.  I’ve been going through my emails and looking at the questions I get the MOST, then turning those questions into blog content for you!

How to Make Money with Adsense

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Anyways, there are actually quite a FEW ways to make money with adsense, but FIRST – in all honesty you NEED to have traffic to your website (or youtube videos).  After all, if you’re trying to make money from people clicking ads on your site – you need to have the people there to begin with. 🙂

Having said THAT, I HIGHLY recommend you learn Affiliate Marketing FIRST before you just jump into adsense.  I’ve got a great FREE guide on how to get free traffic to your site, which may be a good starting point for you.

Where to Start:

If you’re COMPLETELY new, and don’t even know how to get a domain, build a website in wordpress, or do keyword research – I suggest you check out Google Sniper 3.  You can read my full review on GS3 here.  There’s also a new keyword tool on the market you can read about here: My Keyword Supremacy 2.0 Review.

Anyways, assuming you’re already AT that point where you have a kick ass website full of amazing content and traffic is not a problem – here’s what you do:

1.  Join Adsense (duh!)  It’s free to sign up (here), but I DO recommend you have at least 20 pages on your website before you sign up.  There will be a MUCH higher chance of you being accepted, as they ARE getting pickier now.

If you’re feeling lazy and 20 pages of content is too much for you to create, you can always outsource your content from iWriter – just make sure you get 4 star writers, and try to get at least 500 words per article.

Anyways, once you’re accepted – all you have to do is copy/paste the HTML code for each ad set into your website where you like.  I’ve got a MUCH more detailed explanation of this on the 2nd half of my blog post: How do you Make Money Blogging – be sure to check it out for more info!

2.  Add More Content – It may NOT be obvious to some who are new to this game, but the more (high quality) content on your site – the more (likely) you’re going to make with it.  Either create the content yourself, or outsource it via iWriter – but either way – make sure you have QUALITY content, full of images, videos, bullet point lists etc (much like THIS post, or most posts on this site).

You want each article to not only BE impressive, but look impressive as well.

NOBODY likes blocks of pure text – it’s just ugly, hard to read and you WILL have a much higher bounce rate.

3.  Test Different Ad Sizes – Once you ARE getting traffic to your site, and clicks – test different ad sizes, test images vs text, try different colors etc.  PERSONALLY, I try to make my ads look as MUCH like the content as I can – and I make sure my link colors on the ADS match the link colors on my sites.  This makes the ads look LESS like ads, and more like they belong there – like they’re part of the site.

Matching your Ads to your Websites Colors

I DON’T use Google adsense on THIS blog, but I use it on a few other websites I own or run and do quite well with it.

If you want the BEST results with your Adsense, you’ll find you do best if your ads are placed:

  • Above your blog posts
  • Sidebar Banners
  • Sidebar Video Ads

#1. You’re NOT going to overwhelm and annoy your viewers and readers with ad overload

#2. You’re actually going to get MORE clicks as a result of this!

You should TEST different placements on your own sites to see if you get more clicks with Text Ads, or Banner/Image Ads.

What about Ad Size? Which is the best?

According to Google Support, “The sizes we’ve found to be the most effective are the 336×280 large rectangle, the 300×250 medium rectangle, the 728×90 leaderboard, the 300×600 half page, and on mobile the 320×100 large mobile banner. Keep in mind that while these ad sizes typically perform well, you should use the size that best complements your pages”

Best Adsense Ad Sizes

In 9 out of 10 instances – larger Ad Units Generate higher Click through rates and generate YOU more income, so keep that in mind when doing your ad placements!

Best Performing Google Adsense Ad Sizes


More AdSense Tips – Seriously, Watch This!

There’s a LOT more to cover here, lucky for you I found this AMAZING video online that covers everything I wanted to and more quite nicely!

Anyways, I hope you learned a little something something from this post.  I DID keep it fairly simple, but I tried to cover as much as I could in the little time I had to write the post today.

What Next?

If you want to learn MORE about making money online, check out The Kibo Code

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