How to Make Money with Webinars

How to Make Money with WebinarsHow to Make Money with Webinars

So I received an email the other day from one of my subscribers asking me how to make money with webinars.

As most of you know, I’ve been doing online webinars for Anik Singal for just about 2 1/2 years now, so I definitely know how to get them done and keep people interested and engaged in my content!

Webinars are an AMAZING way to promote your products and services AND an excellent way to add value to your subscribers or target market.

While I’ve found that building an email list is a GREAT way to build a solid relationship with your website readers, the ONLY thing that I’ve seen work BETTER is getting to know them via live webinar sessions (well, that – and doing Youtube Videos).

Now granted, you do NOT have to do webinars all the time – even doing 1 can be quite powerful as it now elevates you BEYOND just a name and an email address, but gives you an actual voice they can talk to and interact with.

A few BASICS for you, then I’ve got a video embedded below you should watch:

1.  You can promote your FREE training webinar and sell your offer during/at the end of the webinar.

2.  Run a JV (Joint Venture) webinar with somebody else.  I’ve done this before for a few product launches with GREAT results.  You get them to do a presentation about their product, you present YOUR affiliate link at the end – and you’re able to split those profits 50/50.

The GREAT thing about webinars is, they also convert MUCH better than just a sales page or sales video as you (the webinar presenter) are able to build up a relationship with your viewers, interact with them and answer their live questions.

3.  OR you can do this- if you simply want to IMPROVE the relationship with your list, just do a pure CONTENT webinar.  Don’t sell a damn thing, just show them something you’re doing NOW that may interest them.

This could be a technique you’re using to make money online, or pick up girls, how you lost 7 lbs in 7 days – anything applicable to your niche that your list would love!  Trust me, no matter WHAT niche you’re in – there are HUNGRY people out there that want to learn more from you!

Anyways, I’ve got A-LOT more to cover and a VIDEO would probably be the best way to explain this to you.  I was going to record a video for you, but just as I was about to start a friend shared THIS video interview with me – which is PERFECT for what I want to teach you.

>>> Nothing to buy here, just good content for you to enjoy! 🙂

Watch the Video Now: How to Make Money with Webinars

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