How To Quickly Gain The Trust of Your Email List

Many internet marketers are under the ridiculous impression that there exists a certain combination of words and psychological techniques that will hypnotize their subscribers into trusting them!

Little do they realize *insert evil laugh here* that the process of building trust begins even before a person decides to subscribe to their newsletter. Trust is a very rare and elusive commodity, especially on the internet. In this article, I will share my experiences about building trust among subscribers and potential customers.


When I began my journey as an internet marketer, I used to think that trust is built through logic. I felt that I had to be very serious, neutral and politically correct in order for people to trust me.  So, I tried a few things:

  • I tried to reason with my readers.
  • I tried to convince them to trust me.
  • I knew in my heart that the products I was marketing would make a significant positive impact on the lives of people and so I was very logical and methodical in my marketing approach.

This brought me little to moderate success, but I knew that I was missing something.

I was just another internet marketer who barely scraped by each month. The promise of making millions online seemed farfetched – like a distant dream. I constantly told myself that I was better than all the others who worked 9 to 5 jobs; that I was in control of my life; I was not slaving away to make somebody else richer; I was out of the rat race.

However, I was not making that much money and everything else seemed quite superficial if I was struggling financially. I must admit that I often contemplated quitting this ‘internet stuff’ (as my friends called it) and sticking with my  ‘normal’ job! However, I was deeply invested (emotionally and financially) in making it big as an internet marketer. I knew that quitting would make me feel like a total loser!

And so I tried to learn from the best.

I paid attention to their marketing methods, their attitude, their content, their style. I started reading books on customer relations, marketing etc. I studied the marketing and branding strategies of big businesses like Mercedes Benz, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Apple, Adidas and so on.

After many weeks of meticulous observation and trial and error; I had an epiphany!

My Epiphany

Okay, so that wasn’t REALLY my epiphany! BUT – I realized that Trust had nothing to do with trust!

I know that it sounds dumb but trust me (lol) – I haven’t lost my mind, scouts honor!

You see, my whole understanding of trust was prejudiced and just plain wrong. I felt that building trust meant giving people what is best for them. So it was very difficult for me to process the fact that people just did NOT care about what was best for them. So, if I wanted to succeed as an internet marketer, I needed to give them what they really wanted. It sounds vague – I know – it is a difficult concept.

Let me expand with the help of an example: During my initial approach, I was logical and rational. However, I lacked one secret ingredient – emotion!

Building trust is not a logical but an emotional process. People want good emotions – they don’t give a damn about your logic and your statistical data. Trying to win over a person’s trust through logic is like trying to get a girl to love you and marry you without making an emotional connection. (Granted, that does happen in some cultures, but let’s not go there LOL)

You can walk up to a girl with your entire list of statistics. It can contain your financial statements as proof that you can sustain a family, a medical certificate to prove that you are a healthy specimen, a character certificate that states that you have no police record and no propensity for violence; you can even go as far as adding testimonials from your friends and ex-girlfriends stating what a great guy you are!

If you walk up to a girl and ask to marry you after presenting all the certificates that indicate that you are a worthy mate, you’re probably going to regret that after she punches you where it counts! LOL

However, the concept is that you cannot convince anyone to fall in love with you through logic. You have to make an emotional connection! You have to go on dates, buy presents, be romantic and create positive emotional experiences.

If you can find a way of appealing to your subscribers’ emotions, then they will trust you. You won’t have to worry about whether or not they will open your email because they will be waiting in anticipation to receive it.

Let me explain how trust works with this simple analogy.

Volvo makes the safest cars on the planet. So, in short, Volvo is giving people what is best for them – safety. But people don’t care much about safety; they do…but not really that much.

They are more concerned with speed, prestige and POWERRRR!


They want their car to be cool, possibly cooler that their neighbor’s car. And so, even though technically Volvo should be the number one car manufacturer on the planet, it is just a small car company that does ‘alright’ at best. Maybe people trust Volvo, but that trust is not enough to make them want to buy a Volvo. You need a different kind of trust if you want people to open your emails! You need an emotional connection.

Do you think people trust Coca-Cola and McDonalds?

Hell No!

But going by the companies’ profits, people are certainly ‘Lovin’ it’ and ‘Opening Happiness’. The key here is that McDonalds and Coca-Cola are giving people what they really want. They are giving them food that tastes so damn awesome it is almost addictive! Never mind that it is killing them slowly.

People, on the whole, do not care about health. Health is not emotionally appealing, taste is!  So if McDonalds tried to serve people broccoli and Coca-Cola tried to sell green tea, they would both go freakin’ bankrupt.

The same holds true for every other successful business – Car companies know that the speed limit on most American freeways/highways  is 65-75 miles per hour. Still, they’re making cars that produce 500 hp and have a top speed of 200 mph.

These cars cause pollution and ruin the planet but people still buy them because they create good emotions.

Mobile phone companies know that people will waste hours on whatsapp and facebook when they can be doing more productive things – still, if a company started limiting internet usage – it would go bankrupt because it is not giving people what they want.

Speaking of Mobile Phones – if you’re NOT optimizing your squeeze pages and offers FOR mobile visitors, start now.

The truth is that if you want to be even a half-decent internet marketer – you have to learn to deal in emotions. The world is hooked on emotions! Being logical will not get you very far.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not encouraging you to trick people and sell bogus products to them. I am just stressing the fact that being good and having a good product is not enough – you have to be able to make an emotional connection as well.

Sadly, in the real world, being emotional is often way more important than being good!!!

In short, people will trust you only if you give them what they want. People want good emotions and they want them now.

Building trust is an emotional process. People cannot choose to trust you. It is an involuntary decision. It famously said that people buy products because of the ideas that they represent!

OK, enough theory. Here are some practical tips that might help you to create trust and generate good sales

  1. Create content that is engaging and entertaining – otherwise nobody will read it.
  2. It should deliver at value to the reader.
  3. Your content should be relevant – you cannot just upload jokes to a website about technology. You have to be at least somewhat relevant. I mean, the jokes need to be somehow related to technology.
  4. Stats indicate that an email has a higher chance being opened if the subject title is personal
  5. Don’t spam!
  6. People are more likely to comply with your call to action if your email has positive customer testimonials in it.
  7. Marketing research indicates that people are more likely to click on an email if they are expecting it or better, if they are excited about it. You have to find a way to be exciting! I don’t care if you sell hydraulic equipment for a living – you have to make it exciting.
  8. Be polarizing – it creates an emotional response.
  9. Be addictive. The most successful internet marketers create content that their readers cannot get enough of. I personally find myself waiting in anticipation of my favorite youtuber’s video or for the screening of my favorite series’ next episode.
  10. People either trust you or don’t based on the way you make them feel! Make them feel great and they will trust you.
  11. People don’t necessarily want what is good for them. You cannot make a child feel good by giving him/her spinach. Kids like candy and if you want them to like/trust you – you better give them some candy. They will HATE you if you try to give them spinach even though it is good for them. They will love you for giving them candy even though it is going to kill them slowly! Get your head firmly around this – it will change your life.
  12. If you don’t give people what they want, somebody else will! If you don’t give people what they want and try to give them what is best for them – you will be labelled as a communist, a tyrant, an oppressor, an enemy of free will and democracy and possibly an enemy of the state!

Don’t trick people, be nice please!

The best way to give people good emotions is to be cool. Don’t be the guy that tries to impress the girl through his statistics. Be the bad ass biker with the handlebar mustache and tattoos!

I really hope you get the point.

Talk soon 🙂

Jeff Lenney

P.S. Please open my emails,  or else… 😛

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Jeff Lenney

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  • markandeya says:

    Hello Jeff,

    When you first started out in internet marketing, what mistake did you make the most often, so that when you recognized and changed it, you noticed the most difference?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Mark & Eya,

      GREAT question. Honestly, get a mentor. I DID learn on my own, but I built websites with domains like “How-to-get-ripped-fast.com” and added a ton of content via auto blogger software (Both bad ideas, that domain name is HORRIBLE, and auto blog software won’t do anything for you traffic wise, it just adds poorly spun content to your website)

      I thought simply HAVING a website was enough to bring me traffic and earnings, but that was the FURTHEST thing from the truth.

      I ALSO wish I would have build my email list much sooner than I did, that was huge and is definitely a HUGE portion of my online income now.

      Thanks for the question, and let me know if I can be of any assistance 🙂


  • Eldi B says:

    Just got a lesson from you. Thanks Jeff

  • Andy says:


    Jeff, you just hit me in the head with a 2X4…and it was AWESOME! The simple spinach analogy was enough for me to address a big problem I’ve been facing.

    Extremely grateful for this post, thanks!

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      LOL Awesome Andy – sorry for the unintentional assault but I’m glad it spoke to you 🙂


  • markandeya says:

    Great information Jeff. That really helps, especially for someone just starting out in email marketing by saving time and not writing emotionless, automaton-like emails. Thanks again!!

  • Dennis says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for the post – really inspiring, and it also demonstrate how this article works: It had spur my emotion, and also my thought.

    Really a great piece of article. Will read it again 🙂

  • K says:

    Hi Jeff you never fail to deliver. I know you mentioned this before, but you gave a whole lot more emotions. I get it 100%. Thanks again.

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