Negative Thinking = Negative Results

Negative Thinking = Negative Results

Crush Negative Thought Patterns and Blast Through Hurdles Like A Boss

I am lucky enough to say that I lead a pretty damn good life – It’s like I am being paid just to exist! LOL

Okay – dumb jokes aside – I am very blessed and fortunate to be where I am today.  I live in sunny Southern California, I only do what I like to do and I don’t have to worry about bills being paid on-time, when the rent is due etc.

I help others to accomplish their goals and I have a loyal fan following which keeps growing larger each day. Every morning, I log on to the internet and receive messages from people thanking me for being an inspiration to them.

Negative Thinking = Negative Results

I can vividly remember the times when I hated waking up – I hated my job, my finances were in dire straits, I dodged phone calls from debt collectors and I loved to sleep. Sleeping was my way of escaping from my wretched reality.

Today, I am excited to wake up and find out how much money I made while I was asleep. I have the luxury of going to an impulsive Caribbean cruise vacation (twice now).

I don’t have to sit in a cubicle all day – I work from anywhere I want – be it a hammock on an exotic beach in Thailand or a plush hotel on the Vegas strip!

Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand – January 2013

I am definitely not done yet! In fact, I’m just getting started! LOL

Anyways, I struggled pretty hard for many years to arrive where I am today. I had it rough for a long time – I remember being depressed and confused. It was almost like the inside of my mind was blank, hopeless and full of despair. However, the single most important thing that I learnt throughout my journey was that if I ever dreamt of being the man that I wanted to be, I had to cut out all the negativity in my life.

I had to learn to literally decimate negative thought patterns and transform myself into a beacon of positive, motivating energy.

The breakthrough moment of my life came when I realized that things are neither good nor bad – they just are. It is up to us to decide how we perceive them.

Once I achieved this shift in attitude from negative to positive, I instantly felt massively empowered. I had entered ‘Beast Mode’ – I felt rich even before the money came. Physically, I was just where I was before – but I somehow felt that the whole world had become my playground. I was invincible – I had no fear and every cell in my body believed that I was a winner.

I have met, observed, spoken to and been mentored by tons of successful people – self made millionaires, businessmen, marketing gurus, authors, artists, innovators, Foreign Exchange Traders and celebrities!

They all have one single common trait that separates them from the rest:

  • They are always happy and cheerful.
  • They have a certain spark in their eye; they are alert, active and exuberant!
  • They essentially radiate positivity.
  • They all have a strong perception of the world and their frame of reality is unshakable.

On the other hand, the people who are constantly struggling are the ones who constantly complain.

I have noticed that whenever a group of people that are not doing well in life get together – all they do is talk about depressing, negative stuff!

  • They blame the government, their luck, their friends and relatives, their genes; they think that the rich are evil and the world is out to get them.
  • They make lame excuses all the time!
  • All they talk about is problems and they come up with various theories to justify them.

These people are trapped in a continuous downward spiral of negativity. No wonder their lives just keep getting worse.

Negative people are afraid of problems and failure. Positive people learn from their failures and they actually like problems. They see problems as an opportunity to provide a solution and make more money. Ordinary people are fazed by obstacles; leaders see obstacles as an opportunity to unite the people for a common cause.

This may sound funny, but I am CONSTANTLY on the lookout for new problems!

New problems lead to new solutions which lead to more goodwill and money! You have to learn to make the shift in perspective irrespective of your present situation – a disabled person can inspire thousands by running a marathon, a college dropout can become the world’s richest man and a black man can become the President of the United States of America and the leader of the free world! Problems are nothing but opportunities – your weaknesses are in fact your biggest strengths!

I have devised 3 practical ways of eliminating negative thoughts from your life.

1.  Understand that problems are good.

They are in fact opportunities to create something valuable. An ordinary man sees the financial recession as a problem while a forward thinker sees a recession as a chance to invest since prices on real estate, commodities, stocks and other assets are typically low.

OK – I know that many of you don’t have money to invest. Still, there are plenty of things that you can do to make money during a recession.

How about providing low cost alternatives to existing solutions? For example: A car company knows that gas guzzling muscle cars and monstrous SUVs will not sell much during a recession. So a good way would be to introduce more economical vehicles.

People want to cut costs during recession – so how about doing something about it?

  • You can start a company that sells solar panels and windmills? This way, people will not have to pay for electricity!
  • You can deliver lunch boxes to offices since people might not be able to afford business lunches.
  • You can sell a book on how to live frugally

The possibilities are literally endless!

You just have to acknowledge that problems present new opportunities.


2. Be process oriented, not result oriented:

You have heard it before – enjoy the journey, don’t just focus on the destination. I know that it is easier said than done. In most cases, it is really hard to not be result oriented.

For example: Imagine a car salesman, Bob – his job is to SELL CARS. His success depends directly upon the number of cars he sells. So it is quite impossible for him to be independent of outcome!

However, if Bob starts walking up to people and focuses on just the result (selling cars), he will come across as desperate or condescending. He will do much better if he focuses on the process, which involves building rapport with the customer, establishing social proof, creating trust and so on. If Bob focuses on the process, the result will take care of itself. And if a certain sale doesn’t go through, Bob will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that he gave it his best shot.

Maybe the customer will return another time! If I notice that my income has not been up to mark for a certain week or month – I don’t get dejected. In fact, I create more valuable content. I write more articles and record more videos, I try to improve the quality of my work, I look at my competitors and try to be better than them. Failure causes most people to give up – but it motivates me to over-deliver!

The more I fail – the more focused and dedicated I become. I flip the script on negativity – Negative results can only affect me if I am focused on the results. But the truth is that I am not focused on the results, I am all about the process.

Don’t get me wrong here; I do acknowledge my failures. However, instead of letting them discourage me, I learn from my failures and try to improve the process.


3. Don’t worry about the things that are out of your control.

Do what you can and do it now! Bob may be the best car salesman in town. But this does not matter if the customer had no real intention of buying the car. Maybe a certain car is way too expensive for a certain customer. The best Bob can do is to offer a reasonable discount and a car loan. However, if someone has a horrible credit record, the request for the loan will not go through.

No matter how hard Bob tries, sometimes he will fail.

People often fail despite working immensely hard!

Deal with it. Next customer please!

Attack the next problem with more gusto and determination! It pays to have an image or song associated with failure – this song or image should motivate you even further. I have trained my mind to come up with a powerful image whenever I start having negative thoughts. It can be any image that motivates you to take action at that very moment.

For example: Train your mind to link negative thoughts to a picture of a footballer crushing through a wall of defenders or a boxer delivering a knockout punch. It can be any image that makes you aggressive and more determined – like a tank going through a wall or a monster truck crushing everything in its way. It does not have to be a violent image; it can be anything, even a song. Some people feel motivated by seeing a baby smile or by thinking of a loved one!

Once you train your mind to associate negativity with motivation – your mind will become impenetrable. You will have no fear of failure. You will feel entitled to succeed and your confidence will soar. You will stop struggling and start thriving – your whole focus will be on positivity. You will create momentum irrespective of your results. Your life will become a celebration and you will know the true meaning of abundance and prosperity.

Jeff Lenney

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