Quick Cash with Reputation Management

Quickly Earning 5 Figure Paychecks With Reputation Management Services

A good reputation is synonymous with success. Public perception can make or break a business or an individual. Which is precisely why everybody, from Presidents to fortune 500 companies to celebrities spend enormous sums of money on reputation management services.

It is estimated that the corporate expenditure for reputation management exceeded a cool 4 billion dollars for the year 2014 alone!

Seems like a lot right?  Well, what wouldn’t you give to have that super embarrassing pic taken off facebook, or move that nasty article on Page 1 of Google about you or your business?!

For Businesses and Business Persons, that need is MUCH greater – and they will go to any cost to take care of it!

What is Online Reputation Management?

Our lives have become increasingly intertwined with the web and consequently, the boundaries between the real and the virtual have collapsed. This is good – it keeps people honest and more importantly, it is going to put cash in your pocket! Providing reputation management services is an exciting money making opportunity. If you are even remotely web-savvy and have half decent PR skills, you will enjoy it immensely AND earn some serious pay checks in the process.


The internet has been credited with leveling out the playing field. Earlier, people watched whatever was being broadcasted on the TV or radio. This made them easier to manipulate and control. Now, people have the means of making educated decisions about everything they do – be it taking a vacation, buying a house or even marrying an individual.


On the flip side, just a couple of bad reviews can spoil can tarnish the public image of any entity – forever!

This is especially true for small businesses. A single bitter, vengeful customer can wreak havoc on the internet and malign the reputation of an otherwise perfectly ethical business. Mischievous friends can post compromising college pics of moms and a person trying to make a new beginning can never escape from his/her past.

This is when you come to the rescue!

People and businesses are willing to pay big bucks to maintain an unblemished, impeccable social status as this has priceless financial, political and societal benefits.


The process of reputation management is fairly simple:

  1. You remove all the bad content about your client from the first three of four pages of Google.
  2. You improve the desired public image of your client by posting loads of good content, AND moving up existing GOOD content they approve of.

That’s it! In short, you are doing a bit of advertising while keeping controversies to a minimum. This is a very common practice in advertising and PR circles – showcase the good, cover up the bad!

You might be wondering, how to become a successful reputation manager with no experience?

Obviously, you will have to start small but once you begin to deliver, you will build up an impressive portfolio within no time. Eventually, you will become a powerful lobbyist and a master of influencing public opinion. You can start by marketing your services aggressively on free platforms such as craigslist, Fiverr etc.

In fact, websites like yelp, foursquare etc. are the perfect place to source new clients. You simply contact a business with bad reviews and pitch your services. You will have to be good at managing your own reputation before you begin working for others. Do everything to learn about the basics of SEO, including video SEO. Get a good grasp of how to create viral content and how to use psychology to create a positive impression.

Yelp Reputation Management


As a reputation management service provider, your job will to be actively promote a certain business/individual on forums and other platforms without coming across as too pushy or salesy. You will have to create positive video testimonials or pay others to appear in testimonials.

This is easily doable on Fiverr – just 5 dollars for a testimonial!

With fifty bucks, you can create 10 such videos and submit them to various video sharing websites such as:

  • Youtube
  • vevo
  • veoh
  • vimeo
  • metacafe
  • flickr
  • break
  • And MORE

Videos Rank VERY well in Google and other search engines – so this is a VERY powerful technique you don’t want to overlook.

Your other responsibilities will include:

  • Posting favorable pics on social media
  • Flagging/ removing unwanted pictures and videos
  • Managing facebook/twitter profiles and so on.

You can market programs which use SEO and sell DIY packages to clients.

You can call up unsatisfied customers and offer to sort out any issues and even offer them a refund (with your client’s consent of course!) You have to relentlessly gather positive data about your client and post it online. You will have to learn about things like color psychology, the halo effect etc.

You can even go as far as contacting happy customers and asking them to post a positive review etc.

You cannot completely erase all negative feedback about any business or individual. However, as long as the negatives do not appear on the first couple pages of google – they are as good as non-existent!

Providing a reputation management service requires persistence, innovative thinking and good problem solving skills. You do not need to possess an extravagant educational degree to be successful in this field. However, you do need to have something much more elusive – common sense!

In all honesty, re-reading what I posted above makes it seem like A-LOT of work – but in reality it’s not and it does not have to be.


Here’s how to make sense of this, and get started the EASY way

DO NOT LET THE ABOVE SCARE YOU!  RM does NOT have to be hard, in fact with the right knowledge you can OUTSOURCE most of the work for penny’s on the dollar.   (I do this myself) 🙂

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