Step by Step: Make Money Using Facebook, $100+ a day

Hey Folks, Jeff Lenney here

In this blog post – I wanted to give you Step by Step instructions to Make Money Using Facebook, $100+ a day

(Believe it or not, it’s actually quite EASY to make $100, $500 or even $1,000 per day)

Let’s start off simple and set a Goal of $100:

To make $100.00 a day On Facebook (or anything) – you need to:

  • Sell 3 Products that pay you $33.33 Commission
  • Sell 2 Products that pay you $50.00 Commission
  • Sell 1 Product that pays you $100.00 Commission

If I could get my ad to 5,000 people per DAY for $20 or $30, Do you think this is possible?

(Hint: It is, and it’s very easy with the right plan in mind)

It’s VERY easy to scale up from here, and All of the above are actually VERY easy to do with facebook marketing.

Anyways, let’s get started – first you need to find a NICHE to promote.

A great niche for Facebook would  be one with DESPERATE buyers, meaning people that are seeking a solution and willing to pay for it.

A few good examples of profitable niches would be:

  • Men that can’t get a girlfriend, or get laid
  • Women that want to save their relationships
  • Women that can’t get pregnant
  • Men or Women that want to get their Ex Back
  • Men/Women that have acne issues
  • Men with Premature ejaculation issues
  • Men with Erection issues
  • Men or Women with Hemorrhoids
  • A diabetic that wants to reverse their diabetes
  • Somebody who wants to make money online to provide for their family
  • Somebody that wants to quit smoking
  • Somebody that wants to lose weight (fitness/health is HUGE)
  • Somebody that wants to GAIN weight and/or put on Muscle
  • Men With Man Boobs (Moobs)
  • Women that want to get rid of their love handles/muffin tops
  • Pet Issues: Dog Barking, Dog Marking, etc
  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety Management
  • How to get a good nights sleep/People with Sleeping Disorders

You get the idea – you’re just limited to your imagination.

If you want to learn how to find niches yourself, I’ve got a few great resources here on this blog:

Chances are, if you’re in a desperate niche like one of the above – there WILL be products available for you to promote in them.

Keep in mind, you WILL be building a list – which means you need an auto responder service – I recommend that you Sign up for Aweber 30 day Free Trial

ALL Successful Internet Marketers have big lists, this is NOT something you want to skimp on.

Next up – how to find a PRODUCT to promote to your list.

I like to promote products in niches with at LEAST 2-3 HOT products.  To find these products, check out:

Do a search for keywords in your niche, or search by category.  Take a look at the products being made available to promote, look at their SALES pages and ask yourself “does this look good, would I buy this?”.

Products with VIDEOS convert MUCH better – so try to find a product with a video sales page, you’ll make more money in the end.

Next: Make a list of the top 2-4 products in this niche (no more than that).

Write down their homepage, and their JV/Affiliate resource page if  available.  Save this for later.  (Hint: most of the TOP products will have pre-written emails you can use to promote their products with, which is a HUGE time saver and they’re written with one purpose in mind: making you sales and money).

Once you have your niche and products in mind, you’re going to be doing a few things:

  1. Build a squeezepage (landing page offering something FREE in exchange for their email address)
  2. Offer something OF QUALITY for free on your page (IE: Top 5 Fat Burning Foods, 3 weird tricks to get rid of man boobs, Get your Ex-Boyfriend back with this simple trick – you get the idea)
  3. Build your Sales Funnel (it’s easy, don’t worry)

The FIRST thing you need to do is get an offer, a freebie, something of VALUE to give away to your prospective list.

You want to have your freebie FIRST before you build a squeezepage or start anything.

Usually, I’ll recommend giving away an ARTICLE that actually provides value and offers a solution that people i’m sending to my squeezepage would want.

Use magazines.com to get headline ideas in whatever niche you’re going to be writing in.

Head over to to Magazines.com and looked at some fitness articles and found one headline that stood out to me “Discover 1 Simple Trick to Shed Belly Fat Quickly”

Based on JUST that title – I went over to iWriter : Article Writing Service and had a 4 or 5 star writer (NEVER use 3 star) do a 2,000 word article for me around that as my main keyword/subject matter.   I forget the price, but it was $20 or $30 – well worth it. (Note on outsourcing: you can ALSO use UPwork.com or Freelancer.com – for content, or custom HTML Webpage or LandingPage Design)

Once I had the content, I created my Squeezepage (offer), added my Aweber auto responder code (it’s easy, and they’ve got step-by-step instructions on their site) and set up my FIRST email offering people their free download.  (So once they sign up, it’s emailed to them AUTOMATICALLY – easy!)

You can ALSO outsource an HTML Squeezepage from Fiverr.com, I’ve had GREAT results (for just $5.00) with THIS GUY, and THIS GUY.

You’ll see that it’s REALLY simple.

I took the article the person wrote for me, added some images that I found online (with usage rights) – and bam – i’ve got something unique, of value to give to my list!

NOW – why is this good? Because, I’m not just some guy trying to SELL them something, but now I’m the guy who gave them a cool e-book for FREE – and they’re going to listen to what I have to say now over the next guy who JUST tries to sell them!

Guess what else – they’re a LOT more likely to listen to recommendations I make in the future and believe it or not – because I gave them something for free they’ll almost feel like they owe ME something in return.

Anyways, let’s recap what you’ve done so far:

  1. You found a DESPERATE niche with at least 2-3 hot products (ideally with Video Sales Pages)
  2. You set up your auto responder account at Aweber
  3. You went to magazines.com, found a headline that captured your attention and outsourced a 2000 word article at iWriter
  4. You set up your squeeze page, added your auto responder code (or have an outsourcer do that for you)
  5. You either set up a thank you page, or have your first auto responder email going out offering the free download (or better yet, both!)

Anyways, it looks like this is easily going to be my LONGEST post on JeffLenney.com yet – so let’s take a breather.  Grab some coffee or water and come back for the 2nd half! 🙂

Okay….and we’re back!

So – you’ve got your sales funnel FULLY set up, time to drive some HIGHLY TARGETED TRAFFIC!!

Did you know that if Facebook would be one of the largest countries in the WORLD if all of it’s members were counted?

Knowing this, you have to realize that it’s VERY easy to reach ANY Target Market on Facebook.

For example, I’m currently promoting a product showing people how they can REVERSE their diabetes. (Yes, this is 100% true and even WebMD speaks of it).

Basically, be HONEST and don’t promote crap that promises false hopes or flat out LIES.  You want your list to LIKE you and buy from you more than once, after all. 🙂

Anyways, next up we’re going to create a facebook ad. (Via http://ads.facebook.com/)

The process itself is fairly easy and explains itself as you’re doing it, so I’m not going to go into TOO much detail on HOW to set it up, what to click on etc.

I’ve done my my demographics research, so on facebook I’m able to target the following people:

  • Country: USA, Canada
  • Sex: Woman
  • Age: 35-45
  • Income: $50k-$100k per year
  • College Degree: Masters Degree, Graduate Degree
  • Children: Yes
  • Interests: Diabetes, Diabetes type 1, diabetes type 2 (etc)

I could even get MORE specific than that if I really wanted to.

I could target people that recently made a health minded purchase, I could target people that have iPhones, I could target people that like Peanut Butter – your limit is your imagination.

Next Up – I need a catchy headline and ad copy to capture peoples attention, usually I test 2 or 3 different titles to see which gets the best CTR (click through rate)

So – I might try something like:

21 Diabetes Myths Exposed
Even my DOCTOR had these wrong,
100% Free eBook reveals the truth

High Blood Sugar?
This Clever Trick Lowers Blood Sugar in 1 Hour!
Click Here to Watch this FREE Video Now.

(In fact, I DID use these very ads with very good success)

$100 a day on Facebook

You get the idea – of course you can TEST by sending directly to an affiliate link at first to see if you’re able to get clicks with your copy, but once you DO start getting good traffic – I suggest building up your own landing page or squeeze page to capture or re-direct the traffic and increase your earnings.


Use images with RED as it captures the viewers attention the most.  Do a simple Google search for eye catching images related to your niche OR use the built in facebook image search function when creating ads. It lets you CHOOSE from a ton of pictures on just about ANY topic or keyword and this is a HUGE timesaver.

Here are some Facebook Image Best Practices

1. Pictures of Happy People

Let’s face it, people like seeing other people happy. One of the HIGHEST converting images in Facebook ads is simple a woman smiling.  If that works with what you’re promoting, go for it!

2.  Color
Being that Facebook’s own color scheme is white and blue, your add will BLEND IN and be lost if you use the same colors.  Use something BRIGHT that stands out, such as Pink, Bright Orange or my favorite, Red.

3. Pets and Kids
Because face it, who DOESN’T like looking at a cute picture of a child, a puppy or kitten. If you’re promoting a PHYSICAL product, try to find an image of a baby or pet with the product.

4. Funny, Weird and Odd
If your audience is fairly young and tech savy, using a funy image can REALLY improve your conversion rate.  They attract the eye and flat out work! Using Memes, or just “weird” images can REALLY drive up your ctr (click-through rate) if used properly and with the right audience.

I’ll admit, there really is MORE to it than this – this is just my QUICK summary of what works. (Almost 2000 words and this is QUICK? hah)

The truth is – facebook marketing is EASY if you have the right mentor and right plan & budget in mind.

The trick is to CONSTANTLY BE TESTING – Test your squeezepages to see which converts better, test your images, your headlines and ad copy, test the conversions of the products you’re promoting!

If you’re looking for HIGH-QUALITY Training on Facebook Ads, I recommend FB Academy, by Lurn and Anik SIngal.

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