The 3 Fundamentals That Everyone Always Forgets About Email Marketing

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Email marketing is one of the most prolific and foolproof methods of making money online but only if you manage to hit the sweet spot with your readers. I know a few people who are so damn good at email marketing that their readers simply cannot wait to hear from them! On the other hand – there are others whose emails hardly ever get opened; they go straight to the trash folder. LOL

Which Are You? Anyways – the SAD truth is:

Many people fail at internet marketing simply because they forget to implement the basics. They are obsessed with making money and begin to put their needs ahead of the customers’.

Email Marketing Basics

As an internet marketer, you always have to think from your customers’ perspective and ask – what is in it for them?

You should be process and knowledge oriented, not result oriented. Focusing all your energy and attention solely on the result will make you paranoid, anxious, insecure, desperate and BROKE!

I have noticed that many internet marketers operate at an extremely low level of consciousness. They are in some sort of haze or trance and expect everything to fall into place. This type of mentality works if you are an employee but it is disastrous if you are into affiliate marketing or any other business for that matter.

As an affiliate marketer, your relationship with your subscribers is the most pivotal aspect of your business. Hence, you have to realize that your true success lies in forging life-transforming, rewarding bonds with your subscribers. If you can accomplish this, the money will definitely come. Understand that money is the by-product of providing value – it is never the goal. People forget these universal truths and hence their career in internet marketing is truncated even before they have begun.

Here are the 3 fundamentals everyone always forgets about email marketing:

1) Know the real purpose of emails; to keep in touch!


Emails are meant for forming, maintaining and enhancing relationships. Everybody knows that. However, as soon as you put the term marketing after the world email, their mind suddenly stops working – they get all worked up and begin to think of monetizing strategies, lead generation, conversion etc etc.

Budding marketers read too much and do too little. Their approach to the whole concept of Email Marketing is best described as haphazard and slapdash! Instead of focusing on the basics – which is forming relationships, they keep shoving useless products down customers’ throats.

Understand that the average internet user is exposed to millions of ads and products in a day. So reading your pitiful, desperate, corny email is the last thing on their mind. However, if they sense that you are being genuine and offering something truly valuable, insightful and entertaining; they will open your email and actually relish the sincerity and honesty.

So while you should definitely make sure that your emails have monetization potential, it should not be the sole purpose of your email. The highest priority must be given to establishing comfort and trust. In short, your subscribers should like you. So share an interesting success story or facts about your niche instead of directly telling your readers how awesome a product is!

I know some business people who are uber successful, thanks to their relentless pursuit of creating extremely high quality content. They do not beg people to buy from them. In fact, they do not even actively try to sell. They just focus on OVERDELIVERING and everything else takes care of itself. People buy from them even if they cannot afford to! This does not mean that you should send people 20 emails a day – I am talking about quality, not quantity.

2) INVITE people to email you:


Do you know of a relationship where you one person loves the other while the latter does not care at all? (maybe you have been in such a relationship yourself) It sucks, doesn’t it?

The person who loves is desperate and needy – this pushes the other even further away.

Lop-sided relationships are dynamically flawed; they are doomed to fail. Which is why you must do everything you can to drive user engagement.

Invite people to email you with questions.

Make it known that you are friendly and willing to help out – FREE of cost.

How would you feel if someone kept messaging you even if you did not reply? You’ll probably lose all respect from them and stop reading what they send YOU.

This is how your subscribers feel about you when you don’t respond to their emails or questions.

You have to get them to invest if you want them to value your relationship.

In a PERFECT world – they’ll simply email you with a question – and you respond!  However – this is not always the case, nor is it always POSSIBLE.

If you’re simply not ABLE to respond to every email – at least try to get them to watch a video, like/comment on your facebook/twitter posts, follow you on instagram etc.

This too counts as participation – even though it is not as direct or effective as sending an email.

Shoot – try this: Share peoples’ questions with other subscribers so that EVERYBODY can learn from the answer – just remember to change or hide their name and contact info!


3) Be relevant, honest and creative:


It is best to start by building a permission-based email list. This almost guarantees that your emails will actually be read. People are much more receptive to emails if they chose to receive them.

As mentioned earlier, your email (including the subject title) should be honest and sincere.

However, that doesn’t stop you from having an individual voice and from being creative. Do not misinterpret sincerity for insipidity. Your emails should be anything but dull! And yes, they should possess shock value.

In fact, I encourage people to be polarizing and to express themselves as clearly as possible – even at the cost of being politically incorrect! Grabbing the attention of people is the basis of marketing – be it email marketing, affiliate marketing or any other sort of marketing. However, people will lose trust in you if you simply create hype and do not follow it up with content that is anything short of phenomenal! There is no place for mediocrity in email marketing!

These 3 fundamentals mentioned above will enable you to form lifelong relationships with your readers. This almost always translates into happy customers and more money in your pocket!

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