The 3 Most Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

3 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

This may be common sense, but Affiliate Marketing is probably THE most powerful and effective ways of earning serious money online.

It gives EVERYBODY who gives it a shot a chance to make money online.

Now, since most of these affiliate programs are pretty easy to join, more and more people are now signing up and trying to get their start with online marketing.

Keep in mind though, like ALL businesses, there ARE a lot of downsides to the affiliate marketing business and I want to help you avoid 3 of the TOP mistakes people make when getting into internet marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Basics

Mistake number 1: Choosing the wrong product to promote

Alright, everybody wants to learn Internet Marketing as quickly as possible – I can understand this.

BUT – in their rush to get started and make the moolah, many people jump on promoting a hot product WITHOUT really giving any thought to what the product is REALLY about.

Bad Move, Space Cadet!

Don’t just promote a product because of its high EPCsor promises of making you a ton of money as an affiliate. 

  • Put your ethics FIRST.
  • Think about your list, will THEY like it?
  • Will THEY thank you for recommending it to them?

Put a little thought into it, pick a product (to promote) that not only appeals to YOU but would appeal to who you’re promoting it TOO as well.

Promote a product you’re passionate about, that’s MUCH easier than promoting one JUST for the sake of higher affiliate commissions.

Mistake number 2: Joining too many affiliate programs.

Since affiliate programs are very easy to join, you might be tempted to join multiple affiliate programs to try and maximize the earnings you will be getting.

Besides you may think that there is nothing wrong and nothing to lose by being part of many affiliate programs.

True, that is a great way to have multiple sources of income. However, joining multiple programs and attempting to promote them all at the same time will prevent you from concentrating on each one of them.

The result?

What do you think?

The max potential of the particular affiliate program is NOT achieved and the affiliate income earned will NOT be as much as you were hoping for.

The BEST way to get good results is by joining and focusing on just one or two programs AT A TIME.

Once you do that, give your all by promoting the products with enthusiasm. 🙂

Once you start making a good profit, THEN by all means join another 1 or 2 affiliate programs and look for more products to promote.

A narrow focus is the key here, don’t spread your efforts too thin across too many platforms.

Mistake number 3: Not buying the product or using the service.

I may be preaching to the choir here, but as an affiliate your end goal is to promote a product or service, right?

Now, in order to ACHIEVE this goal, you need to be able to tell your potential customers about it.

I find it MUCH easier and more convincing to make a sale of a product that i’ve thoroughly used and reviewed. (For example, Clickbank University 2.0 or Super Affiliate System, both AMAZING programs that I’ve used and reviewed thoroughly.)

Trust me on this, if you just blindly promote a product WITHOUT looking into it thoroughly or trying it first – if it ends up being a bad product or a scam your list WILL take notice and they WILL remember that you promoted it to them or that they even bought a copy from you.

Try the product or service personally first before you sign up as an affiliate to see if it is really delivering what it promises.

If you have done so, then you are one of the credible and living testaments, aware of its advantages and disadvantages.

Your customers will then feel the sincerity and truthfulness in you and this will convince them to try them out for themselves.

Many internet marketers makes these same mistakes (I know I have) and are paying dearly for their actions.

Don’t let this happen to yourself.  Trust me it’s hard to come back from.  🙂

Anyways, that’s really ALL I have to say on this particular topic.

I hope you’re able to take the lessons you learned from this post and apply them to your OWN online business or marketing!


Jeff Lenney

My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert. Read my Other Posts Here: Jeff Lenney's Articles

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    Thanks again and I look forward to more of your posts! 🙂

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