The 3 Most Popular Ways to Make Money Online

There are literally countless ways of making money online.

Top 3 Forms of Internet Marketing

However, it could take you years of trial and error to find the most profitable ones. This is precisely the reason why most people never make it big online.

They read an article on selling products on eBay and decide to give it a try. Then a friend comes along and tells them that video marketing is where the money is. So now our budding entrepreneurs are buying video equipment!

The next day, they come across an inspiring story where a stay-at-home mom with 3 kids managed to make 372,698 dollars in just 12 weeks by clicking her mouse 3 times.

The video marketing project gets put on hold for an indefinite time period and all energies (and resources) are invested in this new, fantabulous money-making blueprint which simply involves typing “simple little money pulling ads”!

You see, the concept of making money online is extremely tempting and it makes people impulsive. Many people chase every money making opportunity that comes their way without even trying to figure out the details. They don’t strive to acquire new skills.

You need to stay focused
Who needs skills when you can make millions by just ‘filling out paid surveys’ or ‘stuffing envelopes‘? It is this kind of escapist mentality that causes people to fail miserably.

So I suggest that you stop falling for the next sensational internet marketing gimmick and focus on the 3 most popular (and successful) ways to make money online. These 3 ways work for the simple reason that they have a solid profit margin, they are easy to implement even for beginners and are not intrusive or obnoxious.

Anyways, onto the top 3 methods I spoke about above 🙂

1) Email marketing: This is a solid strategy that always delivers results. It can be used to increase sales, for lead generation, to improve customer relations, to build brand recognition and last but not the least – to drive highly targeted traffic to a website.

The return on investment is high.

Obviously, unsolicited emails do not generate as amazing a response as permission based emails. So strive to build a subscribers list by offering something valuable such a free course, trial version, sample, report etc.

Also, remember that as the popularity of email marketing goes up, the number of emails in peoples’ inboxes also increases. According to the Madison Logic Company, a whopping “120 billion emails are sent every hour”

So put in that extra effort to make your emails noticeable and unique.

If I had to condense all the wisdom on making money online, I would simply say – learn to get the click! So take time to check out email messages that are sent by your competitors. How can you make them more catchy, less salesy, more believable and most importantly, more valuable?

If you want to learn MORE about Email Marketing – you can check out Publish Academy, by Anik Singal.  It’s launching in February, 2015 and highly recommended.  If you’ve missed the boat on PA, I HIGHLY recommend Build my list by Jimmy Kim.

2) Facebook marketing: This one is my personal favorite! People log in to facebook to check out what’s happening in the world. So when you appear in their news-feed, it automatically makes you ‘cool’ and desirable. You don’t have to chase customers and gain their approval. Instead, they are the ones who want to check you out.

This distinct dynamic between businesses and potential customers makes facebook marketing one of the most ingenious and popular ways to earn money online. Also, people share their likes, dislikes, preferences, hobbies, interests on facebook and this ensures that reaching out your target market becomes easier and more efficient. Facebook is also a fantastic tool for driving customer engagement in the form of contests, photo/story submissions, polls etc.

Do not forget facebook ad marketing. Facebook ads are highly targeted and since people use facebook to relax and take off some stress, their guard is down and they are in the ‘mood’ to buy or at least check out something that is interesting to them.

3) Blogging and SEO: Search engines are designed for one single purpose only – to provide results that are most relevant and most valuable. So the key to online success is pretty simple, upload valuable content and make sure that it is optimized for the search engines. Regularly uploading original & quality content to your blog (like I’m doing now, with this article and others) establishes you as a credible source.

People begin to trust you; they follow you on facebook and subscribe to your newsletter or email list. You get to target them with the three most popular forms of marketing – what more could you ask for? It’s a triple win!

People use the internet for sourcing credible information for solving a certain problem. Basically, they are searching for solutions or ways to improve their lives. Give them what they want and the rest will take care of itself.

Now that you know the 3 most popular ways to make money online, try to learn as much about them as you can and stick to them for at least a year without getting distracted. You will be amazed with the results that you get!

Talk soon 🙂


Jeff Lenney

My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert.