The Most Fool Proof, 100% Proven Way To Make Money Online

You know, despite having this blog and my online business where I literally TELL PEOPLE how to make money online – the MOST frequent question set I get is actually this:

  • “What it is the secret to making money online?
  • I usually tell them something profound and enlightening and am often met with this:
  • “No – give me some insider info!”

LOL – I wish I was kidding!


Are you ready for this? Here’s the BIG revelation and secret!

Traffic = money.

Let me repeat that for you; traffic = more money! That’s it!

If you can attract people to your website (or page or channel), it is hard not to make money online (and offline, for that matter). Also, being a seasoned internet marketer – I have realized that other methods do have their limitations.

  • Your Youtube Channel can get banned
  • Facebook could ban your add account
  • Google can make an update and KILL your rankings

So the only foolproof way to stay afloat in such times is to target people first, search engines later. You should always have a fixed number of people who will remain loyal to you despite what the moody search engines think.

If I could tell you just one thing about making money online, it would be this:


Attracting traffic is hard as it is! So it is downright foolish to NOT to try to convert visitors into subscribers.

Anyways, Just building an email list is not enough if you want to maximize your earning potential. Apart from an email list, you should have a list of facebook followers, twitter followers and YouTube subscribers (feel free to include other avenues as well).

If you are not making Youtube videos yet, you should start immediately – Videos are definitely on the RISE and maybe people’s preferred method of learning.

One important thing! Why focus on building a list when you can just buy one?

Well, the ‘quality > quantity’ rule is applicable here as well.

  1. It is better to have 1000 subscribers who cannot wait to hear from you than 10,000 who cannot wait to get rid of you.
  2. Your emails are pretty much useless if you cannot get people to open them.
  3. Spamming never made anybody rich and even if it did – it is bad karma.

Don’t be cheap and try to buy an email list, trust me on this – it won’t work.  Check out THESE email marketing best practices for more info on that.

So how can a beginner like you build a high quality list?

  1. Your audience does not know that you are a beginner. Brand yourself like a pro and provide SOLID, quality information from the very beginning!
  2. Do not try to make money. Just focus on delivering mind-blowing content. Most other websites are fickle. They are run by people who are out to make a quick buck or two. Set yourself apart and let people know that you are in it for the long haul. People will sense that you are for real!
  3. Give people a taste of your best work (and make sure that it is really good). Then ask them to like/follow/subscribe if they want the entire pie.
  4. Be creative. Ask a funny question instead of simply offering to subscribe. for example: Say you have a website about dogs. Ask people what is their favorite breed instead of simply saying – Subscribe for the latest canine news. Or go with something like – I want to watch cute doggy pics and videos everyday!
  5. Look for subscribers offline. If you are going to an event/gathering that is related to your niche, talk to people over there and tell them about your website/channel/page. Most will subscribe immediately if you are confident and not creepy!
  6. Include calls to action throughout the webpage/site, not just at the end. (Look around my site here for examples, I get upwards of 100 opt-ins per DAY from just free traffic on this site)
  7. Do not annoy your visitors. Focus on creating a seamless user experience rather than being overly ‘salesy’.

Anyways, the above list is by all means NOT meant to be a complete list of what to do by any standards. However, it is a good starting point and should get you going in the right direction!  If you REALLY want to get a good start in list building, Pick up “Build my List” by Jimmy Kim. (You can read my FULL review here).  OR – If you’re already working on your list and want some more advanced tips and tricks, I highly suggest Inbox Blueprint by Anik Singal.

Your subscribers list is your most valuable asset – treat it respectfully.

Jeff Lenney

My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert.