The Power of Having Your Own Email List

The Power of Having Your Own Email List

An internet millionaire once said – “my email list is my ATM machine, I just access it whenever I need cash!


The key to success as an online entrepreneur/marketer is simple – help people.

People often forget this elementary concept and get lost in a maze of statistics, numbers, percentages, techniques, conversion rates and so on. Remember that google keeps changing its algorithms and sooner or later, you are going to take a hit. So the only true way to maintain your credibility and visibility is to provide tangible solutions to real problems.


How do you plan to help people if you do not know what their problems are?

Communication forms the basis of any business – be it online or offline.

Despite the rising popularity of facebook, twitter, YouTube etc, email still remains one of the most favored mediums of communication on the internet. So having your own email list should be very high on your list of priorities.

Your list is a true indicator of your stature as a business owner. I have yet to encounter a high income website without a sizable number of email subscribers. As it is, getting people to visit your site is incredibly hard. So when people do visit, you MUST make sure that they subscribe.

Your subscribers are people who trust you – at least to an extent. You have some leverage over these people.


You can use your list to:

  • Create a buzz about a new product
  • To study public opinion
  • To reinstate your authority in your niche by answering questions
  • To promote products that compliment your niche
  • And to accomplish a whole lot of other incredible things

Seriously, I could go on and on about the merits of building a list of subscribers.

So let me just say that do not underestimate the power of having your own email list. You’re definitely doing something wrong if building an email list is not a prime concern for you. Which brings us to the all important question – How do you create an email list? The shortest answer is to provide value.


So how do you provide actual value?

You have probably heard it before – deliver true value to your visitors blah blah blah!

What does providing value even mean?

Simple – it means that your content should be more informative, better researched, more up to date, more interesting, more entertaining, more engaging, more compelling, easier to understand, witter and just way more awesome than the content that is featured on your competitor’s sites or email lists.

Your content should create trust and ideally – it should trigger an emotional response. Being logical is not enough – people respond best to a combination of logic and emotion!

For example: If you go about explaining to people the importance of recycling, you will come across as boring and obnoxious. However, you will do a much better job of getting your message across if you ask them whether they would like a reusable bag or would they prefer to kill a baby seal instead. LOL – I think you get the point.

If you can get people to trust you – it is almost guaranteed that your business will succeed.

Whenever I think of increasing sales, I ask myself a few questions:

  • What can I do to make life easier for my target audience?
  • How can I make my product more affordable?
  • How can I OVER deliver?
  • How can I make my visitors’ experience more seamless?
  • How can I reach out to the maximum number of people?

Most marketers never think from the customer’s point of view – their approach is rather outcome dependent. I have noticed that being outcome oriented is not in alignment with my goals as a human being. It makes me anxious and distracted. So, I simply focus on the process – the outcome takes care of itself!

Instead of thinking – how to make more money, ask yourself – how can I create content so amazing that it will blow people out of the water? Most sites have generic information that is copied from elsewhere. Moreover, people are constantly being bombarded with advertisements – both on and offline. So you really have to make an impact if you want to get their attention.


My strategy for building an email list is simple – I over deliver.

  • I don’t try to trick people.
  • I don’t manipulate them.
  • I simply provide value.
  • I offer them a free video course, report or eBook in exchange for their email.
  • I may also offer to answer their question or direct them to an amazing deal that will (really) benefit them.
  • Most importantly, I do not spam and do not sell their info to other marketers.

I have noticed that many sites offer free reports, eBooks etc. So I set myself apart by writing better reports and books!

You can literally shave decades off your learning curve with the amazing training by Anik Singal, called Inbox Blueprint.  It’s definitely worth checking out!

Talk soon!


Jeff Lenney

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