There’s Big Money In Picking A Profitable Niche!

There’s Big Money In Picking A Profitable Niche!

How to Find a Profitable Niche

I”ll be frank (it’s okay, you don’t have to change your name) – choosing your niche is the most critical aspect of any online venture, YET it’s something SOOOOO many newbie affiliate marketers have NO idea how to do, or what to look for.

Pick the right niche and you have a chance to survive in the unforgiving and turbulent realm of online businesses.

However, pick a bad niche and you will fail utterly miserably – it will probably be a few months or even years before you realize that you have made a poor choice.  By then you will (potentially) have hundreds of dollars and hours invested in a worthless project! Instead of creating an asset, you will have created another liability.

Sure, you might make a few bucks here and there but nothing really substantial. Your dream of becoming financial independence will remain a dream and you will be stuck at your day job with your annoying boss! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this not to discourage or depress you, but to impress upon you the importance of picking the right niche.

Niche Profit Full Control goes into this well if you’re a complete newbie.

So how do you pick a profitable niche?

It all begins with the simple rule of demand and supply. People will pay for what they need. If your potential customers are on the verge of desperation, you have a very high chance of earning big. This is true not just in the online world, but also in the brick and mortar world.

People spend most money on things that they cannot do without – such as housing, clothing, food, electricity, fuel and medical insurance. Also, a large part of our incomes is spent on paying taxes – which is essentially payment for water supply, electric supply and other necessities.

I’m going to make an assumption here – and correct me if I’m wrong – you probably don’t have the resources to set up a power station or an oil rig. Assuming I’m correct, you’re much better off focusing on more tangible and winnable niches.  If you DO have the resources to set up your own power station and need personal coaching – contact me immediately.  🙂

Anyways, Every human being living on our planet needs three things in order to live well:

Those three things are – Health, Wealth & Love.  Naturally, any niche that is associated with these three can be immensely profitable.

Do some keyword research, tools like Keyword Supremacy make it easy and do most of the heavy lifting for you!

Here are a few examples of such lucrative niches:

1) Make money online. This one seems totally saturated but it is not. Very few people who operate in this niche are honest. Others are either themselves poor or out to con others. These people pose no real threat to you – they cannot compete with you if you have a good work ethic. The only problem with this niche is that it can be very confusing to newbies since there are so many ways to make money online. This problem is easily solved if you find a good mentor.

With proper guidance, you can shave years of your learning curve and succeed in this high profitable niche fairly quickly. My website has loads of information on how to make it big online. Feel free to stick around and have a glance. All the information is free, and yet it is priceless!

2) Relationship Advice (Dating tips, Get your ex back, how to get a girlfriend, save your marriage, etc): Again, this niche looks highly competitive at first glance, but very few websites offer high quality info on the matter. Even the top ranking websites on google have surprisingly mediocre advice on dating. Yes, there are a couple of big companies who do real good work.

However, their products are priced exorbitantly high and out of the reach of the common man. So you still have a very realistic chance of carving out a name for yourself in this niche.

3) Weight loss: True, everybody who has ever lost a few pounds has a blog about weight loss. However, I have noticed that there are very few high quality websites and blogs on sustainable weight loss. It is obvious that anybody will lose weight if they eat less and work out more – this is not rocket science.

However, few people talk about the emotional challenges of eating less. Also, a lot of weight loss advice is based on obsolete science and thus, it actually aggravates the problem and also contributes to heart disease and diabetes. If you are prepared to research deep (more than Wikipedia), weight loss can be a tremendously rewarding niche, despite the tough competition.

4) Health Conditions: Conditions such as diabetes, erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, acne, inability to conceive etc: Many health conditions are lifestyle induced. These cannot be effectively treated unless there are modifications in diet and living habits.

Conventional medicine does not eliminate the root cause of the conditions; it simply counters the symptoms by injecting drugs and chemicals into the body – causing serious side effects and further complications. However, many of these ailments can be controlled and reversed naturally through a combination of nutrition, alternative medicine and exercise.

For example: there is emerging evidence that type 2 diabetes can be reversed by following a high fat, high protein and low carbohydrate diet. There is a lot of scope for research in alternative and natural medicine. If you believe in living healthy and want to help others do the same, this can be the perfect niche for you!

Tip: food allergies is a multi-billion dollar niche!

5) Entertainment: Life is becoming increasingly stressful with each passing day and people need entertainment to stay sane. Entertainment includes hobbies and activities as well as movies, sports, TV etc. Here are a few good examples in this category: online gambling (insanely popular), travel, shopping for clothes and accessories, survival/prepping, technology (reviews of mobile phones, laptops etc.).

Tip: You might be surprised to know that woodworking, gardening, hunting and pet care all multi-million dollar niches.

 My Thoughts:

The most profitable niches are not easy to conquer – but that’s actually a good thing. If they were easy to dominate, everybody would do it!

You won’t EVER accomplish anything even remotely significant if you follow the easy route. So take the difficult path and make it your biatch!

Do not go overboard though; don’t be silly and try to take on the likes of or Be sensible in your approach – if you want to focus on travel; write a lot about one hot destination instead of making up imaginary articles about places you have never really been to. Work with the big guys instead of trying to bring them down! Sure, even big websites can be brought down – but it is not a one man job.

Do not pick a ridiculously broad niche.

For example:

Say you like survival and want to make a blog or website about it

Great, okay  – BUT you’re much better off focusing on just one or two SUB-niches instead of the whole enchilada.

Survival can be broken down into sub-niches such as:

  • “Prepping”
  • Survival self-defense (this relates to training, tactics, and tools for surviving physical threats to your person or property)
  • Growing your own food
  • Natural disaster survival
  • “Man-made” disaster survival

See what I mean? You cannot POSSIBLY rank highly for all keywords associated with this niche as there are most likely MILLIONS associated with EACH of these HUGE sub-niches. So pick a more specific topic and focus on that.

You can put your own spin on any niche to position your website uniquely – instead of focusing on just prepping, write about Bug Out Bag Supplies, or how to purify water in the wild.

Look for at least 3 to 4 high quality products in your niche on platforms like clickbank (Check out Clickbank University 2.0 for CB training), jvzoo, offervault, amazon etc. (Spaking of which, learn ALL about building your own FBA Business here) Ask yourself – would I buy this product and only recommend it to others if the answer is yes? It takes years to build a good reputation, do not ruin in a bid to make a few quick bucks.

Google has many free tools to help you with keyword research. These tools are fairly easy to use and can help you immensely in determining whether a particular niche is hot or not!

Hopefully, this article has taught you a thing or two about picking the right niche.

Good luck in making the right choice!

Jeff Lenney

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