Using Giveaways To Build Your Email List

Using giveaways to build your email list is something that a number of Internet marketers have done to help get their lists off the ground.

giveaways for your email list
The actual idea behind this is very simple, but then the easiest methods (as taught in Inbox Blueprint, Build my list and Profit Academy) do often work out to be the best.

Think about it, giveaways flat out WORK because of the simple fact that us human beings love to get something for nothing. At times we do not even really care about the product or stop to think if we need it, as it is free, so we want it!

You can use this to your benefit too, though I do recommend giving away something worth your subscribers time.  🙂

The role of the giveaway.

The role of the free giveaway is to get the details of an individual added to your email list. By asking for your free gift, the person is giving you permission to then send them emails where you try to sell additional items to them. Other marketers have added hundreds and even thousands of people to their lists over a period of time and with this method the money that they can then earn is substantial.

You can give people a report that can help them, a solution to a problem, or even a program or piece of software that could change their life for the better. It all depends on how generous you plan on being and what your long term aim is with the other products that you may wish to sell in the future.

What do you give to people?

This in itself is a difficult question as you want to strike a balance between something that is good while keeping the best ideas or products back for them to purchase later. In other words, you need the free gift to be something that will not only work, but also give them more faith in the other products that you have to offer. In all honesty, the best advice is to look at what other people are offering in order to then generate some of your own ideas.

How effective is it?

As a marketing and list building tool there is no doubting its effectiveness. The evidence is there for all to see with what has been achieved by other marketers. However, its effectiveness does still depend on you.

Choosing the correct gift is of course important, but then so is knowing how to even market your freebie. Without pushing it out there it is pointless you even having something for free as nobody will even know it exists.

So what now?

If you are thinking of ways to build your email list, then the best advice that you can be given is to go ahead and take direct action. No marketer has ever made money by doing nothing as being proactive is the only way forward. Work out what you are going to give people for free, get that sales thread written out, and start promoting like crazy. By the end of the day, unless you screw up really bad, you will have more people on your list. Give yourself a few days and you should be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

What are you waiting for? Go and take action now!

Jeff Lenney

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