Using Incentives to Build your Email List


Using Incentives to Build your Email List

If you have lots of people visiting your squeeze page or your content pages but no one is signing up, then you may need to give a little extra push to get them to make the decision.

This is where using incentives comes in. An incentive is essentially something that you’ll use like a ‘bribe’ to make your list more appealing – and normally that takes the form of a free gift.

Of course if you’re a small business then you can’t afford a big loss-leader. Thus, the gift you give away should be something free that won’t cost you any money per download. A great example of this is an eBook and these tend to be one of the most popular types of incentive. Similar options include free ‘reports’ (mini eBooks), email courses, mind maps etc.

Doing Incentives Right

doing incentives right

Incentives can be an excellent tool for generating more subscribers but unfortunately, they can also be damaging to your list for a number of reasons.

Some marketers advise against using eBooks for instance.


Because there is a danger than an eBook can be seen as taking up too much time for the reader:

  1. How many people are actually likely to read all the way through an eBook?
  2. And by the end of that, are they going to want more of your content or will they be all burned out?
  3. Another risk when giving away free eBooks, is that you can end up with a lot of subscribers who are hunting for freebies.

This is bad news, because it means that you can end up with people grabbing the book and then unsubscribing or never reading your message again.

For this reason, the smaller option of the report might actually be a better strategy. Whereas an eBook takes time, a report should save time for your readers.

But you’ll still find that this creates some of the same problems – especially if you’re paying for advertising or SEO. And that’s why you can consider getting a little more creative with your incentives.

Ideally, you want to make your e-mail itself the incentive.

I already described how you can drive people to a mailing list by talking about an upcoming project or product.

Discuss how life changing it’s going to be and get people excited for it, then at the end tell them they need to sign up for more information. People always want what they can’t have and as such, an unfinished product is something that will always drive a lot of subscriptions.

At the same time though, your audience is now very likely to keep their eyes peeled on their inbox for more information and also more likely to potentially buy your product when it does release.

You see how this is a more effective strategy?

Another way to make the mailing list itself the incentive is to describe it as a newsletter, filled with breaking industry news and exclusive advice and tips. Or how about making it into an e-zine with some kick ass pictures?

You can even run a contest regularly for your subscribers. This way, there’s the promise of winning something big, but you will only have to pay out once. Better yet, people will need to keep checking the e-mails you send in order to find out whether or not they won.


Finally, you can sell your email list on the strength of the special offers and deals you’re going to be offering. This is a great way to attract people with money to burn and it also means they’ll want to open your messages to see if the deals apply to them.

Using the right language also helps a lot. Refer to your subscribers as your ‘VIP members’ and make sure to keep offering them extra bonuses and benefits that your other readers can see. Make it sound exciting, exclusive and important to be a subscriber and therefore a member!

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