What is a Responsive Website?

What is a Responsive Website? 

This is a question I get in my inbox a few times a week, so I figured I’d address it via a post on my blog I can direct people to. 🙂

Anyways, a Responsive Website is essentially a website that is OPTIMIZED for and looks great across all devices, desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets.

With more and more users turning to their smart phones to browse the web, it’s becoming more and more important to give them a positive user experience.

Harvard's Responsive Website

Harvard’s Responsive Website

As of Mid 2014, Mobile Traffic now EXCEEDS PC traffic for the FIRST time in history.

It’s more important now than EVER to make sure your site is optimized for ALL of your visitors!

Take a look at this traffic chart showing just 1 YEAR of traffic, and the rapid rate of mobile traffic increasing. (Like I discuss in my Mobile Optin Review)

Mobile VS PC Internet Usage - 2014

People will often ask me “Jeff”, they say – “What are the benefits of having a responsive website?”

Honestly, the benefits are HUGE:

  • Your site looks better
  • Provides a better user experience
  • Looks more professional
  • GOOGLE loves it and recommends it (read about that here)
  • Your RESPONSIVE website will even RANK better in Google, as they want to serve the sites giving a good user experience closer to the top!

Enough talk – let me SHOW you an example:

Responsive Vs Non Responsive Web Design

Powerful stuff right? 

Seriously, when comparing the two side by side it’s QUITE obvious which site gives the better user experience.  That’s the VERY reason why JeffLenney.com and ALL of my sites are built on responsive wordpress themes.

So – you may be asking yourself – “Self”, you may say “where do I GET a responsive website designed or built?”

Well, while I’m NOT a programmer myself – however MANY wordpress themes (both free, and premium) are now responsive.  Just spend a few minutes with a Google search, and you should be able to find a nice one rather quickly!

Google Search for "Responsive WordPress Themes"

Anyways, I DO genuinely hope you learned something today!  I see so many old, out of date and NON responsive sites out there.  It really is easy to fix, just takes a little work which you can do yourself, or even outsource.

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Jeff Lenney

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