Why Email Marketing Still Matters in 2018

Why Email Marketing Matters in 2018

When email was still new, everybody liked it and having an email address made you feel tech-savvy in your own way.

That was more than two decades ago.

Today, email is nothing exciting anymore what with all the scams running through email, people don’t even bother opening their inboxes anymore.

Sounds like something you have heard before, right? Well, that is just misplaced belief.

If anything, email has found a new way into our daily lives with the ubiquitous hand-held devices that we find ourselves with today. Tech developments like this have cemented the use of email in our internet experience. Email providers have also done well to make sign-up and sign-in processes a cinch.

The processes put in play have caused an evolution in the way emails are received and consumed, and a whole bunch of people open their emails every single day.

With all the indicators pointing to an increased use of email, your marketing budget is not complete unless you have a strategy for email marketing.

Below are research-backed reasons why email will become even more important to affiliates and other internet marketers of all types;

Easy to integrate and customize

The most important ideal keeping email in the marketing game over two decades since it was first introduced is its ability to fit into any marketing mold. App creators are also coming up with software that provides easy links to email and the other way around.

These days email can be used in connection with other marketing strategies to create an integrated marketing campaign that works like a well-oiled machine to bring in clients.

The messages can also be personalized as much as you find fit. There are plenty of ways to get your message across when it comes to email and it is crucial that you are unique so that you rise above the Nigerian Prince baloney and stay away from the spam folder. There are plenty of techniques used to personalize websites that can also be used to make your email stand out.

Shopping cart reminders and using customer names are a couple of the tactics you can apply to give your email marketing strategy a personal touch.

The stats say email users are growing

It makes no sense to ignore an avenue, which almost all your customers are using, and the stats seem to suggest just that. Statistics have the number of email users at over two billion currently. Of these users, 91% check their email on a daily basis. With such numbers, it is obvious that companies are more likely to get a good ROI should they invest time and effort in email marketing.

It’s Easily Affordable

There are plenty of marketing techniques out there and some of them can put a strain on your marketing budget-not email marketing though.

Businesses have a large number of customers that they can reach for pennies per message, which is awesome for business.

It is the ideal marketing channel for small businesses which are still coming up. If you don’t have the money to splurge on a flashy TV advertisement campaign or such, you can start out with email marketing and may be amazed at the responses.

According to research by Forrester Research and Shop, 85% of US retailers find email to be very effective when it comes to customer acquisition.

Email is familiar

Folks tend to keep their email addresses for good and form attachment to them. Many people will keep their primary email addresses for the long-term even though they may get other addresses for other purposes. This basically means that you can keep communicating to this potential client as long as you have one of the addresses.

That’s one of the reasons why email has watched social media platforms fall while it remains ever so relevant. Email has always found a way to wring its way into our daily lives. In return, folks have accepted their email addresses as part of themselves. Even organic searches seem to be in jeopardy of being taken over by paid ads but nothing seems to touch email.

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons!

Believe it or not, in 2017 and 2018, Email coupons are still a driving force when it comes to sales, yes – even for affiliate marketers!

Studies from Deloitte and Nielsen show that shoppers subscribe to product or store emails so they can save money on offers. The Nielsen study had the number of users subscribing to products and store emails at 27%. The study by Deloitte had this number at 65% of consumers who use email coupons when shopping for groceries online.

E-coupons are a gem in sales promotion that seems to be changing things for companies across the board. Companies in every niche can improve their bottom line through email coupons. It is predicted that the number of e-coupon users will have doubled in the next 5 years. This will take the number of users to one billion.

You can track data

Email gives you as many avenues to track your data as you could possibly need. You can see who opens or forwards your messages. The click-through and conversion rates are also measurable, which means you know just how impactful your email campaign is.

The Bottom line…

Email is an old tactic but one that still works. It seems to be the perfect marketing strategy for small business and a good connector for all the different methods used in expensive integrated campaigns. It works even better for affiliates, who depend on analytical data to push links. Even though businesses have a lot to gain from an email marketing campaign, they also have to put in sheer effort and inventiveness to keep their campaigns competitive.

Web marketing professionals are always available to devise the newest strategies so even the busiest business owners have no excuse not to get on the train.

Thanks to the explosion of mobile devices, email is back stronger and better than before in every way. The big question is not whether to use it but how to use it to capitalize on its renewed popularity.

If one thing is for sure, it is that email will still be around for years to come. You can count on it to blow competitors out of the water in 2018.

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