Jeff Clark’s Breakout Alert Review (The S-Force Method)


​Jeff Lenney here, and thanks for stopping by to check out my Jeff Clark’s Breakout Alert ​​Review!

​For those that DON'T know who I am or what I do, it's important to understand one crucial thing:

​I NEVER Review a Product unless I get it first, test it, use it, and more-or-less make sure it delivers on what it promises.

​Now - Jeff Clarks S-Force Method (Breakout Alert) is brand new - so while I can't comment on the quality of the picks in this particular newsletter, I CAN say that I've been following Jeff Clark for just over a year now​.

Who Is Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark got into trading at the ripe old age of 19 years old.  He made around $1,200 his very first trade and quickly realized this is what he wanted to do forever.

He went into money management after doing his personal trading, and got into publishing in 2003.  Since then, he's averaged about 8 trade recommendations per year, doubling (or more) each of his trades.

What is Jeff Clark's Breakout Alert Method?

On Wednesday, October 23rd, at 8 pm ET, trading legend Jeff Clark is putting on his first-ever stock trading event to reveal…The S-Force Method: How to Make More Money Than You Can With Options — Trading A Group of Tiny Stocks…

And if you’d like to find out how to trade tiny, $1 stocks and potentially walk away with as much as $4,550… $15,900… and even $30,050 per trade — without using options — you’ll want to register immediately.

One Week Only: Free Stock Trading Coaching with 36-Year Expert Jeff Clark

​If you missed the live event, you can still get started right now!

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  • Brian says:

    Is this not a pump and dump scheme?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Not at all, those are illegal and something agora def does NOT participate in

      Get Started here – this is my affiliate link (full disclosure), but I would NOT recommend it if it were junk – as my name is my brand, and i value both 🙂


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