Simpler Options Review

Simpler Options Review

Product Name: Simpler Options
Product Creator: John Carter
Next Free Training: November 24th, December 1st & December 8th (Final Webinar) (registration link coming soon)
The Verdict: 100% RECOMMENDED

John Carter's Simpler Options Review

Editors Recommendation: 100% Free Options Trading eBook – “Download now – Understanding Options”

Hey Folks – thanks for checking out my Simpler Options Review – By John F. Carter!

First of all – let’s cut STRAIGHT to the chase and get to the question on EVERYBODY’S mind right now:

What IS Simpler Options all about?

Simply put, (see what I did there?) Simpler Options is an online options trading course – with the BIG benefits being their LIVE 1 day and 3 Day long workshops in which they lead members through DAILY live trades while explaining:

  • Strategies
  • Significant Market Opportunities
  • and Daily Trading Lessons.

Both newbies as well as experienced traders share their knowledge, experiences and support EACH other in their very active trading forum – AND (my favorite) their MODERATED chat room for (Gold) members!

How does it work?

Well, you have TWO primary membership options:

Simpler Options Membership

  1. Gold Member – $147 per Month (Editors Choice)
    1. Live Options Trading Rooms (worth $147 a month on it’s OWN – These are staffed by their PRO traders every DAY including people like Neil Yeager, Tony LaPorta and Chris Brecher – ALL very successful traders themselves!
    2. Text Message Alerts ($995 per YEAR Value)
    3. Premium Daily Options Newsletter ($79 per MONTH value)
    4. John’s Newsletter pick ($495 per YEAR value)
    5. Options Trading Forum
    6. Platform Tutorials
  2. Silver Member ($79 per month)
    1. Premium Daily Options Newsletter ($79 per MONTH value)
    2. John’s Newsletter pick ($495 per YEAR value)
    3. Options Trading Forum
    4. Platform Tutorials

More about what you get:

  • The LIVE options trading chat room (gold members only): Watch John Carter and his INDUSTRY professionals discussing AND trading the markets LIVE so you can see the VERY trades they’re making THEMSELVES and WHY they’re making them!  You can also see the moderators charts AND listen to audio commentary outlining the major trades of the day AND of course get to chat with the moderators and fellow members.
  • Text Message Alerts (Gold Members Only): Get text message alerts delivered DAILY to your mobile phone with hand selected trades that are also placed in the live trading chat room.
  • Premium Daily Options Newsletter: (Gold & Silver Members): These DAILY newsletters include John’s daily VIDEO market analysis.  You get to look over John’s shoulder as he analyses the MOST ACTIVELY TRADED STOCKS & ETF’s for options trades in this nightly (Sunday – Thursday) video which prepares you for the next trading day.  This also includes morning & afternoon Email updates.
  • John’s Newsletter Pick: (Gold & Silver Members): Get daily access to a spreadsheet of John’s swing positions for End of Day Traders – this is posted in the members area of Simpler Options along with the daily newsletter.
  • Members Options Trading Forum (Gold & Silver Members): HIGHLY interactive forum with over 3,000 ACTIVE traders.  You can ask questions & exchange trading tips and ideas with beginner and advanced traders.
  • Platform Knowledge-base (Gold & Silver Members): You get instant access to a rather large library of video tutorials on both the ThinkorSwim AND TradeStation platforms.  As a member of Simpler Options, you have FULL access to these video libraries and can view and review the videos as OFTEN as you like.  They also add new content

My Simpler Options Review

This is an AMAZING trading course for both newbie AND experienced options traders.

While I’ve PERSONALLY traded in the Forex Market before and done QUITE well – this was my first experience with options trading and I’ve learned quite a deal myself.  The training was laid out in a way that made it VERY easy for me to understand (as an options trading newbie) but also had quite a few tips and tricks that even experienced traders could get a LOT of value out of as well.

Any questions – PLEASE let me know – I’m a member too and have a pretty good grasp now on what they teach.  Honestly, if you watch the video training, attend the LIVE chat room, pay attention to John’s options picks- there’s no reason you WON’T succeed – but THAT’S all on you!

Thanks for your time 🙂

Jeff Lenney

2019 Update: Simpler Options is still a great course, but I also Highly Recommend Jason Bond Picks for ‘next level’ Options Trading Training, and Profits Unlimited if you’re looking for an epic Stock Newsletter by one of the all time greats.

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