People ask me on a regular basis WHAT resources they need in order to get started with Internet Marketing.

SO – I decided to make it easy for you, and compile a list in one easy to access place.

Website Registration and Hosting:

I use HostMonster and am quite happy with them.  Prices start at $6.99 per MONTH for Unlimited Web Hosting – and you can also REGISTER your new websites with them making it a great ‘one stop shop’

Sign up at

Email Marketing:

If you ask ANY Email Marketer which they prefer – you’ll get a few answers, but the most COMMON are Aweber – and GetResponse

, I use aWeber,  Other Marketers I know use one or the other – both are equally good in my opinion and they BOTH offer free trials for 30 days – pick one and go with it, no need to use both:

Affiliate Marketing

Check out SmartBloggers Epic Affiliate Marketing Guide!

Also be sure to check out my own!


Believe it or not, you can outsource ANYTHING on the Web These days.Marketing Resources

  • Content – I primarily Use – It’s free to sign up, and you DO NOT have to pay unless you’re happy with the content you receive.
  • SqueezePages – There are a few things you can do here:
    • Upwork.comHTML Webpage or LandingPage Design – I use this alot, and  you don’t pay unless you’re happy with the work received and you can outsource ANYTHING on there, including content, SEO, web design, database work or even get VA’s (virtual assistants)
    • – get stuff designed for as little as $5.00 or so.

At any rate, I hope you find this helpful.  Got any questions, drop me a line HERE – I respond to each email – yup – I’m real ! haha

More updates coming soon!

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