The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking…

Just about every one of us have been told that thinking a tad bit more positively would have a great impact on our lives and would help a lot in solving our problems.

Unfortunately, positive thinking often gets a bad rap: some people tend to think of it as a sign of an unrealistic view of the world or naivety.

However, let us just try to think positively of what is known as positive thinking. The negative reputation is frightful.
The Power of Positive Thinking
Let us take a look at what positive thinking is and what it is not.  And in the process, we’ll find out why applying it can have an amazing positive effect on your life!

Sound good?

Okay then!

What exactly is positive thinking?

FIRST – take a few minutes to watch this AMAZINGLY motivational video on Positive Thinking, then learn more below!

While the video was NOT mine, read below to read my OWN thoughts on positive thinking!

Positive thinking is “nothing more” than a choice.

That’s it, a choice.  A choice regarding your attitude towards all the things you encounter and plan to encounter in your life.

You are thinking positively when you not only see that your glass is not half empty but half full, but when you have the strength and discipline to value anything that is in your glass.

Even when your glass is almost empty, positive thinking is not about the belief that your glass is full, when it is not. It is the power to seek and see the value present in all of our lives.

It is the power to take that value and then turn it into something more.

Changing the conscious is easy

The first step toward thinking positively is changing your thoughts on a conscious level. Even when your gut says that the glass in question is running on empty, you can still remind yourself that there still is something in that glass. You can, and often should contradict your instincts, your first thoughts.

Does that seem hard?

At a first glance, it does.

It does, because once you develop the habit of questioning and overwriting your negative thoughts, you are already on the path towards changing your subconscious. That said, you can not begin this journey with your subconscious mind.

While utilizing internal reminders for positive affirmations is a serious challenge, you can be sure that you will eventually get there. Before that, though, you can still apply a bunch of external hacks to aid you in developing the habit.

For example, you can set up phone notifications to remind you to check your mood and reevaluate your feelings. Even easier, you can develop a simple set of morning and evening routines to analyze your day.

At the start of your day, you might want to think through what you are going to do and accomplish during your day.

Setting Daily Goals

Soon, you will learn to learn what you can expect from a day in your life and you will slowly shift into the habit of setting realistic goals and distributing your time more effectively. Also, at the end of your day you can think through everything that has happened to you and you can remind yourself of all the situations in which your behavior and thoughts were positive. You should value those moments, because those are a sign of progress.

You ought not to forget about the negative situations, though: analyze them and think about why you think those were bad for you and what you can do to be able to value what has happened. The magic happens in your subconscious mind What happens on the surface is almost obvious, and the change can happen pretty fast, depending on the level of your discipline.

However, the true power of positive thinking will only reveal itself once your subconscious thoughts become mostly positive. Is there a recipe for that? Yes and no. No, because there are no exact steps for you to follow. And yes, because you can start developing habits consciously, and you can expect your conscious positive thoughts to slowly drip into your unconscious cognitive levels.

Feel free to ease yourself into the optimism that the simple habits that you apply on a daily basis will soon change the way you run your life. Is critiquing easier than admiration? Again, positive thinking does not equal the lack of critical thoughts. Most of the people who can not seem to value the benefits of a positive mindset often like to argue that positive thinkers do not see the “full reality” that is around us. That is simply not true.

It is much easier to point out that a glass is half empty, because that shows that you are a clever observer, you can notice the faults around us. Let us think about this: pointing out problems is not something anyone might want to be proud of. Every single one of us is able to point out problems.

Valuing, however, that there is something in your glass is usually harder. You risk that you will be perceived as the fool who is happy because there are too drops in your glass.

Do not let yourself be intimidated: you should feel proud, because you are among the few ones who have experienced the magic of positive thinking. You are among the few ones who know how to value every single drop, every single moment!

Have a wonderful day!

Jeff Lenney

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