A Bug Free Mind Review & Bonus

A Bug Free Mind Review & Bonus

Product Name: A Bug Free Mind
Product Creator: Andy Shaw
Price: It Varies (more info below)
Website: www.ABugFreeMind.com
The Verdict: 

A Bug Free Mind Review & Bonus

Hey folks – thanks SO much for stopping by to check out my “A Bug Free Mind” Review.  I was quite excited to get a hold of this program and have learned quite a bit from it already.  Anyways – I’ll get straight to the question on everybody’s mind right now:

What IS A Bug Free Mind, and What Can It do for YOU?

(This part of my review is rather long – if you want to skip what it’s about and read my review – scroll down a bit)

What is a bug free mind?

Essentially, the process in A Bug Free Mind takes you on a journey through your own mind.  As you take this journey, you’ll be learning how to replace chaotic thinking with structured thinking.

According to Andy Shaw,

When you first read this it sounds like hard work, but it’s not. We have been taught everything in this world except how to use our minds to produce results without effort. A few of us can do this without thought, but the vast majority of people have never been trained how to do it. So as they get older they pour more and more wonderful education into their mind, but their ability to produce results diminishes over time. – Peter Halm – A Bug Free Mind

If you’re here on my website reading this post, chances are you searched online for A Bug Free Mind Review or for more information on Andy Shaw the creator.  You’re on my page right now because you realize you ARE missing something in the way you are taught to think – and you want to know if A Bug Free Mind can really help you. Up until now – education has taught us WHAT to think – but nobody has ever taught us HOT to think.

As kids, we had a natural ability to succeed.  The MOST difficult think we ever had to learn was how to walk – which we all succeeded at.  On the other hand, if an adult had to learn to walk – it’d be practically impossible for them to learn.  The NATURAL success mindset we had as kids has been programmed OUT of us – so to learn how to EASILY achieve success we have to learn once again to use the greatest asset we’ve ever been given – our mind.

Here’s how the bug free mind process works:

It CLEARS our minds of what’s holding us back and gives you BACK the ability you had to learn as a child.  Essentially, a person can now learn ANYTHING and succeed at it without pain, stress, worry, fear, anxiety, depression or being overwhelmed.

Once this is learned – the success you can have in life will be almost effortless – which is the way it seems to happen for those of us who are ‘naturally successful’.

How Long Does it take?

To be honest, the Bug Free Mind Process DOES take a different amount of time for different people – HOWEVER – you’ll notice an almost instantaneous improvement in how you feel.  Within 30 days you’ll have seen the changes first hand in many areas of your life.  You’ll find family and friends asking “what happened to you?” and you’ll be enjoying life in a way which you NEVER thought was possible.

What IS the process?

Well, from what I gather – “The process” has given various names since it was first released – but simply put, it’s A guide to exactly how to use your mind to deliver you the life you desire.  And was created as a result of people asking “why can I succeed & why do others struggle?”

It’s designed to show you how to get BACK to the naturally successful person you were meant and designed to be.

The Process puts into an applicable way all of the teachings necessary for success that have been given to us by prophets throughout history.

One of my FAVORITE examples is the maxim from Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This is clearly a wonderful statement, but no one is taught how to be that change, this process teaches that amongst many other things. But it teaches it all in a way where anyone can apply it.

If you DO choose to go on the Bug Free Mind Journey – don’t worry – you’re NOT going to be stuffing in more and more knowledge – but rather you’ll be taught HOW to make all the existing knowledge you already HAVE applicable – and how to live out the proverb “the journey is in the reward.”

There are FOUR main elements to the process:

  1. Written
  2. Audio
  3. Video
  4. Community

Each part of the process fully stands alone and contains almost all of the process in each portion.  If you DO purchase just one part – it WILL enough and I promise you won’t be missing out.  The main reason there ARE multiple ways is to ensure you have both a quicker AND a permanent change.

The Bug Free Mind Process

Their AVERAGE customer is on his or her 3RD time through the process – while many customers have gone through it over 10 times – and SOME on their 30th+ time through the process.

This is NOT something you’ll just want to buy, read and magically add more info into your mind.  You’ll want the process multiple times and study it multiple ways if possible.

  • If you’re tight on money – the best way to start is by purchasing the first book – “Creating a Bug Free Mind”.  This is the most effective way in and you can return later and add to your training as you prove to yourself there is value in the process.
  • If Money is not an issue – the BEST way to begin is by purchasing both the books as well as the audios.  This will allow you to listen and go ahead, while you can also use the written version to highlight important moments and take notes.  Most people (approx 71%) begin this way.
    • My PERSONAL recommendation is to get both books and audios – then go back for the VIDEO course after a month or so of putting your training into practice and seeing some of the changes in your life come to be.

Anyways – having explained WHAT A Bug Free Mind – let me give you my review:

My  Bug Free Mind Review

My Review is STILL a work in progress – check back soon 🙂


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