AdvertSuite Review By Real Customer (I hate FAKE Reviews)

​Hey Folks, Jeff Lenney here and thank you for stopping by to read my AdvertSuite Review!

I don't know about you, but I HATE seeing all the fake reviews by people claiming to have tried a product, just to get your click and your commission.

Fake Discounts, $​25,000 worth of shit bonuses (that's what the above guy offer), fake Demos, all lies just to get you to click their link and find out they don't deliver.

Well, have no doubt - I  DID pick up Advertsuite - so regardless of if you pick it up yourself or not, you can at least know my review is real, and not built on a throne of lies. 🙂

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Advertsuite Review

Advertsuite takes all the guesswork out of creating profitable & successful Facebook Ads by showing you ALL of the different FB ads that are running right now in the world, allowing you to find the successful ones, see their targeting, their landing page, their demographics - allowing you to replicate their success, and build upon it yourself!

First of all, ​Advertsuite is not ONLY the Biggest FB Ads Search Tool, BUT it also ​has the option to work with Instagram, ​Youtube and Google Ads (for a ​upgrade fee).


​Advertsuite works in 3, simple steps:

  1. Enter Your Target audience Filters (Age, Audience, Keywords, competitors).
  2. View Results - AdvertSuite quickly lets you View Active & Past Campaigns, Landing pages & Results from Any Advertiser online.
  3. Copy & implement - Copy & Implement The ads that work so you don’t waste money on ads that don’t!

It really IS that easy - but what else does ​Advertsuite do?

​Advertsuite Features

​Advertsuite Shows What's Working NOW (and what isn't)

​Advertsuite Helps You Generate Buyer Traffic Today With Ads

Competitor Breakdown

​Advertsuite Is The Worlds Largest FBAds Database

​Advertsuite Has Demographic & Engagement Filters

​Advertsuite Has Geo location filters

Video & Image Ad Integration

​Call To Action Based Sorting

​Ad position filtering

​Funnel Breakdown Module

Who is ​Advertsuite good for?

Here's the thing, just about EVERYBODY and their mom wants to run FB ads these days.

They work, BUT many people don't know how to filter down to the appropriate audience, or they're not patient enough to learn how.

​Adversuite takes away that fear, and is GREAT for

  1. ECommerce/Amazon/Shopify Marketers - Use Advertsuite to find running ads for any product or even shopify store ads in general with out shopify segmenter to give you the winning trending ads TODAY.

  2. Local/Small Biz Marketers - Advertsuite will show you any local clients running ads or search for a specific keyword like ‘surgeon or ‘restaurant to search our entire database of ads running now and completed ads.

  3. Affiliate Marketing Angle (my favorite) - Use Advertsuite to see what other online marketers are doing to get emails, direct sales, webinar registrations etc, be shown geo locations, genders etc of where this ad is being targeted to and then copy the winners that are working now!

  4. Email Marketers (What?!) - Search Advertsuite to find all list building ads running through call to actions and see what content, text, targeting and landing page of the winners to replicate another successful campaign.

Does ​Advertsuite Have Any Upsells?

​Yep! There are 2 "OTOS" (One-Time-Offers) that are recommended, but NOT at all required to make ​Advertsuite work!

  • OTO 1 - $67.00 One Time Fee - Instagram, youtube & Google Syndication - This allows Advertsuite users to expand their advertising searches to show instagram, youtube and google ads as well.

  • OTO 2 - $47.00 One Time - VIP FB Ads Training - VIP Fb Ads training will take users through the full process of how to monetize FB ads using Advertsuite in multiple markets from ecom, local, affiliate and offline business’s. This also includes ​their 5 VIP webinars exclusive to these members.
  • OTO 3 - $197 - Reseller 20 Account Key - This is GREAT for Marketing Agencies! This upgrade allows users to change ​the Advertsuite logo out with theirs and generate keys to give to clients, sell, rent, as if Advertsuite was built by THEM - this ads HUGE legitimacy to any local marketing agency or person working with clients.

Again, NONE of these are required, and Advertsuite works GREAT 'out of the box' on it's own, but I'd definitely recommend looking at #1 and #2 to get the most out of Advertsuite.

​That's Nice and all Jeff, but DOES ​Advertsuite WORK?

Simply put, YES, Advertsuite works as it claims, better in my opinion!

​Advertsuite is MUCH easier & quicker for me just to SHOW you - so watch this quick video to see some LIVE examples on my own computer!​

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