Commission Cartel Review

Product Name: Commission Cartel
Product Creator: Michael Cheney
Price: $9.95 (yes, really)
Website: www.CommissionCartel.com
The Verdict: 100% RECOMMENDED

Hey Folks, thanks for stopping by to check out my Commission Cartel Review, by none other than Michael Cheney!

What IS Commission Cartel all about? (I Got it!)


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As you can see above, I did indeed purchase commission cartel, I’ve gone through it (which I’ll go more into below) and I must say – f0r $9.99 it’s a no-brainer.

Jumping into the core training, the main product is just $9.95 for the training and you get a TON of training here:

Here’s what you get with Commission Cartel:

  1. Core Video Training
    1. The MAIN Core Video Training is over one HOUR long and goes (literally) step by step into finding the best products to promote, how to create succesfull promotions (with exact wordings so you can copy some stuff), case studies, secret sales strategies and TONS of other amazing things in this video.  This video ALONE is worth the price of the product 10 fold – and I’m already using what I’ve learned from it in a few of my own campaigns successfully.
  2. The Dossier
    1. The Dossier is a PDF version of the main core training with some more insights.  Print it out, save it to your computer, save it on your phone, put a copy under your bed – whatever.  This is Grade-A quality information.
  3. MP3 Audio
    1. The MP3 Audio -You should use this together with the Core Training Video and the Dossier as well as the other training materials and components in the Commission Cartel members area. The great thing about this audio, of course, is you can listen to it on the move;This will “cement in” these money-making tactics really quickly for you so they become second nature and you can use them to make even more commissions with every promotion you do.
  4. Step-by-Step Blueprint
    1. The Blueprint – This Blueprint is designed to be PRINTED OFF and used as your companion guide as you go through the Core Training Video and the Dossier Report. Keep this simple step-by-step Blueprint handy and tick off each task as you do it. All you do is complete each task and you’ll be on your way to earning serious affiliate income in no time. (And seriously, print it out)
  5. Copy & Paste Promos
    1. You can copy and paste your way to easy commissions in the blink of an eye;
    2. Every message deeply injected with psychological triggers and power hot-buttons proven to convert even the coldest prospect into a molten hot buyer in an instant
    3. Save hundreds of hours’ worth of research, study and copywriting by getting these proven promos which put money directly into your pocket – just copy and paste
    4. Ready to earn right away and deployable on Facebook, your blog and autoresponders
    5. Targeting the best-converting and highest-paying evergreen offers Michael’s personally hand-picked over the past few months
    6. And barrel-loads of money-monkeys more…
  6. Big Commission Bootcamp
    1. This is ANOTHER hour of Video Training that dives into finding & successfully promoting HIGH COMMISSION products.
    2. The ancient “cookie jar” philosophy which transforms tiny commissions into big ones overnight. (This will get you big results fast – even you’re just starting out.)
    3. The Field of Diamonds strategy to unlocking the big commission payouts. (Forget fighting it out for scraps among the desperate masses and instead go straight to where the money is.)
    4. How to attract Super Buyers into your business without a product, list or website. (Totally free tactic that’s so easy it will shock you.)
    5. The Pure Alchemy method which turns even the coldest prospects into hot molten buyers in a flash. (They’ll be like putty in your hands after you use this and it’s totally ethical too.)
    6. How to multiply your commissions using the little-known “Top Gear” process. (Accelerate to five figures fast and no punching of TV execs required.)
    7. The Dancing Skeleton method which doubles your sales in one fell swoop (Works every time but most affiliates don’t even know it exists)
    8. And bouncing barrel-loads more…
  7. Affiliate Marketing Masterclass (Make sure you watch this!)
    1. Yet ANOTHER hour (54 minutes to be exact) of quality video training from Michael Cheney himself.
    2. The secret Sopranos affiliate method that “whacks” your competition and turns you into an affiliate Godfather without any repurcussions from the FBI or FTC. (Fiendishly simple – you’ll make more money within minutes of using this. Guaranteed).
    3. The no-ads, no-list way to get instant sales and affiliate commissions. (People think they know how to do this but they don’t. Get it right and you can bank $1k and upwards every month. Easily)
    4. The quick and dirty method to storm any affiliate leaderboard. (This is so easy even a newbie can do it and 100% bad ass training!!)
    5. How to avoid “list burnout”, “buyer’s remorse” and the “big blast backlash” in your affiliate promos. (This one is huge and can grow your take home profits by 435% in one fell swoop)
    6. The Dustin Hoffman secret to tripling your commissions. (I’m almost reluctant to reveal this because it’s so powerful but we’re among friends and this is a closed-doors event so I’ll spill the beans.)
  8. Uncensored Affiliate Secrets
    1. I don’t know why, but Michael is giving you ALL of the above for just $9.95 – stupid…I’m not sure? LOL – Anyways THIS book, though at the end is some of my favorite training in this entire course.  Michael previously taught this stuff for $4,997 and blew people AWAY.  This report is the best bits of the affiliate training from that program, and he walks you thorugh, step-by-step, the money making anatomy of a REAL-LIFE affiliate promotion which brought in tens of thousands of dollars.
    2. If you want to learn how to hit #1 on the leaderboards and get a shit ton of leads in a hurry, this is the way to do it.

Anyways – ALL of the above is included with your purchase – my advice, for $9.95 pick this up NOW before Michael realizes what he’s doing and charges what it’s worth.

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My Commission Cartel Review & Final Verdict

Honestly, if this were MY product I’d probably be selling it for $99 or $297 or so – and it’d be worth every penny even still at that price point.

Check out my full 20 MINUTE Commission Cartel Review Video, then read more about it below:

Here’s what I love about this course:

  • The main training is LITERALLY step by step, and while it’s perfect for newbies even seasoned marketers such as myself could easily learn a few things from it.
  • For $9.95 you get a TON of information here.  I stated above that this course should go for $99 or $297 and I stick by that statement.
  • Newbie Friendly – The video & pdf training literally walk you through things step-by-step as if Michael is sitting there letting you look over his shoulder as he finds products to promote, easily builds a profitable sales funnel for them, etc.
  • The ADDITIONAL Video Training included with the course have previously been sold for $5,000 and after going through them I can see why.

Here’s what I don’t Like:

  • Honestly, I really tried to find one thing to NOT like so I would not seem so biased, but with everything you get for just $9.95 there really is nothing to NOT like.

My Advice:

Pick up this course, BUT don’t just sit there saying “I’ll start tomorrow”.  Get it, go THROUGH the training and PUT IT INTO ACTION. Do NOT just sit on your ass doing nothing.

>>> Sign up for Commission Cartel here with my bonuses

My Commission Cartel Bonus

I’ll be honest, I normally don’t offer such as kick ass bonus on a $9.95 product – BUT they’re having a pretty cool sales contest, and I want to win! LOL

So – if you pick up Commission Cartel via my affiliate link, I will hook you up with some EPIC training & coaching, free of charge as my thanks!

A little background first, my name is Jeff Lenney – I’m a Super Affiliate and I regularly work with Online Marketing Superstars Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim, Dori Friend and others – AND I work with their students as well.

I’ve been involved in product creation & coaching for products like Profit Academy, Publish Academy, Build my List, Parallel Profits and others.

What’s the point of my telling you this? My point is – if these Internet Marketing Superstars regularly seek me out to help them with THEIR marketing & students – there must be a reason for that. 🙂

Anyways, I sat and thought for about 20 minutes as to what I could possibly offer to entice you to buy Commission Cartel via my affiliate link – and then suddenly it hit me like a bag of bricks!

While the training in CC is definitely complete and more than enough for you to have success online, I feel that some epic training on email marketing would definitely compliment the course and allow you to easily 4x your profit by building up an email list of followers and building trust & relationships with them which ultimately leads to more sales.

  • Bonus #1: Swipe Files: 3,000 Swipe Files for ALL Occasions ($2500 Value)Swipe-File-Chamber
    • Want to learn how to use the right words to turn your business into a thriving money-maker? Copywriting is not a secret kept to only those who are gifted writers. This guide will show you what to write to get people to read your copy using strategies that hook them to your words.
    • Get access to the VERY Email Swipe Files & Subject lines WITH actual examples that have made me thousands! You can use these and modify them to work with ANY niche.
    • Get hundreds of swipes for everything from Article Titles, Benefits, Bonuses, Bullet Points, Calls to action, guarantees, openings, closings and much more!  If you ever wanted to see what the PROS used to get clicks and sales, you DO NOT want to miss this one!
    • These are FULL EMAILS, not JUST subject lines.
    • Easily Double or Triple your Email Clicks RIGHT NOW with these PROVEN TO CONVERT Emails, Broken down by type/category.
    • Some of the MANY styles are: Beta Testers Needed, Call to Action, Celebrity, Conspiracy and Lies, Controversial, Done For You, Free Gift, Job Opportunity, Limited Time Offer and SO much more.
    • These are FULL EMAILS, not JUST subject lines.
    • ALSO included with this is a list of HIGH OPEN SUBJECT LINES You can use with your OWN emails!
  • Bonus #3: “Fill in the Blank” HOT Subject Line Ideas for DEMANDING clicks to your emails (or articles) ($250 Value)
    • I’ve put together over 75 HOT subject line TEMPLATES (you simply insert your own keyword or idea) that are proven to convert in ANY niche.  Simply grab one you like, insert your keyword. They’re organized by four categories:
      • Controversial (14 Subject Lines) – IE: Why you should forget everything you know about (your keyword)
      • Fun (16 Subject Lines) – IE: 4 Jaw Dropping Facts about (Your keyword)
      • List (22 List Based Subject lines) – IE: The 7 Worst Things you could do to (your keyword)
      • Shocking (24 Subject Lines) – IE: 10 (Your Keyword) Myths Busted.
  • Bonus 4: I’ll PERSONALLY write your first SOLO AD swipe copy for you! ($100 Value)
    • Some people seem to get stuck on what to write, so why not let me make this easier for you! You’ll not only get a 100% unique and personal swipe copy (to be used for Solo ads to promote your squeeze page) written by ME for your product or freebee, but you can use it as a template going forward to write your OWN emails as well!
  • Bonus 5 (Just Added): 3 highly detailed guides written to help YOU become a better email marketer!  BML’s video training is great, but I feel some things could be better explained in a text based form.  I have put together 3 highly detailed no fluff guides that will show YOU some things you may be struggling with understanding from Build My List:
    • Guide #1: Email Marketing Tips and Tricks:email-marketing-tips-and-tricks
      • How to create tracking URL’s for your email marketing.
      • Creating an Effective Email Subject Line
      • Top Tips to Help you Boost Your Email Conversions
      • What to TEST in your Email Campaign
      • How to Create New Content for your Email Campaigns
      • and ALOT more.
    • Guide #2: List Success Guide, Checklist AND 40 Minute Audio Book (This is HOT and worth $47 by itself!)LIST-SUCCESS-GUIDE
      • How to write and design a compelling landing page that converts visitors into subscribers.
      • Which autoresponder service should you use? I’ve reviewed 4 top autoresponders and give you the verdict.
      • 7 ways get visitors to your opt in page so you can start building your list.
      • 7 ways to write damn good email copy that your subscribers will take action on — whether you’re promoting a product or sending a newsletter, you’ll like these techniques.
      • + much, much more!
    • Guide #3: More Subscribers:more-subscribers

      • 101 quick and EASY tips to generating more subscribers to your email list.
      • One mistake to avoid when it comes to placing an opt-in form on your sidebar.
      • A simple way to increase your subscriber numbers by simply _________.
      • Is your page not converting visitors into sign ups? Do this one step to double even triple your conversion rate.
      • How to keep your subscribers active once you have them on your list.
      • Segmenting your list to laser-target the type of content you send to your subscribers.
      • Plus, lots more!
  • Bonus 6 (Just Added): Email Copy That Sells ($47.00 Value – I had to PAY to be able to give this to you at no cost)email-copy-that-sells-books

    • No Fluff and Fillers in this 47 Page Guide – I reveal only SOLID tips, tricks and techniques which you can take away and use TODAY in your next email:
    • Improve your overall email marketing results
    • Get more clicks in ANY emails
    • Get more subscribers responding to your offers
    • Connect & Build a better relationship with your audience (this is what makes ME so successful)
    • Get into the minds of your subscribers by knowing EXACTLY what they want to hear
    • Gain Trust and boost your credibility.
  • Bonus 7 (Just Added): Email Copy That Sells – 1 hour of additional VIDEO training!email copy that sells-videos

    • Balancing Promotional Emails and Free Content
    • Email Frequency – How often should you email your list
    • How I write copy for ANY product in just 5 minutes
    • How to Tell a Story in your Emails (VERY important)
    • How to Track your Click-Throughs & Open Rates
    • How to Write a Call to Action in your Emails
    • When is the BEST TIME to send your emails?
    • And MUCH more…
  • Bonus 8 (Just Added): 300 Power Words & Phrases Swipe File:300-power-words-and-phrases

    • You’re going to want to print a copy of this file out.  It’s filled with 300 golden words and phrases you can look over anytime you’re writing your email copy.
  • Bonus 9 (Just Added): The 5 Minute Sales Copy Formula (that works every time)5-minute-sales-copy

    • Discover my PERSONAL formula and blueprint to writing emails where you’re promoting your own product, OR a product you’re an affiliate of.   You’ll be able to write one in just 5 minutes easily!
    • Quit wasting time trying to figure out what to write about how to best put your words.
    • This formula works EVERY time.  I use it every time I have an offer I’d like to mail to my subscribers!
  • Bonus 10 (Just Added): INSTANT Winning Headlinesinstant-winning-headlines

    • In THIS special report, I reveal how you can access THOUSANDS of headlines INSTANTLY that are proven to convert — all for FREE!
    • Whenever I need a headline for my email’s subject lines, salesletter, opt-in page or anything else, I use THIS sneaky tactic.

Do I have your attention yet?  I thought so 🙂

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You DO need to click on MY link and give me the affiliate credit in order to get the bonuses – so make sure my link is the last you clicked.

Talk soon and if you have ANY questions, please let me know!

Jeff Lenney

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My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert.

  • miheer says:

    Hi Jeff.Hope you well.I just want to know whether cc is still relevant.Than you.

    • Jeff Lenney says:


      The course just came out a few months ago, in October I believe – still very much relevant 🙂


  • Zach Waldman says:

    Just purchased through your link! I’m looking forward to the bonuses.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Thanks Zac – flying home tomorrow from Hawaii will get that set up for you and everybody on sunday 🙂


  • abby says:

    Jeff are Copy paste promos and big commission bootcamp etc included in $10

  • Alvaro says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Newbie here. Just want to make sure if the front offer is enough to make it work. I have had, lately, bad experiences regarding these products. The sales page tells the complete history ( including the alledguedlly advantages of the OTO´s ), making the prospect think that the promoted price ( e.g. 9.95 ) will cover everything that is described, including famous screen shots of everyday, weekly profits, only to find after the yellow purchase button is clicked, OTO presentations where, in many cases, to product owner literally states that without such up-grades, the product he just sold himself, will not work unless you add this DFY or TRAFFIC thing, or whatever.

    After reading your detailed review, which is very appreciared, should I be correct to understand that the front end of this CC product contains ALL of that you describe ? I have heard and read lots about the product owner, but your bonuses just CONVINCED me totally to purchase this course.

    Kindly let me know asap so that i can make a sound determination and get it thru your link. That will also aid you in the leader board.

    Thanks in advance


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Alvaro

      Yes you are correct – everything i covered in this review (in writing, not the video) is covered with the main course. If you watch my VIDEO I go into more detail on it too and show the upsells (which are awesome, but NOT required).

      Here’s the thing – this is INFORMATION – and it’s GREAT information at that – BUT you need to be sure to take the time to act on it, put it into practice and don’t just sit on your butt and do nothing with it – that’s the best advice i’ll ever give anybody right there. 🙂


  • r,A,i,e,L, s,c,h,w,A,r,t,S, says:

    Bought the one time offer thru ur Aff Link, just wAitin for ur Bonuses though BoSs, t,r,U,L,y, u,r,S, ,r,A,i,E,L, s,c,h,w,A,r,t,S,

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Fantastic Raiel…um, is something wrong with your keyboard? LOL

      Anyways – sorry to say this, I’m in Hawaii for a few more days but I’ll have the bonuses up and send those to you as soon as I can

      You’ll need a few days to go through and study the things within Commission Cartel anyways!

      Thanks! 🙂


      • Michael says:

        I purchased it as well. I will wait for your return for the bonuses though. I did send an email to your personal address with my receipt though. Enjoy the lovely state of Hawaii.

        • Jeff Lenney says:

          Fantastic thanks Michael – i’ll be home sat night around midnight – so look for that from me on Sunday
          Thanks for your patience – and everybody else too who’s reading this and buying from me 🙂

  • Really? I received an email about this and said no way this can be legit. I am in the middle of ESA, ESX, FanPage Dom, Commercify, Mobile Optin training and I do not need to add one more course to my waaay busy schedule. And the price…. Wow can this really be that good. Thing I came to your site. LOL LOL I trust you and what you say. I have to get this NOW and check this out. Thanks for your review. Can’t wait for your bonuses.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      For sure Michael, but if I can suggest you slow down just a bit – if those are all courses you’re going through NOW….that’s quite a bit to take on, and I would imagine would be hard to study/truly apply everything you’re learning from each course simultaneously.

      Anyways, just my $0.02 – but yah, CC is definitely legit and I love the things Michael goes over in it 🙂


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