CPA Evolution 2.0 Review & Bonus (2015)

CPA Evolution 2.0 Review & Bonus

Product Name: CPA Evolution 2.0
Product Creator: William Souza
Price: $297.00
Website: www.CpaEvolution.com (December 10th, 2015)
The Verdict: 100% Bad Ass

Hey Folks – Jeff Lenney here! Thanks for stopping by to check out my CPA Evolution 2.0 Review & Learn about my Epic, Exclusive Bonus!

Anyways – I’ll cut straight to the chase and get to the reason you’re here:


What IS CPA Evolution 2.0? (I got it so I can show you!)

CPA evolution 2.0 Review

The thing that IMMEDIATELY impressed me was this. I KNOW Who William Souza.  Before he even came out with his 1st version of CPA Evolution, I’ve heard his name and knew he was one of the top CPA marketers on the web.

He actually DOES CPA marketing and REALLY knows his stuff.  I want you to understand, he’s NOT just some “fly by night” Guru making a shitty product to get your money. The strategies and techniques they teach WITHIN CPA Evolution 2.0 are the VERY one’s they themselves use on a daily basis – and they’re tested & proven to work!

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Here’s what you’ll find inside:

The Main Product – $297.00

The “Front end” version of CPA Evolution 2.0 comes with a COMPLETE training program including dozens of videos as well as case studies (these are great) that reveal the strategies they use to make 6 figures per MONTH using CPA marketing.

ALL Customers also get full access to the members only area forum where they can chat with William, his coaches as well as other like-minded entrepreneurs.

The training has been designed to MAKE students take action and get results for themselves.  The training is NOT just a collection of training videos and modules.  There are different ways to follow along and each student is able to choose the route that fits his or her goals & experience.

Students ALSO get access to a pretty kick ass set of tools to help them build profitable campaigns in a matter of days and start profiting fast.


The (included) Software:

ALL students get access to their FULL suite of professional software tools designed to both help you take action AND get quick results.

  1. Easy Landing Page Creator Software

    1. You won’t have to worry about setting up landing pages, hosting accts, buying domains etc.  You just use the software, CPA Landers, to create PROVEN & high-converting landing pages with just a few clicks.
    2. The software features a TON of different banner types in a HUGE variety of popular and profitable CPA ready niches.
    3. Simple select your niche & template, edit on the fly, save and upload – they EVEN host it for you so you DON’T need a website!

CPA Evolution 2.0 Landing Page Software

  1. Easy Banner Creation Software

    1. Who said you need photoshop for to do CPA marketing? It’s NOT required not do you have to hire out expensive freelancers.  CPA Banner is a easy to use program that allows you to create DOZENS of high converting & eye-catching banners for your campaigns in minutes.
    2. Like the landing page creator, the banner creation software comes with banners (you can 100% customize) across MULTIPLE niches and they even come in a variety of common square, rectangular sizes used in banner space.
    3. Simple select your niche & template, edit on the fly, save and download!

 CPA Evolution 2.0 Banner Software


Here’s what’s included in the main course:

1.) The Dashboard:

The dashboard or homepage contains a welcome video that explains how to use the training – as well as a link to select your BLUEPRINT that best suits your goals and current situation.  Think of it like a “choose your own adventure” course in CPA Marketing.

It’s HIGHLY recommended that you use a blueprint and don’t follow the lessons randomly. It will ensure that you don’t suffer with information overload and take the maximum out of the training.

    • This is the best blueprint for people who are getting started on a tight budget and can’t afford investing on paid advertising. This blueprint will help you set up the first campaigns with free traffic, make a consistent budget and just then reinvest that money.
    • This is the best blueprint for people who already have profitable campaigns and want to learn advanced strategies to take their business to the next level.
    • This is the best blueprint for people who already have some knowledge and have implemented some methods in the past, but still haven’t cracked the code of CPA. It will help you get started with sime strategies, profitable fast and then scale the campaigns.
    • This is the best blueprint for people who are in a hurry and need fast results. It will help you focus on paid advertising and use methods that have a short learning curve and can produce results in a short period of time.

You can choose your blueprint and download it on this page.  Again, make sure you DON’T just go through the lessons randomly – but choose the blueprint based on your needs & situation and follow it!


2.) Intro

  • Welcome
    • In this module you will learn how to get started with CPA Evolution 2.0 and take the maximum out of it.
  • CPA Marketing 1
    • In this module you will learn what CPA is and why it is a great opportunity for you.
  • CPA Marketing 2
    • In this module you will learn how to prepare everything that you will need to take action and build profitable campaigns with the next lessons.
  • The Winner’s Mindset
    • In this module you will learn how to think as a successful marketer and have the right mindset to build a profitable online business.


3.) Social

  • Introduction To Social Advertising
    • In this module you will learn the basics of advertising on social platforms.
  • Facebook 1
    • In this module you will learn how to build profitable campaigns on Facebook.
  • Facebook 2
    • In this module you will learn how to use simple strategies to increase the profitability of your campaigns on Facebook.
  • Plenty of Fish
    • In this module you will learn how to build profitable campaigns on Plenty of Fish.

(If you’re JUST looking at learning Facebook Marketing, I HIGHLY Recommend Picking up Dark Post Profits 3.0 by Chris Record, coming February 2016)

4.) Media Buys

  • Introduction To Media Buying
    • In this module you will learn the basics of media buys.
  • Media Buys 1
    • In this module you will learn how to build profitable media buying campaigns using some of the most popular advertising platforms.
  • Media Buys 2
    • In this module you will learn how to take your media buying campaigns to the next level by improving your margins.


5.) Mobile

  • Introduction To Mobile Marketing
    • In this module you will learn the basics of mobile marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing
    • In this module you will learn how to optimize your existing campaigns to receive mobile traffic.
  • Mobile Marketing 2
    • In this module you will learn how to create campaigns using the most popular mobile advertising networks.
    • (On an unrelated Note, It’s VERY Important to have a MOBILE Optimized Squeeze page, as you’ll also learn in Mobile Option by Anthony M)


6.) Free Traffic

  • Social Marketing
    • In this module you will learn how to use Facebook to generate a lot of targeted traffic and make money online without paid advertising.
  • Video Marketing
    • In this module you will learn how to use YouTube videos to drive traffic to CPA offers and make money without paid advertising.


7.) Extras

  • Copywriting
    • In this module you will learn some techniques that will allow you to create better ads, landing pages, emails, etc.
  • Retargeting
    • In this module you will learn how to use retargeting to take the maximum out of your traffic and increase the ROI of your campaigns.
  • Advanced CPA
    • In this module you will learn advanced strategies that you can use to make your campaigns more profitable.
  • Other Models
    • In this module you will learn a bit about other models that you can combine with CPA to increase your profits.
  • Building An Audience
    • In this module you will learn how you can build lists and other types of resources that can become powerful assets for your business in the long run.
  • CPA For Improving ROI
    • In this module you will learn how to use CPA offers to improve the ROI of the campaigns you have promoting other types of products.
  • Smart Retargeting
    • In this module you will learn an innovative strategy to improve your campaigns.


7.) Tech

  • Hosting & Domain
    • In this module you will learn how to set up hosting and domain.
  • Website Creation
    • In this module you will learn how to create banners and landing pages.
  • Others
    • In this module you will find some tips that will help you with the campaigns


8.) Resources
Here you will find resources that will help you achieve better results with CPA Evolution 2.0, such as webinars, interviews, templates, etc…

  • Blueprints
    • In this section you will find the blueprints/maps that will help you take the maximum out of the training.
  • Software
    • Here you will find out how to access the softwares for creating banners and landing pages.
  • Webinars
    • Here you will find the registration links and replays of the webinars we host.
  • Others
    • Here you will find many different types of resources that can help you with the campaigns such as scripts, templates, tutorials, etc.
  • Accelerated
    • In this section you will find all the information and resources of the accelerated program (for those that upgrade – more info on this bel0w)


9.) Forum
Private community for the members of CPA Evolution 2.0

Here you can chat with William, his team and OTHER entrepreneurs just like yourself!  You can chat about everything from media buys, FaceBook Traffic & even get advice on your campaigns!


Upsells and OTO’s:

For those curious on the upsells for the course – there’s just one so far – as well as a downsell.

  1. CPA Evolution 2.0 Accelerated – $497.00
    • The ACCELERATED version of CPA Evolution is perfect for students who are looking for much faster results.  You’ll get access to William’s OWN campaigns, as well as live webinars, SKYPE SUPPORT and exclusive materials NOBODY else will be getting.
    • If you’re looking for much faster results, and want the “done for you” stuff to use and study for yourself – this is definitely a must have.  Don’t worry – you can do just fine WITHOUT the upsells – but in reviewing these – they’re pretty bad ass.
  2. (DownSell) CPA Evolution 2.0 Accelerated LITE – $97.00
    • For those who can’t afford the main accelerated program but still want access to the campaigns and materials – this is for you.  You will NOT get the webinars or skype support, but you do get access to everything else.

The upsell (or downsell) are definitely NOT required in order to have success with your CPA marketing.  They’re designed to speed things up however, and give you an edge.

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My CPA Evolution 2.0 Review

Alright folks – if you can NOT tell by the above – CPA Evolution 2.0 is SERIOUSLY a kick ass product.  In my years doing online marketing, I’ve never really gotten into CPA besides the occasional dating offers I promoted on Plenty of Fish. I would break EVEN sometimes but never make a profit.  The software & training in CPA Evolution 2.0 is something I wish I had YEARS ago as I definitely would have made more than breaking even.

At any rate – this software and training is TOP-NOTCH and I was so impressed with it, I’ll be going through the training MYSELF and implementing what I learn.

Their Media Buying Stuff, FaceBook training & even POF training is quite impressive and I can already see how it will help me with my own business!

For those that want a FULL review and tour of the members area and software, Check out my Video Review & Walk-through here!


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My CPA Evolution 2.0 Bonus

What review would NOT be complete without a hot bonus to accompany it.

A little background first, my name is Jeff Lenney – I’m a Super Affiliate earning upwards of $150,000 per MONTH online.

I regularly work with Online Marketing Superstars Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim, Dori Friend and others – AND I work with their students as well.

I’ve been involved in product creation & coaching for products like Profit Academy, Publish Academy, Build my List, Parallel Profits and others.

What’s the point of my telling you this? My point is – if these Internet Marketing Superstars regularly seek me out to help them with THEIR marketing & students – there must be a reason for that. 🙂

I’ve been very successful with my own affiliate marketing as you know and have come up with an AMAZING bonus that will DEFINITELY give you an advantage when you purchase CPA Evolution 2.0 via my referral link.

  • CPA Evolution 2.0 Bonus - Live TrainingBonus 1: Live training: How to build highly effective ads ($197.00 Value)

    • On this live training you will learn secret strategies that will allow you to create ads with an insane performance. Combine these strategies with what you will learn inside CPA Evolution 2.0 and you will be able to get laser targeted traffic from any traffic source for just pennies!
    • Learn how to…
      • Reduce the cost of your existing campaigns by up to 75%
      • Increase the volume and get more traffic without having to spend more
      • Engage your audience and dramatically increase the conversion rate of your campaigns
      • Crush your competitors and kick them out of the game on the advertising platforms


  • Bonus 2: Live training: How to build highly effective ads ($147.00 Value)CPA Evolution 2.0 Bonus - Live Training

    • Get access to this complete training that shows simple yet highly effective strategies to dominate retargeting on Facebook and get laser targeted traffic for as much as $0.02 per click!
    • Learn how to…
      • Get laser targeted traffic from Facebook for as much as $0.02 per click
      • Turn every single campaign of yours into a machine that generates powerful retargeting lists 24/7
      • Split-test offers with just a few bucks and find winning combinations without burning your wallet
      • Scale existing campaigns and make 2x or 3x more money with them


  • Bonus 3: Buyer Keywords Profit FormulaCPA Evolution 2.0 Bonus - Buyer Keywords Profit Formula ($47.00 Value)

    • Inside this guide you will find:
      • The best affiliate network to sign up with to find the best products to promote, along with the TOP 4, HOTTEST niches to choose from.
      • Exactly what Buyer Keywords are, plus where and how to find them.
      • A list of Buyer Keyword combinations that I personally use to find the best possible keywords.
      • My backlinking strategy that will skyrocket you to a page one ranking spot.
      • How to get the most out of this guide along with my final thoughts.


  • Bonus 4: Media Buying Secrets ($47.00 Value)CPA Evolution 2.0 Bonus - Media Buying Secrets
    • iscover An Untapped Traffic Source That Is Being Used By Big Time Marketers And How It Can Skyrocket Your Traffic And Sales Overnight!
    • This Traffic Generation Strategy That’s Right In Front Of You has Been Massively Underutilized!


  • Bonus 5: (Epic!) Lead Generation Mastery ($47.00 Value)CPA Evolution 2.0 Bonus - Lead Gen Mastery
    • Do you want to start an online business but you have no idea where to begin?
    • Everytime you hear people talking about getting traffic from Google, Facebook and social media.
    • You can get all the traffic from the world but if you don’t do this ONE thing, all your efforts are only going to waste.
    • You can send the traffic to a website or sales page you own, maybe a couple of people will buy but what happens to those who don’t?
    • How do you get in touch with them again? Industry standards state that only 2% of your traffic will convert into buyers. So what happens to the 98%? A total waste isn’t it?
    • Research has shown that it takes at least 7 times before someone buys from you. The chances of someone buying your offer the first time is relatively low.
    • It takes time to build trust, connection and make them see you as an authority.
    • Imagine if you could follow up on the 98% and send them valuable content and help them with a problem and get them in your good books. There’s a higher chance they will actually buy from you, right?

In THIS Epic Training, You’ll learn JUST how to do that and how you can EASILY multiple your CPA Earnings with this simple trick.

  •  Bonus 6: Facebook Groups Strategies ($17.00 Value)Facebook Groups Strategies
    • This Facebook Marketing report “Facebook Groups Strategies” covers topics such as:
      • How groups work
      • Groups versus Pages
      • Creative ideas for using groups
      • Running your Group
      • Admin duties
      • Tips for Monetizing your Group
      • & More (Such as “the next step”)


  • Bonus 7: Facebook Powerhouse Training ($17.00 Value)Facebook-Powerhouse-155x202
    • This guide will help you to cut through all the rubbish and get straight to the golden nuggets that will show you exactly how to go about your marketing. This guide includes many techniques and methods which are explained in great detail and can be used by you TODAY.
    • Here’s what you’ll discover in Facebook Powerhouse:
      • The mentality of Facebook users and how you can market to them
      • What type of content performs well on Facebook
      • How to easily get more shares and likes on a post
      • The quickest ways that you can grow a Facebook page
      • What different methods you can use to drive traffic from Facebook
      • A list of tactics that Facebook marketers can use
      • How cross promote and perform outreach effectively
      • Why testing is important and how you can improve a posts effectiveness
      • …and much, much more!

Do I have your attention yet?  I thought so 🙂

>>> Here’s what you do: Sign up for CPA Evolution 2.0 here, You’ll Receive your Bonus Automatically Via JVZOO!

If you do NOT receive them for some reason, shoot me an email and I’ll take care of you!

You DO need to click on MY link and give me the affiliate credit in order to get the bonuses – so make sure my link is the last you clicked.

Talk soon and if you have ANY questions, please let me know!

Jeff Lenney

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 Disclaimer: Results may not be typical nor expected for every person. Jeff Lenney will be compensated when you join through the link on this page to this programs enrollment and you will be entitled to the bonuses from Jeff Lenney. Jeff Lenney cannot guarantee your results. By clicking the buttons above, you will be directed to the CPA Evolution 2.0 presentation page. Jeff Lenney is not accountable for any claims made outside of this page.


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