Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review – 2018 Update

100% True Story: When I was a struggling newbie back in 2010, I had my VERY First $100 Day AND $500 Days because of Dan Brock’s DeadBeat Training.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate originally came out in 2010, and was a #1 seller on clickbank (check out Clickbank University 2.0 for CB training) due to it being so open (not hiding anything) and the fact that NEW affiliates to Internet Marketing were earning $10k+ a month with it.

Well, Dan Brock has been out of the product launch game for a few years but is back with Deadbeat Super Affiliate (Reloaded) – it’s been updated for 2017 & 2018 and Dan spend 3 YEARS remaking it, and I must say it’s a really really good course!

So what’s in the training?

I got it so I can show you!

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review

Click here to pick up your copy now for $17.00 – before he raises the price to $27 in a few weeks!

Here’s what you get:

You get full access to 23 VERY detailed lesson plans.  Each lesson should be completed before moving on to the next.


If you’re BRAND NEW to Internet Marketing, I ESPECIALLY recommend not skipping ANY of the modules.  As a result, by the time you’re done – you’ll have a DAMN good understanding of IM (Internet Marketing) and be making some cash to boot!

My Video Walkthrough:

Anyways, I’m not going to give away ALL the secrets – but here is the table of contents from the MAIN training.

Again, this is NOT a tiny course – you’ll be learning a TON so make sure you take the time to go through EACH lesson, and ask questions if you have any!

(I honestly have no idea why Dan is selling this for so CHEAP – I’ve told him time and time again he could easily sell it for $97 or more – but I think he’s just too lazy to update the pricing! LOL)

  1. Lesson 0: Introduction
    1. Welcome to Deadbeat Super Affiliate: Reloaded
  2. Lesson 1: Register For An Affiliate Network
    1. How to register for affiliate networks like Amazon and MarketHealth
  3. Lesson 2: Choosing a Market
    1. There are four primary markets where people spend money online
    2. Each market has a variety of niches to choose from
  4. Lesson 3: More Niche Research
    1. How to use the Google Keyword Planner
    2. How to utilize the Adwords Tool and Amazon to conduct research
  5. Lesson 4: The 60 Second Competition Check
    1. How to determine if you can compete for high rankings in search engines
  6. Lesson 5: Register Your Hosting And Domain Name
    1. Where to register for a domain and web hosting
    2. How to pick a domain name for your website
  7. Lesson 6: Installing WordPress For “Deadbeats”
    1. How to setup WordPress via QuickInstall
    2. How to access the admininstration dashboard
  8. Lesson 6b: Addon Domain Setup
    1. How to add multiple domains to your hosting plan
  9. Lesson 7: Basic WordPress Optimization
    1. How to access the WordPress Dashboard
    2. You can optimize your WordPress website by making a few, quick adjustments
  10. Lesson 8: Installing “The Deadbeat Theme”
    1. How to install “The Deadbeat Theme”
  11. Lesson 9: Adding an Article
    1. How to pick a product to sell
    2. How to write an article
  12. Lesson 10: Inserting Affiliate Links
    1. How to insert affiliate links into your article
  13. Lesson 11: “Stage 1” Link Building
    1. How to use fiverr to social bookmark your article
  14. Lesson 12: Customizing “The Deadbeat Theme”
    1. How to setup “The Deadbeat Theme”
  15. Lesson 13: About Me
    1. How to write an About Me page that adds legitimacy to your website
  16. Lesson 14: Adding More Articles
    1. How to write additional articles to increase your site’s value
  17. Lesson 15: Advanced Link Building
    1. How to create link pyramids
  18. Lesson 16: Introduction to Video
    1. How to decide on a video-production method
  19. Lesson 17: Creating A Video With VideoMakerFX
    1. How to create your first video with VideoMakerFX
  20. Lesson 17b: Using A Voice Actor In Your Videos
    1. How to write a script using your article
    2. How to hire a voice actor to create a video for you
  21. Lesson 18: Uploading Your First Video
    1. How to upload your video to youtube
  22. Lesson 19: YouTube Channel Optimization
    1. How to increase the value of your YouTube channel and videos
  23. Lesson 20: Buying YouTube Views
    1. How to increase your YouTube video rankings
  24. Lesson 21: Distributing Your Video To Other Networks
    1. How to drive traffic to your video using video sharing websites
  25. Lesson 22: Mass Link Blasting For Non-YouTube Video Sites
    1. How to further increase traffic to your video
  26. Lesson 23: Final Thoughts
    1. How to grow your business using the skills you’ve learned

$10.00 Discount  – Get it for $17.00 Now, or $27.00 in 7 more days!

>>>> DeadBeatSuperAffiliate.com

My Deadbeat Super Affiliate Review

Like the old version (from 2010), this new and improved system involves selling products as an affiliate through Amazon.com and other physical product affiliate networks. But now, I’ve boiled down everything so that there are no more hurdles, hours of research, backlink building, article writing, or other boring stuff.

The methods he teach work for ALL affiliate networks, so it doesn’t matter if you do stuff with amazon, marketwatch, ebay or even clickbank!

Anyways, This is no magical “push button millions” type of training – work IS required to get yourself situated.  Having said that, once your websites and sales sales funnels ARE set up – you really can sit back with minimal upkeep and see some good affiliate income start to roll in!

There is ALOT of training AND you know what I love about it?

  1. You get Video Training
  2. AND – you get text training

If you’re more of a video guy, watch the videos!

If you’d rather just read, you can do that too.  I’m more of a video training guy myself, as I like to see the process done in front of me – but it’s good to know the options are there!

All in all, I HIGHLY recommend this course.  You’re NOT going to get rich over night using it, BUT if you’ve never made your first dollar online – or have no idea where to start I HIGHLY recommend it, and you could very easily see $100+ days if you implement what you learn!  For $17, there is NOTHING I would recommend over this.

>>> Click here to pick up your copy now for $17.00!

Jeff Lenney

My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert. Read my Other Posts Here: Jeff Lenney's Articles

  • Greg Bennett says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I just stumbled onto to this page (and I don’t know how!!!) but man, I feel a rush of excitement learning about Dan Brock and his Deadbeat training.

    Is $100 per day for a newbie really possible? What realistic time-frame are we talking about here….1 year or more? (That’d be okay with me!)


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Greg,

      Yeah man it’s more than possible. Hard to say how long it will take though, as everybody has different worth ethics, skill sets, patience and dedication.

      I’ve seen some newbies get to that in a few weeks, I’ve seen some take a few years, and I’ve also seen quite a few that never get there at all.

      “There is no such thing as a person who doesn’t make money online, only a person that gives up before the magic happens” – Brian G. Johnson – and a quote I love to use 🙂


  • bob jones says:

    the dead beat came out 2015 not 2010 why did you lie.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Bob

      Thanks for your comment! Sorry if I was not clear, but the product ORIGINALLY came out in 2010 – and Dan re-launched an updated version in 2015



  • Adele "Rocks" D'Argenio says:

    Dan’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate program helped me get my website up a running in real time…
    If it wasn’t for his support I wouldn’t have a website….
    Highly recommend this system!

  • Edward Larry says:

    Can I get help from somebody to go over and teach me how to implement what I’m learning and talk to over the phone

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Edward,

      From who – Dan from Deadbeat super affiliate? No offense but you’re probably not going to get phone coaching for your $40 investment. Just go through the training, it’s VERY thorough I promise you 🙂


  • Kevin says:

    Hi Jeff, I was meaning to get this but I got caught up with other stuff and now it’s not open and I was wondering if you know if Dan was going to reopen this any time soon.


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Kevin

      From what I understand, paypal limited his account for no reason (they do that sometimes, It’s ridiculous) so he’s going to re-launch on Clickbank in the next month or so hopefully.


      • Kevin says:

        Cool, Thanks Jeff I’ll be looking forward to it!

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