Fan Page Domination Review

Thanks for stopping by to check out my Fan Page Domination Review, by Anthony Morrison.  No fluff here, I’ll cut straight to the chase:

What IS Fan Page Domination all about?

I got it, I’ll show you!

FanPage Domination Review

Alright folks, thanks so much for stopping by to check this out, I’m going to get straight to the point with this review.

Fan Page Domination is the brainchild of Internet Marketer Anthony Morrison, and I have to admit, it’s much better than I expected it to be!

Having shared that with you, let’s jump in and take a look at Fan Page Domination First Hand!

Before you Continue: Get Access to The Free Training

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  1. Free Book Download: “Your Fan Page Business”
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Fan Page Domination Price & Info

Product Name Fan Page Domination
Creator Anthony Morrison
Price $1,997.00
Where to Buy
Full Pay or Payment Plan

Fan Page Domination

The FanPage Domination Members Area & Training

While there is MUCH more than just ‘basic training’, FanPage Domination has its core training broken down into 4 main phases.

Each of these 4 phases has between 3 and 8 training modules, consisting of PDF’s, Video Training & more.

  • Phase 1: Getting Set up – this phase consists of 8 main modules, and is the MOST important phase of the training, as it helps you set up the very foundation for your business.  Not only will you be learning the basics of FB Fan Pages, but you’ll also learn some insanely valuable insights on email marketing, learn how to set up your Thank you Page ($$$) and even your Auto Responder Series.
  • Phase 2: Build & Grow – This 2nd phase is epic, for lack of better words as you’ll be learning how to do AMAZING things with the content on your fan page.  This may sound silly, but he’s even got a full module on simply “posting” to your fan page, but believe it or not this is SUPER IMPORTANT. Anthony will show you exactly why in this section.Believe it or not, you can get as many as 1000x more viewers if you simply post using the strategies and techniques covered here in this training.  The other modules in this section are equally cool, and I’m ALREADY USING A FEW OF THEM on some of my own fan pages WITH great success!
  • Phase 3: Scale & Launch – This phase of the training goes into some simple yet powerful ways to scale your traffic & engagement to INSANE levels! One method Anthony covers here was used to generate almost 50,000 new email subscribers in just 30 days!  You’ll also learn about countdown timers, something they call the ‘slingshot method’ which allows your posts with links to your optin page to get massive reach and subscribers, some epic training on FaceBook live & more!
  • Phase 4: Monetize & Profit – This phase covers the most important question on your mind, “how do we make money online?” Having a huge Fan Page and a huge emial list is amazing, BUT HOW do you generate REALLY money from this? Well good news, that’s covered in this phase of the training.  It goes into multiple monetization methods, email marketing strategy, and even how you can make BANK selling advertising on your page! This may sound advanced, but I promise it’s genius once you realize just how easy this stuff is to impliment.

But Wait, There’s More! (Much, Much More, LOL):

Once you’re done with the 4 Phases of Core Training, there is still MUCH more to learn!

You Also Get Access To:

  1. Fan Explosion Software: This software is very easy to use, it’s a Google Chrome extensino that was created by a good friend of Anthony’s, who’s allowed him to give it to students for free.  It’s really simple to use and a very quick way to invite people to your pages for free!
  2. 8 Video Case Study: Anthony Shares with you his documented case study of OVER 232,000 LIVE FaceBook viewers during a launch using his fan page.  This case study consists of 8 videos that document every step of the way AND show many of the methods in action that you learned above! (Such as the SlingShot Method & More).
  3. Student Q&A: Some of the most comment questions from students are answered here, this stuff is gold!
  4. LIVE Workshops with Anthony: This is a series of 7 weekly webinars where you’ll be live with Anthony, learn Fan Page Domination strategies and an amazing Q&A workshop for all FP Domination Students.
  5. Concierge Program – Not everybody gets this, BUT if you get in during the launch in April 2017 you should be fine.  If you want to get your questions answered DIRECTLY from Anthony himself, this allows you to do it and shoots your emails to a different support bos that he actually checks and responds to.  This is INSANE, and something you defintiely want to take advantage of!
  6. (New!) Niche Research: in this section of the course (which is brand new by the way) Anthony am going to give you some updates on the niches he has seen doing very well with this strategy. Obviously this can and will work in almost any niche on the planet. These are some of the niches and offers they have seen working well for students of this course. He can’t disclose the pages (I am sure you wouldn’t want him to disclose yours), however, Anthony will disclose all the relevant information for each one so you can duplicate it.
  7. (New!) ‘Done For You’ Fan Page Setup:  This is REALLY cool, their team will set up your first FaceBook Fan Page FOR YOU!  Just make sure you provide all of the requested information.  Once submitted, you can expect your page within 2-3 business days!
  8. Bonus Trainings: In This section, you’re given a ton of amazing bonus training in things you might not have even expected!  I’m not allowed to reveal the content here in this review, but trust me – it’s epic! 🙂
  9. Success Connection: Yep, even MORE weekly webinar training here! Anthony has put together ths ‘success connection’ webinar series just for you! He’s inviting some of his best friends (and insanely succesful marketers) to join you on some of these so you can benefit at no cost from Anthony’s connections and networking.  He also gives away between $100 and $500 in cash prizes EVERY single webinar, but you do need to attend to qualify for that.
  10. The Private FaceBook Group – Last but not least, you get access to a PRIVATE FaceBook group for FPD Members ONLY.

Payment Options: Full Pay or Payment Plan

My FanPage Domination Review:

Alright, needless to say, there is QUITE ALOT of stuff covered here in this course.

I have to admit, it wasn’t exactly what I expected..it was much better actually, and blew my expectations away.

The Niches that work best for this type of marketing are one’s I would NOT have thought of, and I can’t wait to try out a few of them myself along with my existing pages!

FanPage Domination is FULL of amazing training, case studies, and student success examples.   I learned a TON of things I never considered or even thought possible, and using the posting tips on my survival website FaceBook page has generated some crazy insane results for me!

While I DO have FanPages for many of my websites, I’m not SUPER active with them on FaceBook.  I do the occasional post here and there, share helpful things etc, but never anything i’d consider mind blowing or amazing.  Going through the training here has really got my brain running on overdrive and I’m already seeing engagment SOAR THROUGH THE ROOF on the 2 pages I’m trying this out on (Survival, and Health/Fitness pages).

Having said that, this course does involve work, but the results you can achieve are 1000x more valuable than the price of the course itself.  Pick it up now, get access to my epic bonuses, and let me know if you have any questions!

Payment Options: Full Pay or Payment Plan

My FanPage Domination Bonus:

What review would NOT be complete without a hot bonus to accompany it.

A little background first, my name is Jeff Lenney – I regularly work with Online Marketing Superstars Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim, Dori Friend and others – AND I work with their students as well.

I’ve been involved in product creation & coaching for products like Profit Academy, Publish Academy, Build my List, Inbox Blueprint, Parallel Profits and others.

What’s the point of my telling you this? My point is – if these Internet Marketing Superstars regularly seek me out to help them with THEIR marketing & students – there must be a reason for that. 🙂

I’ve been very successful with my own email marketing and have come up with an AMAZING bonus that will DEFINITELY give you an advantage when you purchase Fan Page Domination  via my affiliate link.

  • Bonus 1: NOBODY ELSE CAN OFFER THIS – Personal Coaching with Anik Singal’s former head coach, ME! ($1500 Value)

    • I’ll give your funnel a FULL review once you go through all the steps and complete it!  I’ll do a 10-15 minute PERSONAL video for you telling you EXACTLY what I like, what I don’t like and what I recommend you change on you set up your first fan page or email marketing funnel (squeeze page, email series etc).  This consulting is something I would normally charge $500 for to START – and you’ll get it 100% for FREE, from me!
  • Bonus #2: Swipe Files: 3,000 Swipe Files for ALL Occasions ($2500 Value)Swipe-File-Chamber
    • Want to learn how to use the right words to turn your business into a thriving money-maker? Copywriting is not a secret kept to only those who are gifted writers. This guide will show you what to write to get people to read your copy using strategies that hook them to your words.
    • Get access to the VERY Email Swipe Files & Subject lines WITH actual examples that have made me thousands! You can use these and modify them to work with ANY niche.
    • Get hundreds of swipes for everything from Article Titles, Benefits, Bonuses, Bullet Points, Calls to action, guarantees, openings, closings and much more!  If you ever wanted to see what the PROS used to get clicks and sales, you DO NOT want to miss this one!
    • These are FULL EMAILS, not JUST subject lines.
    • Easily Double or Triple your Email Clicks RIGHT NOW with these PROVEN TO CONVERT Emails, Broken down by type/category.
    • Some of the MANY styles are: Beta Testers Needed, Call to Action, Celebrity, Conspiracy and Lies, Controversial, Done For You, Free Gift, Job Opportunity, Limited Time Offer and SO much more.
    • These are FULL EMAILS, not JUST subject lines.
    • ALSO included with this is a list of HIGH OPEN SUBJECT LINES You can use with your OWN emails!
  • Bonus #4: “Fill in the Blank” HOT Subject Line Ideas for DEMANDING clicks to your emails (or articles) ($250 Value)
    • I’ve put together over 75 HOT subject line TEMPLATES (you simply insert your own keyword or idea) that are proven to convert in ANY niche.  Simply grab one you like, insert your keyword. They’re organized by four categories:
      • Controversial (14 Subject Lines) – IE: Why you should forget everything you know about (your keyword)
      • Fun (16 Subject Lines) – IE: 4 Jaw Dropping Facts about (Your keyword)
      • List (22 List Based Subject lines) – IE: The 7 Worst Things you could do to (your keyword)
      • Shocking (24 Subject Lines) – IE: 10 (Your Keyword) Myths Busted.
  • Bonus 5: I’ll PERSONALLY write your first SOLO AD swipe copy for you! ($100 Value)
    • Some people seem to get stuck on what to write, so why not let me make this easier for you! You’ll not only get a 100% unique and personal swipe copy (to be used for Solo ads to promote your squeeze page) written by ME for your product or freebee, but you can use it as a template going forward to write your OWN emails as well!
  • Bonus 6 (Just Added): 3 highly detailed guides written to help YOU become a better email marketer!  BML’s video training is great, but I feel some things could be better explained in a text based form.  I have put together 3 highly detailed no fluff guides that will show YOU some things you may be struggling with understanding from this program:
    • Guide #1: Email Marketing Tips and Tricks:email-marketing-tips-and-tricks
      • How to create tracking URL’s for your email marketing.
      • Creating an Effective Email Subject Line
      • Top Tips to Help you Boost Your Email Conversions
      • What to TEST in your Email Campaign
      • How to Create New Content for your Email Campaigns
      • and ALOT more.
    • Guide #2: List Success Guide, Checklist AND 40 Minute Audio Book (This is HOT and worth $47 by itself!)LIST-SUCCESS-GUIDE
      • How to write and design a compelling landing page that converts visitors into subscribers.
      • Which autoresponder service should you use? I’ve reviewed 4 top autoresponders and give you the verdict.
      • 7 ways get visitors to your opt in page so you can start building your list.
      • 7 ways to write damn good email copy that your subscribers will take action on — whether you’re promoting a product or sending a newsletter, you’ll like these techniques.
      • + much, much more!
    • Guide #3: More Subscribers:more-subscribers

      • 101 quick and EASY tips to generating more subscribers to your email list.
      • One mistake to avoid when it comes to placing an opt-in form on your sidebar.
      • A simple way to increase your subscriber numbers by simply _________.
      • Is your page not converting visitors into sign ups? Do this one step to double even triple your conversion rate.
      • How to keep your subscribers active once you have them on your list.
      • Segmenting your list to laser-target the type of content you send to your subscribers.
      • Plus, lots more!
  • Bonus 7 (Just Added): Email Copy That Sells ($47.00 Value – I had to PAY to be able to give this to you at no cost)email-copy-that-sells-books

    • No Fluff and Fillers in this 47 Page Guide – I reveal only SOLID tips, tricks and techniques which you can take away and use TODAY in your next email:
    • Improve your overall email marketing results
    • Get more clicks in ANY emails
    • Get more subscribers responding to your offers
    • Connect & Build a better relationship with your audience (this is what makes ME so successful)
    • Get into the minds of your subscribers by knowing EXACTLY what they want to hear
    • Gain Trust and boost your credibility.
  • Bonus 8 (Just Added): Email Copy That Sells – 1 hour of additional VIDEO training!email copy that sells-videos

    • Balancing Promotional Emails and Free Content
    • Email Frequency – How often should you email your list
    • How I write copy for ANY product in just 5 minutes
    • How to Tell a Story in your Emails (VERY important)
    • How to Track your Click-Throughs & Open Rates
    • How to Write a Call to Action in your Emails
    • When is the BEST TIME to send your emails?
    • And MUCH more…
  • Bonus 9 (Just Added): 300 Power Words & Phrases Swipe File:300-power-words-and-phrases

    • You’re going to want to print a copy of this file out.  It’s filled with 300 golden words and phrases you can look over anytime you’re writing your email copy.
  • Bonus 10 (Just Added): The 5 Minute Sales Copy Formula (that works every time)5-minute-sales-copy

    • Discover my PERSONAL formula and blueprint to writing emails where you’re promoting your own product, OR a product you’re an affiliate of.  You’ll be able to write one in just 5 minutes easily!
    • Quit wasting time trying to figure out what to write about how to best put your words.
    • This formula works EVERY time.  I use it every time I have an offer I’d like to mail to my subscribers!
  • Bonus 11 (Just Added): INSTANT Winning Headlinesinstant-winning-headlines

    • In THIS special report, I reveal how you can access THOUSANDS of headlines INSTANTLY that are proven to convert — all for FREE!
    • Whenever I need a headline for my email’s subject lines, salesletter, opt-in page or anything else, I use THIS sneaky tactic.

Do I have your attention yet?  I thought so 🙂

Payment Options: Full Pay or Payment Plan

>>> Here’s what you do: Sign up for Fan Page Domination here (Full Pay or Payment Plan), then shoot me a quick email with your receipt # for access to your bonuses!

I WILL, however, email you all OTHER bonuses within 12-24 hours of you submitting your receipt # to me.

You DO need to click on MY link and give me the affiliate credit in order to get the bonuses – so make sure my link is the last you clicked.

Talk soon and if you have ANY questions, please let me know!

Jeff Lenney

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>>> Here’s what you do: Sign up for Fan Page Domination here (Full Pay or Payment Plan), then shoot me a quick email with your receipt # for access to your bonuses!


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    is there a guarantee on fan page domination?

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      What kind of guarantee do you mean? A guarantee youll make money? A money back guarantee or what?

      Thanks! 🙂

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    Can the fan page domination be worked from only my smart phone?

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      No, it’s training, not software – you can watch it from any computer, I’m not sure about smartphones though…. 🙂


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