Follower Grabber Review, Bonus & Demo

Follower Grabber Review, Bonus & Product Demo & Tour

Product Name: Follower Grabber
Product Creator: Robert Mercado & Christian Bolling
Price: $47 for the Main Product (80% Discount during product launch period)
Website: www.FollowerGrabber.com
The Verdict: TBD

Follower Grabber Review by Super Affiliate Jeff Lenney

Hey folks, thanks for stopping by to check out my review of “Follower Grabber” by Robert Mercado.

I’m going to get STRAIGHT to the point and answer the question most likely on your mind:


What IS Follower Grabber, and is it worth your $47?

Essentially, Follower Grabber is a ‘how to make money online‘ tool you need to change your twitter marketing FOREVER.

In case you don’t feel like watching the video:

Follower Grabber allows you to tap into the MILLIONS of Twitter Followers to target the EXACT audience you want to target with LITERALLY the click of a few buttons on your mouse.

  • Generate Custom Audiences in literally SECONDS by searching the ENTIRE Twitter Community Via Keyword or HashTag
    • Search Tweets
    • Search People
    • Search Trends
    • Search by Location
  • Using your custom audience, INSTANTLY drive a TON of Highly Targeted Traffic (Followers) to your offers
  • Using Follower Grabber you can instantly grab Tends of Thousands of User ID’s, all directly associated with your keyword(s).

What’s in the course?

Obviously – you get the software which is MASSIVE on it’s own – BUT you also get a TON of awesome training to help you master it and twitter as a whole.  I’ll DEFINITELY be using this, since Twitter Ads can often be hyper targeted AND cheaper than facebook:

  • Module 1: Find your Niche and Run with it!
  • Module 2: Make Yourself Someone People Want to Follow
  • Module 3: How to Properly Form your Tweets, When to Tweet, and How Often to Tweet.
  • Module 4: #1 Strategy for Getting More Engagement/Views on a Tweet — Instantly OR on Command
  • Module 5: My Biggest Secret: Using Twitter Lists Effectively
  • Module 6: How to Utilize your Lists to Rapidly Increase your # Of Followers
  • Module 7: The App that will Help you Save Time while growing your account
  • Module 8: Additional Secrets to Gain a Following
  • Module 9: How to get Noticed on Twitter
  • Module 10: How to use Twitter Effectively
  • Module 11: Make Money on Twitter
  • Module 12: Little Known Twitter Marketing Strategy for Business
  • Module 13: Creating an Ad Account
  • Module 14: Launching a Twitter Campaign
  • Module 15: Promoted Tweet Campaigns
  • Module 16: The Power of Twitter Ads
  • Module 17: How to Tweet Tolerably
  • Module 18: Twitter Analytics
  • Module 19: Measuring Your Advertising Impact
  • Module 20: Tracking Twitter Via Google Analytics
  • Module 21: Bonus Module 1 – Twitter Cards
  • Module 22: Bonus Module 2 – Creating Compelling offers

As you can see – there is a TON of High Quality training here – even full twitter NEWBIES will be able to learn AND profit using this course and epic software!


My Follower Grabber Review

You know – I REALLY really like this tool – I decided to make a QUICK 5 minute video showing you EXACTLY how it works.  It’s easy to use, QUICK and powerful.  In fact, I was only playing with it for 5 MINUTES before I did this video.  Give it a quick watch – I picked it up so I could show you! 🙂


Do ME a favor

I took the time to purchase this product to show it to you BEFORE you purchase it – if you DO decide to pick it up – please do so via my link here:


Thanks so much – and if you have ANY questions let me know!

Jeff Lenney

Jeff Lenney

My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert.

  • Orlando Delgado says:

    I was about to purchase but just saw a negative comment on Warriors Forum that the product is not ready for sale?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Orlando

      I’m having ZERO problems using it. Check out my demo video above if you haven’t yet – I give a tour of the product ITSELF and it works perfectly fine for me 🙂


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