Funnel Formula Review (2019 Update, Real Member!)

Hey Folks, Jeff Lenney here and thanks for stopping by to check out my Funnel Formula Review.  For those that don’t know, I NEVER Review something unless I get it first, use it, and make sure it delivers on it’s promises!

That was certainly the case with Funnel Formula, so – let’s get to the reason you’re here!

What IS Funnel Formula All About?

I got it, so I can show you!

F.F. Members Area

​Who is Blake Nubar?

For those of you that don’t know, Blake Nubar is one of the most sought after sales funnel experts in the world. 

He’s a 2 Comma Club Record Holder ($1 Million in 43 Days) and is partnered with an impressive list of top business leaders, including Sharks from ABC’s Hit TV Show - Shark Tank.

But, this is the part I find the coolest - for the past year, Blake and his team went on a mission…to funnel hack the internet.

I know, it sounds silly, but what they did is...frankly put, quite amazing.

They spent an entire year searching every corner of the digital universe for the highest converting sales funnels across all popular industries. 

​​Then they reverse engineered them, rebuilt them in ClickFunnels, and created a Done-With-You Funnel Program ​that allows anyone (regardless of experience) to launch and grow an online business.

Funnel Formula Funel Examples

Here’s how it works in just 3 Simple Steps:

1.) Launch Your Funnel
Follow along with clear step-by-step video training as you drag and drop your way to a fully customized funnel that’s perfect for your business.

2.) Drive Traffic
We’ve already tested what “works” for your business and show you how to instantly get high-quality traffic to your sales funnel.

3.) Income On Auto-Pilot
Watch in real-time as visitors hit your pages, interact with your funnel, and buy your products on auto-pilot!

Funnel Formula is a Done-With-You Funnel Program that provides:

  • A beautiful, turnkey funnel modeled after your most successful competitor.
  • A-Z video training to easily setup and launch your funnel.
  • High converting, sales copy on each page – already done for you (just fill in the blanks).
  • Done-For-You email sequences to increase sales.
  • Predesigned graphics for each page to customize the funnel to fit your business.
  • Traffic strategy video training to get visitors to your page.

To be clear, Blake is NOT doing this for you on a 1-on-1 basis. The whole point of this program was to take all the legwork out of this process so anyone can pull this off the shelf and very quickly launch their funnel

(Think of it like IKEA: He provides all the pieces you need, it’s your job to simply put them together)

And again, it’s worth mentioning that these are not just “pretty” funnels. They spent an entire year searching the internet for the highest converting funnels, purchased all their products, reverse engineered their strategies, and rebuilt them for anyone to use.

​Funnel Formula Members Area Tour

F.F. Members Area

​The members area consists of Four Main Training Phases, as well as some bonus training.

  • Phase 1: The Foundation
  • Phase 2: Customization
  • Phase 3: Emails
  • Phase 4: Traffic
  • Phase 5: Funnel Optimization

Here's how the training is broken down in each module:

​Phase 1 

This is the introduction training, ​and explains how the funnel works.  It's going to be your map, how everything comes together to give you a ​firm understanding of how everything is pieced together.  

​Phase ​2

The 2nd phase is time to make this funnel your own.  You'll follow along with Over-The-Shoulder type of step-by-step tutorials to customize each page for your business.

​Phase ​​3

​If you ask any big marketer what the MOST important part of a solid funnel is, MOST will say "the follow up".  Now this can be one or more of many things; email marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc - but this module is about one of the oldest and most powerful, email.  

Your funnel comes with multiple "Fill in the Blank" email sequences that are quick and easy to customize.  You'll be sounding like you hired a a 6 figure copywriter in no time 🙂

​Phase ​​​4

You can have the SEXIEST Funnel in the WORLD, but without traffic, it's worth about as much as...well...nothing!

​This module aims to change that and has you go live AND deploy some instant traffic hacks, then watch your visitors interact with your sales funnel in real time! (This is more fun that it sounds, I promise).

​Phase ​​​​5

​This is where the fun really begins! 🙂

In this phase, you'll learn the most effective split-testing strategies that allow you to test, tweak, and optimize your way to massive results.  

​My Funnel Formula Review

As I mentioned up top, I joined Funnel Formula in order to give it a thorough review, and let you know if it's a waste of time, or worth the money.

​​I'll be honest, I came into this with high-expectations already, as nobody I talked to (and I mean 7, 8, and 9 figure per year guys) had anything bad to say about Blake or what he does.

I ​just​ got access to this a few days ago, so I have NOT had the time to go through all of the training yet.  

That being said, the training so far is phenomenal and I'm already using a lot of what I'm learning to improve my own funnels, plus I've replaced a few of my poorer performing ones with the funnels Blake Nubar provides for you to download with the course.​​​

​So far, the training is VERY easy to understand and follow along with.

It literally goes like this:

  1. ​Blake Films ​each portion of the training step-by-step.
  2. ​You follow along and do the same yourself.
  3. ​It could not be easier, and as I said before this truly is my personal favorite type of training.

Any questions - don't be shy, let me know! 🙂

​Ready to Get Started?

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