Ibotta Review – Does it REALLY Work?

Hey Folks – Jeff Lenney here with my full Ibotta Review.  For those that DON’T know (though I’m not sure why you’re here if you don’t), Ibotta is an Apple and Android App that claims you can get cashback on everyday purchases.

Download it here:

Anyways, let’s get to the reason you’re here:

What is Ibotta, and how does it work?

Ibotta Review & App Review

According to the IOS Store, Iotta is an app that allows you to get cashback on things you’re going to be buying every day anyways!  You can use it before you shop, travel, eat our or just use the app to get cash back on everyday purchases.

They claim to work with leading retailers and brands to help you save money WITHOUT having to deal with collecting and redeeming coupons, discounts or promo codes.

To use Ibotta, just follow these steps!

1. Find Cash Back Rebates – Before you go shopping, find and add cash back rebates
2. Go Shopping – Buy the things you love from favorite stores, retailers, restaurants, bars and apps
3. Redeem Rebates – Send your receipt, link your loyalty card for instant cash back.
4. Get Cash Back – Cash out via PayPal, Venmo or choose from a variety of gift cards!

So – Does it really work like it says?

Well, since my wife does most of the shopping in our house I asked her to install it and try it out. BUT – while she’s doing that I also checked around on the internet for real reviews from other real users of Ibotta!  (It’ll be a few weeks until I get my FULL review from her, I want to give her the chance to really test it out and multiple stores & venues)


Anyways, my review is still in progress, so check back soon! 🙂


Jeff Lenney

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  • Patti says:

    Ibotta absolutely does work. I use it along with Saving Star.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Thanks Patti, but how much do you save? From what I’m seeing so far, it’s just pennies and NOT a save a ton of money.


      • VK says:

        In three months, I saved up $100 to use on my trip with my two oldest sons. I just signed up for saving star to see how it does.

        • Jeff Lenney says:

          Awesome VK, thanks for sharing that here! So about $1.00 a day is what you saved right?



  • Sam says:

    Works for me Bro! Pocket change tho unless you work hard and refer people! 😉

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      How much do you save on Average Sam?

      I know it’s not a lot, so I’d love to hear from you on it.

      Thanks! 🙂


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