Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review, Demo & Bonus

Thanks SO much for stopping by to check out my review of Inbox Blueprint 2.0, by Anik Singal.

I’ll cut straight to the chase and answer the question that’s on your mind:

What IS Inbox Blueprint 2.0 All about? (I got it so i can show you)

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Members Area

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Members Area

Important: If you find my review useful, and I really hope you do – would you please close the sales page if it’s currently open and join Inbox Blueprint via my link here?  I get a referral fee if you become a member, and it helps me pay the bills!

A little Background Information First

Inbox Blueprint (©, Lurn, 2018) launched for the FIRST time in January, 2014.

They sold over 10,000 (yes, Ten Thousand) copies, and many happy students were introduced to Email Marketing for the first time – and they loved it!  (It also launched a 2nd time in 2016 or 2017 I believe, and did even better).

I hung out with Anik and quite a few students at Inbox Live in Las Vegas in 2014, and people were LINING UP to talk to Anik to thank him for putting together such an amazing course and live event.

In Fact – I was Anik’s HEAD COACH for about 4 years, so I know a thing or two about how he runs his business 🙂

Jeff Lenney & Anik Singal

This is Anik and Myself in Vegas, in 2015 after Profit Academy Live.

Jeff Lenney Speaking at Lurn & Anik Singal Event

This is a picture of me speaking at Anik’s Private Event in Washington DC in January 2017

Well, Inbox Blueprint has been closed since 2016 – but Anik and team are re-opening and making it BETTER for 2018 and it’s even coming with some killer software that can create your funnels FOR YOU, a members area forum – and more! (More on those later)

What’s New in Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

There’s MORE training, MORE bonuses and MORE live training webinars – Inbox Blueprint 2.0 not only shows you how to build a profitable online email marketing business… but it actually does most of the hard work for you!

With just few clicks of the mouse, you can set up their squeeze page, your thank you page, your auto-responder, and lead magnet all in the right place and ready to go.

Wait a minute, did I just say lead magnet? Yep, they even give you the lead magnet. Not only that, but using their proprietary “saturation score”, they insure that even though students businesses are build automatically, they are still unique!

Anyways, before I get started on my review I want to explain a few PROBLEMS people have when trying to do email marketing successfully, and how Inbox Blueprint helps you resolve that.

One of the fundamental mistakes new email marketers make is picking the wrong niche to build a list and market products to.

To start you off right, Anik is going to make sure YOU don’t make this mistake.

Before we begin, let me remind you what a niche is.

A niche is a need in the marketplace.

Some examples of niches are:

  • weight loss
  • getting your ex back
  • making money online
  • video game strategies
  • cooking
  • personal development
  • learning to play a musical instrument
  • learning a new language
  • etc

All of these are topics that people want information and often buy products on.

Picking the wrong niche is deadly because you’ll find it VERY hard – if not impossible – in order to make money online with an email list in that niche (if you can even build one).

The biggest reason why people choose the wrong niche?

They pick what they are interested in or what “seems like a cool idea” – instead of doing research into what’s actually selling.

All this and MORE is covered in Inbox Blueprint. You’ll not only learn how to pick a profitable niche in just a few MINUTES, but how to…well, read below to find out!

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What will you learn in Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

The Training

Inbox Blueprint is broken down into 8 simple steps, awesome BONUSES (and you get the EPIC LaunchPad Software), and I’ll elaborate on each one below:


In the introduction, you’ll learn the ins and outs of your Inbox Blueprint 2.0 training, how to understand the business, a detailed explanation of the business model and even meet the coaches Anik has hired on to help you on your journey!

  • Understanding the Business
  • What is the Inbox Blueprint Business Model?
  • Overview of the Inbox Blueprint Course
  • Meet Our Coaches

Step 1 – Addiction Meter

In this first step Anik is going to teach you everything you need to know about choosing a niche for your email marketing business.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • Picking a Niche
  • What Niches Make Money in Email Marketing?
  • Using The Launch Pad Niches
  • Tons of Other Ideas for Niches
  • Research Niches on (Check out Clickbank University 2.0 for CB training)
  • Research Niche on
  • Research Niches on Google
  • Research Niches on YouTube
  • Research Niches on Amazon
  • EXERCISE: Decide on Your Email Marketing Niche NOW
  • EXERCISE: Activate The LaunchPad if You Choose To Use It

Step 2 – The Bait

Now that you’ve selected a niche, it’s time to create the web page where you’ll collect emails and build your list. This web page is called an opt-in page.  In this module you’ll learn ALL ABOUT what makes an opt-in page work – this is VERY important, I suggest you take your time on this one and go through it a few times.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

  • Opt-in Pages
  • What is an Opt-in Page?
  • Opt-in Page Design
  • What To Say On Your Opt-in Page: Good Copywriting
  • What Data To Collect
  • Creating Your Opt-In Page…
  • Single vs. Double Opt-In
  • The Free Gift – Bribing Someone For Their Email Address
  • How To Create Your Free PDF Gift
  • Exercise: Create Your Opt-in Page

Step 3 – The ‘TYP’ Method

In Step 3 Anik is going to teach you how to use your “thank you page” to start generating some revenues the day you begin getting subscribers. This strategy will give you a huge advantage.

It will help you pay for your startup costs. But more importantly, your thank you page will help pay for building a large list of subscribers using paid advertising.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this quick but critical step…

  • Anik’sMy Secret Thank You Page Strategy
  • What is the Thank You Page Strategy
  • How Much Can a TYP Actually Earn
  • How To Choose a Great TYP Page Offer
  • Using the LaunchPad To Create a TYP Strategy
  • When & How Do You Deliver the Free Gift
  • Creating a Transitional Page (Optional)
  • EXERCISE: Select Your Offer
  • EXERCISE: Activate Your Preferred TYP Strategy

Step 4 – Email Machine Overview

Step 4 will be all about autoresponders, how to get access to an amazing one for FREE, plus a whole lot more.

Here’s a breakdown of the lessons from this module:

  • Introduction to Autoresponders
  • Activate Your Free SendLane Account
  • Automated Messages vs. Broadcasting
  • Click Tracking
  • EXERCISE: Set Up Your Autoresponder & Click Tracker

Step 5 – Emails and List Relationship

Step 5 is VERY important and goes into the HOW’S of things.  It covers not only HOW to write emails, but even great subject lines, types of content and how to build an amazing RELATIONSHIP with your email list so they buy from you time and time again!

Here’s a look at the training in this module:

  • Writing and Sending Emails
  • The 3 Rules of Email Marketing Strategy
  • The Email Lifeline – How Many Products To Promote in a Month
  • The Different Kinds of Promotions – Low, Mid, High Ticket
  • Writing a Great Email
  • The Key Part of a Great Email – Subject Line
  • Content Emails – How To Promote Products Through Content
  • Relationship Emails – How To Build a Relationship with Your Email List
  • Sales/Promotional Emails
  • Setting Up 10 Days of Autoresponder (Minimum)
  • The Importance of Testing Your Email Before Sending – Avoid Spam Box and Promotions Tab
  • EXERCISE: Set Up Your Automated Messages Using LaunchPad

This is DEFINITELY one of my favorite modules, AND one of the one’s that will help you make the MOST money.  Know what to write, know what your subscribers like and what to share with them and you’ll make A-LOT more money.

Step 6 – Payday Secrets

Step #6 goes into…well…the reason you’re going to buy this course – how to get PAID! 🙂

This is ANOTHER very important module you should pay attention to as it teaches how to increase your money, further your relationship with your list and a whole lot more!  Take a look at the lessons for this module below:

  • Introduction
  • Stats and Tactics to Increase Your Earnings
  • Monetization & Relationship Building
  • Monetization with Affiliate Programs
  • Promoting Product Launches
  • Event Based Marketing
  • Using Webinars To Sell Affiliate Products
  • Adding Bonuses To Your Promotion For Higher Conversions
  • Offering Your Own Product

Step 7 – Easy Traffic

Step 7 is next, and is all about TRAFFIC – the one thing your efforts will be fruitless without.  It goes into various forms of free and paid traffic – and I have to admit despite working with Anik previously, I learned quite a few ‘tricks’ from this module as well!

Here’s what it covers:

  • Traffic
  • Traffc: Time vs Money
  • Free: Guest Blogging
  • Free: Forums
  • Free: Blog Commenting
  • Free: Twitter
  • Free: Yahoo! Answers
  • Free: Solo Ad Swaps
  • Paid: Solo Ads
  • Paid: Facebook Ads
  • Paid: Google Training

Step 8 – Unlimited Success

Step8 is all about your success, and again is a VERY important module to study. Here’s what it covers:

  • 8 Introduction
  • Metrics To Watch
  • Do Fancy Templates Make a Difference?
  • Increasing Deliverability and Open Rates
  • Copywriting for Better Open Rates and Conversions
  • What To Do When It’s Not Working

I REALLY hope you can see the amount of sheer value in this course.  It’s less than HALF the price of Anik’s Profit Academy (which was $3,000), and I have to say – it might even be better!


On TOP of all that you see above in the TRAINING, you also get access access to some epic bonuses that are EASILY worth triple the cost of the course by themselves:

  • Bonus #1 – FREE 12 Month Membership – Lurn VIP (Value $3,997)

    • Get access to live training from Anik himself 4x a month for 12 months.
    • Plus you get access to Anik’s FULL active 24/7 community.
    • Get help from experts, great success story students, and everyone else at Lurn Nation.
    • Last but not least you get Coaching Access: get your questions answered LIVE on their coaching calls – they are here for YOU!
  • Bonus #2 – Traffic Academy (Value $1,497)

    • Become a master of both free and investment traffic.
    • You’ll “lurn’ about the top 10 traffic strategies you can impliment TODAY
    • Anik will teach you how to get more than enough traffic to build a list as big as you want!
  • Bonus #3 – 6 Week FAST Start Program (Over the Shoulder) – (Value $497)

    • Watch them (step-by-step) as we get their first 1,000 subscribers and kill it!
    • With this 6 week program the goal is to get your first 1,000 subscribers, and create an income!

The Launchpad software

Ah yes, the Inbox Blueprint Launchpad Software, it’s SUPER easy to use and well…check out my video below to learn more!

I build a full funnel LIVE on this video, and show you step-by-step how easy it is, even for TOTAL newbies!

But wait…there’s more! You also get access to the Inbox Blueprint (members only) forum

The Lurn Team created this forum for you — the Inbox Blueprint community! Their goal is to give you a community resource to help you learn and to grow your business.  They want you to ask questions, offer advice, get feedback and even support your fellow members.

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Members Forum

Seriously – spend some time in here.  Take the time to ask questions, read others questions and answers and PARTICIPATE.  You’ll learn ALOT & be able to connect with Anik, his coaches AND other members too!

My Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review & Final Verdict

Product Name: Inbox Blueprint 2.0
Product Creator: Anik Singal (From FB Academy & Lurn Insider)
Price: $997 or 3 Payments of $397
The Verdict: 100% RECOMMENDED

Inbox Blueprint Review

For those who would rather watch something than read, I’ve got a 32 minute Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Review Video you can watch below!

Basically – Inbox Blueprint is THE best Email Marketing training you’ll receive, hands down.  It’s perfect for both newbies & advanced marketers alike, and if you study the training and actually DO what you learn – you will have success with building your email list – and of course generating some nice income as well as a result of it.

One of my FAVORITE things about having my own list is this:

It works FOR me, even if I’m on Vacation in South East Asia, the Caribbean, Orlando, Las Vegas etc – you get the drill.

I HIGHLY recommend you pick up Inbox Blueprint 2.0 now, you’ll thank me – I promise! 🙂

>>> Sign up for Inbox Blueprint 2.0 here, then email me your receipt and i’ll get you your bonuses asap!

My Inbox Blueprint 2.0 Bonus ($6,597 Value & Growing)

For those who DON’T know, my name is Jeff Lenney. I was Anik Singal’s HEAD coach from 2011 through 2015

I’ve have coached THOUSANDS of his students via live webinars, and in-person events like Inbox Blueprint Live in Las Vegas Nevada, Washington DC and even 3 day long Virtual Weekends.

I’ve done every coaching webinar for his previous two launches of Inbox Blueprint, as well as every webinar for his FIRST 2 launches of Profit Academy & Publish Academy.

All were VERY successful courses, and many students saw their FIRST successes with online marketing as a result of one or both training courses.

On TOP of this, I’ve also been a huge part of his PRIVATE coaching team, coaching students privately in places like Las Vegas, Washington D.C. and of course, the comfort of their own homes via skype and private chat rooms.

What’s the point of my telling you this? I know where students have their success, and where they have their failures and I can give you REAL advice to be successful with Inbox Blueprint.

I’ve been very successful with my own email marketing and have come up with an AMAZING bonus that will DEFINITELY give you an advantage when you purchase Inbox Blueprint 2.0 via my affiliate link.

Everytime I promote a product, I always get a few emails from people that DIDN’T buy from my link.  They saw my bonuses AFTER and want to know if they can pay me for them – they’re that good so don’t make the mistake of buying from somebody else as these bonuses are EXCLUSIVE from me.

  • Bonus 1: NOBODY ELSE CAN OFFER THIS – Personal Coaching with Anik’s Former Head Coach, ME! ($1500 Value)Jeff Lenney @ Anik Singal
    • I’ll give your funnel a FULL review once you go through all the steps and complete it!  I’ll do a 10-15 minute PERSONAL video for you telling you EXACTLY what I like, what I don’t like and what I recommend you change on you set up your first BML funnel (squeeze page, email series etc).  This consulting is something I would normally charge $500 for to START – and you’ll get it 100% for FREE, from me!
    • While MOST people benefit from my custom Video, if you’re STILL stuck after that we can hop on a 30 minute Skype Call together!
  • Bonus #2: Swipe Files: 3,000 Swipe Files for ALL Occasions ($2500 Value)Swipe-File-Chamber
    • Want to learn how to use the right words to turn your business into a thriving money-maker? Copywriting is not a secret kept to only those who are gifted writers. This guide will show you what to write to get people to read your copy using strategies that hook them to your words.
    • Get access to the VERY Email Swipe Files & Subject lines WITH actual examples that have made me thousands! You can use these and modify them to work with ANY niche.
    • Get hundreds of swipes for everything from Article Titles, Benefits, Bonuses, Bullet Points, Calls to action, guarantees, openings, closings and much more!  If you ever wanted to see what the PROS used to get clicks and sales, you DO NOT want to miss this one!
    • These are FULL EMAILS, not JUST subject lines.
    • Easily Double or Triple your Email Clicks RIGHT NOW with these PROVEN TO CONVERT Emails, Broken down by type/category.
    • Some of the MANY styles are: Beta Testers Needed, Call to Action, Celebrity, Conspiracy and Lies, Controversial, Done For You, Free Gift, Job Opportunity, Limited Time Offer and SO much more.
    • These are FULL EMAILS, not JUST subject lines.
    • ALSO included with this is a list of HIGH OPEN SUBJECT LINES You can use with your OWN emails!
  • Bonus #4: “Fill in the Blank” HOT Subject Line Ideas for DEMANDING clicks to your emails (or articles) ($250 Value)
    • I’ve put together over 75 HOT subject line TEMPLATES (you simply insert your own keyword or idea) that are proven to convert in ANY niche.  Simply grab one you like, insert your keyword. They’re organized by four categories:
      • Controversial (14 Subject Lines) – IE: Why you should forget everything you know about (your keyword)
      • Fun (16 Subject Lines) – IE: 4 Jaw Dropping Facts about (Your keyword)
      • List (22 List Based Subject lines) – IE: The 7 Worst Things you could do to (your keyword)
      • Shocking (24 Subject Lines) – IE: 10 (Your Keyword) Myths Busted.
  • Bonus 5: I’ll PERSONALLY write your first SOLO AD swipe copy for you! ($100 Value)
    • Some people seem to get stuck on what to write, so why not let me make this easier for you! You’ll not only get a 100% unique and personal swipe copy (to be used for Solo ads to promote your squeeze page) written by ME for your product or freebee, but you can use it as a template going forward to write your OWN emails as well!
  • Bonus 6 (Just Added): 3 highly detailed guides written to help YOU become a better email marketer!  BML’s video training is great, but I feel some things could be better explained in a text based form.  I have put together 3 highly detailed no fluff guides that will show YOU some things you may be struggling with understanding from Build My List:
    • Guide #1: Email Marketing Tips and Tricks:email-marketing-tips-and-tricks
      • How to create tracking URL’s for your email marketing.
      • Creating an Effective Email Subject Line
      • Top Tips to Help you Boost Your Email Conversions
      • What to TEST in your Email Campaign
      • How to Create New Content for your Email Campaigns
      • and ALOT more.
    • Guide #2: List Success Guide, Checklist AND 40 Minute Audio Book (This is HOT and worth $47 by itself!)LIST-SUCCESS-GUIDE
      • How to write and design a compelling landing page that converts visitors into subscribers.
      • Which autoresponder service should you use? I’ve reviewed 4 top autoresponders and give you the verdict.
      • 7 ways get visitors to your opt in page so you can start building your list.
      • 7 ways to write damn good email copy that your subscribers will take action on — whether you’re promoting a product or sending a newsletter, you’ll like these techniques.
      • + much, much more!
    • Guide #3: More Subscribers:more-subscribers

      • 101 quick and EASY tips to generating more subscribers to your email list.
      • One mistake to avoid when it comes to placing an opt-in form on your sidebar.
      • A simple way to increase your subscriber numbers by simply _________.
      • Is your page not converting visitors into sign ups? Do this one step to double even triple your conversion rate.
      • How to keep your subscribers active once you have them on your list.
      • Segmenting your list to laser-target the type of content you send to your subscribers.
      • Plus, lots more!
  • Bonus 7 (Just Added): Email Copy That Sells ($47.00 Value – I had to PAY to be able to give this to you at no cost)email-copy-that-sells-books

    • No Fluff and Fillers in this 47 Page Guide – I reveal only SOLID tips, tricks and techniques which you can take away and use TODAY in your next email:
    • Improve your overall email marketing results
    • Get more clicks in ANY emails
    • Get more subscribers responding to your offers
    • Connect & Build a better relationship with your audience (this is what makes ME so successful)
    • Get into the minds of your subscribers by knowing EXACTLY what they want to hear
    • Gain Trust and boost your credibility.
  • Bonus 8 (Just Added): Email Copy That Sells – 1 hour of additional VIDEO training!email copy that sells-videos

    • Balancing Promotional Emails and Free Content
    • Email Frequency – How often should you email your list
    • How I write copy for ANY product in just 5 minutes
    • How to Tell a Story in your Emails (VERY important)
    • How to Track your Click-Throughs & Open Rates
    • How to Write a Call to Action in your Emails
    • When is the BEST TIME to send your emails?
    • And MUCH more…
  • Bonus 9 (Just Added): 300 Power Words & Phrases Swipe File:300-power-words-and-phrases

    • You’re going to want to print a copy of this file out.  It’s filled with 300 golden words and phrases you can look over anytime you’re writing your email copy.
  • Bonus 10 (Just Added): The 5 Minute Sales Copy Formula (that works every time)5-minute-sales-copy

    • Discover my PERSONAL formula and blueprint to writing emails where you’re promoting your own product, OR a product you’re an affiliate of.  You’ll be able to write one in just 5 minutes easily!
    • Quit wasting time trying to figure out what to write about how to best put your words.
    • This formula works EVERY time.  I use it every time I have an offer I’d like to mail to my subscribers!
  • Bonus 11 (Just Added): INSTANT Winning Headlinesinstant-winning-headlines

    • In THIS special report, I reveal how you can access THOUSANDS of headlines INSTANTLY that are proven to convert — all for FREE!
    • Whenever I need a headline for my email’s subject lines, salesletter, opt-in page or anything else, I use THIS sneaky tactic.

Do I have your attention yet?  I thought so 🙂

>>> Sign up for Inbox Blueprint 2.0 here, then email me your receipt and i’ll get you your bonuses asap!

I WILL, however, email you all OTHER bonuses within 12-24 hours of you submitting your receipt # to me.

You DO need to click on MY link and give me the affiliate credit in order to get the bonuses – so make sure my link is the last you clicked.

Talk soon and if you have ANY questions, please let me know!

Jeff Lenney

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>>> Sign up for Inbox Blueprint 2.0 here, then email me your receipt and i’ll get you your bonuses asap!

 Disclaimer: Results may not be typical nor expected for every person. Jeff Lenney will be compensated when you join through the link on this page to Inbox Blueprint’s enrollment and you will be entitled to the bonuses from Jeff Lenney. Jeff Lenney cannot guarantee your results. By clicking the buttons above, you will be directed to Inbox Blueprint’s presentation or purchase page. Jeff Lenney is not accountable for any claims made outside of this page.

Jeff Lenney

My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert.

  • Tom says:

    Thanks for the detailed review, but is it okay to skip and choose modules? Or do you recommend fallowing the course to the T? Thanks

  • Amuro Wesley says:

    Besides choosing the right niche, choosing the right target audience is just as important.

    For example weight loss is a broad niche. Under it, there are sub-categories for men and women.

    If you go in deeper, you will find even more for adults, teenagers and even kids within those sub-categories.

    In the past I just relied upon Google keyword and other research tools to get the data I want.

    Now I combined Google keyword planner with Facebook targeting to find who is my target audience and where do they hang out?

    What Facebook is showing up a list of corresponding keywords that can be what is posted on timeline, fanpages or groups.

    Will these be covered in Inbox Blueprint 2.0 as well?

    Because I have been receiving many emails on this and Shopify from different marketers in the last 2-3 months.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Amuro

      The BASICS of FB Advertising are covered – but keep in mind this course is about email marketing so the focus is more on how to pick your niche, how to write emails, build offers and funnels etc.

      Having said that – the FB info in the course is pretty good – there is also excellent training on Google Advertising which does go into finding your audience demographics etc – so you can DEFINITELY use this knowledge when building your customer avatar.

      Hope this helps! 🙂


  • Taylor says:

    Hi Jeff, I am very interested in this course when I finish the free book online and I am likely to buy this awesome course. But I have a problem: I don’t have the money right now. 🙁

    Can I just pay a part of the whole price and pay the other when I earn money in this course? I mean, no one will lose anything with this plan, right? 🙂

  • Is there a FREE trial available?
    Anything that is too good to be true gets me wary!!

  • Ry says:

    Seems like pur of everything you promote Aniks inbox blueprint is the simplest, most hands off system once put into place. And seemingly the most lucrative overtime. What would you say to that? I’m looking for the best online marketing for a complete beginner.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Ry

      Email marketing (like inbox blueprint teaches) is never going to go away – and once you get going with it and do it the RIGHT way it’s pretty hard NOT to make money with it lol. Granted, there’s a learning curve like with anything – but the software in IB helps alot with that too!

      HOpe this helps, and as for a beginner – I 100% recommend this for you.


      • Ry says:

        Thanks so much for the response. I just saw your review of build my list. They seem like similar systems. With how much money I have I may have to go with this for now. Could you give me info on blm vs. inbox 2.0. I appreciate your time Jeff. Thanks!!! I’ll be sure to use your affiliate link on whichever I decide as I couldn’t do it without you 🙂

        • Jeff Lenney says:

          Honestly they’re both completely different (but amazing) programs. Inbox gives you the software to help build your business, while BML you learn to and do it completely yourself.

          Inbox gives you up to a YEAR of live training, with BML its a few months i think

          EIther course is great, but if you CAN afford it go with Inbox 🙂

          Hope this helps

  • Debbie says:

    Hi Lenny you are offering great bonuses which l would like to take advantage of if l purchase Inbox Blueprint. However l already clicked on a link via another marketer so isnt the first click registered with Inbox Blueprint so the affiliate fee will go to that marketer?
    Thanks Debbie

  • Arvin says:

    how fast would someone make money if they work at this 6 hours a day every day ?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      The 1st or 2nd day if you’re really good – but that’s NOT going to be most people. Don’t think about how fast you can make money. Take your time, go through the training, practice what you learn and don’t think of it as a way to get rich over night.


      • Arvin says:

        thank you very much for the answer and I’m just wondering how fast because I will be taking a loan in order to afford this course so I want to pay it back asap

        • Jeff Lenney says:

          Just keep in mind – 99 out of 100 will NOT make that money their first day – that’s extreme examples only. (To do that too, you would need to use paid traffic).

          If you’re COMPLETELY new to this, I’d say 30 days is more realistic.

          Hope this helps!


  • Barb says:

    Jeff, your 3-pay option goes to the full-pay webpage. I am considering purchasing and must do the payment plan.

  • Sam says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I’ve been looking for an online program for a while now & came across your review here. Being Canadian this means over a $2000 commitment & though I am really tempted to trust my gut and take a leap of faith with your review, I’m worried about what’s next after paying this hefty fee, would I’ve to invest in anything else once in? Are there any upsells or spending money on other businesses like may be buying traffic? And if so am I looking at hundreds or thousands? I would hate to ask for a refund just because I can’t afford an amazing opportunity.

    Thanks for all bonuses & writing such an amazing review:)

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Sam

      GREAT questions!

      Well, there will be a few things: WebSite Registration and Hosting, probably $10 a month or so (not bad)

      You get a FREE Auto Responder Account with Sendlane for 60 days – after that (i THINK) it’s $3o or so per month.

      Expense wise, you’ll probably want to invest in PAID traffic via either FaceBook ads or Solo Ads, both of which are covered in the training. Solo ads are easier, BUT you definitely want to make sure your whole funnel is set up, looks and reads AMAZING and will convert.

      So in short – you can spend as much or as little as you want (on traffic), but I’d recommend starting off small and increasing slowly from there.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Barb says:

    Hey Jeff,

    I signed up. I look forward to working on my first funnel and having it critiqued by you and then sending out a solo ad. Thing is, not sure how to get my receipt to you since I can’t paste anything in anywhere on your site.

    Let me know.


  • Ryan says:

    Rich jerk vs inbox blueprint 2.0 for a complete newbie? Obviously they are two completely different programs and different prices but would it be worth it for the Aniks software to go that route instead of rich jerk. Seems like overall it may be more simple to get off the ground and running with inbox blueprint. But what do you think as a newbie? Between anything I’ve looked at it seems like I’ve dwindled it down to purchasing one of these. Thanks!

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Ryan

      Well I get to make your choice easier – Rich Jerk is now sold out (seriously, he messaged me this morning that he’s taking it off the market for a few months)

      Pick up Inbox Blueprint, you won’t regret it 🙂


      • Ryan says:

        Ah man. I got denied a loan today so I was thinking Rick jerk was my only option :/ maybe I’ll purchase credit secrets to get my credit better. Haha. Well hopefully I can figure something out before it closes. Thanks again

  • Arvin says:

    hey if I do the 3 months payment plan and before 60 days I decide to get a refund how does it work ?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      You would get a refund for whatever you’ve paid up until that point.

      BUT i’ll be honest – don’t go into this even THINKING you’ll want a refund, bc that just sets you up for failure – and that’s not a good mindset to have 🙂


  • Arvin says:

    when is the final day to get this program

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Monday May 9th at Midnight (not sure which time zone, either EST or PST)


      • Arvin says:

        so if I purchase the program Sunday, I will be guaranteed to get it and all the bonuses with it ?

        • Jeff Lenney says:

          As long as you get it before the close time, yes absolutely!

          • Arvin says:

            sounds good I will be a member Sunday and work my ass off everyday atleast 8 hours a day in order to make enough profit to pay for this. I’ll also be contacting you with your affiliate link to get your bonuses also. thanks for all the help much appreciated

          • Jeff Lenney says:

            My Pleasure Arvin – 8 hours a day might not be necessary – just take your time going through the training, attend the LIVE training and webinars, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

            My #1 TIP – go on the members forum and ask for FEEDBACK on your squeeze page BEFORE you send any traffic to it! 🙂


  • T Tillman says:


    I clicked on your link and paid. How do I get the receipt to you? Is there an email I can forward it to?



  • Edgar Aguilera says:

    Hi Jeff.

    I clicked your link. Yesterday i send you a message about how i can get the bonuses.


  • Cindy says:

    Hi Jeff! What do you think of Click Funnel with Russell Brunson and how do you think it compares with IB? Thanks!

  • kenfrancis says:

    hae Jeff just came across your page tonight and was wondering am I too late to join inbox blue print and if am not what would you advice me to do

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Ken

      Unfortunately yes you are – BUT Build My List is still open and a fraction of the price. HOWEVER – if you’re new I do recommend the upsells. Totall cost will be maybe $250 for the program and upsells etc.

      Check it out here: – I hope this helps! 🙂


  • Joseph Marie says:

    Hello,just findout that the blue print still live do you still offer all the bonus if I purchase with your link

  • 200percentScam says:

    Nobody till date has shown the way to make money if that works truely. Microsoft did not sell their program so that everybody else can make, Apple did not do either, or google.

    if you can put these program on auto-pilot ,why do you need 1500 dollars when you can make MILLION dollars. really you are writting 2000 word promo email to get 1500 $ when you can make 3 grand per day…..

    who is so much stupid to trust this crap? The funny thing is that all the scammers are together ….

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi 200percentscam (Kulveer Singh)

      Is college a Scam? Is Medical School a Scam? You pay for those things yet nobody calls them a scam (well some people do, sure).

      Also – the joy of what I do is I can promote multiple things and make money from many different avenues online.

      I’ve made over $200,000 Promoting Anik’s programs Like Inbox Blueprint, Profit Academy – so why would I NOT promote them when I can earn ON TOP of the $3,000 per day i’m already making…that doens’t make it a scam, that just means i’m smart for making money multiple different ways online and not just sticking to one thing.


  • Michael D. Chandler says:

    Do you feel this will compliment ESA??? I am going through it right now should I wait to purchase IB? I really think it will be an overload of info. Did you get my email earlier about ESA? Thanks for your time.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      eCom Success Academy? Definitely, just keep in mind they’re both something you’d want to learn and master on your own individually. ESA DOES come with some basic email marketing training that is defintiely a great start, so if you already have that – go through it first, get that perfected and if you need further email marketing training afterwards – Inbox Blueprint is a great choice 🙂

  • Jason says:

    I’m ready to jump in and do this. If I sign up using your link, can I still get your freebies?

  • Reynold says:

    Hi there Jeff! I hate to ask such blunt questions, but I was wondering if I get this program today, would I be able to make my money’s worth in about 30 days? ($1500) Also you seem very knowledgeable about the programs that are out there, do you recommend an eccommerce course just like ESA? Since Adrian is closing down the program soon, and I can’t afford it at the moment, but I still want to master Shopify, or any similar eccommerce site builder, thanks for this review of IB!

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Reynold

      Anything’s POSSIBLE, sure. Most people WON’T make that much within 30 days so I would certainly not promise or guarantee it in any way. I’ve seen it done before, but usually 30 days is too soon (in my opinion) to make that much UNLESS you’re willing to also spend a ton of money on Paid Traffic to build your email list quickly.

      As for ESA – that’s another amazing course, but don’t spend your rent money or grocery money on it or anything if you can’t afford it just yet. There are HUNDREDS of hours of training in ESA, and it takes time to go through it.

      Hope this helps!


      • Reynold says:

        Ahh, thanks so much for the reply, it definitely helped me put things in perspective a bit more. But I was wondering if you know any other programs just like ESA that you would reccomend? Or any other eccommerce building course? I’m thinking about mastering email marketing with Sendlane before I do eccommerce!

  • Robert says:

    I just purchased inboxblueprint your website. . How do I attached the receipt so you can verify my purchase?

  • Edwin says:

    Does Inbox BluePrint use other Affiliate Networks other then ClickBank? If I have a website like this one can I intergate SENDLANE with it? What’s the re-occuring cost of IB’s Autoresponder? I also notice that the $500 Free Traffic giveaway is after you spend a couple of grand, thus is there a timeline in which you claim your $500?

    My challenge is that I have to do this part-time and already have a 12 hour day. Traffic (free) is time consuming thus would be using an advertising budget. How many hours to get through the training?

    I know, lots of questions – but I sure I will have more.


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Edwin,

      Inbox Blueprint doesn’t use ANY affiliate networks – you can use the knowledge you learn there to work with any affiliate program you wish, word wide. 🙂

      As for SendLane – YES it most definitely does work with Sendlane, and quite well!

      As for doing the work itself, I’ll be honest – free traffic is great – BUT if you’re just starting out it sucks. I get a TON of free traffic myself via SEO, but I’ve been doing it for a while and am pretty good at it.

      My recommendcation is this:

    • Build up an email list of 300-500 using PAID Traffic Methods they cover in the course.
      Once you have a list of 300-500, TRADE emails with another person in the same niche with the same email list size. It’s easy to find them in the Inbox Blueprint Forum
      Build your list for FREE that way, and rince and repeat.
    • I hope this helps! 🙂


    • Edwin says:

      During a recent Webinar with Inbox Blueprint when choosing a TYP they showed how the dashboard launcher showed what affiliate offers work best with your niche and how saturated they were. All the choices were linked to Clickbank.

      Building a list is something I need to do with my site and business, but I have to be smart about it. I don’t have a lot of hours in a day thus why I can’t be putting time into writing content everyday/week right now.

      I am familiar with SOLO ads – having a challenge getting FB to work – high CTR but low conversions. Does Inbox blueprint provide all COPY for all funnels?

      Thanks – More to come.

      • Jeff Lenney says:

        Hi Edwin

        Ah yes, well you can use whatever you want – but only clickbank is built into the search function since that’s one of the largest affiliate networks around. You don’t even have to use the builder, you can build your own, or even outsource them so while the software itself is great you don’t have to limit yourself within what it can do. 🙂

        As for Copy for all funnels…you can do that yourself via the builder – but it’s not provided FOR you as everybody would be using the same copy for their squeeze pages etc 🙂


    • Karen says:

      Hi sorry need to crash here. u mean trade emails with other members in the inbox forum eventhou usually in the opt-in page they stated that they will not be sharing the subscriber’s email?

      or am i totally misunderstanding the term of buying/selling/trading other ppl’s email addresses.


  • Lorena says:

    Hi Jeff, I just found out about blueprint, I am interested in starting to learn and invest in this business, but like almost everyone I have limited funds. I want to purchase the three payment option.

    Being realistic how much should I invest in the first month to end up even with my initial investment?

    I didn’t saw the money back guarantee in the webpage, do you know something about that? Is not my intention to have it back, but it keeps me calm in case this plan does not work. Also I can’t invest too much in traffic right know.

    Does your free bonus is still available?

    Also I haven’t found real reviews of people trying this software, just people recommend it and explaining the same modules in the same way, just yours was different. I would like real reviews using this and being honest about the pros and cons. Thank you.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Lorena,

      To be honest, I’m not sure but I BELIEVE they offer a money back guarantee. Anik’s always offered it before.

      As for how much to invest the first month…I’m not sure what you mean. The course may take you a month or so to go through, you don’t want to rush through this – it’s not something you’ll be able to go through and finish & perfect in a few days. Treat it like an education where you know you’ll get your investment back in the long run. 🙂

      As for my bonuses, they are still available if you purchase via my link, yes.

      As for real reviews by real users – they’re out there – I’m just better at ranking in Google than most of them. 🙂


      • Lorena says:

        Hello, thank you for your response, I just wanted to have an idea if this investment is really profitable and how much time it takes to get even with the $1,500 fee.

        I realize that the answer can be subjective and it depends of different factors, since I want to invest my savings into this business, I would like some reassurement that I’m making the right choice, considering that I am willing to make this business grow.

        With your knowledge and experience can you help me with this concerns? Thanks

        • Jeff Lenney says:

          Hi Lorena,

          My pleasure, it definitely has the potential to be profitable, and very much so, but as you said there are numerous factors.

          In my OWN experience as Anik’s former head coach and a very successful email marketer, the students that stick with it and don’t let failure stop them from trying again are the one’s who succeed. The students that get on the live calls, make posts and ask questions in the forum and aren’t afraid of sounding dumb – those are the one’s that succeed 🙂


  • Karen says:

    Hi again, just saw ur IB review. your bonuses still available? thanks

  • Edwin Romero says:

    Can you use multiple FREE offers (squeeze pages) with differrent TYP to build the same list (funnel) as long as it’s relevant?

    I’ve heard of lists with autoresponders just promoting one major product, thus can our lists offer multiple offers related to our niche and at the same time still build a relationship with them.

    I have found it challenging to buy quality traffic that converts, thus anyone can buy traffic, but we do want sales.


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Edwin,

      I suppose you can do this – but keep in mind you’re going to need to send TRAFFIC to these squeeze pages, you can’t simply build 20 of them and hope traffic magically appears. 🙂

      As for what you promote, I personally promote 3-4 different products in the first 10 days of my emails – I also provide a ton of value as well. Don’t worry too much about building a ton of pages or how many products to promote, it’s all covered by Anik and his crew in the training. 🙂


      • Edwin Romero says:

        The reason for the multiple squeeze pages would be for split testing to see which converts better. Also it’s nice to have multiple offers to present to the same SOLO sellers. I have run into Solo sellers that won’t send traffic to the same or duplicate offer.

        Can I assume Inbox BluePrint has an affiliate program and we can send people to a webinar?


        • Jeff Lenney says:

          Ah great Edwin, yes that’s fine and encouraged even. Very smart idea to A/B test to see which converts the best 🙂

          As for an affiliate program, yes they do – just google it – I don’t have the link handy.


  • Nikolaos Malamis says:

    Hey Jeff,
    I just read your review about inbox blueprint and I was impressed!
    Actually I knew about this course but I didn’t have the money to invest because except from the money to purchase the course you need to have a capital for paid traffic. .
    So my question is this course still available? Can I join?
    Greetings from Greece!
    Thanks in advance,

  • stevie rody says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I just signed up last night through your link, but don’t know how to get the invoice to you as an attachment.
    Your bonuses sound great and I can’t wait to get started.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Thank you Steve, sorry if I did not respond before, my inbox notifications are not working LOL, email me if you have the contact link above if you have not yet and I’ll take care of you 🙂

  • Trina says:

    Hi Jeff. About how much should I spend on paid traffic (solo add, etc.) per month if and when I decide to sign up for you Inbox Blueprint offer?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Trina

      As much as you want or can 🙂 LOL

      Honestly, you don’t NEED to spend a dime on paid traffic if you don’t want. You can go with the free methods – BUT paid is instant and 10000% quicker in most cases. I would start off by optimizing your page, have some of Anik’s coaches look over it and give their feedback, then start with maybe a $50 or $100 test on solo ads. Monitor your conversion rate, if it’s over 50% that’s a pretty good start. If you made sales from the Thank You Page – even better.

      From there, just scale up and try new people for your traffic.

      There really is not a definite answer to this, so I hope this helps


  • james says:

    Hi Jeff, i need your advice.

    I understand i need my own email domain for this program. I cant use or

    1. Do i need to purchase my own domain first (e.g. ? then
    2. Purchase my custom email address? (e.g.

    If above is correct, which company do you recommend i buy these from??

    Really like to know the above before buying inbox blueprint, thx in advance

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey James, sorry for the delayed response… Personally, I just use my name at my and that works pretty well 🙂

      Don’t worry about it though, this is all covered within the training, but yes that is the ideal method

  • Andres says:

    Hi Jeff! Thank you for your review. It is now more clear for me. The price now is $1497 for Inboxblueprint 2.0, but the content is the same you show. Good idea to get more bonuses from you. Let´s get a try on it. I will send you my receipt.

  • Navneet Bains says:

    Hello Jeff. I want to get my hands on to online marketing but I have never done this before. I watch inbox blueprint videos. I have some questions, why anybody would like to buy just by going through an email from a stranger like me. Second, Already there are so many eatablished marketers in this industry, does a new person like me really stands a chance.As a beginner I only want to focus on written mail adbertisements and not comfortable by creating own video or webinars to promote high end costlg products. I need your expert honest advise . I am interested to buy this products but have some doubts as expalijed above. Looking forward to listen from you. Thank you.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey navneet. Great questions, nobody knew who I was five years ago but the beauty is, inbox blueprint teaches you how to build a compelling offer to give away, how to build your list with that offer, and how to build and improve an amazing relationship with Said list as well. As part of the inbox blueprints training webinars a couple years ago, as I was the head coach doing them at the time, I build up an email listing live on the webinar is in an inch it was 100% new to me… I built my list, and maid sales live doing it. I promise, everything from A-Z is covered that you need to know, is an amazing course and an amazing investment 🙂

      Also, I apologize for any typos, I’m using voice to text while in the airport waiting for my flight to Hawaii LOL

  • Edwin says:

    If I want to use a different autoresponder, will I be able to use the program still?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Edwin,

      I use aWeber myself and do quite well. 🙂 Feel free to use any Auto Responder with the training. You CAN get access to Sendlane for free for 30 or 60 days I believe – but if you’ve alreayd got another AR account you’re more than welcome to take what you learn and use your current AR.

      Hope this helps!



      • Edwin Romero says:

        The reason I ask is because the INBOX course offers click tracking as a separate paid tool, but other AR’s have it included with their paid subscription.

      • Sarah says:

        Hi Jeff,

        You said you can use Aweber with the training?

        I have Aweber and I would like to continue using it. But I also want to use the Launchpad to set up opt-in forms etc… How can you integrate Launchpad with Aweber?


        • Jeff Lenney says:

          Unfortunately, the LaunchPad only works with sendlane – it’s not set up to work with the others. Trust me on this though, just learn to do things yourself – it’s a skill you’ll use then you can choose to outsource things like that for a few bucks (literally) later on 🙂


  • Karen says:

    Hi Jeff, I have emailed you last Thursday regarding my funnel

    Let me know what you think about it and also can I have the personalized Solo Ad that was mentioned above.

    Thank you so much

  • Tom Nethercott says:

    I want to buy through your link but it takes me to a page with the free ebook and live training webinar, i have already signed up for these, i thought the link would take me to the actual inbox blueprint sign up and payment page so i can start, am i doing something wrong, please let me know ?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Tom

      It’s not open to the PUBLIC yet for a few days – the 10th I believe is when the first webinar is when the program opens for all – come back to my site then and the link will redirect properly.

      Thanks for waiting man 🙂


  • Tom Nethercott says:

    When will your link go to the payment page, cheers 🙂

  • Alex says:

    Hi Jeff, Im interested in Inbox Blueprint 2.0

    Im from South America and I want to thank you for the best support i have found. There are some issues that come to my mind.

    What are the chances to monetize my list in Hispanic Market considering the language and I have not usa money account. there is some other sources besides clickbank to do affiliate program in spanish?

    Can I translate the templates and copyrights to Spanish? Can I apply the Niche Full Report in South America



    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Alex,

      Actually, when I was working with Anik – we had quite a few students from South America, Asia, Europe and non english speaking areas. There are definitely products available in the hispanic markets, just search espanol in – or check out and you’ll find a ton. By the way, I’m not sure if you’re using a translator when writing to me or not – but your english seems perfect here – I would never have guessed you weren’t speaking english as a native speaker 🙂


  • Samuel says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m considering ordering Inbox Blueprint. Do I have to setup a business (DBA, LLC, Corp, etc.) to use Inbox Blueprint, or can I use it as an individual? Also, is there a deadline for ordering it?


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Samuel

      It’s certianly not required to do so, BUT once you start earning more than a few thousand a month i’d recommend it. Note: I’m NOT a lawyer, accountant or qualified to give any tax or legal advice

      As for the deadline, yes I believe the last day is on 11/21 – so a week from today.

      Make sure you pick it up via my link for my killer bonuses 🙂

      Hope this helps!


  • Roongcharoen Bergmann says:

    Hi from Germany Jeff,
    sorry in advance for my bad english.
    I’m going to purchase the Inbox Blueprint. I’m just concerned about that it is not for the german market. I already asked the Lurn support and the quick answer of them impressed me a lot.
    The advice was that I can run my business from Germany but serve the US and English speaking market because it’s so much bigger then the german speaking market.
    So what’s your opinions? Should I do that or stay more focus on a German system wich is hard to find with the quality and easieness of the Inbox Blueprint system.
    Thank you very much in advance and if I going to purchase it it will purchased thru your link?

    Roongcharoen Bergmann

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Roongcharoen

      Your English is fine, don’t worry – and the joy of the internet is it’s always easy to translate or even check your language online.

      Now – I would actually agree with them – it’s quite easy to reach larger markets using english of course – BUT once you get a good handle on things you could also very easily do the same thing in the German Market, Targetting pepole in Germany and German Speaking Areas of Switzerland for example. For that – you’d need to use FaceBook ads and targeting – but don’t worry about that yet just focus on now. 🙂

      At any rate, when I was working with Anik as his coach – I saw quite a few students from other parts of the world (met some of them at the Las Vegas events too) and they did quite well in english and eventually later in their native language.

      I hope this helps 🙂


      • Roongcharoen Bergmann says:

        Hi again from Germany Jeff!
        Your advice was really helpful.
        Inbox Blueprint already closed but they have a few free spots so I will go in through your link.
        Do I still get your bonuses then?
        I hope so because I really appreciate your help!
        See you on the other side then??

        Roongcharoen Bergmann

        PS: They still have a few free spots for who interested in but will close for sure by the end of the week!

  • Jeff Lenney says:

    Will get that shortly!! Driving now

  • Jeff Lenney says:

    Hey Nick

    Okay HERE’S how you can buy via my link now

    Step 1: Click here:
    Step 2: Go to the purchase page here:

    My link will be cookied from you clicking the first link (should be affiliate 8) and when you buy on the 2nd page i’ll get the credit.

    Thanks so much! 🙂


  • Jeff Lenney says:

    Hey Nick

    No need to go to the webinar – just click on the 2nd link and buy now – since you clicked on my link LAST it’s cookied and the sale will go to me 🙂

    I hope that makes sense?


  • Jeff Lenney says:

    Thanks so much Nick 🙂


  • Filjun says:

    Is there a monthly recurring payment for the autoresponder in the inboxblueprint?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Filjun

      It’s free for the first 30 or 60 days (I forget which, sorry) then goes monthly after that. You can find the prices on but don’t worry, it’s not too expensive and you should hopefully be making PLENTY of money to cover that bill and then some 🙂


  • Jeff Lenney says:

    Hey Nick

    I responded 2 or 3 times already with the download link 🙂

    Check your spam folder, it should be in your inbox somewhere 🙂

    Thanks again, and sorry for the delay!


  • Rezearta Talani says:

    I recently purchased inbox blueprint and i am already having an issue with the program. When i go to affiliate offer, after selecting my offer, i click sign up for a ClickBank account, it shows “So sorry.” Please help me solve this issue. This is certainly a simple program, and i am honored to be in it, but i am having a lot of trouble when i comes to signing up for a ClickBank account. Please, please help me, i need the help!

  • Kim says:

    Hi Jeff,
    In your opinion is there anything else outside of this training that I should know or study or will I be able to do everything I need to be successful through this program?

    • Kim Engle says:

      Hi again Jeff, what is your affiliate link? I also posted a question to you yesterday and I am still awaiting your reply. I guess I should also ask if you still offer the bonuses?

      • Jeff Lenney says:

        Hi Kim

        Sorry for the delayed response – just click any of the links in my review here and they’ll take you straight to it 🙂

        I’m not home now, posting this from my phone so I don’t have it handy 🙂


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Kim

      There’s always more you CAN be learning – but this course is pretty complete and covers just about everything you need to know.

      Hope this helps – and sorry for the delayed response 🙂


  • Isaac says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I have read through your reviews and everything about inboxblueprint from you and Anik. I am ready to purchase. This is my first time purchasing online so please tell me what I should do.


  • Nathan says:

    Jeff, thanks alot for the info you’ve already given. I’m going to purchase from your link. I won’t have the cash for 3 weeks, will it still be available then?

  • Jason says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Thank you for the Super Affiliate Commissions report. I will take a look at it as soon as I can. I usually get overwhelmed when starting something new, so I may take a look at it after I get my new project off the ground.

    Anyway, speaking of my new project, I’ve decided to purchase InboxBlueprint tonight. I’m really jazzed about it! I will email you my receipt afterwards to request your awesome bonuses.

    Thanks for all the information about InboxBlueprint on your website. It was very helpful.

    See you on the other side, man!


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      My pleausre Jason and thanks so much man! 🙂

      Inbox Blueprint is a great program – just stick to it and don’t give up if you don’t have success right away. Patience really does pay off in this industry 🙂


  • Ellen says:

    Hey Jeff. Thank you for this amazing report. I have some questions.
    1. how much money need to invest in order to get my first 1000 subscribers interested in internet marketing niche? Knowing that Anik gives $500 value solo ads traffic
    2. I can set up only 20 email swipes to one sequence, what if i want to contact them for 90 days?
    3. if I join today when I will be able to start learn, apply and consult with coaches if everything I have set up is okay?
    4. When starting do they get in contact with me to help with my chosen product, in order to help me to promote it as should be?
    5. Do they teach you how to promote high ticket products even if I am Newbie and no one knows me?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Ellen

      So sorry for the delayed response! Been a bit busy this week. 🙂

      Anyways, let me see if I can do your questions justice:

      1. That’s like asking ‘how long is a piece of string’ – it depends on SOOOO many things such as your optin page copy, your offer, the quality of the traffic you’re sending etc. It’s POSSIBLE to get 1 subscriber for $1.00 using Solo Ads or even FaceBook traffic – but agian this varies on so many different things.
      2. Write your own email swipes! It’s more personal that way anyways 🙂
      3. Yes, absolutely!
      4. They do not, that’s all on you to keep yourself accountable. But they’ve got the weekly webinars, the private forum and so much more.
      5. With this knowledge you can promote anything from $7.00 Products to $3,000 products! It’s all the same honestly, you just have to have the right offer to promote.

      Anyways i hope this helps, get signed up here if you haven’t yet:


  • Zax says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for your review. Hi have some questions here:

    1. How much money you had made using IB?
    2. Is your additional bonus still available if I sign up?
    3. What is the difficulty level for a newbie with zero internet marketing experience?

    Thank you again for your time!

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Zax

      I cant really say how much I’ve made WITH ib – because I helped create it initially. I was Anik’s head coach for 3-4 years so I did alot of the training for it the first couple of times it launched. Having said that, I’ve made a signifigant ammount of income using the same METHODS IB teaches – but I’m not going to dig through my tax paperwork to find you the exact #s 🙂

      My bonus is definitely still available.

      As for the difficulty, that depends on you, your english comprehension, your ability to read, learn and apply what you learn. Hard to give an exact answer on that, but it’s definitely newbie friendly and i’ve seen many newbies make their first EVER dollar online as a resulf of what they learned from Inbox Blueprint.

      Anyways, sorry for the delayed response, was out of state but I’m home now and getting caught up. 🙂


  • Henry says:

    I just bought from you but Im not sure which I should prntscrn to your email to receive the bonus. I need to forward the invoice to you?

  • Ron says:

    Bonus still available, i’ll take the inbox blueprint via your link

  • Marios Paxinos says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I want to purchase the Inbox Blueprint thru your link to get also your bonuses as well your support !

    Is that still possible ?? Thanks

  • Isaac says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I have a question. I paid the first installment for inboxblueprint, If we miss the second installment for some reason, will they permanently close our account or temporarily disable it until we can pay again??


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Isaac,

      Well, I’m not 100% sure but you did make a commitment to make your payments on time. If I had to guess, I’d say they’d prob temporarily disable your access until you make the payment – but it would not be permanent

      Edit: Just checked, it would be temp only you’d be able to get it back once you pay 🙂

  • Justin says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Is the Inbox Blueprint still available? I notcied in one of your previous comments that it closed in November of 2016.


  • belinda says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I’m wondering if the launch software allows you to create a funnel with an optin page & a thank you page?

    I am looking at another similar program that has 10 big niche funnels already set up (with bait & 60 days emails) & with optin pages but you need to have a clickfunnel account to do the thank you page.

    just trying to work out which one to invest in (both same price).

    Any advise is appreciated.
    Thanks Belinda

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Belinda,

      You can use it to create a download page, a transition page (basically – a thank you page WITH a recomendation to check out a product you recommend) and of course tons of various opt-in pages.

      Get signed up here if you’re ready, great course and I’ve been using this method for years:

      Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂


      • belinda says:

        Hi Jeff,
        thanks for your reply.
        So you can have all those different types of pages in the same funnel?
        Also-can you put adsense ads on the transition pages as well as affiliate links?

        I assume if I signup under you I can still get bonuses?
        Thanks Jeff!

        • Jeff Lenney says:

          Hi Belinda,

          Well, your funnel with IB can go one of a few ways

          Opt-In Page >>> Thank You Page
          Opt-In Page >>> Mini Sales Page >>> Affiliate Product you Recommend

          You can NOT put adsense in, but trust me, you don’t want to throw ads at people right away even if you could

          As for my bonuses, yes they’re 100% available 🙂


  • Tim says:

    Hey Jeff-

    I wanted to give you a heads up: I’ll be signing up using your affiliate link in the next 48 hrs. I’m looking forward to some of your bonuses.. they’re irresistible 😉

    The reason I’m waiting to sign up is because I’m getting some work squared away with my other business – I want to be able to block out several hours to take action as soon as I register.

    I’m very serious, ready to dive in; and I hope to be one of your most motivated students.

    Talk soon!

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Tim

      Shoot me an email via the contact link up top once you do and we’ll get you set up with those bonuses too!

      Thanks so much, and glad you like my bonuses – I tailored them to work with this product and the feedback I’m getting is pretty damn good too 🙂

      Talk soon!


  • Kelly says:

    Hello Jeff,

    Came across IB and now your review and quite keen to sign up. Please can you let me know if there is a separate fee for clickbank in this programme or its all part of the course ie do I have to pay for a click bank account inorder to access their affiliate market programmes?

    Also is your offer still available if I join now?


  • mariusz says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I wonder if it (inbox blueprint) is changeable to other languages, I’m not native english so if think to do it( if I will sing up) in other language, so is this possible in the system?

  • Thomas says:


    Thomas Smith here from Dallas, Tx. I’ve been going through the free trial with the Wealthy Affiliate program. What is your opinion on it vs Inbox Blueprint 2.0?

    Again, I’m totally new to internet/email/affilate marketing.

    I’d appreciate your insight.


  • dave says:

    What costs are required after the investment in the course? Do I just need to buy the course and everything else is included or are there hidden costs once I get in? What about OTOs? I’ve bought into courses before then all the sudden I get hit with other hidden costs. Without a refund policy its hard to have confidence that this isn’t just another one of them.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hi Dave

      Everything you need is 100% included within the course, at this price there are zero upsells so don’t worry. 🙂

      As for hidden costs, there are also none, all of that is covered in the sales training. You’ll get a free sendlane auto responder account for 30 days I believe, after that it’s $19.99 a month or so (off top of my head). That’s your website AND your auto responder.

      Next, you’ll want to pay for traffic, solo ads (covered in detail in the training) are the best – how much you spend is up to you, could be $50, could be $500 – but I’d recommend starting off SMALL and increasing your budget once your optin rate is above 50-60%, and you’re starting to see your list growing and becoming more responsive.

      Anyways, I hope this helps, I’ve known Anik for quite some time now, I was his head coach from 2012-2015 and I would not have worked with him if he were a scam artist.

      Inbox Blueprint is a great course, and don’t let the price throw you off – still MUCH cheaper than any college education you’ll get anywhere. 🙂

      Get signed up here, and let me know what you think!

      I hope this helps!


  • Edwin says:

    How do I claim Bonus#5 (Write my first SOLO Email Swipe” for my opt-in page?

  • dennis says:

    Are the bonuses still available if I buy inbox blueprint 2.0 thru your link?

  • Nish says:

    Hi Jeff,

    How to claim your bonuses after purchasing?

  • Theban Tonnesen says:

    I want to sign up and obtain your bonus material using your affiliate link. The link for one payment goes to $597 per month or $1,497 one time payment. The payment plan link takes me to the newer reduced pricing page of $397 per month or $997 one time payment. They both seem to hyper link a couple of times. If I use the newer payment plan link do you get affiliate credit and then make me eligible for your bonuses?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Interesting. Well you are going via my link, so it should get cookied. If not, i’ll hit up their JV manager or marketing manager since I know them all. 🙂

      Thanks Theban!


  • Maria Mercedes Rodriguez says:

    Hi Jeff.. Currently I am listening to a webinar of Anik. I’m here from Philippines. My problem is I have to move money by tomorrow. I worry that I miss the opportunity.
    Will I be considered still tomorrow via your link? and still get the same bonuses you and Anik offer?

    thanks and more power

  • Matthew T Bernhard says:

    On the links there is one for $997 and one for $1497, do they both come with the bonuses you mentione above?

  • Jeff this is an old article that you revamped for the inbox 2.0, and includes comments from last year.How did you do it to show that it is published November 3, 2017?

  • Mahesh says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I have read your review of IB2.0 and would like to join it through your link. I am impressed with the bonuses that you are offering. However I am not sure if this is valid today. The link I am referring to is Are the bonuses valid today? Can I get some bonuses on FB and SEO as well so as to enable me to drive extra traffic?


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Manesh

      Yes – though I wont get the ‘buy now’ link until the 16th of January, if you REGISTER via my link on this page and join – you’re eligable to get my bonuses.

      As for FB and SEO – I don’t have any crafted for those now i’m afraid, HOWEVER – the IB training, along with my bonuses, is MORE than enough to keep you busy for months 🙂


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Great Hopefon, glad you found this useful 🙂


  • mt33 says:

    is it possible to work with another autoresponder like aweber or we should only use sendlane ?

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Mt33

      The software won’t intergrate with the auto responders, BUT you can still use other ones. I still use Aweber with what I do, and it works just fine – just a little less automation, but it’s fine as you get the learn how to do the process yourself 🙂


  • Esad says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I am planning to get Inbox blueprint and would like to know how soon I will get bonuses from you?

  • Rohan sane says:

    Hey Jeff,

    If I register using your link the cost will be the same $997 or do I have to pay anything extra for the bonuses?

    Also would like to ask, are you taking students as off now, If I sign up today would I get your support?

  • Adrien says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I have gone through your reviews and it was very useful and informative. As a newbie, i would like to know your opinion on which online course should i get started with (inbox blueprint 2.0 or affilojetpack 2.0) since you have rated both courses as “100% recommended”.

    Which one of the courses(inbox blueprint 2.0 or affilojetpack 2.0) will be easier to use, which method works best and high chances of making money online?

    Please help me make decision on this matter since I don’t have much of money to spent(both courses costs $997). I will follow your advise and buy from your link. Thanks.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Adrien!

      Sorry about the slight delayed response. Honestly, it depends WHICH route you want to go online.

      Inbox Blueprint is more focsued on email marketing
      While AffiliJetpack 2.0 is more focused on Blogging, and building an email list via other means of traffic.

      I can’t say i’d recommend one over the other – both have their pluses and advantages – but both are also definitely solid courses.

      I know this is vague, and I’m sorry, but this one I really can’t decide for you.


  • Rave says:

    Hey jeff,

    I’m just curios if the bonuses still available? And as for bonus number #1, will you be giving reviews for just one business funnel or all 10 business funnel. Also, Can you advise which is the best place to find solo ads?
    thanks for your time sir.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Rave

      Being that the launch is over, I’m offering the bonuses now to anybody that buys via my link. As for the 10 funnels, trust me – you won’t need that much. Find one you REALLY like, and just focus on that one – that’s the one I’ll review for you, and you’ll learn enough to improve your better ones going forward.

      As for the best place to find solo ads, that’s covered in the training 🙂


      • Rave says:

        Thanks for your quick reply. I found it helpful.
        Just one question, what u mean by the launch is over?

        • Jeff Lenney says:

          Ah sorry for not being clear, Inbox Blueprint 2.0 went through a 10 day product launch/promotion about a year ago. I limited the number of people I would offer coaching to during that phase, because I did not want to end up coaching 100-200 people that bought through my link. 🙂

          Now that the product is evergreen (open for a long time), I’m not making 100-200 sales a week and can offer the coaching to all who purchase from me.

          I hope this makes sense? 🙂


  • Barby says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m so new about affiliate/online marketing. I saw the video of Anik through an ad by Robert Kiyosaki and I’m really interested. I searched for reviews and came across yours as well as one review saying that it is not for beginners and endorsing Wealthy Affiliate instead. What do you think about Wealthy Affiliate versus Inbox Blueprint?

    I’m from the Philippines and thinking if this would work from here. Also, I’m kinda hesitant with the big amount of money needed in Inbox Blueprint since I don’t have it and would need to loan in order for me to join. I want to know the odds that I will be able to recover the money that I will invest given that there are a lot of people now who are into this program.

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Barby

      Ignore any Negative Reviews of Inbox Blueprint, they’re false and just created to drive you (as a customer) to that other program. 🙂

      Inbox Blueprint is an AMAZING course and one I fully recommend! It’s GREAT for newbies just as long as you focus and put in the time, and I know several successful Philipinos that have taken the course and done quite well with it! 🙂

      One thing to keep in mind though, just like any business, you WILL be needing to spend money on PAID Traffic (Solo Ads, primarily) which Inbox Blueprint teaches all about.

      I hope this helps! 🙂


  • CAIMY says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I had signed up using your link. Please advise the next step.


  • Nabil says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I am interested in the opportunity of joining the Inbox blueprint 2.0. I have read so much lately of other different programs claiming a lot of positive things. Very frustrating I must say. I have read that IB 2.0 is not really suited for bigginers as I consider myself somewhat a bigginer. Is that the case. Will it be overwhelming?

    If I decide to join am I still eligible for the bonuses you are offering?

    Thank you

    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Nabil

      I’m sure the people that also said it wasn’t suitable for beginners were recommending you try another program, possibly free, as it’s their #1 choice. Am I Right? 🙂

      Anyway, Inbox Blueprint is GREAT for beginners – don’t let those false marketers fool you with their lies and referral to a sub-par program. Pick up inbox blueprint, be prepared to put some work into it – AND make sure you take advantage of my bonus for buying via my link including private coaching and other goodies.

      Thanks! 🙂


      • Nabil says:

        Hi Jeff ,

        Thank you and yes you are right. Sometimes you just want
        a straight out honest unbiased review without any personal advantage to try and sway you in.

        I’m looking to working with a professionall group.

        Anyway thank you and I send receipt to your email for the bonuses?

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