Incredible Dream Machines Review & EPIC Bonus

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Incredible Dream Machines Review & Bonus

Product Name: Incredible Dream Machines
Product Creator: Greg Jacobs & Tim Godfrey
Price: TBD
Website: IncredibleDreamMachines.com
The Verdict: 1000% worth it!

Incredible Dream Machines Review & Bonus

Hey Folks – Thanks SO much for stopping by to check out my FULL Incredible Dream Machines Review & learn about my EPIC Bonus you WON’T find anywhere else! (INCLUDING an interview I did with an American sourcing EXPERT currently living in Hong Kong who does this stuff EVERY SINGLE DAY.)

I’ll cut to the chase and get to the question EVERYBODY is asking:


What IS Incredible Dream Machines all about?

To keep things simple:

Incredible Dream Machines by Greg Jacobs is a unique and PROVEN “A-Z turnkey” business model that will teach YOU how to start from SCRATCH and develop your own Million Dollar Business Launched by none OTHER than a CrowdFunding Campaign!

Now – BEFORE you get the idea this is the usual “how to do crowdfunding” product – IT’S NOT that at all.

What Greg and Tim are PROMISING is:

This is a 100% NEW WAY to do CrowdFunding

Which as you KNOW is the quickest and simplest method on EARTH to build a MONSTROUS business in a matter of weeks for ANYBODY regardless of their experience

Success with Crowd Funding

How about a real quick example of this in action?

They just found a product on a Chinese Website, They’ve raised $170,906 so far AND there is still 16 days LEFT as I post this image!

The cost of these is fairly low, and you can usually mark the prices up 10 or even 20 times – so most of this is pure profit!

It’s DOUBLED since I posted the below screen shot.  View It here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dot-world-s-smallest-bluetooth-headset#/story

Incredible Dream Machines IndiGoGo Example. In THIS example, the person found the tiny bluetooth earphones on a chinese manufactuter website, and has so far been able to raise OVER $176,000 for them - most of it is pure profit as you can easily mark up the cost by 10 or 20 times for most items

On TOP is their LIVE IndiGoGo campaign, below that is the VERY product on the Chinese Manufacturers website!!

Incredible Dream Machines Sourcing Example


Pretty cool right?  Guess what:

Members of Incredible Dream Machines:

  • Will NOT need any previous CrowdFunding Experience
  • Will NOT have to know ANYTHING about driving traffic or even Internet Marketing
  • Will NOT have to purchase any inventory (if needed for your business) upfront
  • AND – Most Important – you will NOT have to “invent” a damn thing either though they DO cover how to launch complex inventions as well! 🙂

Instead – here’s what you WILL be doing:

  • Sourcing Products DIRECT from a Manufacturer
  • Marketing them DIRECTLY on a CrowdFunding Platform in a VERY specific way

The stats show that the vast majority of Crowdfunding campaigns do not reach their goals. In fact, most campaigns raise no more than a few hundred dollars.

The reason for this is:

Running a SUCCESSFUL CrowdFunding campaign is NOT just about putting together a good idea, throwing it out to the Lions and hoping for the best – it really IS an exact science that Greg has narrowed down to an art-form after YEARS of testing.

His latest CrowdFunding Campaign reached $110,000 in UNDER 24 hours – and went on to raise over $500,000 to date (and continues to grow, even as of the time I’m writing this review).

He followed an EXACT formula which he’s going to teach you:

  1. How to Identify a Hungry Crowd & Select a Niche
  2. How to Source your product
  3. How to Launch your Campaign using PROVEN high converting techniques
  4. How to Deliver your Products AND build customer relations and pre-launch your NEXT product
  5. How to SCALE UP > the SECRET sauce for building a MASSIVE business

Incredible Dream Machines Review & EPIC Bonus

I’ve got a secret to share:

Crowd Sourcing is NOT for Inventors – it’s for Internet Marketers, like you and me!

The example above (and many others you’ll learn about) are  PERFECT example of this.

The Incredible Dream Machines package teaches you to do this with the (niche research) software they’re providing AND they teach you how to source the product directly form China, sprinkle some Internet Marketing Magic on it and put it on the marketplace!

You’ll learn how to source products for REALLY cheap – and often you WON’T have to buy the products before hand or even get a prototype first!

Like I said – you DO NOT need to be an inventor to do this – you just have to know where to look and how to do the right marketing!

You’re going to learn all this and MUCH MUCH more in this VERY comprehensive course over an 8 week plus period. 

In this course – each task will build upon the previous tasks – turning a scary amount of information into VERY easily manageable tasks.

This system is going to be COMBINED with world class training, personalized support AND software that covers such things as:

  • Niche & Product Research
  • Customer Acquisition and Engagement
  • Free Traffic Generation

…which should help you for YEARS AND YEARS in your online OR offline businesses!

A few Key Points to Remember:

  1. You don’t need to be an inventor.
  2. You don’t need to know anything about product development or manufacturing.
  3. You don’t need to know anything about CrowdFunding.
  4. You don’t need to know anything about marketing.
  5. You don’t need to purchase inventory upfront.

ANYBODY can do this – regardless of their experience online – you just need to have the drive and believe in yourself first! 🙂


So what’s in the course?

A lot – to be honest with you.  Incredible dream machines is NOT just some silly Internet Marketing training course, but an A-Z Guide to starting your own business and bringing in profit QUITE quickly with little or no overhead.

Here’s a SMALL glimpse of what’s inside:

Incredible Dream Machines Members Area


1 – THE DREAMERS PATH – An 8 week Detailed Live training… the A-Z of crowdfunding from
niche research to sourcing to lead gen to launch to followup, delivery and going big time.


2 – INCREDIBLE UNIVERSITY in LAS VEGAS – If you have been in this game long enough you know that many customers will buy JUST for the live event if nothing else.

The value is untold here – In this case they’re doing a 3 day LIVE event in Last Vegas (most likely in March) that will be 100% content, followup and networking.  If you have NOT been to a live Internet Marketing event before – you NEED to get this course and get out there.

At one event I personally attended in Early 2015 – I learned “one trick” (yes really) that helped me to earn an ADDITIONAL $125,000 in the month of March 2015.  I CONTINUE to use this trick TODAY and have generated well over a half million dollars the past 5 months using it.  What’s my point? You learn from people that are “doing” what you want to be doing – and it’s an AMAZING opportunity to do so in vegas LIVE


3 – SOFTWARE – Greg and team will be giving more details on our software as we get closer to launch, but let me say that they have “hacked” a niche research formula that basically finds gaps with high value unexploited products in the Crowdfunding marketplace that you can basically just “walk up” and take and profit.


4 – VEGAS SHARK TANK – At Incredible University in Las Vegas – Greg is assembling his own mini Shark Tank where my network of Angel Investors and VC’s will be taking pitches from their successful students live on stage, determining if they want to invest and take their business to the next level.

They will be selecting the top students from IDM who have already winning products for this chance to elevate to a possible 9 figure business.


5 – GREG’S ROLODEX – Though Greg’s experiences in the industry he has direct emails and phone numbers to the buyers for almost every major retail chain and distributor in the USA and Europe.

If your Product is proven to work – he’ll happily intro you to people that can put your product on the shelves for hundreds of millions to see in the big box stores.

This if nothing else is already worth the investment as one phone number, one warm intro email can bring your product to the 8 figure yearly sales level.


6 – COMMUNITY ANCHORS- Greg’s team is in the process now of training a team of 12 community mentors to “live” on their IDM user forums to help and guide you and other students. They KNOW that people are not just buying IDM for the “training” but rather for the community, energy and support. They definitely make sure that as soon as soon as you join up – you feel right at home.


7 – ACHIEVEMENT TREE – And you thought “badges” were cool. It’s understandable that putting together a 7 figure crowdfunding campaign has LOTs of Moving pieces and the devil gets lost in the details.

In order to help you progress to the top, Greg has programmed a progress tracking Achievement Tree in which it shows each one of the many tasks required to launch a successful campaign and requires you to check off your accomplishments before moving to the next step.

This is a proven powerful educational technique that allows a impenetrable mountain to moved one little piece at a time – and you’ll understand that more once you read my Incredible Dream Machines Review below.


My Incredible Dream Machines Review

Honestly, in case you CAN’T tell by the above information – Incredible Dream Machines is nothing less than AMAZING and I’d be a fool NOT to recommend it.

NOW – granted work IS required, but that’s the same for ANY business venture you get involved with.  I REALLY like this training as you DON’T always need to have capital to get started.  Sometimes you MIGHT have to pay for one sample, sometimes you can get one for free – just depends on the product you’re going to be offering.

Still though, this is a HELLUVA course and one I’ll be using MYSELF as well as it’s so promising.

Anyways, I’d be dumb to NOT recommend this – so pick it up NOW – and make sure you do so via my affiliate link so you can take advantage of my AMAZING bonuses and save yourself some serious cash!

>> Sign up for Incredible Dream Machines Here then EMAIL ME (click here) your receipt # so I can get your contact info and get you your bonuses!


My 100% Bad Ass Incredible Dream Machines Bonus ($5,908 Value & Growing)

A little background first, my name is Jeff Lenney – I regularly work with Online Marketing Superstars Anik Singal, Jimmy Kim, Dori Friend and others – AND I work with their students as well.

I’ve been involved in coaching for products like Profit Academy, Publish Academy, Build my List, Parallel Profits and others.

What’s the point of my telling you this? My point is – if these Internet Marketing Superstars regularly seek me out to help them with THEIR marketing, Search Engine Optimization and even coaching THEIR students – there must be a reason for that. 🙂

Incredible Dream Machines is NOT just some other “lame IM Product” – in fact it’s quite the opposite! It’s about helping you build a profitable 6, 7 or even 8 figure per yer BUSINESS that you can grow or even sell for 10-20x the profit at a later date if you so choose.

I’ve thought long and hard about what I’d be offering for a bonus for this and I’m quite happy with what I’ve come up with.

I’ve decided to set up my bonus to 100% make sure YOU’RE able to get the most out of the training with a few things NOBODY else can offer, even if they try. 😉

Purchase Incredible Dream Machines via my link – and here’s what you’ll be getting:


Bonus 1: Video Interview with an American Sourcing Expert Living and Working in Hong Kong WITH Written Notes ($1,997 Value)

(I had to work HARD to get this one!)

  • Here are just a FEW things we’ll be covering (you’ll get a full recording of this Video Interview PLUS My Personal Notes)mystery_man
    • How to give yourself a good Title when speaking to Chinese Factory Owners or Management.  Hint: “Owner” or “CEO” is NOT the way to go here.
    • How to better negotiate by imaginary proxy for better prices every time!
    • Step-by-Step: How to deal with Chinese factories the right way (without rushing things).
    • Chinese Business Culture 101: It’s MUCH different than Western Culture, and Brad has lived there and worked there for YEARS and knows the ins-and-outs of doing business with the Chinese. PLEASE understand – Americans (like myself) really need to know JUST how important relationships are to the Chinese – you’ll learn a-lot about that here.
    • The right way to send emails AND get them answered from your Chinese partners or prospects.  As Brad always says, “you can’t stereotype people, but you have to understand the influence of a culture upon them” (he said I could quote him on that) 🙂
    • The Magic Number: How many factories SHOULD you contact before you make a decision?
    • (Trust me- this bonus ALONE is worth the price of Incredible Dream Machines times ten EASILY.  You will NOT get this type of insight anywhere else unless you’re Chinese or an American living and doing business there.
    • The experts CONTACT INFORMATION so you can ask him any questions YOURSELF about what he does and how he does it
    • AND…. much MUCH more…


Bonus 2: I will have my American writer CREATE your campaign content for you!  (this is EPIC!) ($1,997 Value)crowdfunding-copywriting-words-that-convert

A recent study from researchers at Georgia Tech found that the language used in Kickstarter campaigns affected the likelihood of a project meeting its funding goal.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some VERY talented people, and it turns out one of my FAVORITE writers is also a well known and respected writer in the industry.  She has the skills AND knows the words that help make sales!

So, I hit her up and asked if she could take some extra work from me – which she was happy to accept – so…

You’ll get a full 900 word (required) content piece (from MY American Writer) that’s sure to amaze, including:

  • Your Introduction: An attention grabbing headline and opening statement.
  • Your Project Details: A compelling, easy to read, formatted body to educate the crowd.
  • Research: Supporting facts and statistics to help the crowd understand the need for your projects existence.
  • About Us: An “About Us” section to educate the crowd on who you are.
  • Call-to-Action: A CLEAR call to action, telling your readers what you need and why.


Bonus 3: Reward System ($500 Value)

  • I will create a reward system to make your campaign profitable by designing perk ideas that your target market would love and be willing to purchase


Bonus 4: Video Script for your Campaign! ($500 Value)

Incredible Dream Machines Bonus

Image Credit: bodeanimation.com

Simply having good copy for your campaign is NOT good enough, you need to support it with an equally awesome video with a script WRITTEN to help make you sales!

So – for THIS portion of my bonus – I will once again have my writer write an engaging video script of 250 words.

This is Perfect for a short and sweet 2-minute explainer video

She does an AMAZING job and bonuses 1-3 ALONE will save you THOUSANDS and get your campaign off to a great start!


Bonus 5: I will create your product LABEL for you ($250 Value)Incredible Dream Machines Bonus: Product Label

Alright folks – again I’ve got ANOTHER amazing kick ass bonus for you!

I will have my designers DESIGN your PRODUCT LABEL for your package!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Full Product/Box Label (Example image to the right)
  • Multiple file formats: jpeg, png, eps, tiff, pdf, psd, ai, etc.
  • If you’re not happy with it – I’ll revise it until you are!


Bonus 6: I will get you REAL Traffic from FaceBook! ($500 Value)

I’ve partnered with an online Marketer with a HUGE Social Media Presence in the Crowd Funding Industry.   incredible-dream-machines-bonus-traffic

Here is what I got her to to do for me:

  1. Share the campaign on Facebook with her Influential Friends.
  2. Submit a personal marketing comment on your campaign page. This should get you off to a good start.
  3. Share your campaign with almost 100 top groups on Facebook.
  4. Post your project (video) to her fan page.
  5. Within the first week, she will bump your posted project with a call to action from my followers.
  6. Half-way through the project’s run, you will likely experience a slump in interest.  I will post an additional thought provoking comment to the project on my page and on your project.
  7. She’ll bump your post once AGAIN on her page – getting you even MORE views.

Once this is done – I WILL provide you with a FULL report of URL’s your campaign is shared so you can view them for yourself and see them in action!


Bonus 7: I will teach you to get a TON of Traffic from FaceBook! Facebook-Powerhouse-155x202($39 Value)

I’ll teach you how to get a TON of traffic from Facebook with my “Facebook Powerhouse” training course.

Don’t let it fool you, this 33 page book is PACKED with insanely valuable information and goes into some of the very techniques that I use MYSELF with my personal and business Facebook Marketing.

If you want to get A LOT of traffic and fast – Facebook is your best friend, period.


Bonus 8: I’ll share with you 200 POWERFUL Social Media Marketing Tactics ($39 Value)Incredible Dream Machines Social Media Tactics Bonus

Here’s what you’ll discover in this guide:

  • 200 tips on social media marketing so you can take full advantage of these free, high traffic sites.
  • Tips on choosing which social media site to use
  • Tips on getting started with a social media site
  • Tips on keeping subscribers glued to your page/account
  • Tips on using multimedia content
  • Tips on using language
  • Tips on using YouTube effectively
  • Tips on how to expand the reach of your social media account
  • Tips on outsourcing work and task
  • Tips on dealing with trolling, defamation, and other derogatory comments from users
  • Tips on using Facebook
  • Tips on using Twitter
  • Tips for safety
  • Tips on involvements you should avoid
  • Tips on measuring and improving the effectiveness of your social media account
  • Tips on coming up with a good content
  • Tips on writing your comments and posts effectively
  • Tips on unique ways to deliver your message
  • Tips on improving customer relationships
  • Tips on dealing with competition
  • Tips on financing your social media account
  • Tips on making your social media account user friendly
  • …and much, much more!


Bonus 9: DiscovSocialMediaMrktngJump-155x235er The 10 Secrets On How To Give Your Money Site The Steroids It Needs! ($39 Value)

In THIS Epic Bonus you’ll learn these “need to know” Tricks about Social Media Marketing and how you can apply them to ANY online or offline business

  • Know how social media marketing can boost your site’s search engine rankings.
  • Learn how to harness the power of Social Media to drive traffic to your blog or your money site.
  • How to have better linkbuilding results with social media
  • How to increase brand awareness with social media
  • Learn how to increase your social media clickthrough rates
  • And everything else you need to know about social media marketing


Bonus 10: incredible-dream-machines-rule-reddit-bonusLearn how to Rule Reddit eBook! ($27.00 Value)

  • In this detailed 40 PAGE e-book you’ll learn EVERYTHING there is to know about getting HORDES of laser targeted FREE traffic from Reddit.
  • Using reddit correctly could EASILY land you Hundreds of Thousands of targeted visitors to your websites – so do NOT overlook this amazing traffic source!


Bonus 11: Custom Video Training on Getting Traffic ($20 Value)

  • I’ve put together a quick but powerful set of 14 Videos teaching you how to:
  • Get Traffic with LinkedIn
  • Get Traffic with Twitter
  • Get Traffic with HubPages
  • Get Traffic with YouTube
  • Get Traffic with Solo Ads
  • Get Traffic with Blogger
  • Get Traffic with Ad Swaps
  • These are SHORT but powerful videos designed to get you started QUICKLY without wasting your time with hours of filler and fluff


Bonus 12: earn how to Increase Your YouTube Views INSTANTLY (priceless!)

  • Brief but POWERFUL Video Training showing you how to get REAL YouTube views from REAL viewers INSTANTLY.


Bonus 13: Coming Soon!

Bonus 14: Coming Soon!


Do I have your attention yet?  I thought so 🙂

>>> Sign up for Incredible Dream Machines Here then EMAIL ME (click here) your receipt # so I can get your contact info and get you your bonuses!

Just to be fair to me though – you will NOT get the Copywriting or graphics creation bonuses until AFTER the refund period has passed, but you will need the time to get your business funnel set up anyways so that’s not something you’d get on day 1 anyways. (It costs me ALOT of money to have my content written, graphics created etc so  thanks for your understanding)

I WILL, however, email you all OTHER bonuses within 12-24 hours of you submitting your receipt # to me.

You DO need to click on MY link and give me the affiliate credit in order to get the bonuses – so make sure my link is the last you clicked.

Talk soon and if you have ANY questions then re-read my Incredible Dream Machines Review above, if you STILL have questions, please let me know!

Jeff Lenney

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My Name is Jeff Lenney. I'm an Affiliate Marketer, and Search Engine Optimization Expert.

  • Jason says:

    Hey Jeff

    I just thought crowdfunding was for charity work and inventors… so I can do this WITHOUT having to invent anything and get results like above?

    Thanks for your feedback in advance!


    • Jeff Lenney says:

      Hey Jason

      That’s what I thought too actually until I came across this course! LOL

      You do NOT have to be an inventor, and this course helps you FIND EXISTING products that you can market. If you HAVEN’T yet, scroll up and take a look at the few examples I showed of this in action.

      Hope this helps 🙂


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